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Servant of Evil

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Tin box of poison in your hands you steadied your breathing. You could end this. Just a few teaspoons would do. Into Lady Sharpe's morning tea. That wicked woman. You were the only maid in Allerdale Hall; desperately needing a job and home you took any amount of money they offered. Oh how you hated that decrepit house of death. You knew what they did to Enola and Thomas' previous wife. Lucille- your hatred for her grew daily- said it was all necessary to bring the Sharpe fortune back. To rebuild Allerdale Hall and aid Thomas in his inventions. Dear Thomas. He was always so kind to you. Meeting you with a bright smile every morning. Ashamed when you couldn't meet his gaze. How could you when you knew their dirty secret. It sickened you. She sickened you. Her fate lay in your hands when she asked you to make her tea. You would be ridding the world of this Mistress of Evil and saving another innocent girl from an untimely demise.

But. . . You would be a murderer just like Lucille. Your conscience was too great. Plagued with unending guilt for the rest of your life if you dared to extinguish her light.

You put the box away, back on it's shelf. "I can't do it. . ."

"Do what?" Thomas' silky voice echoes in the empty kitchen.

"Oh! Sir Thomas." You quickly compose yourself and let out a breathy laugh. "You startled me."

Thomas chuckles. "I'm very sorry."

You shake your head and pick up the tray that held Lady Lucille's tea. "I was just about to deliver Lady Lucille her tea."

"Allow me to." When he goes to take the tray from you, his long fingers cover your's. "You work too hard (y/n)."

You really can't help but smile at him as you relinquish the tray. "If you insist Sir Thomas."

The dark curls on top of Thomas' head bounce with every step he takes. You turn to clean the tea kettle but you feel eyes watching you. Thomas had stopped in the door way.

"Is something wrong?"

Something undefinable flashes across his face, a small smile returning to his pale pallor. Thomas shakes his head. "Nothing. As you were." He turns back and leaves you alone in the kitchen. Your eyes flicker back to the box of poison. Finger nails bit into your palm. You couldn't free him from her.