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Thing One and Thing Two

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“I hate you.” Allison muttered.

Stiles barely even budged and she couldn’t see his eyes behind the stupid glasses he had stolen from the last gas station they stopped at. Their dad hadn’t said a word when he saw Stiles slide them on.

“I hate you more.” He replied.

Allison shifted and turned her back on him. “This is all your fault.” She growled.

“Yep.” He said, letting the last letter pop out of his mouth. “Mom killing herself and the house burning to the ground, that was all me.”

“If you had just listened-”

“Well, I didn’t-”

“Both of you, shut up.” Their father growled from the front seat. They fought so viciously over the passenger seat that their father had sent them both into the back seat and piled the passenger seat with snacks and bags. The steering wheel creaked under his hands.

Stiles and Allison fell into silence.


Derek and Scott were leaning against the Camaro, soaking up the sunshine.

“Do you have any thoughts?” Scott after a long moment of silence. It was good to hang out with Derek, to just chill. Now that Peter was taken care of and it was just Derek and Scott looking out for each other, they could look towards a future that was further than two days from now.

“About?” Derek’s voice was as lazy as Scott felt.

“The pack. Have you seen anyone you think would be… good?” Scott asked. It was weird, talking to Derek like this. He was always so quiet, it was like pulling teeth from someone.

Derek was quiet for long enough for Scott to consider going back inside.

“You know, for a long time, it was just mom, me and you. And after that, after Peter came after you, after you came into your powers, after everything was said and done, it was just… me and you and mom. It feels weird to purposely build something.” Derek finally admitted.

“So you’ve been avoiding thinking about it.”

Derek shrugged.

Scott sighed.

They were silent again.


“Why this place?” Allison asked, sitting up straighter as they passed a sign welcoming them to Beacon Hills.

“I grew up here.” Chris replied gruffly.

Allison glanced over at Stiles who sat up straighter at his father’s words. He rarely spoke of the past.

“Why now?” Stiles asked after a moment.

There was a moment but the silence wasn’t as tense this time. “It seemed like the right time.” Their father said softly. Stiles slid his stolen sunglasses to sit on top of his head and glanced over at Allison. She shared his look and on the seat between them, she offered her hand. A habit as old as they were, Stiles traced a diamond on her palm before sliding his hand into hers.

They drove in silence for awhile before his dad sighed and turned down a street. “I think we’re lost.”

“Why don’t we ask those juvenile delinquents in front of that car?” Allison asked, pointing with the hand she still had locked around Stiles’ fingers. Chris wondered if they sometimes forgot that they were teenagers who were supposed to hate each other, but his twins had always been something else when it came to each other.

Chris took Allison’s advice and pulled up in front of the two guys. One looked to be about the twins age and the other a bit older. They both regarded Chris for a long moment before the younger one gave a tentative smile.

“Hi.” He said slowly.

“Hi.” Chris said.

Allison rolled down her window and propped her chin on her hand and stared at the two. Stiles scooted over, practically in his sister’s lap, and mimicked her posture. The younger guy stared at them and blinked.

“Can I help you with something?” The older guy asked when it seemed like the silence was going to become uncomfortable.

“Priest Street?” Chris asked. “I haven’t been in town for twenty years and these two are about as helpful as a bike is to a fish.”

The older guy gave a sort of almost smile before nodding down the street. “Continue that way about four more streets and it will be on your left.”

Chris nodded. “Thank you.” He rolled up his window and they drove away.

“Dad, why didn’t you tell us you grew up in a town where they grew models?”



Derek turned his attention to a silver SUV turning down the street and they both watched as it pulled to a stop in front of them. An older man rolled down the window and stared at them for a moment until Scott offered up a smile.

“Hi.” He said.

Derek remained silent but Scott could feel the tension in his shoulders.

“Hi.” The older man said, watching the two of them with steady eyes before flicking his eyes back to Scott’s house and Derek’s Camaro.

The window in the back rolled down and a girl about Scott’s age stared out at them. A second later, a guy about the same age scooted in closer to her and Derek and Stiles watched as they propped their chins in their hands, staring at the two of them with the same whiskey brown eyes, the same creamy, smooth skin, the same slightly upturned nose, the same smirk.

“Can I help you with something?” Derek asked.

Scott was entranced when the two in the back smiled slowly.

Chris watched Scott watch the two in the back. “Priest Street?” He asked.

Derek tipped his head down the street and the guy in the back followed Derek with his eyes. “Continue that way about four more streets and it will be on your left.”

The older man nodded. “Thank you.”

The two in the back gave Derek and Scott identical winks before rolling up the window and driving off.

“Holy hell.” Scott said.

“Looks like you got trouble on your hands.” Derek said with a smirk. He pushed Scott off his Camaro and opened the door. “Think about pack members. Anyone specific comes to mind, we’ll talk.”

Scott nodded, still staring at the SUV that was driving away.


On Monday, Stiles was sitting at the counter drinking his father’s coffee when Allison came down. There was a huge article on the front page of the newspaper about a mountain lion attack the day previous. Stiles didn’t even realize his father read the paper as opposed to getting it on his phone.

“Your car or mine?” She said.

“Would you actually agree to the Jeep?” He asked, glancing up at her.

“My car.” She said with a nod.

Chris came in and glanced at his children. Sometimes they reminded him of him and Kate so much that he got a sick twist in his gut. Kate, the perfect daughter, who had staged the twin’s mother’s death and burned down their house, thinking they were all inside. Kate, who was in a grave in the desert next to their father who had ordered the hit.

Chris schooled his face into an impassive mask, plucked his wallet off the table and handed both the kids money.

“Don’t fight anyone.” Chris said to Allison.

She sighed.

“And don’t smart off to the teachers.” He said to Stiles.

Stiles grinned.

“I’ll see you both at home right after school.” He ordered and both twins groaned. They picked up their backpacks, already loaded up with all their brand new, necessary supplies and went out to Allison’s car. They sat in silence for a moment, staring at the garage door to their new house.

“Everything here is so new.” Allison muttered.

“It smells like plastic and paint.” Stiles agreed.

“Even our clothes are new.” Allison said.

“I want to go home.” Stiles added.

“I miss mom.” They both said. They didn’t look at each other or even try to console themselves. They had been through this before; the crying, the sleepless nights, even when they hovered near each other. After their mom’s death, the stagnant rumors of them being too close had picked up steam and when Allison was hauled into the principal’s office for the third time in a week for fighting, Chris decided that a move was in their best interest. The police and arson investigators hadn’t found anything and their father’s less than savory contacts had nothing to tell them either. They left the small suburb outside of San Francisco and came south, settled in Beacon Hills.

Stiles let out a huff. “Let’s get this over with.”

Allison started the car and they drove to the school, where their father had registered them just the day before. They had only three classes together and it made Stiles’ fists clench. He was protective of his sister and she was just the same. When the fire happened, they closed ranks, didn’t even let their father close to them. When they were hurt they protected each other fiercely.

“The worst is going to be fifth period.” Allison said, picking up on his thoughts. “You’ll be upstairs in the northeast quadrant and I’ll be downstairs in the southwest quad.” She gritted her teeth and the ring on her left finger glinted in the light.

“I’ll be in history and you’ll be in chemistry.” Stiles said. “If we need to, there’s a bathroom in between us. We can meet there if anything happens.”

The Argent twins were raised in a time when school shootings and violence were a matter of fact. Their mother and father taught them to look out for one another and this was just one more plan.

“Lunch together and first class, so our lockers should be near each other.” Allison said as she pulled into a parking spot. Buses were unloading kids and they watched for a second before they opened their doors as one, swung their jackets on identically and shrugged into their backpacks, arms through the same loop. A guy and a girl got out of a Porsche a few spots away and Allison caught the girl’s eye as she studied both of them.

“Ready?” Stiles asked, looking at the school in front of them. Allison fell into step next to him, following her brother into the school. The students parted around them, staring. Neither of the Argents returned the look, stopping instead in front of their lockers. Down the hall, Stiles saw the guy who gave them directions before and nodded at him. The guy raised a hand to him but then his gaze turned troubled when he looked past them.

“Hi.” A sweet voice said from the other side of Allison.

“Hey.” Allison replied easily.

“I’m Lydia. That is a wonderful jacket.” She said plucking at Allison’s sleeve. Stiles caught the slight twitch in his sister’s body but Lydia didn’t. “Where did you get it?”

“My mom used to bring home sample pieces from when she worked from a designer. I can’t even remember which one this belonged to.” Allison said with a soft laugh.

The girl’s eyes widened. She was dressed like she worked at high fashion New York office, not a high school girl. “That’s amazing. And you are my new best friend.”

There was an inelegant snort from beside Lydia and Stiles closed his locker to see a jock type with a jaw sharp enough to cut diamonds standing behind Lydia. The guy caught Stiles’ eye but Stiles turned away, shoving a book inside his backpack and zipping it closed. He glanced up at Allison and tipped her head. She held up a finger and began rummaging through her locker.

“Is he deaf or something?” The guy behind Lydia asked. Lydia closed her eyes and Stiles could see the frustration written all over her.

“No, you idiot.” Stiles snapped back. This guy reminded him too much of the ones back at home that spread the rumors about him and Allison.

“What did you just say to me?” The guy said, straightening up to his full height which was still two inches shorter than Stiles.

“You heard me, you moron.” Stiles said.

Allison pulled a book out of her locker and slipped it into her bag. She closed it and the guy rounded her and came to stand in front of Stiles. “You little-”

“I wouldn’t.” Allison said softly, pulling lip gloss from her pocket. “I really, really wouldn’t.” There was enough warning and tension in her voice to stop the guy.

The guy hesitated and then sneered at Stiles. “You let her do all the talking for you?”

“Usually, yeah.” Stiles bit out. He was surprised when the guy from down the hall approached them, slowly.

“I do the talking because the last guy that tried anything with him ended up in the hospital for four days. They had to call in a plastic surgeon to fix his face.” Allison said casually. Lydia’s eyes tracked them both, studying them.

“Jackson, coach is looking for you.” The guy said suddenly.

Jackson looked over at the other guy before turning the opposite way and leaving them. Allison watched him go for a moment. “You should watch him.” She said to Lydia.

“Well.” Lydia shrugged. “I do what I can.” She looked over her shoulder before dismissing the guy entirely. “What class do you have first?”

“English.” Allison and Stiles said.

Lydia blinked at them and looked at the guy on the other side of Stiles. “Twins?” She asked.

“Could you tell?” Allison asked rolling her eyes.

Lydia laughed. “Come on, Scott and I have the same class.”

“You’re Scott?” Stiles asked the guy.

“Yeah.” Scott shifted his backpack and stuck out his hand. “And you are?”

“Stiles.” He tipped his head at Allison. “My sister Allison.”

Scott grinned, his whole face lighting up. “It’s nice to meet you guys.”


Turns out, Scott was probably the most amazing person that Stiles had met that wasn’t his own sister. Video games, nerd references and random comments that made Scott laugh were the highlight of Stiles’ day. Lydia and Allison were glued to each other’s sides by the end of the day. It was nice to get away from the place where they had grown up in; maybe their dad was right, maybe a new start is what they needed.

“So, this weekend.” Lydia began, turning to make sure that she had Scott and Stiles’ attention as she led the out the front doors. “We can go out to the Jungle, see what we can rustle up and take it from there. Thoughts? Scott, I’ll pick out your clothes.” She said with a sigh.

“I can’t go to the Jungle.” Scott hissed. He glanced around, as though he thought someone was watching him and was going to pop up from behind a bush at any moment. “What if my dad found out?”

“What’s he going to do? Arrest you?” Lydia asked.

“Yeah, he hasn’t this month.” Scott pointed out. Allison and Stiles looked at each other. “My dad’s the Sheriff.” Scott added.

“Oh.” Allison and Stiles said, nodding. “What’s the Jungle?” They asked together.

“Do people get used to that?” Lydia asked, gesturing to them.

“Our dad has.” Stiles said.

“No he hasn’t.” Allison said.

Stiles thought for a moment. “No. He hasn’t.”

“But we’ll go.” Allison said.

Lydia and Scott’s eyes bounced between them and waited for a second until they figured that Stiles and Allison were done. “Good.” Lydia said nodding. She poked Scott hard in the chest. “Tell your dad you are staying at Stiles’ place. He wants you to make new friends that aren’t scary.”

Scott sighed and looked up. “I’m going to get caught, arrested, and if Derek has to bail me out, I’m sending him to you for the money.”

Lydia laughed and waved as she walked away. She stopped by a different girl’s car and they talked for a second before Lydia gave her a hug and climbed into the other girl’s car.

“What about Jackson?” Allison asked.

“They probably broke up since this morning. They’ll probably be back together before school starts tomorrow.” Scott said with a small smirk. He shook his head.

“Hey, do you need a ride? It looks like we are going the same way-” Stiles started but stopped when a sleek black car rolled up in front of them, the same older guy in the driver’s seat. “Oh.” Stiles said softly.

“Derek. What are you doing here?” Scott asked.

“Hey.” Derek said noncommittally. He parked his shiny car and got out, leaning over the hood. “Dad couldn’t come get you so-”

“Guys, this is Derek, my older brother. Derek, this is Stiles and Allison.” Scott said.

Stiles and Allison swung their backpacks into the car and offered smiles to Derek who gave them the faintest upturn of his lips, barely a smile himself. “Nice to meet you.” He said, the smile disappearing before his sentence was finished. “Sorry, I didn’t get your last name?”

“Argent.” They both said, those identical smiles curling at their lips.

The silence fell heavy around all of them, like a curtain had fallen. Derek’s entire demeanor changed, his eyes hardened and what little smile had been on his own lips vanished completely. Scott’s gaze turned cold and a little hard too. He stepped away from them and closer to Derek. He actually reached a hand out and Stiles could imagine he was looking to put a hand on his brother. Instead, he found the car under his hand. Allison and Stiles exchanged a look, confused.

Derek blinked at them. “Scott.” He said softly, nodding to the car.

Scott opened the door and climbed in. He didn’t say another word to the Argent twins. Instead, his jaw clenched and his hands were fisted. He stared forward and Stiles saw the similarities between him and his older brother right then. Derek gunned the engine and left the parking lot in a squeal of tires. Stiles raised a hand to wave goodbye but thought better of it. He frowned and looked over at his sister. She looked thoughtful.

“They were interesting.” She remarked.



“Are they twins?” Derek asked.

“Yeah.” Scott said, pulling up Lydia’s number and texting her.

Derek snorted. Scott was silent as he made up an excuse to get him out of the weekend with Lydia and everyone else. She sent back an angry reply but he ignored it and slipped the phone into his pocket after he turned off the ringer.

“I didn’t know who they were.” Scott said softly.

Derek remained silent but knew that Scott was telling the truth.

“Are they all back?” Derek asked softly. Scott heard the skip in his heartbeat.

“I don’t know. They only mentioned their dad today.” Scott said.

Derek nodded and didn’t say anything until he pulled into the driveway. “We have to tell mom.”

“I know.” Scott said.