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A Statue in The Temple of Mendacity

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Author: Howlynn Realm: Sherlock Story Title: A Statue in the Temple of Mendacity. Summary: Molly counts. She Promised to help him. But, the reality of saving Sherlock ends up leading to places she never expected. Sherlock needs her again, but this time she must save John.

Character/Relationships: John and Molly would never have noticed each other if he were not dead. The thing is, Molly knows he isn't and she never expected things to get this complicated.

I Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Warnings: lots of very dark sad boy but still a BAMF John, Some hopeless lost Sherlock later and one of my typical endings that will probably make some of you cringe. I am trying this out as a T, because there is nothing graphic - lots of subject but very little hottie bits - there are also some bits that you may not wish to eat during (she does deal with dead bodies you know) - there is a partially written suicide note for any trigger happy people - don't read that part. Oh and if you find the shedding of the uterine lining to be one of those unmentionable horrific things that must not be ever allowed in print, please grow up before you read this, grin. That's all I can think of to warn you about, but my stories do have an overall 'expect anything' sort of tingle -so you were warned.

The Statue in the Temple of Mendacity is a complete work. Book Two - Offerings in the Temple of Mendacity  is a WIP. If that offends you, please stop reading at The End until I finish Book two. Sorry for any confusion, but I had planned to stop. By the time I got to the intended ending, a whole second book and a nest of plot bunnies had infested this world. Thank you for reading. I'm glad you are here.

[ Molly, you promised.]

[I know but, he won't talk to me. I can't force him.]

[Of course you can. Try wearing something that doesn't look like it was owned by a blind grandmother and just landed on you. Use the card I gave you. Take Mrs. Hudson, she will show you what to buy. Kill two birds. I know she will be fine at least, but she is a possible in to JW.]

[You want me to dress like Mrs. H? You think John…never mind. I will call her. But that card was only for emergencies!]

[Mrs. H. dresses elegantly for her age. She would never advise you to wear things that belong on her. Give her a chance. She knows what is conservative yet fashionable. You are beautiful; you just never think you deserve to express it. Treat yourself, and it is an emergency.]

[You think I'm beautiful?]

[I always have.]


[No. I don't have to see you in flattering garments and mocha plum lipstick to see you.]

[I dressed nice at Christmas and all you did was roll your eyes.]

[Not true. I kissed you.]

[Because you were being horrible. You're being that way now too.]

[J has not left the flat for 3 weeks. He has a gun and access to all sorts of deadly things. Please. Molly. He's a man. Remind him.]

[What are you saying? You want me to shag John to cheer him up?]

[God no. But it wouldn't kill you to smile at him a bit. Flirt just a little. Look pretty and take him for coffee. Just enough to remind him he's hungry. Then send him off on a nice hunting trip. A bit of snogging always cheers him right up.]

[Smile. I can do. Flirt? Maybe. There will be no Snogging. How dare you treat me like some tart on order.]

[Don't be ridiculous. All I am asking is that you get him out in some fresh air and remind him why he thinks he exists. He hasn't had a date in 7 months and he looks like a bag of bones. I am not asking you to do anything unseemly. You go out shopping, buy some nice things, splurge, Take a nice older lady to lunch or a spa, request her fashion advice, make her feel useful. Then use that to guilt John into taking you to dinner. Be charming. Make him feel like he's not boring. Kiss him on the cheek and wait to see if the procedure needs repeating. He's a fine hunting dog. Coax him out of the kennel and set him on the foxes. That is all he needs. I am not expecting you to pretend you're madly in love with him. He wouldn't buy that anyway.]

[God, you are a horrible man.]

[Have you read his blog?]

[I did.]

[Molly. If something doesn't change. This is all for nothing.]

[I will never be able to do this. You know I am ghastly at it. God, I couldn't even get you to take me for coffee with a bag of thumbs. What makes you think I will have any better luck with him?]

[Molly, you are quite good at it, in fact. I was just being… complicated.]

[It's fine. Nobody wants to date the creepy girl from the morgue. Certainly not a posh like you.]

[I am an idiot. John isn't. And the morgue bit was actually quite hard to resist. Your friendship mattered too much to chance the pain I would have caused you.]

[Lol. When …and I do say when, not if. I lose my job because of you. Will you still bother with me?]

[Oh God. Molly. He just posted again. Please, anything you want. Just do something.]

From the Blog of John H. Watson

Posted: 18 minutes ago

People keep stopping by, wanting things. I have no idea what to say anymore. I don't need anything. I don't want anything. I honestly don't care. I am just waiting. I have no reason to move on. Nobody needs to think they are responsible or that they can do anything to make this better. I don't care if I am pathetic and I don't care who disapproves of me. I am just asking to be left in peace. Can't everyone just let us both rest in peace?

[I just read it. It doesn't sound good, does it? Calling Mrs. Hudson now. I will do what I can but no promises.]

[Counting on you. Will be in touch soon.]