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I is for Imperfect (and Incomplete) Translation

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Hey, Daniel,

Bet you never expected this, right? Ancient Egypt is both better and worse than we dreamed. There isn’t time to go into detail, though. You need to know what to do to fix the future, since we screwed it up badly.

In the original timeline, the Ancient Egyptians staged an uprising in 2995 BC against the goa’uld Ra. But when we traveled back in time, we changed history. Ra was able to escape in his great flying ship and take the Stargate with him.

So this is where you come in. You should find our puddle jumper in the same area as the video camera. It has the time machine in it. I have no idea what your world might be like without the SGC, but I have to assume that you won’t have made contact with any of our alien allies, so the first thing you should do is get Teal’c.

There’s another Stargate on Earth, located in the land of the cold to the South. You can take our ship through it and pick Teal’c up, then go back in time to fix the past. The address for Teal’c’s planet, Chulak, is:  photo chulak address_zpswlramtk1.jpg.

Good luck. The whole universe is counting on you, so no pressure, right?