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Pride & Prejudice & Werewolves

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‘’Apparently he’s really handsome!’’ Allison giggled, clutching her pillow to her chest. Well, it wasn’t her pillow. It was Stiles’s pillow.

‘’And rich.’’ Lydia said, smirking.

Malia frowned, ‘’do men like that still exist?’’

‘’Two do, apparently!’’ Liam said, ‘’apparently not only Mr McCall is coming, but also his friend, a Mr Hale. He’s apparently also very rich, but very intimidating, from what I heard.’’

‘’Apparently they’re looking for wives or husbands.’’ Lydia said, ‘’who wouldn’t want a rich, handsome husband like that? Apparently…’’

‘’Apparently, apparently, apparently!’’ Stiles threw a pillow at Lydia, ‘’can all of you please gossip in someone else’s room?’’

‘’Oh, Stiles, isn’t this exciting!’’ Allison teased him as he rubbed his eyes and sat up in bed.

‘’Not really.’’

‘’Nothing ever happens here. Not unless you’re in the heart of London or at the wall!’’ Liam said. He was an energetic, slightly pessimistic 15 year old, the baby of the family. He longed for adventure and excitement but in the sleepy town of Beacon Hills that was unlikely. Werewolves rarely attacked and when they did Liam wasn’t allowed near the action because he hadn’t completed his training yet.

‘’That is why this is news and we must convince papa to let Mr McCall attend the ball tonight.’’ Lydia said matter of factly, already preparing as if for battle. Lydia was sixteen, third oldest or third youngest, depends which angle you look at. She was as beautiful as she was cruel. Despite being a social butterfly there was no way she was going to settle down, mostly because no husband could put up with her antics. She had just completed her training but wasn’t interested in taking out her sword unless she was forced to.

‘’Knowing papa, he probably already invited him.’’ Allison said with a smile. Allison was already twenty, and the eldest of the Argent Siblings. Her mother was desperate to find all her children suitable matches, but Allison was her priority. She was a beautiful, sweet girl and Victoria Argent wanted to make sure she’d have a worthy husband – worthy as in rich.

‘’I hate balls.’’ Malia said dejectedly. Out of the siblings Malia was the one with the biggest mouth – she had no filter and often came through as rude because she was straight forward, although it was usually Stiles’s words that hit their mark. Malia was only sixteen and the second youngest child. For now she was off Victoria’s radar, so she could run wild as much as she wanted.

Which left Stiles.

Stiles was eighteen and the second oldest child as well as the oldest boy. He was sarcastic and moody and Victoria was fully prepared for him to inherit the estate and choose his heir from his nephews, since ‘no one would ever marry him’. Stiles didn’t care. He just wanted to sleep, ready books, breathe the fresh, country side air and have fun. He liked his training and his weapons, so he was his father’s second favourite, right next to Allison, who was the best hunter in Beacon Hills.

‘’Breakfast!’’ a shriek rolled over the house.

Usually the house was empty and quiet, unless the Argent siblings were at home, but today there were maids and butlers everywhere, washing walls, polishing furniture and setting up for the grand ball that was to take place that night. The breakfast, instead of in the dining room, was out in the patio, in the warm, summer morning. Victoria Argent was sipping her tea while Chris Argent read his newspaper.

‘’Good morning, children.’’ He mumbled, not paying attention to them.

‘’Good morning, papa.’’ They said together. Lydia took her place at his side.

‘’Papa!’’ she said, ‘’have you heard of-‘’

‘’Mr McCall? Yes. All of Beacon Hills has probably heard of him.’’

Lydia grinned excitedly, ‘’well…have you-‘’

‘’Yes, I have invited him to the ball. And yes, he did accept.’’

Allison and Lydia squealed. It wasn’t like they were keen on being the chosen bride of Mr McCall, but having someone so rich and handsome at their house would make their day.

The person who was set on Scott McCall marrying one of her children was Victoria.

‘’You must wear your best clothes and make a good impression,’’ she said sternly. ‘’Lydia, Allison, you two have a great chance of catching his eye. You are the most beautiful ladies in town. Malia…well, with a bit of work you could definitely stand a chance.’’

‘’Thanks, mama.’’ Malia said sarcastically.

‘’Even you, Liam, could enchant him with your adorable face.’’

‘’That’s baby fat.’’ Stiles pointed out. Liam kicked him over the table. Malia snorted.

Victoria sighed, ‘’you don’t even have to try, Stiles. There’s no way a distinguished gentleman like him would dote on you. You’re too independent.’’

Stiles smiled, ‘’thanks.’’

‘’Well,’’ Lydia mixed some sugar into her tea, ‘’Allison, you can have him. I’m not interested in finding a husband at the moment and I am still young, unlike you, dear sister.’’

Allison smiled and rolled her eyes, ‘’sure, whatever you say.’’

‘’What about Mr Hale?’’

‘’Ah, we have heard of him too.’’ Victoria cringed, ‘’from what I hear he is an arrogant, cold man, but he is incredibly rich so perhaps.’’

‘’You act like we do not have money, mama.’’ Stiles said, biting into a scone.

Victoria looked at him sharply, ‘’you know our whole house belongs to your cousin, Peter. He could kick us out at any, unless one of you marries and inherits the estate.’’ She cleared her throat, ‘’my point is, do your best today to make sure you are unforgettable.’’


Stiles was dancing with Isaac. Isaac was his best friend and they usually danced together. The dance was a complicated pattern of switching sides, arm movement and laughs but Stiles and Isaac knew it back to front. The whole column of dancers was laughing loudly as they switched partners. Where Isaac had been a few seconds before was now Malia, looking like someone had slammed an axe into her shoulder. She looked bored but when Stiles grabbed her hands to make a ceiling above them she smiled a little. The people on the left twirled and Isaac was back in front of Stiles. They danced around each other, laughing. The dance ended and the dancers clapped, congratulating each other.

Stiles started to walk towards Isaac when Victoria grabbed his arm, ‘’Mr McCall is here.’’ She hissed, ‘’come, your father will introduce you.’’

Stiles groaned internally. He was perfectly fine with staying on the dance floor some more. He shot Isaac an apologetic look and let his mother drag him through the throng of people.

Mr McCall was standing in the corner of the room, greeting various people. He had a mop of curly dark hair and his skin was smooth and light brown. He was smiling a lot and his eyes crinkled. He looked like a sweet heart.

Next to him was, presumably, Mr Hale. He was the exact opposite of Mr McCall. He was at least a head taller, with muscles clearly pronounced through his suit. He had a strong jaw, dark hair and a brooding expression. The only ‘nice’ thing about him were his eyes, which were a pretty blue colour. There was a rifle strapped across his back and two blades at his sides. Stiles vaguely remembered someone mentioning that Mr Hale was a well known Werewolf hunter.

‘’Mr McCall, Mr Hale,’’ Chris bowed his head in turn to each man, who nodded back, ‘’may I present to you my wife, Victoria.’’

Victoria curtseyed, ‘’my pleasure.’’

‘’And my children – Allison, Lydia, Liam, Malia and Stiles.’’

Mr McCall glanced quickly at the siblings but his eyes went right back to Allison. Mr Hale gave them all a quick once over and then looked away, uninterested.

Mr McCall smiled widely, ‘’it is my pleasure.’’ He said sincerely. Allison smiled back at him. He shuffled a bit.

‘’Um, would you mind dancing the next dance with me?’’ he asked, almost shyly.

Allison beamed, ‘’I’d love to.’’

Victoria grinned and Chris dragged her away. Malia and Liam wondered off.

‘’So, are you a good dancer?’’ Stiles asked Mr McCall.

He smile sheepishly, ‘’I should hope so.’’

‘’What about you?’’ Stiles turned to Mr Hale.

‘’I don’t dance.’’ Mr Hale practically snapped.

‘’Oh, sorry, big guy.’’ Stiles mumbled, raising an eyebrow.

‘’Stiles!’’ Lydia hissed, but she was fighting the grin off her face.

The next dance started. Mr McCall extended his hand to Allison, who took it daintily.

Lydia put her hand to her heart, ‘’such innocence.’’

‘’I love this dance!’’ Stiles said. He ignored Mr Hale, moving past him to grasp his sister’s hand and pulling her into the crowd.


‘’She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.’’ Scott said dreamily.

‘’Yes, I’m sure. She’s the only beautiful girl here.’’ Derek said calmly.

‘’Well, you have to admit, her sister Lydia is pretty pretty.’’

‘’Pretty pretty?’’ Derek raised an eyebrow, ‘’although I suppose she is.’’

‘’And that guy, Stiles. He’s got a nice face.’’

Upon hearing his name Stiles, who had been walking by, hid behind a column and listened in close.

Derek grunted, ‘’he’s nothing special. I’d say he’s tolerable.’’

Scott laughed and slapped his back, ‘’come on, you’re exaggerating. I would probably court him if not for…’’ he sighed dreamily, ‘’…if not for Allison.’’

Derek looked at him for a long while, ‘’I think I’d rather dance than hear another word.’’

They walked off and Stiles gritted his teeth, pissed off. ‘’Tolerable!? Tolerable!? Who does he think he is!?’’ he grumbled to himself.

Before he could continue his angry, little monologue there was a scream. A stampede started. Women in petticoats and men holding top hats rushed towards Stiles and then past him, towards the doors. Through the crowd Stiles could see the back enterance to the garden, and in front of it three big animal like creatures. Werewolves, with glowing eyes, furry bodies and strings of saliva hanging from their fangs.

Instead of moving with the crowd Stiles went against the current, taking out his sword on the way. He looked around for backup – Allison was holding Liam back, dragging him towards the crowd. Malia was nowhere to be seen. Lydia had a child by the hand and was pulling her to the exit.

The werewolves spotted Stiles. One of them charged at him. He levelled his sword and swished it in an arc, severing the beast’s head.


Derek was on top of the staircase by the time Stiles made it to the werewolves and he watched in disbelief as the boy decapitated all three monsters, smoothly and gracefully. He had thought the boy was another stuck up kid. By the time Derek reached the bottom of the staircase everyone was gone and the werewolves were dead. Stiles was calmly cleaning his blade.

Lydia materialised by his side, ‘’awww, the party is ruined.’’ She pouted.

‘’I missed all the fun? Bummer.’’ Malia groaned, coming back into the room.

‘’I am so done with being dragged outside every time something good happens!’’ Liam stomped back into the hall.

Allison was hot on his heels, ‘’someone could have gotten hurt, Liam!’’ she said dejectedly.

Scott ran into the room and stopped by Allison, ‘’oh my god, are you alright?’’

Allison smiled, ‘’don’t worry, I wasn’t even here during the attack. I was taking care of Liam.’’

‘’I’m not a baby!’’ Liam declared angrily.

Scott smiled, relieved and glanced at Derek. Derek nodded and then nudged his chin towards Stiles, who was putting his swords away.

‘’Stiles, was it? Did you kill these?’’

‘’Huh? Oh, yeah.’’ He turned to Malia, ‘’which means I’m not doing the cleaning.’’

Malia groaned at the werewolf blood on the marble, ‘’always me.’’

‘’At least you don’t have to send apologies to all the guests.’’ Lydia said, arms crossed.

‘’I think I had the hardest job.’’ Stiles countered.

Derek snorted, ‘’hardest? It was over in three seconds.’’

Stiles looked at him, surprised, and grinned, ‘’twelve actually. I counted. I guess you could say it was tolerable.’’

Derek looked startled. Chris and Victoria walked in calmly.

‘’Ah, I knew one of you would take care of it.’’ He clapped Stiles on the shoulder, ‘’good job.’’

‘’We are so terribly sorry!’’ Victoria gushed.

Scott smiled and shook his head, ‘’please, do not worry about it. There has not been an attack inside the walls for years, but it happens sometimes.’’ He gave Allison one last smile, ‘’we will show ourselves out. Thank you for your hospitality.’’

They quickly disappeared behind the doors. Chris turned to his children.

‘’Well, if that didn’t create an impression, I don’t know what will.’’