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Not everything is what it seems to be.......

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Derek Hale has always been the Star of Beacon Hills, he is popular, richer than the Whittemore's and is extremely handsome to boot. As the captain of the Basketball team he rules the school, especially having taken them to state every year since he first entered High School. He is one of those guys that every girl wants to be with and every guy envies. It seems anything he wants he is guaranteed to get. He is as smart as they come, he is actually second best in his class. Oh yeah and lets not forget his girlfriend is captain of the BHHS cheerleading squad, the Wolves, which makes them the perfect walking high school cliché. Basically Derek Hale lives a perfect life, or so it would seem to the outside world. He has a life everyone wants but really there is only one life he actually wants to have.... only one person he wants to look at him like everyone else does.


Stiles Stilinski is proudly self classified as a nerd, not because of his lanky or thin appearance (he's opposite of that really, that's if he would ever take off his damn hoodie) but because of his luck to completely bring embarrassment to himself. Most times the embarrassment and awkward encounters were actually due of bullying. Regardless of that he was probably one of the only few kind people you would find at school. Stiles however seen by everyone else is kind, strong, selfless, loyal and a generally heart o gold kind of guy. Stiles is the Spark of Beacon Hill and well, Stiles is gay....


Most people know that Stiles is who he is, hence the bullying and isolation from a bit of the town. He is who he is, so what! He takes it in stride.

Most people think Derek is as straight as a ruler, it's in the way he carries himself, having a smoking hot girlfriend (yeah that might help), but that couldn't be far from the truth. And something tells me fate will not stand by as this keeps going on especially when Derek and Stiles will be forced together in an unexpected way.....