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Pranksters Beware

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Derek and Stiles were in the detective agency office. They were seated on a couch.

"Our first case was a missing person case. However, it soon became a murder investigation." Derek began.

"Our next case was to find a ghost that was haunting my high school. However, it soon got complicated. A teacher was murdered. We later found out that she had caught him messing with students' grades." Stiles reminisced.

"Then a pirating ring sent us home for awhile." Derek added.

"Right, another missing person case led to a serial killer being stopped after 20 years. But not before he targeted our friends. Thank god, Darcy and Skye are alright." Stiles sighed.

"We also found the long missing sister of Boyd. He was so happy." Derek smiled.

"An art thief lost his mind after accidentally killing someone. Good thing we caught him before he caused major damage." Stiles recalled.

"We felt so fearful in our case. It hit too close to home." Derek replied.

"We've expanded the agency and we'll continue to grow." Stiles finished.

Beacon Hills, California;

Peter and Chris were napping lightly in their room. Chris woke up and shook his lover.

"Wake up. Allison just left." he stated.

"Good. We haven't been alone in awhile." Peter replied, then he sat up and pulled Chris into his side.

"Let's make the most of it." he declared, as he kissed Chris hard.

Elsewhere, a secretive group of people sat around a dark table with a single spotlight.

"It's senior year! Time for the pranks." a leader announced.

"We can blow up balloons and fill the lobby at school." someone suggested.

"Where can we get them?" a lacrosse player wanted to know.

"We can go to most of the party store vendors." came the reply.

"Yes!" Aiden grinned.