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Indiana Jones and the Space Boy

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“R2, course the plot back to Hoth. Han will throw a tantrum if we do not get back soon.” Luke chuckled, thinking of the older male. Luke’s life had been a roller coaster since meeting the Corellian. Up and down, up and down; back and forth he went, Han tugging him along the entire way. Han took up the job of role model for Luke. No one else saw the passion and the good inside the smuggler. Luke only saw that. Sooner or later, they found themselves entangled with Princess Leia and the rebellion force. Who would have thought that would happen to a country bumpkin like Luke Skywalker? If he had not walked into that shady cantina in Mos Eisley, the two would have never met. It gave him a reason to thank his Uncle and Aunt for being so unobservant. Luke had always wanted to get off Tatooine. It just so happened he got his chance with Han. Luke would never be able to truly express his thanks. Nor truly express his feelings towards the Corellian.

“What do you mean you can’t? Come on R2, don’t joke ar-“

The sudden shake of Luke’s X-Wing caused him to stop speaking. It hadn’t shook like that since he was landing on Dagobah. He had found later while inspecting the ship it was caused by all the organic material on the planet. The conscious population was small, but the flora and fauna more than made up for it.

“What system are we in?”

The little astro-mech droid beeped at him. It was shriller than normal, indicating confusion.

“Solar? Yes I know we are near a star, which is why I asked.”

Once again, R2 only responded with a high pitched squeal. The shaking only continued, causing Luke to check all of his monitors. There was nothing wrong with the mechanics of the ship. Yet, the wailing and beeping continued. The shaking nearly rattled Luke’s helmet off.

“R2, what is the nearest planet with livable conditions?” He would need to land before his X-Wing dropped him from space by force. R2 quickly blinked the screen to show what the planet was. “Earth. Only .28 AU’s? Good. Get ready to land.” He flicked the switches above him to start the braking process. Physically, the ship jolted; indicating the slower speed he had just entered. “Any life forms that I need to worry about?” He questioned the droid again. The two continued on through space, flying into Earth’s general area. Luke saw the planet’s moon come into view. It was a rather plain thing, rocky and craterous. “Humans? That is strange. I wonder why the alliance has not made contact with them. Or even the Empire for that matter.” Strange to hear of a planet of humans that have not been contacted by either group yet. Considering how fast the Empire moved to take over planets, Luke thought they were slacking when it came to Earth.

Another jolt from the X-Wing caused Luke to curse. He saw the green and blue of the planet and realized the problem. Just like Dagobah, Earth was causing his ship to go haywire. All the organic material and life forms on the planet messed with his systems. It would end up being safer for him to just land and then take off again. Less chance of him passing Earth and then crashing onto an uninhabitable planet. But his plan was quickly destroyed when his speed picked up again. The braking system was overridden. “Shit, R2, get ready for a hot landing.” They were going into too fast. He would have to crash the ship and hope that neither he nor the X-Wing took too much damage.

Like a meteor, his ship screamed through the layers of the atmosphere. Having never been on Earth, he was amazed by how thick the atmosphere was. That had to have been why the planet was so densely inhabited.

Luke suddenly realized he was not going to hit water like he had been hoping. He was heading straight for a grassy landing of sorts. His heart started to beat faster. In the time that he had been piloting, he had never crashed landed on a solid surface like that. Just at Dagobah, it had been in a swamp. In an attempt to get out his ship before it crashed, he jostled with the harness that held him to the pilot’s seat. However, he was too late.

“Shit!” Luke yelled when the craft hit the ground, smacking his helmeted head against the control stick. The front tip of his X-Wing dug into the grassy ground and kicked up giant chunks of dirt into the window. Since he had attempted to get the harness off of himself, his body was loose. Once the ship hit some sort of root or rock underneath the grass, he was thrown from the front port window. Around and around he went, rolling away from the debris. Unfortunately when his body had hit the ground, a large chunk of the outer hull pierced through his flight suit and into his stomach. The pain was immediate. It seared like nothing he had ever experienced. “Oh! Ah!” He shook once he finally came to a stop. The amount of sweat pouring from his skin caused the eye guard to fog up so he pulled it off of his wet scalp with quite a bit of difficulty.

Everything hurt. Stars above did it hurt. Luke was on his side, tears streaming from his eyes.

“Shit!” He whimpered when trying to pull the piece from his stomach. The pain was far too great for him to do it himself. He tried to push up on his hand and look around, but his arm gave way. Luke was too weak to do anything but cry and whimper on the ground. What made it worse, the star of the system was beating down upon the planet’s surface. It was only making the pain in his stomach worse, especially since his flight suit was so thick. Luke’s thick eyelashes caught droplets of sweat as he laid back down onto the soft grass.

I just need to think. I can’t panic. I have to take a second to calm down. Luke thought as he continued to sweat, bleed, and cry. Everything hurt so badly. He flipped onto his back, too tired to keep himself up on his side.

Right when a dark haze took hold of Luke’s consciousness, a figure came running towards him. The voice was hopefully familiar. It was a man. When the face came into view, Luke felt like crying.



“Curse this damnable heat.” Indiana muttered, pinning his clothing up on the line. It was unfortunate that he lived by himself out of town, but he liked the quiet. Being a professor only gave him so much time away from all the brats. That was probably why he ended up buying the hunk of junk a while back. “Curse my laundry.” Indy sighed. As much as he loved living and being by himself, he hated doing all the chores around the house. Well, he did not do all of them. He did the things he needed to survive. His mother would scream bloody murder if she saw the amount of old books and dust strewn about.

It just was not high in his priorities. Between teaching and just about everything else in his life, he could live with a little clutter and dust.

The laundry however. “Damn.” He groaned picking up a pair of his pants. A laundry pin in his mouth, two in his hand, and the pants in the other; he looked like a regular house wife. It had to be done though. Especially with an expedition occurring soon. Archeological discoveries waited for no one. Of course being THE Indiana Jones, he would have to be the first one to get it as well.

His mind wondered, attempting to not think about the heat as he finished up the laundry. Piece by piece, he finally finished; grabbing the basket and heading over to the water pump. The heat gave him an excuse to douse himself in water and not get reprimanded for it. Indiana remembered when he was young he loved to play in any sort of collected water source. There had been a creek in his back yard that he would spend hours upon hours roaming in. “Good times.” He chuckled while placing the basket down. He peeled his sticky shirt off of his sweating chest and went to pumping out cool water. Another bonus to living on such a remote farm was living over an aquifer. Some of the cleanest, crispiest water was pumped up from the well. Once he got it streaming fast enough from the spigot, he cupped his hands together and splashed water onto his heated skin. The glorious sensation cooled him down almost instantaneously.

For a while, he just stood outside, enjoying the fact he could hear no city noise. There were no honking horns or shouting men and women. It was just… quiet. The creek that ran through the farm was faint, but still audible. Then there were the birds chirping. Indiana thought that it would be a great place to retire to once he got too old.

That is, until a giant explosion sounded from the opposite side of the field. His head whipped over to the direction and saw a burning pile of…what was that? Metal? For a few moments, he thought about running to his house and calling the authorities. 1935 was a turbulent year. Having just returned from the orient and all the problems he had faced there, he wanted nothing to do with any suspicious looking things. This was as suspicious as it came. Indiana wanted no more surprises in his life. But when he inspected the wreckage for another moment, he saw movement a couple of feet from the fire.

“Oh shit!” He exclaimed, running towards the shaking person. It was a plane crash. Something in him, something that was strong enough to take control, told him not to let this person die. He had to help them. Indiana was taught to help others growing up, a part of the reason why he became a professor.

When he was close enough and heard the sobbing from the person, his heart gave a beating tug.

The man, no he was a kid; the kid was blond. His hair was damp from sweat, just like the rest of his body. He was wearing some sort of pilot’s jump suit that was bright orange in color. The jump suit was quickly turning darker in color from all the moisture on the boy’s skin. That tan color his skin probably had was quickly turning paler as Indiana knelt down beside him. What concerned him the most though was the giant chunk of sheet metal sticking out of the young man’s stomach. The blood was not pouring out of it like most open wounds. Indy knew, he knew that if he took that piece of metal out, the kid would bleed out in 3 minutes tops.

When he grabbed the kids face and turned it towards himself, he heard a tiny whisper from the kids full lips.


Whatever that meant, he would find out later; when he had saved the kid from dying. So with as much care as he could, he picked up the kid and started back towards his house. Already in his head, he was running through the things he would need to sew him up once he pulled the metal out of his stomach. Indiana knew it would be hard for him to do considering he was only a doctor in the sense that he had a doctorates degree; but he knew that the kid would not survive a drive all the way to the hospital. He would have to suture him up on his kitchen table.

It was not exactly how he thought his day would go when he woke up to do laundry.

He would have to just think about that at a later time. Indy finally, gently, walked through the back door with the sweating boy in his arms. The blond was mumbling incoherently as he walked to the kitchen and placed the kid on a part of the table. With both of his hands free, he brushed all the books to the floor and moved the kid so he was fully on the table.

“Wait right there kid. I will be right back.” Indiana said with uncertainty laced into his voice. He quickly made his way around the house to collect all the supplies he would need. Old towels, water, alcohol, bandages, needle, and string. He cringed at how much pain the poor kid would be in when an idea popped into his head. Indy ran to the dining table, set everything up, then ran back to his room. In his hands when he came back out was a thick leather belt that he had gotten the previous Christmas. Never having used it, he grinned that he finally found someone that would; even though it was under such horrifying circumstances. “Sorry about this kid. Open your mouth.” When the blond did not respond, Indy pulled the body closer to the side of the table and grabbed his chin. Obviously the kid was in shock, unable to do anything other than mumble, groan, and whimper. So Indiana took matters into his own hands, literally.

He reached up and gently pulled the kids mouth open. It kept falling shut so he quickly stuck the leather into his mouth. To get his attention, he gently slapped the kid’s cheek, showing for the first time his eyes.

Indiana Jones had never seen such blue eyes in his life.

“Bite down. It is going to hurt like hell in a couple of minutes.” He knew the kid had no idea what he was doing, but he felt the need to narrate the entire process. Perhaps it helped with his nerves, he did not know. “I am going to cut off your suit. I do not want it to get into your wound any more than it probably has.” Indy’s own hands were incredibly still as he slid the scissors over the kids chest. Bit by bit, creamy skin was exposed. It was dripping wet with a strange mixture of blood and sweat. When he peeled the jump suit back far enough to expose the impaled area, he cringed. It was worse than he had expected, far deeper than he was hoping. The edges around the wound were turning a pink color, similar to the splotches from the tension in his body that had spread across his chest. “Shit.” It was barely a whisper, but somehow the kid heard it. From behind the belt, he kept saying that name, ‘Han’, over and over again. It only got worse when tears started to stream down his face once again.

“You came for me. I love you Han. I love you.” Indy grimaced. The kid obviously thought he was someone else. And the sad thing he was, he was definitely not going to love him after what he was about to do.

“Bite down really hard kid.” Indiana said while moving a chair behind the blond head. He pulled the sweaty, bare arms behind his head and curled the small hands around the wooden rods. “You are gonna want to hold onto this as well. Take a deep breathe.” Indiana himself wanted to scream when he tipped the bottle of alcohol over the piece of medal. He watched in fascinated horror as right when it hit the kid’s skin, he let out such a blood curdling scream Indy could hear it through the thick leather.

Expletives that would make a sailor blush flew from the boy’s mouth as tears continued to stream down from his beautiful blue eyes.

After pouring a bit more onto his stomach, Indiana placed the bottle to the side and grabbed some of the old towels. Next was the hard part. Actually getting the metal out of the kid.

Once the blonds back stopped arching to its highest peak, Indiana peeled his iron grip off the wooden spindles of the chair. He held the profusely sweating hands in his far larger ones.

“I am going to need you to help me kid. I am going to pull this piece of metal out of your stomach,” fear bloomed into those blue eyes. He started to shake his head and sob, but Indy quickly grabbed his chin; holding the soft cheeks in his hands. “You have to help me kid, or you are going to end up septic shock.” The confusion was obvious, but Indy just pressed the towels into the blonde’s hands anyways. “I am going to pull this out. Right when I do that, I need you to put this onto the wound to hold back the bleeding. Hold it down as hard as you can. Blink if you understand me.” The kid blinked his thick eyelashes. Good. Indy thought. He would be as quick as he could be, not wanting the guy to have to go through more pain that necessary. “On the count of three.” He heard the kid sobbing as he counted down. “Three!” He ripped it from the boy’s stomach. Indy had never heard that noise in his entire life. But through the severe pain the kid was obviously experiencing, he was able to press the towels down with severely shaking hands. He was wailing behind the leather strip clamped between his teeth.

As quickly as he could, Indiana threw the metal slab to the side and threaded the sting into the needle. Then, he grabbed the cloth from Luke’s shaking hands. With the needle and thread set to the side, he grabbed some of the water and brought it to the blonde’s quivering lips. His big blue eyes stared up at him.

“You are doing great kid. Just a little while longer. You got to stay with me. Drink some water. Slowly.” Indy tipped the bowl gently, holding the cloth down onto the wound as he did so. The stream that poured into the kid’s mouth was slow; Indy watching his adam’s apple bob up and down as he took in the liquid. Of course, he spewed some up, still sobbing from the pain; but nothing that concerned Indy too much.

Once he thought the bleeding had relatively slowed enough, Indy pulled the cloth away and picked up the needle and thread. “Once again kid, take deep breathes. Try to keep your breathing as even as possible. Do not worry if you pass out, I will be right here.” Taking a deep breathe himself, Indiana pushed the needle into one side of the opening. The kid, again, screamed from behind the thick leather. Indiana could feel the fluttering heartbeat through the kid’s skin as he worked on sewing up his wound. Stitch by agonizing stich, totally covered in blood, Indy worked until he was done. He glanced up at the blond and saw that his eyes had shut, but his chest was still rising and falling.

Satisfied that he had done at least a half way decent job, Indy quickly went running around his house to put away all the stuff he needed to. When he entered back into the dining room, he wondered what he had gotten himself into.

Blood had splattered every. The hardwood floor underneath the table had a puddle of the red liquid. Even the kid’s hair was streaked in blood.

“Jesus Christ.” Indiana groaned, getting ready for the long day that was waiting for him.