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Our Summer

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I sigh inwardly, abandoning the drink I was given. I didn't even really like alcohol or parties for that matter. The only reason I even came was because Youichi wanted a wing man. His pink haired crush said he would be at this party with a friend. With that being said, he wouldn't leave his friend alone so me being the nice guy I am, I would occupy him. Maybe use my charms, have a fun night and then take him home. His home, not mines.

Yet, the pink haired brat wasn't even here yet and it was almost midnight. If I didn't know any better, I would say that he wouldn't even be he-

“Kazu!” I heard my name be called in that familiar raspy voice. I turned, standing to see my friend with his arm wrapped around a short, pink haired guy whose eyes were hidden by his bangs. His friend, if I'm assuming correctly, was standing next to him. He wasn't much taller but his eyes were wide and expressive. Almost golden brown…

“This is Haruichi,” Youichi said, introducing the pink haired. “And this is Eijun,” he said and I turned, facing the brown haired. He stuck his hand out, a grin lighting up his face.

“Nice to meet you… Kazu?” He said, turning it into a question. I chuckle softly, reaching to shake his hand.

“Kazuya. Nice to meet you as well, Eijun,” I say smoothly, laying the charm on real thick. Which succeeded as the blush that appeared on his cheeks was light but noticeable.

Then, it was only me and Eijun. Talking to him was enjoyable, like a breath of fresh air. He was so honest and blatant with his opinion and so optimistic about everything. It was very different from my usual pessimistic view. As you know, I definitely got his number


I took him on a few dates, it was still early summer when we met. One that stood out was the day I took him on a picnic. I brought him to this field that had a bunch of flower patches. Eijun mentioned liking them. I made sure to bring lots snacks and drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Lord only knew where Eijun put all the food he ate.

“Okay, let's continue where we stopped last time. Favorite… ride at an amusement park,” Eijun said, sitting with his legs straight out, arms holding him from the back.  

“Hm, I like… the Bazzaro. Used to be a ride at Six Flags.”

“Yes! I remember that! Roller coasters usual make me dizzy. I prefer going on the Ferris wheel. Especially at night, seeing all the lights from way high up…” I laugh, totally expecting that.

“Hopeless romantic, huh, Ei-chan,” I said, succeeding in making him blush.

“Hush! It's your turn now, Miyuki Kazuya!”

“Alright. Alright. Favorite… boyfriend,” I say, knowing exactly what I was doing. We hadn't exactly stated we were going out but I'd like to think we were close.

He blushed, looking away but the little furrow in his brow told me he was thinking about it. “M-my senpai from high school. Chris-senpai. We broke up when he left for college. In America.” He said, his voice getting deeper as he spoke. I give a low whistle. All the way out there?

“Well, then. I can't say I had a favorite but the one I dislike the least is my friend Nori. You'd like him if you meet him.”

“You still talk to him?” Did I hear a drop of fear?

“Yeah, sometimes. We have mutual friends.”

“Oh…” Eijun sounded down. I lean toward him, wrapping an arm around him.

“What's that ‘Oh…’ for?” I asked, brushing his cheek with my nose. I knew he liked cute, little things like that.

“I just… do y-are feelings still there for you?” He stuttered out.

“For Nori? Tch, not in the least. Why?” I say, a little snort escaping.

“N-no re-just fo- Oh look, flowers. C’mon Kazu!” He said, obviously trying to change the topic. I let him, instead, wanting to see his reaction to the flowers in the field that I knew would be here.

We ended up picking a bunch and taking them to the blanket. Then, he started taking the flowers and twisting together or something. It resulted in a flower crown. He grinned, placing it on my head. I look up as if I would be able to see it but can't. I chuckle, touching it gently.

“Why thank you, Ei. Though you should make one for yourself, as well,” I said, taking a flower and putting it behind his ear. He grinned, blush lightly dusting his cheeks. His fingers got to work using the rest of the flowers. I thought that this one looked better, especially on top of Eijun’s head this time.

“Cute~” I said, getting my phone out to take a picture.

“Wha- no pictures! Kazu~” he pouted and I almost couldn't resist. Almost.

“Just one little picture. I promise.” He nodded, sighing before grinning wide. I wink at him as I pull up the camera app, his grin turning into something different, better. I immediately saved it as my lock screen wallpaper.

I leaned in to show him when his fingers lightly brushed my chin. I look up at him, brown eyes meeting golden. Then, our lips meet, just the barest of touches. A flash startled me, causing me to pull away to see what it was. I laughed, realizing it was Eijun who took a picture of us kissing. I looked at the picture, liking it a lot.

“Nice picture, Ei-chan.”

“I think so, too.”

“Nice kiss, too.” That made him blush.

“Really? I didn't really feel it.”

“Should we do it again?”

“Definitely,” he said, his hands gripping my upper arms and he pressed our lips together in a hard, passionate kiss. He laid on top of me, my hands going to support him by his waist.

I swiped my tongue across his plump bottom lip, his mouth opening for me. I was done after that. I took over the kiss, holding him close as I explored his mouth. Our tongues mingled together, his fight for control of the kiss, although fun, was fruitless. I felt my lungs burn with the need of oxygen but that was the least of my worries. At least mentally. My body just reacted, pulling away panting.

Our mouth met with a clash of lips and teeth, his fight for control of the kiss more forceful. I relented, liking the feeling of his overactive tongue roaming wherever it pleased. And that definitely pleased me .


That summer had to be the best summer I've ever had. Eijun was… I didn't know how to describe him… or how I felt about him. He made me happy, genuinely happy.

His eyes, so expressive, would leave me speechless. When they widened in surprise or darkened in the heat of the moment. When he would make puppy eyes at me when he really wanted something. I couldn't say no. The blush on his cheeks was almost as endearing. He reacted to honestly and fully. It was almost instantaneous when I would purposely try to be charming. Or when I would surprise with him flowers, his favorites were Daisies and Sunflowers, before a date. I’ve seen just how far down the blush can get.

His lips, though, had to be my favorite part of his adorable face. They were full and pink, widening into a blinding, beautiful smile or coming together in the cutest put known to man. Kissing them was my favorite activity. They were smooth as the pressed against mine, a hint of a smile always tugging at them in the kiss. They were always red after, from pressing against mine to hard or from the bites I would give.

His laugh was loud, full of happiness and all around contagious. His eyes would close, tearing up at the sides. His cheeks would redden, his smile the widest is could be. I couldn't help but laugh with him. He would laugh at almost anything, always finding the humor.

I wouldn't say that… that I loved him. But it was definitely a possibility.


“Kazu… how old are you?” Eijun asks, his head on my chest as we lay in his room. His parents weren't home and we definitely took advantage of that.

“I never told you? I’ll be 20 in November. You?” I asked, realizing I never asked for his age either.

“I turned 18 in May,” he said, his fingers ghosting over my chest.

“So, just barely jailbait?” I ask, smirking down at him.

“I suppose…” he said, trailing off. He sounded kind of… off.

“What's up?” I asked, concerned.

“I… are yo- you'll be a sophomore in college when the school year starts, right?”

“Yeah. So? You'll be a freshman, right? I meant to ask, where are you going?”

“No. I'll be a senior…” he mumbled something after that I didn't catch.

“No. You're 18. So yo-” I cut myself off in time for Eijun to finish.

“I mean in high school. I'll be a high school senior.” I nodded, thinking. It's not that big of an age difference. Long distance relationships aren't always the best things to work out but I was definitely willing to try an-

“I don't think we should do this anymore,” he said and I looked at him in total surprise.

“What do you mean by ‘this’?” I ask. knowing that I’m just trying to stall. He was already sitting up, a hand running through his hair.

“This,” he said, waving his hand back and forth between us. “Us. It… it obviously won’t work out. With you going to college and me still being here in high school… You should go,” he said, sliding from the bed, prompting me to get up, following him.

“Eijun. We don’t need to stop. I… I want to work on this. On us.” I say, getting up, pulling on my underwear and pants quickly as he does. He’s already up, mostly dressed and pacing.

“Wha-what us? We haven’t even established an us.” I stopped, my shirt just falling from my hands. I looked at him, eyes wide and mind racing a million miles per hour.

“Are you serious, Eijun? It’s-it’s August! What have we been doing all summer? The dates, the texts, the phone calls, damnit, the sex? You thought I wasn’t serious? I lo- I really liked you. I felt something. Tell me you felt something, too?” I said, getting closer with every word. By the end, I was right before him, hands coming up to cup his cheeks. His hands curled around my wrist but didn’t move them.

“I… I did,” he said, my chest filling. “I felt something, Kazuya but how do I know there will still be something after I graduate?” he said, his voice soft, almost painful. I leaned in, lips brushing his.

“We try, Ei. We stick it out. Please, just-” I cut myself off, kissing him hard, wanting him to understand my feelings. I felt him kiss back before he pulled away, his fingers finally tugging on my wrists. My hands fall limply by my sides, his forehead coming to touch mines.

“Kazu, please. Go,” he whispered and I felt something in me crack. I pushed back, silently getting dressed and heading out. I didn’t speak, not having the strength to. Walking back out of Eijun’s house hurt. With every step I took, I felt the longing inside me build.


My year back at school was hell. Well, internally. On the outside, my life was fine, normal. My father sent his monthly email and the occasional text. Youichi going on about his new boyfriend in Haruichi. It was almost sickening if I wasn’t happy for him. Though the kid’s brother still threatened bodily harm.

Inside, all I thought of was Eijun. I swear I thought that I saw him a couple of times but it never was. Whenever I would see something cute or funny, I thought that would be something Eijun would like. If I saw some cute date thing, all I could think of was him and me doing that very thing. It hurt, knowing what could have been, might have been. I stared at my phone, reliving the text messages we would send to each other.


It was the winter break. Like hell I was gonna stay with my father, so Youichi was the next best bet. The thing was, he was going to visit Haruichi’s family before he went to his family. It was a strange predicament, knowing I would be in the same town as Eijun again. I would say it was thrilling, even.

So I spent the drive there getting my nerves up to possibly see him again. Youichi even tried to get my pumped.

“You’re going to get your man, back, dude. I don’t even know why you guys broke up with the way you guys looked at each other…” he trailed off, mumbling things I’ve been hearing from him for the last couple months.

So after arriving, Haruichi not being there yet, strangely, I settled into the guest room I would be sharing with Youichi. He was downstairs, probably getting death stares from Haruichi’s brother. I walked out, ready to go socialize when I was suddenly shoved, only getting a glimpse of green and pink hair before darkness. I fell, trying to catch my fall when I squeezed something soft.

“Ouch!” said a voice that I refused to let myself forget.


“Kazuya? Wh-what are you doing here?” he asked, he sounded surprised but I couldn’t see his face.

“Um I’m spending break with Youichi. But he was spending part of it with the Kominatos.” I say, not really sure how to handle this but excited to be near him again.

“Oh, did they say when they’d let us ? I’ve been here for like a while,” he asked, sounding small. I shook my head before realizing that he probably couldn’t see that.

“No, they just shoved me in here and now I kind of see why.” I said, leaing against the door.

“Because of… our parting?” he asked, sounding unsure.

“Yeah. Not sure how you were but, well, I haven’t been exactly happy.” It was quiet then for a few moment before Eijun broke the silence.

“I guess you could say that about me, too.”

“Didn’t seem like it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You didn’t call or text-”

“That’s a two way street there-!” Our voices were steadily getting louder before there was someone pounding on the door.

“In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you two have both been pretty miserable. You aren’t leaving until there are rainbows and unicorns flying everywhere. So stop yelling and make up. Please.” said a voice that sounded like Haruichi. It was quiet for a bit between us, just breathing.

“You know, my wall paper is still you, with the flower crown,” I said, my voice soft.

“Mines is still of us kissing, with the flower crown,” he said, his voice matching mines.

“Why did you break up with me, Eijun, really?” I asked, not wanting to beat around the bush.

“I meant what I said. I was scared about you going off to college. You always hear those stories about one night stands and such. I didn’t want that. The constant worrying. Being miles away. I had hoped that we would just...forget each other in time. Then it wouldn’t be so hard. I guess that backfired, huh?” I laughed lightly, rubbing my face.

“I guess it’s safe to say neither of us were forgetting the other.” Silence. There was too much of it. They were so long, too long.

“Kazu? I know I made… a dick move but I… want to give us a chance. I missed you, miss you. I’ve never regretted something so much I do a bunch of stupid stuff. Please?” he asked, the pleading tone was evident.

“I don’t know. You really hurt me, Ei. I liked you so much. I don’t know if I want to take that risk again.”

“I promise, Kazuya. I won’t ever do it again. I won’t you again. Please?” I sighed softly, listening to him. What was I doing? After all this time pining after him, why wasn’t I jumping to get back into a relationship with him. I knew how I felt about him. I felt a hand touch mine, my fingers curling around it.

“Okay, but no more chances after this, Eijun. No take backs.”

“No take backs.”