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The Proposal

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The blinking red light was an unwelcome sight as Stiles struggled to wake up. The sun was bright in his eyes and he looked around confused. It was almost seven in the morning… an hour later then when he normally awoke. It took a long moment, before he jumped from his bed. The stack of yellowed books tumbled from the nightstand but he had no time to pick them up. He was late.

Stiles’ tie was crooked and poorly tied and his white shirt was wrinkled. But he didn’t have time to worry about it. Stiles struggled not to swear as he entered the coffee shop. An hour late and the line was three times longer than normal. Luckily, Stiles had a life saver. His name was Liam.

“Stiles!” Liam called upon seeing him at the back of the line. Stiles pushed past the others.

“Two Macchiato, your regular order,” Liam smiled as he passed over the two cups.

“Thank you. You literally saved my life. Thank you!” Stiles smiled at the man before heading back to out the door. He didn’t see the foot of the man as the end of the line. He was able to keep the bag on his shoulder, but couldn’t prevent one of the two drinks in his hand to spill down the front of his shirt. It burned, but he didn’t have time to do anything about it. His watched beeped, signaling that he was officially late for work.

Stiles had been working at Whittemore & Martin for three years, eleven weeks and four days. He had applied straight out of University with only a hope of getting accepted. When he was called back for an official interview, he truly believe that miracles existed. Three years, elven weeks and four days later, Stiles truly believe his miracle was actually a curse.

Stiles was the assistant for one of the top editor, Derek Hale. Derek was inconsiderate, arrogant and overall an ass. He had never allowed Stiles a vacation, break or even a weekend off. Derek’s every wish and whim was Stiles’ responsibility. With a heavy sigh, and an arm full of paperwork, Stiles began his day.