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The consequences of choices

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It was hard adjusting to – that was for sure. Stiles was in a completely place. More like an entirely different world to him. It was weird, not waking up to the feel of his old bed, hearing his dad grumble downstairs as he hit his toe on the door or had to leave for his early shifts down at the station. It was really weird not driving roscoe in the morning, occasionally picking up Isaac for school. There was no Jackson to argue with; no Lydia to simultaneously hate and adore. Or a Derek he could claim to loathe, but instead secretly admire and love from afar. Instead, he was the small fish too small for the pond, now in the sea surrounded by sharks.

Stiles didn’t really fit in here. It had been a few weeks, and no physical harm had come to him as of yet – but that was just mere luck. He knew kali and Ennis were just itching for their turn against him. Surprising – or not, stiles thought ironically, peter was right at home here with them. Well why wouldn’t he be? Surrounded by vicious, troublemaking wolves such as he, all bloodthirsty. It was practically a dream come true for peter. But in all honesty, stiles couldn’t have don’t it without him.

But stiles had to admit, peter was there for him when he didn’t think he had anyone. Peter watched out for him, taught him to control his powers on the full moon and was trying to teach him to shift.

He wasn’t doing too well with that. In addition, the pack was trying to teach him how to kill. Currently though? He wasn’t doing too well with that. It was weird Peter thought. As a human stiles had been willing to kill, but as a wolf he wasn’t.

What peter didn’t understand, stiles thought in frustration, was that killing a bad guy was reaaaaaally different to killing a young kid for no other reason than except it being Deucalion’s orders. The rest of the wolves had found it easy to do, but stiles couldn’t do it unless he had a legitimate reason – he had only considered it if his life, or the lives of his friends, was in danger. Only in extreme circumstances where life and death was threatened by someone truly evil or dark. However, besides that small point – the killing and Kali and Ennis- Stiles didn’t find it too bad here. It wasn’t him home, but it may come to be soon.

There were some similarities. They lived in a small house, stiles and peter sharing a large room until Deucalion found them another house, or when they moved on. In the mornings, Stiles would wake up to breakfast, a large kitchen full on hungry wolves. Only this time, stiles wasn’t on the outside looking in with interest and disgust, as the wolves dug in. this time, he too had a piled plate full of fatty foods that he scoffed down completely. Following breakfast, he would often have to go to Deucalion for teaching. Later that day, he would meet the twins who would teach him how to fight with his powers – and Ennis and kali who would test him. The worst part was when they made him run, testing how far he could get away from them without being caught. In the beginning, he was doing pitifully. Now? He was marginally better. Deucalion said it was because he had accepted his wolf side quicker than most. That was true. Stiles didn’t feel that much differently from when he was a human.

“Stiles, have you even slept?” Stiles turned his head to the side, meeting the curious gaze of Peter’s from across the room. Peters body was still laying on his bed, body facing upwards to the ceiling but his head in Stiles’ direction.

“a little” Stiles replied, shrugging slightly, voice worn. Peter sighed, eyes flashing darkly in irritation and – was that concern?

“you need to let it go” he commanded easily. Stiles snorted shaking his head.

“it isn’t that easy. I can’t just let go of a whole life – of friends and family”

“I did”

“yeah well that’s because- “he begun spitefully, cutting himself off and looking sheepishly towards the Beta werewolf. Peter nodded.

“that’s precisely why, who did I have left? Derek and Cora? They could never forgive me. I heard most of my family burn to death, and killed those who lived. Its better I left Beacon hills. That place is poison – where people go to die” he murmured bitterly, eyes darkening. Stiles swallowed awkwardly, nodding in understanding. He didn’t blame Peter, not really. He had seen most of his family die, spent six years in a comatose state and then went crazy with power in an attempt to kill his remaining family. Peter seemed sane now, but stiles could never really figure him out.

“and probably because you might have killed them” stiles suggested innocently, eager to hear what peter would say. Head cocked to the side, listening out for Peter’s heartbeat.

“yes. I craze power, and I can’t hide that. I spent so long weak and alone, Stiles. I don’t expect you to understand. I’ve regained my sanity, but not my power. I will never – never, be left alone weak” he vowed, voice angry with a tinge of sadness. His heartbeat remained completely steady. Stiles knew it was the truth. The complete and utter conviction he heard in peter’s voice made him regret his actions towards the wolf. He couldn’t imagine living a life like that. Being alone – abandoned by your family, weaker than ever. Especially now that stiles were a wolf, he didn’t want to think how it would change his life if he went back to being a human.

“I don’t want your pity stiles” peter snarled, stiles nodded looking up to the ceiling.

“I miss my family”

“I know. But they’re not here anymore. The pack is your family” Peter said with conviction. Stiles didn’t know if he truly meant it or not? Did he want stiles to feel like family so he would be able to stay to? Probably. Maybe he wanted stiles to become the werewolf he could’ve always been, most likely.

“anyway. It’s time to get up” stiles sighed, letting out a small yawn as he sat up in his bed. Pulling the covers off him, he nodded to Peter as he exited the room. Walking down the brown wood stairs, he glanced out of the windows to the sight of the vast forest. It was a great day today, the blue skies were clear and the sun seemed to be shining brightly. Running his hand along the beige wall, stiles was still immersed in thought as he entered the kitchen.

The twins were already seated at a table, a large porcelain plate adorned with crispy bacon, fried eggs, multiple slices of toast and beans. They looked up in unison at his entry, smiling at him before continuing to eat their breakfast. Pulling out a plate for himself, stiles dumped bacon and eggs on his plate. He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat at the island opposite them.

“morning stiles” Aiden greeted.

“morning” he hailed back, digging into his breakfast.

“everything okay?” Ethan asked him, flashing a minute smile as he looked at stiles for a few moments. Stiles nodded, not trusting himself to speak lest they hear the lies. It was awkward, he supposed. Last time they figured out he was lying; they hadn’t said anything but still acted unusual towards him. In the morning, after his dreams, stiles missed Beacon hills the most. But as the day passed, he found himself forgetting his old memories and thinking on his new pack.

The familiar ‘click-click’ against the tiled floor signalled Deucalion’s entrance into the kitchen. He was able to locate the plates of food with easy, grabbing the handle of the server and making himself a plate. Twisting suddenly, he sat down beside stiles.

“good morning” he offered the three wolves, who all replied with a grunt. He smiled – a small vicious smile. Stiles had figured it out though. Even when Deucalion was genuinely happy, his smiles still seemed like threats rather than a sign of his joviality.

“morning young ones” Peter’s slick voice commented cheerfully as he entered the spacious kitchen, grabbing the bottle of orange juice and sitting down on the tall island chairs beside the twins. Smirking at them, he nodded towards Deucalion.

The man in question smirked, raising an eyebrow. “I hope you don’t mean myself to be a young one?” he asked slyly, teasing Peter lightly. Peter laughed, blue eyes twinkling in delight.

“never, you yourself seem experienced and much older”

“too old?”

“never” Peter replied, leering slightly.

Stiles watched them both with interest, mind running quickly as he saw the tension between the two wolves. Evidently, the twins noticed it too as they both seemed grossed out. “eurgh” Aiden blurted, eyes wide as he stared at them in horror. “are you flirting?”

But neither one of them replied, instead choosing to smirk as they looked at each other. Stiles was still curious. How did Deucalion see? Stiles never had the courage to ask him outright, instead choosing to ponder it to himself quietly.

“yuck. They totally are” Ethan summarised, looking from Peter’s gleaming eyes to his uneaten breakfast. Pushing the plate away, he slid off the seat. Waving a hand to those still seated, he walked away and was quickly followed by his twin.

“okay, I’ll leave you to it” Stiles awkwardly said, he too leaving his plate uneaten and disappearing. As he followed the twins to the living room, he glanced back. Deucalion and Peter seemed content to eat in silence, but both of them had small smirks on their faces. Stiles shuddered. Uh uh, no way. He was not going get laid after Peter. After Peter and a blind alpha.



Sinking into the large, comfortable leather seats of the sofa, stiles let out a small sigh. Shutting his eyes, a faint smile on his lips he relaxed.

“hey stilinski” one of the twins called. Opening his left eye, stiles peered at the twins sitting at the table together.

“come play with us”

“what are you playing?”

“it’s a game to enhance senses”

“there’s severally boxes. You have to open them and guess what four scents are from it”

“sure, why not? “he asked, standing up and walking the short distance to the table.

Ethan handed him an old worn box, around 10cm in length and five in width. Opening it cautiously, stiles moved his nose closer and sniffed hesitantly.

“um, I smell – is that honey? Its sweet. Mixed with, something sharp? Um, citrusy. Lemon?”

“no, inhale deeper”

“okay, I think its orange. Is that right?”

“yeah. What else do you smell?”

“something musky. Like – tobacco? Cigars?”

“uh huh. And?”

“oh – this one’s hard. But it smells like oil. Not motorcycle oil – just normal one?”

“yeah, but try to identify what it is”

“ok. It smells like sun – so sunflower oil?”

“congratulations stiles, your sense of smell is better” Aiden informed him, eyes twinkling slightly.

Clapping his hands together, stiles gestured for the next one. He was feeling confident now – he wanted to see just how good he was at scenting things.

“if you’re done now, stiles, could you please come to my study?” stiles heard Deucalion call from upstairs. Shrugging regretfully and nodding shortly at the boys, stiles stood up and ran up the stairs. Coming to the end of the corridor, stiles knocked on the large mahogany door which was ajar, before pushing it open. Deucalion was seated at his table, a long oak table with several doors. Behind Deucalion was the wide windows, overlooking the back of the forest – the several hues of green and brown intermixing together beautifully. The sunlight lit up Deucalion’s study, as he never used artificial lighting. To the left of the study, were shelves filled entirely with books and notes and boxes containing unknown items.

Stiles felt like asking why he had books if he couldn’t see, but thought better of it, instead choosing to sit down on the sofa like seats opposite the oak table. To the right of the room, was a larger sofa he presumed Deucalion slept on, and another smaller table filled with several vials of different liquids and ashes.

“so, what’s up?” he asked casually, looking over the mans wearied face. As a human, he had been able to see the stress lines and marks on his face. As a werewolf, he was able to see closer – to identify the tiny little scars on the man’s face. His eyes drew downwards; to the necklace he wore. He had never seen Deucalion without it; no matter what time of day it was. It was an old necklace, several years old. A metal chain, worn with scratches upon the surface. But the tiny little hoops linking together were as strong as ever. On the end of the chain, was a carved wolf. The wolf was shaded and carved in extreme detail; a fully shifted wolf, its head tilted up to the invisible moon as its tail hung long. Upon its body, two different shades were carved in. the wolf seemed majestic, limber and strong. Stiles noticed how Deucalion treasured it, hand absently brushing along it – he did it without even noticing sometimes, just when he strayed in thought.

Stiles – once again, didn’t want to ask. But this time he knew what it was. When Deucalion had bent low, he had seen initials – tiny ones, carved right where the wolfs heart should be.


Alexander Argent, Deucalion’s killed mate. Stiles couldn’t help feeling guilty and pitiful every time he saw it. The slight twitching of Deucalion’s nose signalled he could smell it.

“Stiles, I am here to further your education. I have a proposition for you”


“what is the duty of the alpha pack?” he returned the question with a question, tone frighteningly absent of any emotion. Stiles shut his eyes briefly, before opening them and going to continue.

“the duty of the alpha pack is to ensure law” he listed tonelessly. “this is done by observing dangerous packs – making a decision on whether to kill or let live. The alpha pack contains the maximum power of any wolf. They put duty to the law before anything else.”

“good” Deucalion commented, a faint smirk playing on the edge of his lips. He nodded, then stretched out a hand for the manila envelope, handing it to stiles.

“Read it out” he commanded.

Stiles cleared his throat.

Report: Jameson Pack, Washington.

Misgivings: incompetent alpha – responsible for rumoured 45 deaths – both human and supernatural.

Pack: unstable, new turned wolves – rumoured to be aggressive and uncontrollable.

Threat level: 4.

Observation: immediately. Advice: termination

Stiles was furious, hands trembling and shaking uneasily. Throwing the envelope on the floor, he stood up snarling. Deucalion looked up at him, perfectly still and calm.

“problem?” he asked.

“problem?!” stiles laughed manically. “yes there is! You’re going to go and kill people, based off rumours!”

“no. you’re going to kill them” Deucalion corrected. Stiles stood still for an instant before exploding.

“no no! no way, I’m not doing it” he protested, shaking his head continuously.

“and it has been confirmed by three packs” Deucalion added, tapping his finger against the wooden desk before him. Stiles laughed again.

“I really don’t care. We’re not doing this” he yelled. That set of Deucalion. He stood, snarling. Eyes flashing red, pale face rapidly turning grey as he shook.

“YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE. IM AN ALPHA. IM THE ALPHA” he roared, scaring Stiles straight to the bone. He swore he could feel the whole house shaking from the forceful roar. Stiles took a step back as Deucalion quickly manoeuvred himself around the table and instantly stood in front of stiles. Fangs lowered menacingly, he leaned forward into stiles face.

The rapid change from intense anger to calm scared stiles more than the roar did. Standing still silently, stiles could understand why this man was feared in rumours.

“you don’t have a choice” he whispered menacingly, cool breath dusting along stiles’ face. He shivered.

“you don’t, get a say. We’re going. You’re going. You will do as I command, or I will take this to mean you are no longer part of the pack. If you’re not in my pack – then beacon hills is no longer protected” he threatened viciously, striking fear into stiles’ heart. He stuttered, gasping in uneven breaths.

Knock knock. “hope I’m not interrupting?” Peter asked, opening the door and walking in. his voice instantly changed the atmosphere. Deucalion rocked back, turning his head in Peters direction as he smiled accommodatingly at the new guest.

“I think you should go stiles” Deucalion suggested, his voice entirely calm. Stiles swallowed loudly, nodding and left the tense room quickly. Shutting the door behind him, only Peter and Deucalion were left.

“so, what happened?” Peter asked carefully, sitting down on Deucalion’s private sofa. Deucalion sighed, stepping forward towards him.

“I told him our destination. He refused, told me that we weren’t going” Deucalion snarled lightly, eyes flashing red once again.

“he has no right” Peter concluded simply. Deucalion nodded.

“we will make him into a proper alpha. One who kills. How?” he asked Peter, turning in his direction slightly. Peter nodded slightly.

“make him see just how bad they are. He will only kill if they deserve it. In the meantime, let’s talk about you” he suggested, trying to lighten the mood.

“what about?” Deucalion asked him casually.

“anything. Tell me about you. What you were like before the alpha pack”

“weak” Deucalion summarised. “in love. Happy with the pack I had before” he confessed.

Peter nodded in understanding. “same. Only I’m weak now. I was happy once – the younger brother of the famous Hale. Talia Hale, who commanded respect, who could fully shift. Then the fucking argents came. Seduced my nephew, killed my family” his tone turned dark. “and I had to listen – weak” he spat.

Deucalion nodded thoughtfully. “and that’s why you came with us?”


“you felt weak for so long, you wanted to feel strong. You crave power” he interpreted correctly, turning slightly towards peter who nodded.


“you will not take it from me or my pack”

“I wouldn’t live if I did”

“why did you leave your only family behind?”

“because as much as I love them, I hate them. I hate that Derek was seduced – that he couldn’t tell who she was. That I, his closest friend, didn’t notice” he confessed. “I’m angry, even now, that after burning to near death – being comatose for six years. My nieces and nephew ran” his eyes grew slightly watery, voice thick. “they ran and left me behind. Six years in the same seat, no cool air, no sunshine. Staring at the same, blank wall” he sniffled, trying to hide it in a cough. “I was alone. Their family, and they abandoned me. So when she came back, I killed her. Yeah, I was insane. But a large part of it was to make her hurt. I couldn’t understand how they could leave so easily” he finished, voice sounding broken. His glazed eyes looked up to see Deucalion staring intently at him, head cocked to the side in interest.

“we won’t do that to you” he offered. “I don’t allow betas in an alpha pack, but I will allow you peter hale. Maybe because I understand you”

“do you?” peter asked suddenly. “understand me?”

“yes. My pack betrayed me. Killed my mate, as a hunter blinded me. I killed them all – out of revenge and anger. Losing a mate can drive you to insanity”

“not can. Does. I experienced it myself” peter laughed quietly, bitterly.

“mate?” Deucalion asked sharply. Peter nodded again.

“yeah. My wife. Not many talk about it. Well no one does” he laughed depreciatingly. “I heard her burn. I was trapped, I heard her screaming. The only thing that made it better – well as good as it can be – is that she didn’t scream for me. She shouldn’t have been with me anyway. I dragged her down. She was too pure, too good for me. And she died, screaming and burning. Her beautiful voice ripped raw, her smooth skin burnt to ashes. I could smell it. God, I could smell it. Never had I ever wished for human senses, so I couldn’t hear her and my family die in the most painful way possibly” Peter choked, voice full of tears. He looked down, immersed in his foul thoughts.

Then a warm hand above his snapped him out of it. He looked up, to find Deucalion sitting patiently beside him, hand on his. Deucalion said nothing just hummed. Then he looked up at Peter.

“I understand, more so than others. I did not lose my whole family, but I did lose my mate in similar circumstances” he offered. Patting Peter on the hand he stood up.

“the alpha pack is designed for strength. Stick around long enough and you will grow strong again” he murmured, shutting the door behind him”



Stiles squinted as he turned his head up to the sky, smiling as he took in the sunshine. The cool breeze was soothing, especially after the shitfest he had experienced earlier the morning with Deucalion.

“Stilinski, on your feet” Ennis barked, appearing seemingly out of nowhere from the forest. Sighing, Stiles stood up, brushing the grass off his jeans.

Ennis stood in front of him, snarling ferociously. Lifting up his hands in a gesture of fists, he beckoned for stiles to move forward.

“c’mon, attack me” he commanded. Stiles turned his head to the twins who were watching from the corner. They offered no reprieve. Sighing, stiles nodded and tried to focus himself.

Running forward, he raised a fist to- claws swiped into his chest as a fist hit his sternum with enough force sending him flying backwards. He hit the ground with a thump. “ah shit” he swore, pain coursing through his body. He run his hand along his stomach that was bleeding rapidly. As he tried to sit up, he cursed as pain sparked in his body. Opening his eyes, he saw Ennis stalking towards him. Getting to his knees, stiles looked up –

Ennis’ foot smashed into Stiles’ face. He was thrown backwards, head slamming on the grass as his nose instantly broke, blood gushing out of it akin to water from a hose. Coughing, he winced. A clawed hand gripped his ankle, pulling him up into the air as he was thrown again. A foot stamped down on his chest. Crack. Stiles felt his left rib break.

“ahhh!” he cried out, reaching out a hand to swipe to foot away. It was no use, as Ennis seemed to be concentrating all of his strength into that one foot to keep stiles pinned to the ground. Resting his head back on the ground, panting breathlessly, stiles was unable to focus.

“Stiles!” Ethan yelled. “you’re not a human anymore. Think like a wolf. Think like a fucking werewolf” he called out to stiles.

Stiles wanted to. He did, but he was so goddamn tired. His entire body ached – he couldn’t move even if he wanted t. right now he was having trouble even breathing, as an immense pressure seemed to bear down on his chest. He wanted to ask Ennis to leave him alone, but his dignity and pride wouldn’t allow that.

“do something stilinski” Ennis commanded. If he couldn’t stiles would try to mouth of. But he couldn’t.  he heard Ennis laugh, before a body wrenching pain descended on his face. Thankfully, the darkness enveloped him pretty quick after that.

When stiles awoke, he felt immensely better. He twisted his head to check his surroundings, finding that he was back in his room. Stiles settled in bed, pulling up the covers so he could settle.

“no, I don’t think so” he heard Peter comment, before he was pulled from bed.

“what the hell Peter?”

“no stiles. Get the fuck up now” he commanded, pulling stiles up and shoving him towards the door. Stiles whirled, roaring and flashing his eyes. it didn’t phase peter in the slightest, as he raked his claws along Stiles’ face and quickly jabbed him in the stomach. Stiles launched at Peter, but peter quickly ducked it and spun to his left. As stiles now had his back to him, Peter kicked him with his right foot, knocking him to the ground. He quickly pounded, smashing his fist into Stiles face. Stiles arched back in pain – the wrong move. Peters clawed hand wrapped around his throat, as his other hand remained poised to slash Stiles’ throat.

“wha-what the hell peter?” Stiles cried out, struggling minutely to escape Peter’s grasp.

“listen to me Stiles” he hissed in his ear. “you’re weak. Don’t think because you’re a wolf, an alpha, you’re strong. Ennis beat the shit out of you today. I did it again. Take. This. Seriously” he commanded, sinking his claws deeper in Stiles’ throat with every punctured word. Stiles gasped, his inner wolf completely ferocious at being submissive.

“If you don’t, you will die” he warned Stiles, suddenly releasing him. Stiles coughed out, standing up quickly. Peter’s back was already turned to him. He was sitting down, reading a book. Stiles didn’t say anything, just decided to walk downstairs instead.

He found Ennis outside with Kali, both of them a few miles into the woods, silently looking at the dark night. Stiles cautiously approached them.

“hey um – I was wondering if you could teach me again?” he asked quietly, stilling as twin alpha gazes turned to him. Kali smirked, as Ennis shrugged. He stood, muscles rippling terrifyingly.

“um” stiles muttered, freezing as the shityness of the idea finally dawned on him.

“come at me” Ennis ordered. Stiles nodded. This time, he didn’t run straight on like he had done before – like he would if he was human. This time he ran, feinting left. As Ennis shifted to his right, moving his fists out to protect his right side, stiles quickly changed his target and shifted to his right. He hit Ennis by his left ribs with two concise punches, using his claws to slice the chest and aiming for the face. Ennis reacted quickly, knocking stiles to the ground with his wrist. Stiles fell, quickly rolling on the grass and sitting back up. He jumped low, crashing into Ennis’ legs where he then raked upwards. Ennis bucked, but stiles had dug his claws in so he couldn’t be moved.

Stiles found himself reacting, fangs dropping and eyes flashing. As his claws dug deeper into Ennis’ stomach, stiles thrust his head down by Ennis’ collarbone and bit as deep as he could manage. Both he and Ennis roared in unison – Ennis in pain, Stiles full of savageness as he threw his head back, a meaty part of Ennis’ flesh in his teeth. Spitting out the flesh, he used both his fists to pummel Ennis. Aiming for the face and the ribs in particular, something happened.

Stiles instantly felt zoned out. The loud fleshy punches, the thwap thwap was blurred, instantly becoming soundless. Stiles felt in a haze, looking down on Ennis’ writhing body as his own fists pounded into the flesh. As Ennis’ face become bloody, stiles felt himself overcome with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Then as suddenly as he was thrust into it, he was ripped out of it. Claws stuck in his neck pulled him backwards. As he was thrust on his back, he looked up to see kali. She jammed her foot on his neck, pressing hard. This time though, he didn’t wriggle helplessly as he did last time. Wrapping his own fist around her ankle, he squeezed as hard as he could. He felt the bone crush beneath his fists. Kali howled in pain. As soon as she was distracted, stiles used all of his weight to topple her balance. As she stumbled, he sat upright, launching himself upwards. He attacked Kali as quick as he could, moving from left to right and attempting to strike her anyway he could.

He got in a threw hits before a pressure hit him from behind. As stiles fell to the floor once again, he couldn’t get up this time. Ennis had his entire body on Stiles’ back, holding him down as Kali kicked at Stiles head repeatedly. For the second time that day, Stiles felt into blissful unconsciousness.


“urghhhh” Stiles groaned, opening his eyes blearily. This time he found he was in the living room, body sprawled on the floor as everyone else was seated on the sofas eating. As the scent of pizza hit him, his stomach rumbled in hunger. Trying to sit up, stiles found he couldn’t. his stomach was an array of claw marks and bruises that were slowly fading away.

“welcome back to the land of the living” he heard Deucalion comment in an amused tone. Simply grumbling, stiles hoisted himself up and thrust himself into the seat between the twins. Aiden instantly handed him a slice of pizza, to which he smiled in thanks and begun to rapidly devour the pizza.

“so stiles, I heard you got the shit beat out of you” Aiden commented, laughing. Stiles nodded, smiling sheepishly.

“but in all fairness, I got some back” Stiles shot back, glancing to where Ennis and Kali still had some lingering cuts. Ennis snarled, but Kali didn’t. instead, her eyes twinkled – leading Stiles to believe she was a little bit proud of what he had done.

“well until you can fight without getting knocked out, it’s nothing to brag about” Peter told him lazily, smirking as Stiles rolled his eyes.

“can you do that?”

“fight against an alpha? Of course”

“I’d be interested to see that” Deucalion told him, raising an eyebrow. Peter shrugged smugly.

“we’ll have a one on one sometime” he told him, to which Deucalion simply laughed and nodded agreeably.

Stiles frowned, looking to the twins. What was up with Deucalion’s and Peters friendship? It was weird. Straight up.

“well make sure Stiles is at least passable, by the end of the week” Deucalion commanded, looking directly at Kali who nodded seriously.

“why so soon?” Stiles asked. At this, the tension in the room racketed.

“we’ll be in Washington by tomorrow night” Deucalion told him. Stiles opened his mouth to argue, but decided not to. Instead he just nodded in agreement. Deucalion’s smile showed that he was pleased Stiles didn’t mouth of.

“so I suggest you all get some good night’s sleep” he advised, standing up and walking to his room. Aiden finally stole the remote, changing it from the news to a comedy show. He instantly started laughing, provoking Ethan to also laugh. As stiles looked around, he saw Ennis and Kali snuggled up under a blanket nuzzling each other; Ethan and Aiden nudging each other playfully; Peter smiling faintly as he took a swig of beer. As the laughter in the room increased, Stiles felt at peace – for the first time in a long time.


The two packs were sitting in Derek’s loft, celebrating Melisa’s birthday together. As everyone smiled and enjoyed the day, they couldn’t help but notice that things weren’t the same. Stiles wasn’t there, which made all the difference.

As Melissa stood up, she raised her glass of champagne and cleared her throat in preparation to speak. Smiling widely, she begun.

“I’d like to thank everyone who put this together. It’s been a very enjoyable birthday- “she faltered, face dropping as she looked to the sheriff. “but I miss stiles. It’s not the same without him. So, wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, I wish him luck” she said aloud, her throat catching as her eyes watered.

“hey mum, its ok” Scott leapt up instantly, cuddling her to comfort her. She nodded, sniffling again.

“hey, why don’t we try to call peter? See if we can speak to him?” Allison suggested. The sheriff and Melissa visibly perked up, as Derek’s eyes flashed. Nodding, Melissa took out her phone. Scott gently took it from her, placing it on loudspeaker as they rang for Peter.

“Hello?” Peter’s voice asked.

“hey peter, its Scott. We was wondering if stiles was there?” Scott asked unsurely. Peter was silent for a moment.

“you can’t speak to him directly, but I can take you to him? You can hear his voice” he suggested neutrally.

Scott nodded, then realised peter couldn’t see, so choked out a “yeah”

“okay” peter told him, silent for a second as everyone heard him walking down the stairs. They could all hear the background noise.

“ew Aiden you’re disgusting!” they heard Stiles exclaim. The sheriff and Derek cheered up, sitting up quicker and leaning forward with an interest.

“just do it stiles!”

“no way, you do it” Stiles laughed, his voice echoing.

“hey peter what are you doing? Come here, stiles is going to eat this disgusting goop”

“no way. Uhuh. I’ll fight you for it” Stiles threatened. The twins laughed even louder, as even peter was heard.

Then a thwap was heard and the outraged noise of shock from one of the twins.

“no way. You did not just throw a banana at me!” the twin shouted out. Stiles laughed.

“I’m going to get you!” he shouted. Stiles was heard running away, laughing loudly.

“Deucalion, Deucalion!” stiles cried out. “help meeee” his cheerful voice faded away as Peter presumably went upstairs.

“okay?” he asked.

“yeah” Scott replied.

“good, I don’t think you should call back for a while. We’re busy” Peter suggested. Scott was instantly saddened.

“is he ok?”

“he’s fine. You heard him. He’s good here” Peter told them.

“-PETER. I need your help, Deucalion’s join the twins” Stiles screamed from downstairs, yelling in between laughter.

“I’ve got to go” peter told them, hanging up quickly.

“well at least it looks like he’s happy” Melissa said faintly, wiping away her tears. The sheriff also nodded, smiling and looking more relaxed than he had been in a while.

As stiles trudged into the hotel room, he slung his bag onto the floor and dove for the bed, letting out a large moan when he sunk into the feathered mattress.

“yes” he gasped in pleasure, rolling his eyes at the condescending look peter sent him. Shrugging, stiles rolled over to his stomach and pulled the covers over him.

“go away” he moaned, waving Peter away. Peters laughed shortly, slinging on his jacket and leaving the room. Entering the next hotel room, he found Deucalion sitting on his bed relaxing.

“hey” Peter greeted, nodding towards Deucalion as he sat down on the bed. The alpha wolf nodded back to him, shuffling upwards.

“so what are we going to do about Stiles?” he asked Deucalion

“we’re going to take him with us when we go to the pack. So he can see himself what it’s like” Deucalion replied.

“okay. So, tell me something interesting about you” Peter suggested, casually taking a bottle of beer from the mini bar and drinking it.

“hm. What would you like to know?”

“about you being blind. What’s it like?”

“not that much different actually. I can still see outlines and shapes. I can see faces, and my senses are heightened. The only thing I don’t have is colour”

“so you can see me?”


“really? What do I look like?”

“dark hair. Strong jaw line. Blue eyes. sharp smile. Nice teeth” Peter grinned arrogantly.

“how do you know I have blue eyes?” he asked

“I remembered from before” Deucalion informed him.

“really? From all those years ago?” Peter asked, mouth slightly ajar.

“yes. I couldn’t forget it” Deucalion told him, shifting closer to where Peter was. Peter found those dulled out grey eyes enticing. Deucalion rumbled from deep within his chest, and peter found his own teeth descending. They stayed still for a moment. Then they pounced. Deucalion leant forward, grabbing peter by the back of his neck and clashing his lips downwards to Peter’s. peter responded enthusiastically, body being pushed backwards onto the bed as he continued to kiss Deucalion.


Stiles sat in the back of the large car, looking out the window watching as they rapidly drove past all the houses. Deucalion and Ennis were upfront. Stiles was sitting beside the twins, as Kali and peter sat behind them. Each one of the werewolves were immersed in their own thoughts. Stiles didn’t really want to be here, but he was trying to make an effort for his pack. That was right. His pack – he was part of the pack, and felt kind of close with them now.

They were all dressed in black today – an intimidation technique he supposed. Ennis’ clothes were tight around his body, and Kali went barefoot to show off her freaky toe nails. Peter’s hair was slicked back, leather jacket adorning his body. Deucalion, weirdly, looked the most intimidating. Dressed in slacks, leather shoes and a shirt, he had an intimidating aura. His grey eyes seemed to glow with malevolence.



They arrived at the residence eventually, a large home by the forest – similar to the house they had stayed in before. Deucalion took the lead, walking to the entrance and knocking on the door. Stiles found it odd that they didn’t immediately do the scare tactic they had done in beacon hills, but he supposed it was because they didn’t want to gain another alpha, just kill.

A young girl opened the door, peering out. At the sight of several of them, her grey eyes grew wide. She started breathing heavily and attempted to shut the door – unable to by the sudden movement of Ennis who pushed the door open.

“we’re looking for Mr Jackson” Deucalion informed her politely. As she opened the door cautiously, she nodded silently and gestured for them to follow her. Stiles noticed that this girl – who couldn’t be more than fifteen – seemed completely worn out. Her blond hair was string, her clothes tattered and worn. They followed her into the living room, where three males were seated.

“um. Sir. You have guests” she told them timidly, flinching when the man in the middle turned immediately. She looked down to the ground, waiting her orders. The man stood and stalked over to her, hitting her in the face. “go finish the food” he commanded. She nodded severely times, turning quickly and exiting the room. Stiles watched her go, noting with unease that she didn’t seem very happy here.

“who are you? And what the fuck are you doing in my home?” he yelled to Deucalion. Instantly – and in a way that was really cool – every single member of the alpha pack flashed their eyes in unison, each taking a step forward. The man froze, taking a step back. The two wolves flanking him did the same.

“my name is Deucalion. I am an alpha werewolf, and this is my pack. We are looking for an alliance. We heard you had a fearsome reputation, and wanted to see if it was true” Deucalion lied skilfully, smiling appreciating at the alpha Jackson.

The man nodded hesitantly, smiling fakely. He gestured for them to sit down. Deucalion, Kali and Ennis sat down as the rest of them stood up behind Deucalion.

“hey! Bring in the food!” Alpha Jackson yelled. Immediately, three people entered the room carrying trays of food. The two new girls, stiles noticed, was just as meek as the other one was. They didn’t make eye contact, instead placing the trays on the table and waited for another order. He growled at them, waving them away.

He gestured for them to tuck in. Deucalion shook his head politely, but Ennis reached out to take some of the pastry. Face neutral, he ate the tiny pastry bites. He nodded in thanks to the Alpha, who smiled.

“ah its nothing. So, that one the runt of your pack?” he asked, nodding towards Peter who visibly bristled. Stiles tensed, muscles locking in preparation for a fight. Deucalion merely waved it off, looking meaningfully towards Peter who nodded and took a step back. The alpha laughed loudly, followed by his two betas.

“let me introduce you. I’m James Jackson. These are my betas, Rico and Rhyonne” he gestured towards to the two males who nodded respectfully.

“and the girls?” Kali asked casually, looking around the house as she nibbled a pastry.

“why?” he asked aggressively.

Deucalion held his hands up in a placating manner. “we need to know, if we want to make an alliance. Who is the strongest? Etc.” he told them.

“oh, in that case, they’re no one. I killed their father, the old alpha, and their brothers. I’m their alpha now, so they have to be obedient to me. They’re all little bitches anyway” he said, laughing. Everyone in the room laughed except for Stiles, who was trying his hardest to contain his rage at this man.

“so I deal with you, and or your betas?” Deucalion asked him professionally. The alpha nodded.

“of course. And I speak with-?”

“myself, and myself alone. I believe it Is time for us to leave now. We shall be back in about two days. Full moon tomorrow” he informed the man, standing up and grabbing his cane. The alpha smiled at him.

“see you soon then” he said. Deucalion nodded, before turning and leaving.

As they left the house, stiles glanced back. From the window upstairs, he saw the three girls looking cautiously out of the window. As the door slammed, they moved quickly away from the window and disappeared. Stiles couldn’t stop the pain in his heart when he saw their fear and pain.

As they got back in the car, they remained silent.

“I understand now” he told them angrily. No one said anything.

“he needs to die. He’s a cruel, abusive alpha who doesn’t look after those in his care” he grounded out, gritting his teeth. Deucalion laughed, shaking his head.

“not yet. Tomorrow night, we’re going to watch them. See what they’re doing on the full moon” stiles nodded.

He would wait patiently till tomorrow. And then he’d see – see if the alpha was as bad as he thought he was. And if he was? Well stiles wanted to see him suffer.


The next night, stiles was fuming in the car.

“I am going to visit the wood with Kali and Ennis” Deucalion informed him. “Peter and the twins will survey the house. You are going to stay here” he ordered. Stiles refused, but a stern glance from the alpha made him agree.

So he was currently in the car, angry at the order. As he stared at the clock, willing time to pass, it wasn’t moving fast enough.

‘please. Please don’t hurt me. I promise not to- ‘

‘shut the fuck up you bitch! Shut up’

Stiles perked up, cocking his hear. He could hear one of the betas abusing the girls. Shoving open the door, he began to run towards the house. He knew most of them was gone, so he supposed it was just the girls and one beta. Kicking open the door, he leaped at the beta. Snarling furiously, stiles swiped his face with his claws.

The beta reacted, kicking stiles backwards into the wall. The girls screamed, running into the other room and peering out.

“what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m stopping you, asshole!” he shouted.

The beta kicked him in the stomach and stiles gasped. When he aimed again, stiles grabbed his entire luck and snapped it in half. He fell to the floor, screaming in pain. Stiles shoved one hand into the man’s chest and used the other hand to claw at his chest. As his chest opened from several of Stiles’ claw marks, stiles roared one last time before plunging his hand into the chest – past the ribs, and fisted the heart in his hand. Ripping it out instantly, stiles roared victoriously to the sky. When he finally calmed down, he stood up.

“hey?” he asked gently, stepping quietly towards the girls. They scrambled backwards.

“no no, it’s ok. I’m not going to hurt you; I promise” he vowed. The girls were still trembling, but visibly calmed down. They nodded.

“does your alpha hurt you?” he asked

“yeah he does” one of the girls said.

“really bad?”


“okay. We’ll help you. Is there something you could go to?”

“yeah. There’s a neighbouring pack nearby. They can help us” another one said, clutching the hands of her sisters.

“okay” stiles said, smiling at them. “everything’s going to- “

“-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Alpha Jackson roared, standing over the dead body of his beta. His entire body thrumming with energy

“I killed your beta” stiles replied, instantly feeling calm. Deucalion and the rest appeared silently behind the alpha who was stalking towards Stiles. Raising a hand to harm him, stiles ducked out of the way, kicking him in the chest. The alpha flew backwards.

“you’re not a good alpha!” he roared. “you abuse them. Treat them badly. You don’t deserve to live” he shouted, pulling the alpha up and hitting him in the face repeatedly.

“stop stiles” peter said, holding stiles’ arms behind his back gently. Stiles shook his head.

“it’s okay” Deucalion told him. “we’ll end him” he smirked. Lifting up a claw, he slashed the alphas throat. Alpha Jackson fell to the ground, blood pooling around his body. The last beta roared angrily, but was quickly silenced by Kali who performed one kick that slit his throat.

“let’s go” Stiles said, leaving the house feeling strangely calm.

Stiles sat on his bed, staring at the tv without really watching it.

“hey stiles. Just wanted to let you know the girls are safe” Peter told him, sitting beside him and nudging him slightly.

“that’s good” he said absently, nodding without listening.

“are you ok?”

“yeah. No, not really. I found killing easier. Maybe I am dark” he said sadly. Peter shook his head.

“no. you did the right thing, you helped save three people” he consoled. “don’t ever regret your actions” he informed him wisely, before standing up and quietly leaving the room.

Stiles picked up his right hand, inspecting it. With this hand, with those claws, he had taken a life. And he didn’t feel any different. Maybe he wasn’t meant to. He always knew he could kill to survive – well this time he had saved others from a terrible life. How could he actually regret it? Maybe this was what Deucalion had wanted to teach him.


Peter knocked on the wooden door of Deucalion’s room, hesitantly pushing it open. As he peered around the door, he found Deucalion sitting at a table writing on a piece of paper. Both he and Deucalion had blocked out their last intimate meeting – the kisses, in favour of paying attention to the business and duty of the Alpha pack. Peter wasn’t really sure what would happen next, but he was curious enough to see what he could learn and use to his benefit.

“hey” he greeted, shutting the door firmly behind him and walking towards Deucalion. Sitting on the bed beside the table, he looked at what Deucalion was writing. It was kinda unusual, but lucky that Deucalion was able to still see and write – it was more than what most people got after an injury.

“How’s Stiles?” he was asked by Deucalion’s low voice, as the man turned up to look at him for an insntant. Peter felt like blushing under the grey gaze of the Alpha.

“He’s just thinking at the moment. I think you got your point made” he offered congratulatory, as Deucalion smiled smugly. The alpha simply nodded.

“well, I am normally right about things” he said in a modest tone, although his face betrayed his tone completely.

“what else are you right about?” Peter asked smiling, enjoying the teaser banter between the two of them.

“you” Peter froze for a second, looking up to Deucalion. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on at the moment. Was Deucalion implying that Peter was-? Well, he didn’t know.

“um, what about me?” he asked unsurely, losing the confidence he normally laced his tone with. The alpha quirked a lip, but looked very seriously at him.

“when Stiles asked if you could come, I wasn’t sure. Your manipulative and sly and untrustworthy” Peter maintained the small smile on his face, even though he internally winced at the barbs – things he had once prided himself on were now insults to him.

“thanks” he replied casually, amping up the smile. Deucalion frowned minutely.

“but I wanted you here because you were well informed and useful. However, over the last weeks you have become -pack” he said stiltedly. “I find myself trying to find out what you are really like. You confide about your worst moments but then still smile.”

“what are you trying to ask?”

“I want to know if you will betray us. If you will eventually kill myself or one of my pack members to regain power” he said bluntly.

“well” peter considered, “I do enjoy power. But here – I fit in. I didn’t have anywhere else, after the fire. Here I feel comfortable. I wouldn’t ruin that by killing one of you” he told Deucalion truthfully. The alpha nodded, and smiled an appreciating smile. Peter smiled back.

“I admit, you did see, to fit in here. I was wondering if it was because you could be free here or-“

“-or because of you?” he asked quickly.


“I do find myself attracted to you. Your ruthless but – protective nature is appealing to me” he confessed. The alpha smirked, leaning closer and running a clawed nail across Peter’s throat. Swallowing and arching his neck so the alpha could run his nail longer, Peter shut his eyes to calm himself. The claw turned into a hand that brushed his jaw, before gripping it tight and pulling it closer.

Their lips stopped half an each from eachother, close enough to feel the wisps of air escaping their mouths. Peter looked up into Deucalion’s eyes.

“is this what you want?” he asked Peter. Peter nodded, the alpha smirked. Gripping his jaw again, his lips descended.


“this is serious” Derek said gravely, looking up and meeting the eyes of everyone within his pack and Scott’s pack.

“how many people is it now?” the Sheriff asked tiredly, running a hand along his face. “im guessing these are random acts”

“no. deaton said they’re sacrifices. And its been six people now” Derek replied.

“any similarities?” Allison asked worriedly, looking to Scott who seemed stress.

“yes” Chris told them, looking to Melissa who took over. “the first three were killed on a first night, using three different methods. Blunt trauma, sliced throat and strangulation” Melissa said wincing at the deaths.

“the first three were all young, all had promise rings. Virgins” Chris summarised for them.

“the next three had were adults – not virgins. But what they had in common was that they were all teachers in some shape or form” Melissa added.

“so this person is killing in threes, all with similarities” Derek asked. Chris and Melissa nodded.

“okay, I also found something” Scott added as all eyes turned to him. “at each of the deaths there was a flower, a rare flower called the Corpse flower. When I showed it to Deaton he- “Scott paused for a second. “he said to call the alpha pack. That the person may be – familiar, to them”

Silence descended for a bit, everyone looked at each other nervously.

“Peter said not to call again” the sheriff said sadly.

“this is important. People are dying” Melissa added.

“okay fine, we’ll call him now” Derek said, taking out his phone. Calling and placing in on speakerphone.

“this is Julia’s sex shop. How can I help?” Stiles’ familiar voice asked over the phone. Everyone froze. “hellllloooooo?” Stiles asked. “who is this? Kali if this is you, I’ll kick your ass” he threatened.

“stiles” Derek choked out. Stiles gasped.


“yeah it’s me. We’re here”

“all of you?”


“say hi for me. Tell dad I miss him” Stiles said, voce full of emotion.

“this isn’t just a social call Stiles” Derek said.

“okay, what do you need?”

“we need to speak with Deucalion”

“Oh um. I’m not sure if he’ll speak to you. But I’ll try” he said. They heard him running down the stairs, followed by a loud thud.

“-ha! If you want to trick me, you better do better than that!” they heard stiles shout out.

“ok” stiles said lowly, as everyone wanted to hear what would happen next.



“hey Duke, I have a phone call for you. I’m going to put you guys on speaker yeah?”

“hi” Derek said, unsure as to what to say exactly.

“Mr hale. May I enquire as to what the nature of this call is?”

“yes. We – well, there’s been some deaths here. And Deaton said to call you”

Deucalion frowned, looking around the room before leaning down to the phone.


“there’s been a string of sacrifices. Three people, all with similarities. At the sites, a flower is always left. A rare one, called the Corse flower”

Deucalion froze as Kali’s eyes widened. Stiles looked to peter questioningly, but the beta just shrugged.

“a corpse flower?” Deucalion asked very slowly.

“yeah” Derek replied.

“okay. We will sort it out” Deucalion said and quickly hung up the phone.

“what?” Stiles asked completely confused. “you didn’t even speak to him properly”

“do not question me Stiles” Deucalion threatened him. As he stood up quickly, he gestured for Kali to follow him. The content on her face was replaced very quickly with fear and – anger? As they left the room, an uncomfortable silence descended on the room.


The next morning stiles went downstairs to find everyone dressed with bags packed. Looking around the house questioningly, he asked “where are we going?”

To which Deucalion solemnly replied “Beacon Hills”. Stiles gasped in an uneven breath, but nodded nonetheless. Picking up his duffle bag Peter had already packed for him and entered the car.

As they drove back towards Beacon hill, starting on the five-hour journey, stiles decided to ask what he thought a few of them was thinking.

“why are we going back?”

“the murders” kali said unevenly, “the flower left at the scenes are corpse flowers. A member of my pack, the emissary – Julia” she choked, “she used to love them. They’re very rare, but they bloom in her presence”

“so this might be her?” Aiden asked. She nodded.

“when I joined Duke, I was meant to kill her” she said slowly, voice full. “but I- I couldn’t, because I loved her. So I hurt her, left her near dead and never looked back”. Ennis grabbed her hand, held it tight and kissed her on the cheek. She nodded to herself, smiling hesitantly.

“anyway” she continued, voice stronger than before, “we think it’s her. Somehow she survived, and she is undergoing a ritual to make her stronger”

“for what?” stiles asked cautiously, knowing it wouldn’t be any good.

“we think for us”

“so she’s laying a trap for us, which we’re walking into?” Peter asked, a frown on his phone.

“yes” Ennis said. “but we need to be alert. We’re going to the Hale-McCall pack. We’ll give them advice, make sure she dies and leave”

Stiles nodded. “so I’m guessing she’s powerful?”

“yes. That’s why we need you” Deucalion told him. Stiles cocked his head the side, letting out a questioning hum.

“you have a spark stiles. Yes, you’re a wolf – but you can use it. That’s why we’re getting a potion for you. You will drink it and it will enhance your powers. You’re going to place a protective spell on us” stiles was worried at how confident Deucalion was in his own powers.

“heh. And how am I going to do that?”

“easy. Just chant some words in Latin and want it to work” he told him. Stiles nodded too enthusiastically, aware that everyone could hear just how worried he was.


The car was parked by the side of a forest, everyone except for Deucalion. He had gone into a witch shop to buy the supposed potion stiles was meant to use. Stiles was unable to stop moving restlessly, humming to himself and fingers tapping on the leather seats. When they heard Deucalion’s stick come closer, Stiles’ heart beat amped up and he shifted even more.

As Deucalion slid into the car, he passed a black carrier bag to stiles. Placing his hand on the bag, stiles reached in and pulled out a cool jar. Inside the jar was a purple like liquid, and next to it was a smaller vial with orange, thicker liquid.

“okay stiles, you’re going to drink the purple one first. Then wait a few moments, and drink the orange one”

Stiles nodded unsurely, twisting off the lid and looking at the purple contents. Looking at Deucalion for reassurance, he nodded and quickly downed the drink. It was bitter – tasting like liquorice and lemons. Shaking his head and letting out a “bleurrgghhh!” he looked at the second one.

Unscrewing that one, he moved it towards his mouth and – was promptly stopped by Ennis.

“we need to put our blood in it” he said. Stiles screwed his face up in disgust. That was so not on his list for today. Unwillingly, he watched as all of the wolves pricked their fingers and hanged it over the neck of the bottle. Once all of their blood had mixed with the orange liquid – that had now become a rusty red, stiles let his own blood drop in.

“now stiles. Repeat after me, ‘donec a nocentibus. Fortitudo. Ars. Reflexes. Unum’”

Stiles downed the liquid, wincing at the taste but did as asked. “donec a nocentibus. Fortitudo. Ars. Reflexes. Unum. donec a nocentibus. Fortitudo. Ars. Reflexes. Unum. donec a nocentibus. Fortitudo. Ars. Reflexes. Unum”

Slowly, a golden haze seemed to appear out of nowhere, enshrouding all of them in a warm fog. Stiles shut his eyes, envisioning a literal shield enveloping all of the wolves, protecting them from physical and mental harm. He imagined them being strong, working in a team so that they were not harmed. He imagined their skin being impenetrable, their muscles lithe and strong, their teeth long and sharp.

Eventually losing himself in the warm light on his closed eyelids, stiles let himself drift into a slow deep sleep. His muscles became relaxed, his eyelids heavy and his mind calm.

“stiles wake up” Stiles grumbled at the annoying sound which penetrated his sleep. Blinking numerously, he looked up to find Peter smirking at him.

“c’mon stiles. We have an entrance to make”

“huh?” he grumbled, slowly sitting up and getting to his feet as he stumbled out of the car. Smiling at the cool breeze that brushed his face, he looked around to see he was – he was in Beacon Hills!

“yes yes” Deucalion muttered, a small smile on his face. “we have it on good authority that everyone is gathered at Mr Hales home. We are going to – ask peter said, make ‘an entrance’” he smirked. Stiles couldn’t lie, he was kind of vibing this moment. In the movies, spectacular entrances were awesome. He could imagine how cool their one would be.

“let’s do this!” he clapped his hands together enthusiastically, quirking an eyebrow at the simultaneous eye rolls he received from the rest of the pack. Begrudgingly, they followed him nonetheless as he begun to walk through the forest to the loft.


“so essentially, we have no help” Lydia summarised, arching a perfect eyebrow at Derek. He nodded.

“they hung up, so I’m guessing we won’t be getting help from them”

“oh well. I doubt they could’ve done anything. This bitch seems like hard work” Jackson sneered.


“hard work for you, not for us” a female voice said from the corner of the loft. Everyone jumped up, snarling and unsheathing their weapons at the intruder.

“calm down” a familiar male voice said. After a few clicks, out of the darkness emerged a well-known face. Deucalion.

He stepped into the light, and was flanked by the female -kali, and Ennis. Their eyes flashed red. Following them, were the two twins who eyes also flashed red. They waited for a moment, then parted at the middle as two familiar faces came into view – Peter, looking like normal and – and Stiles!

He stood there, long dark sleeves hidden in the pockets of his jeans. A small smirk played on his mouth as his darker-than-normal eyes looked up at them. His hair was longer than before, passing his head and running down near his eyes. tilting his head up, he murmured a “hi” as his eyes flashed the same crimson red.  

“-son” his dad choked out, standing up quickly as his eyes watered. He took a few steps towards Stiles, his hands out reaching for Stiles. Stiles smiled, quickly running towards his dad and hugging him in a warm embrace.

“hi dad” he replied, inhaling the familiar scent of his dad whom he hadn’t seen in weeks. His dad held onto him tighter, kissing him on the top of his forehead. Stepping backwards, he waved at the rest of the old pack. Most of them smiled happily at him – Melissa and Allison had tears in their eyes, Jackson nodded towards him, Lydia smiled, Chris nodded towards him, Erica, Boyd and Isaac flashed their eyes at him and Derek – his eyes were red, nostrils flaring and brows furrowed as he looked at Stiles. Stiles couldn’t help blushing as he remembered the last time he had seen the alpha. His eyes flickered down towards Derek’s lips, then looked back up quickly as he remembered where he was. Stepping back, he looked towards Duke who smiled at him.

“let’s talk” his alpha said, clapping his hands together. Deucalion stepped forward as the rest of his pack stepped backwards in deference.

“so you’ve come to help us?” Scott asked.

“it’s more for us. Those sacrifices are to gain our attention. The druid is a former pack member of Kali” he nodded his head the female.

Lydia sneered. “let me guess, you betrayed her like you did the rest of your pack?”

Instantly, every member of the alpha pack sneered and flashed their eyes. for stiles, it was an uncontrollable urge. He saw the shocked looks on the eyes of his old pack, as if they couldn’t believe he had threatened Lydia. Oh well, she wasn’t a really nice person anyway – he didn’t care what she thought of him anymore.

“her name is Julia. She was an emissary; she evidently lived, but is now trying to gain power”

“so how do we find her?” Chris asked.

“we lure her out” Deucalion said, “and then kill her” everyone in the pack said together. The twins laughed quietly at that, as Peter and Stiles rolled their eyes.

“you’re not serious right?” Scott asked, mouth gaping

“yes, we are” stiles told him confidently

“you’re going to kill someone?”


“why?” Scott asked stupidly. Several of the people in the room rolled their eyes.

“first, because she’s a murdering, psychopathic bitch. Second, because she killed heather – and I will make sure she pays for that. And third, because if she lives she will never stop” he said loudly, voice tinged with anger towards Scott.

“we can’t! Who are you to decide who lives and dies?”

“we’re the alpha pack” stiles simply replied, shrugging and smirking. “is everyone here seriously telling me you’re going to let her live?” he direction his question primarily towards Derek and Chris who looked awkwardly at Scott.

“we can’t let her live” Chris confirmed, nodding towards Stiles in agreement.

“she will not” Kali vowed, her voice slightly muffled from the fangs in her mouth which had descended.

The McCall and hale pack looked decidedly concerned at that, eyes flickering from stiles to the rest.

“so, if you’re sticking around for a bit, can I spend time with my son?” his dad asked hesitantly, looking at Deucalion for confirmation. The alpha looked to stiles, smiling slightly and nodding. His dad sighed in relief, letting out a huge smile and stepping forward to tug stiles closer to him.

“thanks Duke” he said to the alpha who just smiled in acceptance.

“stiles. We’re going to leave now. We will call you soon. Stay safe” Duke said, stepping forward and hugging Stiles. He looked towards Peter, nodding succinctly at the male beta.

“bye stiles” the twins said, punching him on the shoulder as Kali and Ennis waved. Kali stepped forward, thrusting her claws towards stiles. He quickly ducked and turned, kicking lightly at her legs to make her stumble.

“nice try” he said to her, laughing as she rolled her eyes. then, as instant as they came, they disappeared – minus two members.

“stiles” Isaac greeted him, pulling him close for a hug. Stiles hugged him back, then moved quickly towards Scott.

“hey man” he greeted him, smiling and then taking a seat on one of the vacant chairs as Peter leaned on the wall. Stiles looked at him in concern. Raising an eyebrow, he nodded towards the door. Peter shrugged, nodding his own head towards Derek. Stiles nodded. Oh okay. Peter hadn’t gone with the alpha pack because he wanted to know how Derek was. Once he did, he was going to eventually leave.

“so how was it with them?” Erica asked excitedly.

“good” stiles told them honestly. They all frowned.

“really?” his dad asked concerned.

“yeah, it was awesome. Duke’s funny, the twins are like babies. And kali and Ennis are like teachers” he listed off his fingers, smiling as he remembered their own unique quirks.

“so, are you staying here?” Melissa asked. From his peripheral, stiles saw his dad – and Derek and Scott- perk up.

“yeah, just for a bit. Then when it’d done, we’re leaving” he said to them. He felt slightly guilty as he saw them slouch again. “but, we can have fun whilst I’m here” he said, in an attempt to lighten the mood. It worked as most of the inhabitants smiled.

“so, what have I missed?” he asked, sprawling out. The quick look his dad and Melissa shared made him grin widely as he sat up.

“dad, Mel, something to share?” he asked them. They both blushed in unison, but nodded and reached out to hold each others hands.

“yes!” stiles cheered. They all laughed at the sight of stiles still being familiar. Erica ran to the kitchen, shouting about putting in some pizzas as Derek turned on the to and everyone descended into happiness.

Stiles sat on the balcony, smiling lightly at the breeze on his face. Looking up at the moon, stiles could feel the link between the porcelain light and his own inner wolf. The door to the balcony opened. He looked up to see Derek. Derek sat down beside him, their knees nudging each other.

“hey” Derek murmured. Stiles smiled back at him.

“how have you ben Derek?” he asked in genuine concern.

“okay. I- I missed you” Derek confessed. Stiles froze, swallowing for a moment and turning to meet Derek’s eyes.

“I missed you too” he replied awkwardly, eyelashes fluttering.

“are you okay?”

“yeah, I’m fitting in there. But I do miss the way you used to crawl through my window like a stalker” he said, smiling at Derek’s blush. Without thinking, stiles quickly reached out a hand to graze Derek’s face. They both froze for a second. Derek turned his face closer towards stiles, eyes looking down towards stiles’ lips. Stiles couldn’t help but lick them. Derek’s eyes grew dark. Leaning down towards Stiles, he captured his lips in a kiss. Stiles let out a small groan of delight, grabbing onto Derek’s leather clad shoulders and pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. Derek’s hands gripped his waist, manoeuvring stiles so stiles was sitting on his lap. They blocked out the laughter within the loft and the whispers of the wind, in favour of concentrating solely on the person before them.