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Tumblr Ficlets 2016

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feel that the Sheriff would often “accidentally” find pretty omegas to breed on patrols. Most of the time he finds them alone and needy. Shivering for him as he slides his fingers into their panties. Knuckles their plump little clits as he gets his mouth on their tender throats.

Some of them can get off with just that, but others need to be gentled to their knees. Mouths open as they blindly search for him. Moaning as he slides his big alpha cock into their hot little mouths. All wet and eager as they grind their swollen cunts against the tip of his shined shoes.

Allison is so desperate for him, so needy that she almost gets the tip of his shoe inside of her, and when the Sheriff realizes, he hauls her up. Gets his fingers into her soft, wet hole and finds the flushed gape of her. Those slick, clinging folds sucking him in. Quivering for him. Needing something big and meaty to lock around.

He could use his fist. Could ease his hand inside of her and watch her clench down over his wrist, but with how far gone she is, he knows that will only make it worse. Her body rebelling against her, driving her deeper into heat. Making it hurt.

“Easy, sweetheart,” he says, pulling his fingers from her cunt and undoing his pants with wet, uncoordinated fingers. She keens and shifts her hips restlessly, eyes glazed, back arching. “Easy, pretty girl,” he says, sinking his cock inside of her.

He doesn’t even get two thrusts in before her cunt is locking him tight. Holding him in place and milking him until his knot swells like a fist.

“That’s right,” he says, rocking into her as his cock spills into her womb. She tosses her head back as she comes, her cunt rippling around him, and when she opens her eyes again they’re clear. “There you are, sweetheart. Come back to me.”

He expects a pretty flush, a coy flutter of lashes. He doesn’t expect her to put her hands under her breasts and offer them up like she would to a mate. There are actual laws against putting your mouth on an unoffered omega breast. Dirty, back alley films that have gangs of alphas get their filthy hands all over virgin omega tits. Their big mouths and sloppy tongues trying to suck out the sweet omega milk.

There are laws against it, but this pretty, sweet little virgin is offering her tits up to him like a feast, like she wanted to be bred, and he can’t help but open his mouth to them. Making needy, hungry noises of his own as he suckles and teases out her milk. The two of them locked in a circuit: his cock feeding her womb and her breast filling his mouth.