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Out of the Night

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Instead of a text-only story, I’ve written a kinetic novel (short story, really), using Ren’Py.

That means that I couldn’t upload it to the Archive Of Our Own directly.

Instead, you’ll need to download it from Dropbox—make sure you get the right version (Mac, Linux or PC).

When authors are revealed, I'll change the link above to go to my personal webspace, so that it won't ever get taken down by Dropbox.

Great Mod Elyn kindly checked to make sure that echoinautumn would be able to enjoy this story, but if any other reader has problems with it, please let me know. I will be happy to make changes to the code or (in a worst case scenario) to post a transcript of the story here.

A. Nonny Mouse

PS: Please make sure to read the author's notes after you have finished reading the story. And do turn up your sound, if you're willing and able!