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A Worthy King

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Mjolnir sat there immobile. Poking out from the rock it was imbedded in, only a man worthy of it could remove it. Odin had hoped his only son, Loki would be worthy, but he was found wanting. He couldn’t be sure if it was because Loki was an Omega, or because of some other deficit of his character. The old king sat on his throne and pondered the dilemma of succession. There had never been an Omega King of Asgard and without Mjolnir’s endorsement he feared for Loki’s reign. A servant brought him a cup of ale and he downed it, morose of his situation.

                The generals leading Asgard’s army were mighty Alphas. These men had the love of their soldiers and if any of them were found worthy by Mjolnir, a military coup would follow shortly after he took possession of it. Odin had little hope of Loki sitting long upon the throne. If he survived the fallout whoever took power from him might offer to spare him his life by way of marriage. However, Odin knew his son. He knew Loki would never accept a demotion to status of Queen. He’d rather die. Odin ordered another cup of ale and emptied it quickly. He knew what had to be done. He just hoped his son did not hate him for all eternity for it.

                “You summoned me father?” Loki asked as he entered the throne room.

                “Yes. Come forward my son. I have something of great import to tell you.” Odin said. Loki tensed. It had been a week since his attempt to lift Mjolnir before the court.

                “Yes father.”

                “Kneel my son, for what I say next is a matter of state, and my decision, while difficult to make, will be final.” Odin said. Loki knelt, licking his lips in a nervous tick. Dread washed over him.

                “You will not be King. You will be Queen. I decree that whosoever be worthy of Mjolnir, will be worthy of you, and of the throne of Asgard. He will be King and your husband.” Odin said. Loki looked up at Odin with hurt in his eyes.

                “I always knew I was a disappointment to you.”

                “That is not the reason I came to this decision. I do this to protect you.”

                “Protect me? By robbing me of my birthright?”

                “You will still be the scion of my house and carrier of my bloodline. Through you our lineage will survive.”

                “Ah yes. Being King is impossible when I’m busy birthing litters of children and breast feeding at all hours of the day. I’m sure I’ll make a fine broodmare for whoever is selected.”

                “That is not the reason.” Odin said through gritted teeth.

                “Then what reason could there be?”

                “If you refuse to accept the reality of your situation, then I shall spell it out for you. You wouldn’t survive Loki. That is the truth. Not because you aren’t qualified, you are. You are brilliant and ruthless. And while you are talented at deception and murdering your political opponents none of that will save you from the love the men of Asgard feel for the generals of my army. Even if you poisoned them all, you’d have to replace them and the men, whether they knew for a fact that you killed them or not, would resent you. Sooner or later Loki, you would have an uprising on your hands. No Alpha will tolerate being subordinate to an Omega. At least in this way, we have control over the selection of your future spouse.”

                “But we won’t. You said Mjolnir would choose.”

                “Yes, and in order to lift Mjolnir he must be worthy. He must be noble in heart and deed. He would be a good man. It would be better to have such a man as your ally than as your foe. Should a man come forward to lift Mjolnir while you sat on the throne as king, he would become your opponent. You and I both know the lengths to which you would go to maintain power. The people would hate you and welcome your replacement.”

                “So that is it then. I’m unworthy of being your son.”

                “Do not twist my words! Perhaps you are not as intelligent as I thought. Were you a smart man you would already be thinking of ways to twist your new lowered position to your favor. You’ll be Queen, but you’ll also be the one in the relationship with the experience required to rule. If I were you, I’d be doing my damnest to make my future husband lean on me for guidance in all things.”

                “So I’d be the puppeteer?”


                “And if I cannot control him?

                “Then get comfortable with the idea of being perpetually pregnant.”

                “You don’t love me. You never did.”

                “Lament your new status if you must but do not spew such lies! I’ve sacrificed plenty on your behalf boy! I would not have done so if I did not love you. I know this decision is unfair but one day you will thank me.”

                “It’ll be a cold day in Valhalla when that happens.” Loki said, turning on his heel to leave.


                The crowd cheered when General Gundirth, one of Odin’s most popular generals, stepped forth to try his hand at lifting Mjolnir. He was the youngest general in Asgard’s history. He was also extremely handsome, strong, and an arrogant ass. If he turned out to be worthy, Loki would eat his hat.

                The man swaggered to the hammer and with great fanfare he reached out for the handle and tugged. Nothing happened. He offered up a sheepish smile and tried again. When the hammer still did not budge he frowned and yanked on it with both hands. After a few seconds of desperation Odin put an end to the humiliation.

                “Enough! Next.” Odin announced. Gundirth was only the first. For miles and miles every citizen of Asgard, or so it seemed, was lined up to take a shot at being the next ruler of the realm. Loki’s eyes burned with hatred at each man. After about 20 men or so failed, Loki began to smile.

                Not so easy now is it?

                With each man that failed Loki felt more and more vindicated, and a new hope sprung to mind. Perhaps no one would be worthy. Perhaps, after all in the kingdom have had their turn, Odin would relent. The royal family sat there on their thrones, watching.  For once Loki was in the middle, the position of honor while being flanked by his parents. He’d dressed himself in his most powerful and intimidating outfit complete with armor. He wanted to make sure that if any man did win the honor, he would not think of treating Loki like some dithering maiden.

                “Loki darling, must you glare at them like that?” Frigga commented.

                “Yes, and you can tell that husband of yours that I still hate him.”

                “Do not be angry with your father. He did not make this decision lightly.”

                “You actually agree with this madness?”

                “Your father deemed this course of action necessary Loki. He is only looking out for your interests.”

                “I am humiliated.” He said. “Look at them. They are all looking at me like I’m a whore. A prize to fuck and subjugate. Not one of these people will ever love me or treat me with respect.”

                “And that is why all so far have failed. You will know him when you see him my son. He will not be like the others. He will be special.” Frigga said. Loki rolled his eyes. By lunchtime almost the entire army had tried their turn at the hammer. By supper, they were testing the nobles. When the first merchant stepped forth, Odin called for a halt.

                “That is enough for today! We will resume again tomorrow.” Odin announced and dismissed the crowd so that the royal family could retire for the night. The sun was setting and Loki was gleeful from the turn of events. He fell asleep that night, joyful for the first time in days.