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Sunlight and Wolfsbane

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Allison was crouched on the ledge across from him. Stiles himself had taken a much more sensible position on the inside of the balustrade and was taking pictures of the werewolves, sorry, Lycans following Mrs McCall. He was already antsy at the thought of her being in danger, heaven’s knew what would happen if his anxiety combined with his natural clumsiness while he was on the slick with rain marble tops. No, better on the inside.


Allison said he would develop the dramatic flair after his first century. She always said it with a straight face though and he wondered if that was really true. Then again, in another century Scott and his dad wouldn’t be around. Scott refused to be Turned and Dad, well, Dad didn’t even know about Stiles’ status as a Vampire. He still thought that Stiles had developed a skin condition although even he was starting to question if Stiles was part of some weird cult.Luckily Dad meeting Allison had helped undo a lot of the damage that meeting Kate had done. Stiles was really glad Kate had to leave for Mexico, having Allison as his mentor was way better.


He wasn’t totally convinced on this Death Dealer shtick and Scott definitely wasn’t convinced on it but it was something to do. His insomnia had persisted even after being Turned and now Stiles stayed awake into the afternoon while the mansion slept in peace.


He’d gone through most of the archive, learnt all there was about the Vampire history (well, recorded Vampire history) and had nothing else to do. Happening upon the shooting range and impressing Kate with his shooting skills was happenstance but even though she creeped him out at least he wasn’t bored anymore.


And he definitely wasn’t bored right now.


Mrs McCall was fucking being stalked by Lycans. He hated that he had dragged them into this. There hadn’t been another choice, not with Scott actually having witnessed him being Turned by that bitch at the club and there was definitely no keeping him out of it when he’d taken one look at Allison and died a brief painless death to reach heaven but it was still Stiles’ fault after all. He just had to go that secret fetish club in town, had to find the creepiest bitch of the bunch, had to follow her to the bathroom.


Ah, fuck.


At least he could take solace knowing that his Dad was with Mrs McCall. Having a Vampire protecting her would really be better but the Lycans could smell them and so they’d decided to tell Dad of the shady characters following Mrs McCall around and Stiles shad replaced his usual bullets with silver alloy ones that had been cooled in wolfsbane infused brine. He zoomed out of the camera, this time getting the two Lycans and his Dad and Mrs McCall in the frame. He could crop the Lycans out later once this was settled and clear his throat pointedly while the two tried to explain why Dad’s arm was around Mrs McCall’s waist like that. Maybe this whole stalking via Lycan thing would turn out well and they would finally get together. Keanu Reeves may say that relationships based on intense experiences never work out but then he’d still gotten together with Sandra Bullock in the end of the movie.


He looked up at Allison and found her glaring at him. It was her ‘Stop grinning like an idiot, you are a creature of the Night’ glare and Stiles went a blank as he could.


It wasn’t that blank.


Then she nodded at him and jumped.


Off the balcony. From several hundred feet up. And she landed on her feet and just walked off.


Stiles sighed. He was going to have to fly down the stairs to catch up with her.