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Trust (everybody gotta learn it)

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“Daddy-o!” called Stiles’ voice from somewhere in the house, right as the Sheriff made for the doughnuts that he had hidden in the cupboard in the kitchen.

Sometimes it was like Stiles had a sixth sense or something. Every time the poor sheriff made to go and eat something that Stiles had expressly told him not to, the teenager appeared out of thin air.

Sheriff turned to face his son, hoping that his face didn’t betray guilt. Lucky for him, Stiles seemed distracted.

His son was wearing a simple a pair of skinny black jeans and a batman t-shirt. He was doing his laces, a black leather jacket hanging on the door of the room, as he smiled at his dad. “Jackson is out there, I gotta go.” He explained, grabbing his jacket.

The Sheriff narrowed his eyes at him. “Where are you and your… pups going?” he asked, trying to hide his smile. Honestly, Stiles’ friends had grown on him. Erica and Isaac were his favourites. Maybe he and Derek were still a little rocky, but it was normal. Derek was dating his son.

Stiles arched an eyebrow as the sound of a horn sounded from outside. “You don’t ask, I won’t comment on the doughnuts I saw in the cupboard.” He answered.

The Sheriff rolled his eyes. “Deal.”

Stiles grinned, and walked out of the house.

“You look so geeky, god.” Complained Jackson, the moment the teen opened the back door.

Stiles chose to ignore him, as he leant in forwards to kiss Erica on the cheek. “Hello, beautiful.” He said to the blonde.

Erica smiled back. “We are kinda matching!” she said excitedly. She was wearing a dark top that left her belly exposed and showed off her belly piercing (how the fuck did she get one?), and dark tight skinny jeans. She also had an open flannel shirt on top and a dark hat.

Stiles winked at her. “That was the plan all along.” He told her, with an easy smile. “Where are the others?”

Jackson answered him, as he drove through the streets of Beacon Hills. “Lydia went to pick up Isaac, Allison and Scott, while Boyd is with Derek.” He explained easily, not glancing back.

Stiles bit his lower lip thinking. “What if Derek doesn’t come?” He asked. He immediately saw Erica’s face contorting in a grin and he hastily added “To the party, I mean, you dirty minded little shit.”

Erica stuck her tongue at him, and Jackson grinned. “We might have let slip out that a lot of people from our school would be there.” He explained smug.

Stiles looked confused. When Erica just stared back expectantly, he frowned. “I am missing something key…?”

Jackson rolled his eyes. “The only people that Derek knows from our school are pack, Sebastian and Danny. Both Danny and Sebastian seem -for some reason- to find you attractive.” Stiles had learnt to speak Jackson-language along the way, and understood perfectly that the boy was just messing around. So he didn’t hit him that hard.

Erica continued. “And we let Derek alone with that information.”

Jackson chuckled. “And knowing Derek, he probably came out with the conclusion that since the only two people from school that he actually met like you…”

“Then everyone else probably does, too.” Concluded Erica. Seriously, the two of them needed to stop talking and acting like a pair of twins.

Stiles rolled his eyes. “I am sure Derek is not stupid enough to think that many people are into me.” He commented, shaking his head.

Erica and Jackson exchanged a look. “He has no idea of how he looks.” She said in the end, and even Jackson shook his head in exasperation. Before he could question them, Jackson stopped his car in the parking lot, and Erica was out of the car in mere seconds. Stiles sighed, as he slid off the passenger seat and closed the door of Jackson’s Porshe behind himself.

The place was chaotic to say the least. People danced around with no knowledge of personal space, sweat on many’s forehead. He tried to imagine Derek there.

Erica grabbed his hand, immediately heading for the centre of the dancefloor, with Jackson right behind him.

“Shouldn’t we look for the others first?” Asked Stiles. Although the music was loud, it wasn’t hard for the werewolves to hear him. 

Erica rolled her eyes, as she immediately started moving in sync with the music. “They will find us, if they are looking. Werewolves, remember?” 

“Pups, more like.” Muttered Stiles, earning a slap on the butt by Jackson that had him scowling at the beta. It was easy dancing with Jackson and Erica. Because as sensual as their movements were, it was clear that neither of them had any intention of actually going down with him. It was cute dancing. 

Stiles wasn’t serious about a lot of things, but he was about dancing. He took the saying ‘dance like nobody is watching’ like a mantra. Jackson and Erica both laughed when Stiles’ dance movements went from sensually slow to crazy jumps and cutting shapes. And he wasn’t even drunk yet. 

At one point a drink appeared in Erica’s hands and she passed it to Stiles with a smirk. Stiles stared at it with a furrowed eyebrow. He wasn’t very good with alcohol, and he didn’t know who gave it to Erica in the first place. The girl’s smirk grew, as Jackson spoke. “It’s from Peter’s collection.” He explained grinning.

Stiles took a sip from the burning drink and smiled. “I should confiscate this. What kind of pack mother am I, drinking with my pups instead of admonishing them?” He asked, downing the drink.

“Teenage spark, that’s the kind you are.” Said Isaac, appearing next to them. The werewolf kissed Stiles’ cheek and giving him two small bottles. He winked at Erica. “Apparently Peter was feeling generous today.”

It was fun. Especially when the rest of the pack joined the dancefloor about half an hour later. Allison and Scott were dancing at the edge of the group, so ludicrously into their own world that he didn’t tell to Erica to stop it, when she had gagged looking at them.

The drink that Erica and Jackson had given him was very strong and Stiles didn’t need a genius to tell him he was already and completely drunk.

Lydia and Erica were dancing with Malia and Kira from his English class. The Asian was boldly pressed against Malia as she danced to the music, and Malia seemed very content with it. Jackson was dancing right behind Lydia, while Boyd was seemingly teaching Isaac some kickass dance movements. Stiles pouted, but didn’t stop dancing. He knew that Derek was around somewhere- he could feel his eyes on him- but he had hoped the werewolf would join him in the dancing.

That bitch. Well, Stiles was going to force him out. Since Erica’s words from before had been an amazing confidence boost, he parted from the rest of the pack and made towards the more central part of the whole club, where Danny was holding court with a group of boys from school. Some apparently very delusional girls were also staring at Danny with bad concealed lust, which was pretty hilarious. Stiles wasn’t sure he could find anything not amusing at the moment.

He valzed up to Danny, who was both dancing and staring longingly at where the rest of the pack was dancing. Uhm. He should investigate. Later. Not now.

Now he had to deal with whoever was dancing right in front of him, blocking him any sort of movement.

“Hi!” slurred Stiles, already ready to walk past the wall of strong muscles in front of him.

The wall of muscles didn’t let him. Actually he purred like a cat. “You must be Stiles.” He murmured, smiling at him. His smile was very large. Oh, ok, it had fangs that’s why it was so big. “I’m Ethan Carver.” He continued.

Stiles found himself blinking confusedly at him. “Oh yeah. You went out with Danny. And have a twin, Aiden. And also you are a werewolf.” He said, pointing his finger at his chest. “I’m a spark.” He said colloquially.

“Let’s dance.” Proposed Ethan, sliding a hand on Stiles’ back.

Before Stiles could ever register what Ethan had just done, he found himself being yanked back by a strong arm on his waist. The man who grabbed him let out a small threatening growl, and Stiles sighed putting his back on the man’s chest as he danced on him.

“Stay away from Stiles.” Growled the werewolf, and Stiles could imagine his eyes flashing red. He frowned. How was Derek angry? Stiles was very happy. Too happy. He was going to kill Peter for this.

Ethan frowned at Stiles and Derek, and then allowed a little growl before disappearing. Immediately Stiles turned to Derek and grinned at the older werewolf. “Hello, Sourwolf.” He greeted, kissing Derek’s nose.

Derek blinked at him for a few seconds, perplexed. “How did you get drunk so quickly?” he asked him, barely concealing his amusement.

Stiles frowned. Was he drunk? He was, wasn’t he? Why wasn’t Derek drunk, though? What about equality? “You aren’t drunk.” He noticed, cleverly, poking at his chest.

Derek rolled his eyes. “Who is going to get you guys out of here if not one of us is sober?” he asked him.

Stiles seemed to think about it for a second. “Peter.” He said in the end. Then he grinned. “Dude, you came! We can dance! And then get you drunk!” he said smiling broadly. That seemed like a fantastic idea to him.

Derek rolled his eyes, but let Stiles start dancing around him mildly amused. Stiles smiled like a cat, as he put both hands on Derek’s chest. “Dance with me, Big Bad.” He slurred, pressing his face in Derek’s neck.

Derek rolled his eyes. “The rhythm is completely wrong for the song, you do realise that, right?” he asked, unable to resist.

Stiles mumbled something and then glared up at him. “The music follows Stilinski, not the other way round.” He said, confidently and Derek snorted and almost smiled at this.

Then he looked back down at Stiles. The teen was looking at Derek pleased with himself. His lips were shining from where Stiles had been licking at them, and his eyes were bright in the semi darkness of the room. He was so fucking hot.

His throat was dry, and when Stiles caught his eye, he seemed to be reading Derek’s expression pretty well. He smirked, and put a hand on his arm. “Let’s get out of here.” He said, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Derek nodded, before looking at where the rest of the Pack were. Stiles grinned at him. “We are the worst pack parents in the history of pack parents, isn’t it?” he giggled, covering his mouth.

Derek smirked, and then shrugged. “They have their phones. Peter will come and pick them up.” He said in the end, tugging Stiles towards the door with him.

“Where is Stiles?” asked Isaac, loudly, as he and Erica danced.

Jackson answered him from where he was dancing with his best friend Danny. Isaac had caught Danny more than once staring at him, and he felt flattered and worried at the same time. “I saw him and Derek leaving like half an hour ago.” Answered Jackson, taking a sip from Peter’s special drink.

He then moved to dance with Erica, while Danny moved gracefully towards Isaac. The blond werewolf smiled shyly as Danny gave him a white smile. “Let’s dance, Lahey.” he proposed, and Isaac blushed.

You see, it’s not every day that his crush walked up to him and asked him to dance. Which was bizarre, but the fact that his crush didn’t know about… about his other problem…

Then he heard the sound of Lydia whimpering in pain. It was muffled, and she seemed to be quite far away from them, but he heard it anyway. His head snapped towards the door, and he moved away from Danny. He offered the boy an apologetic smile. “Sorry, I… I need to go.” He said, hurrying after Jackson and Erica, who had stopped everything and rushed outside. He saw Scott kissing Allison on the cheek, before taking her hand and rushing behind him with her.

Lydia was standing at the front of the club, glaring at the twins. She seemed angry, but other ways unscratched. Erica and Boyd went to stand between her and the twins, while Jackson went to stand next to her.

“Lyds, are you okay?” Asked Isaac, placing himself closer to the banshee and her boyfriend.

The redhead nodded, angered. "Those two shoved me out here, I don’t even know why.” She sounded a little bit tipsy, and so did the rest of the pack.

Aiden sneered. “We just wanted to talk to the babies of the Pack.”                                   

He answered. His twin grinned as well. “How does Stiles call you again? ‘My pups’” he sighed in a bad imitation of Stiles’ voice. Jackson and Erica stiffened and growled low and menacing at them.

Aiden laughed. “Isn’t it too late for the cubs to be out playing?” He taunted.

Boyd put a hand on Erica’s shoulder before the wolf could jump at him. He then bared his fangs at them. “Keep talking and we’ll show you what these 'cubs’ are able to do.” He said, conversionally.

They didn’t even fake a scared expression. Ethan rolled his eyes. “Anyway, we were here to offer you a deal.” Started the werewolf.

“We don’t make deals with you guys.” Interrupted Scott.

Allison nodded, but Ethan kept talking like they hadn’t spoke at all. “You bring us one of the books of your Pack Mummy, and we restore your status quo in the school.” He said with a grin.

Scott frowned, but Allison, Jackson, Lydia and Erica seemed quite tempted. Isaac knew they had had the more problems when they had joined the Pack (as in when Stiles changed the way they perceived what a pack was really). Suddenly Lydia and Jackson had been completely cut out of their circles of supercool friends because of their continue hanging out with misfits like Scott McCall, Vernon Boyd and Isaac Lahey. Allison too, since she started dating Scott, and Erica had always wanted to be a little popular, no matter what she would say. When Aiden and Ethan had appeared, the process of isolation of the Pack had just begun. It wasn’t that bad, though. People still talked to them, invited them to parties, gossiped with them.

And then Aiden and Ethan had appeared and decided that they didn’t like the Pack. They spread so many rumours about them, picking on every single one of their weaknesses, totally isolating them. (They targeted Lydia, for example, telling her that she wasn’t really part of Derek’s pack because she wasn’t a werewolf) it had been hard on them.

And now suddenly the twins decided that they were going to stop them in exchange of one of Stiles’ books.

Lydia squinted her eyes at him. “Stiles doesn’t give us his books. What do you want to do with it anyway?” She asked, suspicious.

Aiden rolled his eyes. “Relax. We just feel kind of sorry for how we treated you, and also, we have never seen a book of magic. We are curios.” They weren’t lying. Or they were so good at doing it that it seemed completely genuine.

The temptation was high. Very high. The twins knew what they wanted. And knew what they feared. “What if we don’t bring anything?” asked Isaac, looking at Aiden straight in the eye. It felt good that the twins had to look up at him.

“If you don’t” started Ethan, with a smile.

“We might be interested in making your life a living hell.” Continued the other twin.

“Stiles can’t be everywhere every time, and neither can Derek.” They smirked. “Tomorrow morning, in the woods. Don’t be late.”

Stiles stared with amusement as Derek came laying next to him on the floor. “See? I told you the floor was better.” He said, smug. “Also, I succeeded in getting you drunk.” He said, smirking.

Derek bit his shoulder lightly and smirked. “Maybe I wanted you to succeed.” He contemplated, running a hand through Stiles’ hair.

Stiles grinned at him. “Are you a happy drunk or a sad drunk?” he asked, turning his head so that he could face him, and putting a hand to beep his nose.

Derek seemed to think about it. “I’m a horny drunk.” He settled for, smirking at Stiles’ blush. He made grabby hands, and the teen laughed, batting his hands away.

“Get your hands off this fine piece of Stilinski, you little shit.” He said, booping him on the nose again. “Also, you are not allowed to go out dressed like that ever again.” He added, running a hand down Derek’s jeans.

“Boyd said my ass looked great in them.” Said Derek in his defence. Stiles hummed. “It does. But you look outrageously good in black jeans, and even without werewolf senses I could feel everyone oozing arousal every time you moved. So, you’re not allowed.”

Derek couldn’t help but smirk, as Stiles moved to sit on top of him. “Are you jealous?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows. See, this is why Derek didn’t get drunk often. He became an entirely different person.

Stiles rolled his eyes, as he placed a firm hand on Derek’s chest. “Nope. I’m just trying to preserve your virtue.” He explained easily, making Derek laugh.

He pouted. “Don’t laugh at me, Der-bear.” He complained, but Derek laughed even more. Derek laughing was adorable. He scrunched his nose and he had crinkles in his eyes and he looked like a baby bear. Or baby wolf. Whatever.

Stiles leant down and captured Derek’s lips in a drunk kiss. Still the wolf didn’t stop laughing, and the teen pouted. “Don’t move.” He ordered, as he moved off him moved ran upstairs. 

He was back in a few minutes, and found Derek in the same spot, unmoved. 
“I missed you, Stiles.” Said Derek looking a little sad. There was a pout on his face. Stiles needed to make sure there was a law that prohibited Derek from pouting. He could win any fight with that pout. “At the club. You were dancing with all the people.” He complained, frowning.

Stiles pouted as well. “I was trying to catch your attention so we could dance. But I guess cool kids don’t dance.” He concluded.

Derek squinted his eyes, as Stiles climbed back on him. “I’m not a kid.” He answered, as Stiles slowly peppered his face and chest with small kisses.

The brunette hummed, as he opened Derek’s shirt, kissing his chest and stomach. He looked up from under his lashes. “Sorry, daddy.” He said, to which Derek almost chocked on his own tongue.

Stiles laughed, as Derek scowled at him. “You call your dad daddy! I don’t want to think about your dad while you are slowly seducing me.” Said the wolf.

Stiles arched an eyebrow, a finger in Derek’s belt loop. “I didn’t know I was seducing you. Also never mention my dad when we’re being intimate. Or having sex. It’s like the biggest turnoff.” Not that they were even having sex at all, but that was beside the point.

Sometimes Derek would do something silly, or different, and it sent Stiles’ brain in overdrive. Like now, for example. All he had done was look at Stiles, smile and say “I love you.” Stiles flushed and the light bulb on top of him exploded.

Derek arched his eyebrows questiongly, and Stiles smiled, his teeth white in the semi darkness of the room. “I love you too, Sour wolf.” The werewolf didn’t answer, suddenly in high alert as Stiles went further down towards the waist of his trousers. He watched mildly fascinated as Stiles kept his eyes trained on him as he popped his jeans button open and slowly pulled them out. “How did you even pull them on?” Asked the spark, struggling to push the trousers down.

Derek just hummed and kept his eyes on him. When the jeans got to his ankles he just shrugged them off, as Stiles put a hand on his pants. The teen arched an eyebrow. “How did you fit this in these?” He asked. Derek didn’t answer again, just kept looking at him.

The spark smirked at him, as he put a finger in his mouth, before slowly outlining Derek’s length with said finger. The werewolf squeezed his eyes to avoid looking at him directly, because Stiles’ face was positively sinful. He could get Derek over the edge no matter what he did.

It was embarrassing.

His eyes however popped open when he felt Stiles’ soft tongue curling around the tip of his cock. He flushed red at the noise he let out, immediately hardening again under the spark’s mouth. Stiles eyes were open, and he seemed to be smirking a little but when was Stiles not smirking?

Stiles did something with his tongue, which elated another embarrassing noise from the Derek, halfway between a groan and a moan. Then, he grabbed Derek’s balls and started deep throating on his cock.

Derek found himself praying every god above that no one of the Pack would walk in on them right now, because the noises he was making were quite embarrassing.

“Fuck, Stiles.”

The spark sucked the tip of his cock, before pulling his mouth out with an obscene pop. “I might just as well do that.”

When Derek woke up in the morning, he wasn’t lying on the floor anymore. He was on one of the couches, wearing sweat pants and a normal t-shirt on. He heard the familiar noises coming from the kitchen that meant that someone was cooking. And since Stiles was on the other couch, awake but pained, it meant that the Pack was home.

Stiles caught his eye, and smiled. “Good morning, sleepy head. Alcohol does things to you, uh? Except giving you a hangover. Lucky bitch.” He murmured, quietly.

The Alpha’s eyes widened in horror. “I fell asleep.” He asked, making it sound more like a statement.

Stiles pressed his lips in an attempt to stop smiling. “You did. For a second I thought my blowjob skills killed you, but then you started snoring.”

He didn’t seem mad, and Derek ignored the sound of Scott seemingly dropping stuff in the kitchen and swearing loudly, as he moved to where Stiles was laying. “I’m sorry.” He muttered, petting the human’s hair. He had never fallen asleep like that before. And he was just about to get in Stiles' pants for once!

Stiles snorted. “It was adorable. Though you were quite heavy, so I gave up trying to lift you back to the bedroom.” He sniffed. “I fell asleep right after you. Also, I hate you for not being half as hangover as I am. It’s not fair.”

They heard the sound of Erica, Allison and Lydia walking down the stairs. Lydia didn’t seem in much pain, but Allison looked wrecked. Erica was in front of them, looking quite smug. She grinned at Stiles. “You know, how it is. Werewolves.” She answered, as she handed him, Lydia and Allison some paracetamol tablets.

Stiles took it without complaint, and then rubbed his eyes. “I should really get going. Dad is home, and I might as well spend some time with the old man.” He said, standing up.

“No!” said Scott, appearing in the doorway, a frying pan in his hands. Erica glared at him viciously, and started typing on her phone, as Allison paled a little and Lydia shuffled closer to the werewolf.

Stiles was too hung over to notice, but Derek’s eyes narrowed as he tracked the movements of the betas. Stiles looked tiredly at Scott. “Why not?” he asked, yawning.

Scott looked wildly at the rest of the girls, and Lydia decided to intervene. Erica was still typing furiously on her phone, while Allison seemed to be doing all she could in order to disappear in the ground forever. “Scott is making pancakes.” She tried.

Stiles arched an eyebrow, and rolled his eyes. “Scott can’t cook.” He reminded him. Only then he noticed the way Scott looked like he was one step away from bolting out of the room, Allison was practicing her statue impersonation and Lydia seemed to be suspiciously nervous. Erica looked bored, but she had always been the best at keeping stuff from him. She and Lydia. Maybe Lydia was still too hangover to function properly.

He narrowed his eyes at the little group. “Where is the rest of you?” Stiles could almost see Scott sweating, and he walked up towards him, figuring he would be the first to break. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing!” squealed the werewolf, immediately going to hide behind Erica and Allison. The huntress looked like a deer caught in headlights, while Erica glared at him.

“Allison? Erica? Lydia? Where are the boys?” asked Derek, staring at them with even more suspicion than Stiles. He could hear their hearts beating furiously in the research of some excuse.

“Here!” said two voices in chorus, as Boyd and Isaac walked down the stairs. Allison sighed in relief, but again, only Derek noticed.

Stiles only beamed at the other two. “You guys had fun yesterday?” he asked, picking up his coat.

Isaac nodded absently, carefully avoiding looking at Stiles. Boyd plastered a smile on his face, and gave a sharp nod to Lydia and Erica. “Yeah.” He smirked. “But you two had even more fun, didn’t you? You left in the middle of the party.” He recalled.

Derek was studying them, suspicious. The way Boyd had immediately appeared after Erica had put her phone in her pocket, and the way both Isaac and Scott seemed to be struggling to keep a straight face was distrustful. “Derek fell asleep while I was giving him head.” Told them Stiles, and the werewolf flushed red, his suspects disappearing to give space to embarrassment.

He glared at his boyfriend. “Stiles!” he hissed, the whole Pack laughing wholeheartedly at this. Scott looked as embarrassed as Derek felt.

The spark gave him a shit eating grin. “You’ll never live this down, Sourwolf.”

“I am coming with you at your dad’s.” Decided when Erica gave him a sly smirk, and he shuddered. The Pack laughed again, and Stiles and Derek slipped out of the house.

“Pancakes or scones?” he asked Derek a few moments later, as he walked back into the bedroom. His dad had grabbed some of the homemade food Stiles and Derek made and left to go fishing with Parrish. Which, whatever.

Derek frowned slightly. “Did Isaac, Jackson and Boyd sleep here?” he asked, sniffing the air. “Pancakes.”

Stiles shrugged, handing him a plate with some maple syrup. “Not that I know of. Recently?” he asked, sitting on one of his chair and taking out his laptop.

Derek mumbled in agreement as he bit his pancake. “They did seem weird this morning.” He added.

He frowned when he heard Stiles’ heartbeat raising significantly in rate. The teenager had opened the document where he was slowly copying the content of his magic books into his computer and was looking around for something. He seemed very worried.

“Stiles?” he asked, perplexed and stood up. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Stiles bit his lip, looking at the rest of his books looking for one in particular. “Fuck. When you say recently, how recently do you mean?” he asked, teeth going down on his own lip.

Derek approached him warily and sniffed at the air again. “Maybe this morning, or very late last night.” He frowned. That was what Scott and the rest were trying to hide. He turned to tell Stiles, but the teen was giving slow and deep breath to calm himself.

He seemed frozen into shock, which didn’t make sense. It was just a book, right?
The teen looked at him, eyes wide open. “They took Morpheo.”

Derek didn’t manage to get the ‘you named your books?’ out, before Stiles was quickly explaining. “My books are not simple books. They have a soul and a cutting tongue. They speak in no language and whisper with no words.” He looked at him dully as if reciting something. “Morpheo is an evocation book, and has the power to evocate a lot of things. From the evillest demon to Pegasus itself. Harpy, elves, whatever.” He drawed a sigh. “Thing is, it usually ends up with you evocating the things you need fear the most, not the stuff you actually need.” He pressed his lips together. “We need to get the book back right now.” He stressed, stalking right out of the room.

When he reached the front door, he found Derek standing there waiting for him. He had probably chosen to jump out of the window, like the show-off he was, instead of being a normal human being and walking down the stairs.

Derek looked at him gravelly. “Put those away. It would take too much time.” He decided, pointing at Stiles’ keys.

Stiles looked at him confused, and lit up when he saw the werewolf quickly pulled his shirt over his head. Thank god the neighbour wasn’t there, or the old lady would have called his father and reported Derek for being inappropriate outdoors.

A low growl sounded from in front of him, and Stiles snapped back to attention. Derek was currently turned into his wolf form and staring at him with expectant eyes.

He was taller than normal wolf, and his fur was completely black. He had blue eyes that were so more intelligent than those of a wild creature and his fangs were bared at him. Stiles rolled his eyes, as he carefully positioned himself on top of the werewolf.

Derek growled, as if saying hold tight, and then… and then he shot in the woods.

Lydia knew that things were going downhill the moment Aiden opened the book. The Pack was assembled close to them, making sure they wouldn’t have a chance to run away with the book or something, but neither of the twins seem to be thinking that. They were reading the book with rapt interest on their faces.

“This one says liberating nightmares!” Commented Aiden, and immediately started reading the charm out loud. Time seemed to stretch as Lydia and Boyd looked at each other. Grammar was always super important in charms and curses. There was a net difference between ‘liberating nightmares’ and 'liberating from nightmares’. Lydia shouted “Stop!” Right as Boyd pounced on the other werewolf, pushing off the book from his hands. 

But it was too late. Not even Aiden had time to waste by glaring at Boyd, because the book was emanating clouds of smoke from where it had been pushed away from the werewolf. Jackson rushed to stand in front of her, wolfed out, as Aiden and Ethan all but ran away from there.

The rest werewolves were all wolfed out, while Lydia and Allison both had knives and bow 'n arrows respectively. And then the smoke finally dissipated. The werewolves started growling, while the humans held their weapons tighter. In front of them were… Creatures from the darkest of the nightmares. Harpies, demons, headless monsters and freaky werewolves. And in the middle of them, was the scariest being they had ever seen. 

It was a woman.

The woman had long blonde hair, that fell in waves on her back. They fell down her back up to her feet, sweeping the dirty ground of the forest. Her lips were a very bright red, and her face was strikingly perfect.

But her eyes… her eyes were closed, and something told Lydia that she did not want the woman to open them. Her body was uncovered, a bracelet at her ankles and her waist. The wind blew in her direction, making the bracelets tinkle and making soft, crystalline noises.

Allison watched horrified as the werewolves and Lydia started moving towards the creatures, eyes closed and completely compliant. The monsters were snarling and growling, moving slowly and deadly towards her friends. “STOP!” shouted Allison, terrified.

Lydia snapped out first, and looked at the rest of the Pack. One of the feral werewolves was advancing towards Erica, who was walking towards him completely submissive. Lydia screamed.

The banshee calling quavering around the whole clearing, shaking the werewolves out of their trance. The monsters looked at Lydia with hatred and growled higher, as the Pack retreated back a few steps.

And then they charged. The harpies made their way towards Isaac, flapping the huge wings as they made to attack him and Boyd. Two of the wolves charged Jackson, as Lydia and Allison were attacked by creatures they could not have names if they had tried. Erica was battling against a headless monster, and the blonde woman was just standing there unmoving.

One of the mares threw Lydia almost at the woman’s feet, and from her angle, Lydia finally noticed things about the woman. Her lips for example: what Lydia had first assumed to be a very bright shade of red lipstick, turned out to be blood. Her mouth was partially open now, showing a row of sharp teeth. Not as sharp as a werewolf’s teeth, but sharp enough to punctuate someone’s skin.

Then a werewolf appeared inside the clearing, completely wolfed out with a teenager on his back. Stiles jumped off Derek’s back, a knife in both of his hands. Without breaking a sweat, he run towards where the werewolves were charging Jackson, and jumped on one’s back, pressing a thin piece of string on his neck. He pressed one foot on the werewolf’s back, and pulled the string.

The werewolf growled in pain, and gurgled on his blood, before there was a sickening noise as the head rolled on the forest’s ground.

Derek snarled at the woman, and she looked at him and bared her fangs, before letting out an ear piercing scream. It was more powerful than Lydia’s scream, because it seemed like it was penetrating the deepest ends of one’s skull and all the werewolves fell on the ground for a moment.

Stiles growled at her, and pulled out one of the silver daggers as he launched himself at her. She hissed, and tried to duck out of the way, as the spark attacked her with the spear. “I killed you once, and I’ll do it again!” he said, angry as he attacked her. And then she opened her eyes.

Her orbs were empty, a dark chamber with no eyes, just darkness. She bared her teeth at Stiles. She made a series of hissing noises, but Stiles didn’t need a translator.

You took my eyes.

Stiles tried to get another good hit at her. “I took your eyes, and I burnt them.” He told her, kicking her in the stomach.

Blood was tickling down her mouth.

I’ll kill your pups.

Stiles growled at her, only to notice that Isaac was almost succumbing over the harpies. Magic usually meant that Stiles became more easily tired, but right now he was high on adrenaline. He took out the dagger and then shouted. “E fofelang le ho bolaea!” he ordered, as he stabbed the other dagger on a werewolf who tried to sneak on Allison.

When he turned back, the woman was standing on top of Derek, as she screamed right in his face. Stiles’ eyes widened in horror as he saw the werewolf turning back into human form as blood tickled down from one of his ears.

He dropped a hand on the ground and called out the strength from the deepest point of Beacon Hills. He called out the ancient magic of the Nematon. “Misertus!” he called, his own voice booming in the woods. He saw the arms flying out of Lydia and Allison’s hands as the rest of the barely alive monsters fell on the floor, consummating.

The woman was thrown away from Derek, and hit the trees before she could successfully bite him. Stiles didn’t pause, and immediately ran towards Derek. The werewolf was alive, but seemed very dazed, a long dark wound on his arm. Stiles forced himself to ignore it, and focused on his own breathing, as he placed both hands on Derek’s chest. He closed his eyes and started muttering words, slowly and carefully and continuously, until the wound started to disappear.

He kept going not opening his eyes, until Derek finally pushed his hand away. “Stiles. I’m fine.” He promised.

Stiles didn’t open his eyes. “She got away, didn’t she?” he asked, quietly.

“Do you want us to track her down?” asked Boyd immediately ready.

Stiles finally opened his eyes, and turned to look at the rest of the pack. His eyes were burning green, as he assessed the injuries of the pack and a shiver ran through them. Stiles seemed furious. He snapped his fingers and the book came straight into his hands. “I’ll see you at Derek’s.” he said in the end, voice ice cold. Then he put a hand on Derek’s chest, and they both disappeared.

The pack made their way back slower. They didn’t know what was waiting for them, but they weren’t eager to see for themselves. Stiles had never been angry at them before. Never, and it scared them more than they’d admit. Usually Stiles avoided using his magic, but today he had just allowed it to take control of him, and it had been… terrifying.

When they finally made it back, they found Stiles standing in the living room with his arms crossed over his chest, and Derek just sitting down, a new bad aid over his injured arm.

“Explain.” Ordered Stiles, his eyes back to normal, but his tone icy.

Scott didn’t even stutter, and immediately told the story. About how Aiden and Ethan made their lives a living hell in school, and the party, the deal, the lies and the summoning. The rest remained silent, as Stiles’ eyes burned on Scott’s face, Derek listening to their heartbeats.

When they finished, neither said anything for a second. Then Stiles spoke. “You could have died.” He said instead. His shoulders went down, his hands curled into fists. “You could have fucking died! Could you not, I don’t know, ask? Tell me and Derek what’s going on? Tell your own parents? I know I am not your actual mother, and Derek’s isn’t your father, but what the fuck, guys? I care about you!” The pack made a few steps back. “All I could think about, was what I’d do if I found out one of you had ended up killed, and let me tell you, it would not have been pretty. There is a reason why I don’t let you handle my books, or help me re write them! They are dangerous, and you must stay away from them! I…” Stiles’ voice broke. He gave them one look, before running to Derek’s room and locking the door.

Boyd put a hand on Allison’s shoulder, who hadn’t realised that she was crying. She had never seen Stiles look so angry and disappointed at them, and it hurt. More than it should have if a friend had been angry at her.

Derek shook his head, lips pressed tight. “What were you thinking?” he almost growled. His mate was in distress because of the betas, and it was taking him a lot not to lash out at them.

Jackson flinched, and Erica just looked down at her feet, not saying anything. Derek sighed. They were his betas. It hurt to see them like that, but he had to go to Stiles first. He shook his head at them and opened the bedroom door with his spare key.

Stiles was laying in bed, eyes closed and sniffing from under the blanket. He didn’t say anything, as Derek dropped in bed with him. He held Stiles close to him, and the teen put his head on his chest. “I was so worried…” he let out, sighing.

Derek nodded. “I was worried too. It’s normal.” He told him, drawing circles on his back, trying to console him and ignore the pitiful sniffs that came from the other side of the door.

“We should ground them.” Proposed Stiles, looking at him from under his lashes.

The werewolf wasn’t sure he was kidding or not. “Hmm.” He said, in the end.

“Discipline, Derek.” He continued, before letting out a frustrated noise. “Ugh, I hate them.” He dragged the ‘hate’, before plopping his face back in the pillow.

Derek didn’t need to hear his heart to answer him. “What a big, huge, fat lie.”

Stiles glared at him. “I hate you too.” He added.

Derek grinned at him. “Do not.” He answered, and arched an eyebrow at Stiles’ attempt to head-butt his chest.

After a few minutes of silence, Derek spoke again. “Stiles?”

“Hm?” answered the spark, holding his eyes close.

“They are still outside the door.” He told him. Stiles didn’t reply. “I can hear Isaac sobbing a little.” Still silence. “And Erica.” When Stiles didn’t reply, he moved closer to him. “Jackson is sniffing.” Stiles put a pillow over his head. Derek knew he wasn’t going to last and smirked. “They all smell very distressed.”

Stiles growled and snapped up his head. He gave Derek an accusingly glare, which the werewolf answered with a cocky smile, and looked at the door. He sighed. “Get in, you little runts.” He ordered.

After a few seconds, the door cracked open and the pack’s faces appeared in the doorway. Lydia had smudged make up on her face, Erica was sniffing loudly, and Jackson was rubbing his eyes, pretending not to care.

Stiles rolled his eyes. “Get in here.” He said, opening his arms for further invitation.

Isaac immediately moved, jumping between Derek and Stiles on the big bed, and wrapping his arms around Stiles’ waist, his back on Derek’s chest. Lydia snuggled right on the other side, wrapping her arms around him. Jackson slid at her feet, while Allison and Scott cuddled right behind Derek, with Allison big spooning the shit out of the Alpha. Boyd was right next to Jackson, with Erica positioned in a way that allowed her to touch every single member of the pack in the most obnoxious way possible.

“You are the silliest idiotic friends teenagers pack mates I could have ever asked for, and I hate that you made me worry so much. But I still love you.” Said Stiles, with a sigh. Derek smirked, and Stiles reached over Isaac to hit him on the head.

The Alpha glared. “What did I do?” he asked.

Stiles narrowed his eyes at him. “I could feel the power of your smirk.” He answered, and the pack chuckled.

A beat. Then. “You guys are still grounded.” There were some groans, but nobody argued.

If they were extra clingy the next morning, nobody mentioned it.

“You guys go.” Encouraged Stiles as the rest of the Pack waited for him at the front of the school. He received a curios glance from them, but they didn’t say anything and walked back into lesson.

Stiles grinned at Derek, and they both made their ways towards where they had already spotted the twins. Aiden had his back pack on his back, as Ethan parked his motorcycle.

The werewolf turned around, to find themselves face to face with Stiles and Derek. The human was smirking at them, and Derek was glaring and flexing his arms.

Stiles grinned, as they paled. “Hey, Ethan. I owe you a dance.


Stiles walked into lesson a few seconds before the bell went, and settled down between Erica and Allison. Both of them looked at him, confused, but he just grinned back at them.

Halfway through the lesson, the door opened, and Ethan and Aiden made their way back inside. Their clothes were ruffled, and they had traces of blood on their mouths, but other ways, they had completely healed.

“What are you thinking to-” the teacher was cut off, as Ethan and Aiden walked towards Stiles’ Pack, and deposited a bunch of roses and chocolate on the girls’ desk, a soft peluche and chocolate on Isaac’s and cookies and chocolate for the rest.

Stiles accepted his with a sarcastic “Thanks”, while the rest just stared dumbstruck.

Then they hurriedly sat back down, glaring at the students who just stared at them agape. The teacher looked confused, then cleared her throat and started the lesson.

People often forget the rule number one of BHHS:

No one messes up with the Hale-Stilinski Pack .