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Chloe couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to get laid. She had to have sex. She…


She was sensing Clark.


A quick glance at her phone showed her that it was May 20th. He was right on time. Every month for the past three months he’d been right on schedule with his Kryptonian version of a period. Puberty was in full swing for Clark and he was like a well-oiled machine, his schedule never wavering, unlike hers. Well, actually, now, it was exactly like hers. Chloe’s period usually arrived around the fifth of the month and ended on the eighth or ninth. Then Clark’s cycle had influenced hers. She could tell, from the sticky warmth between her legs and that annoying ache in her uterus that she’d begun her period, lining right up with Clark’s.


Clark’s period…Chloe found herself chuckling out loud and Oliver turned over beside her.


“What’s so funny?”


“Just thinking about Clark’s period,” Chloe said.


This got a snort of laughter out of Oliver, as well. He and Lois had been filled in on everything. While they hadn’t liked learning that Clark, at least on a cellular level, had made Chloe his mate, they’d understood it was something that happened five years ago before they’d paired off into the couples they now were. It was something biological that couldn’t be undone. A Kryptonian implanted only once in their lifetime and it could never be altered in any way.


Chloe sighed and cleaned up the mess in her underwear and decided to hop into the shower. It was only a few minutes before six a.m., when she usually awoke to start her day, so there was no point in trying to go back to bed. She let the water cascade down her skin, feeling all the tension in her muscles begin to drain, when it hit her…a shock of sexual need so intense it literally stole her breath away and she sank to the floor of the shower. Yet somehow she knew that it wasn’t her. She felt it but it didn’t come from her.


Her thighs clenched together and she moaned, feeling sexual tension build in the core of her body. Oliver rushed into the bathroom, his face filled with concern, seeing her curled up on the shower floor.


“Chloe? What happened?”


She struggled to get her breath, to even be able to see straight, but she couldn’t. Her entire body pulsed with need, her heartbeat rapid, every breath shallow. She could see only one thing—Clark Kent. Her eyes squeezed shut and her hands reached for her fiancé, pulling him into the shower, soaking his pajama bottoms as she lay a kiss on him that she really wished she was sharing with Clark.



Chloe dried her hair as she sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Oliver, who was tying his tie in silence. He had meetings that morning and couldn’t stay home with Chloe.


“You must be so disgusted,” she finally said.


He frowned at her. “What?”


“You must be disgusted. Having sex with me while I’m on my period.”


He snorted in laughter. “You’re not the first woman I’ve had sex with while she was menstruating.”


“Oh, really?”


He nodded.


“It was intense,” she said, watching him fix his cufflinks.


“That’s your first time on your period?” he asked.


Chloe nodded but she knew Oliver well enough to know something was bothering him, even when he tried to pretend everything was okay.


“It was because of Clark,” she said. “I know you hate this bond I have with him, even though you know neither of us can help it.”


“I don’t hate it I just…Okay, I hate it. So does Lois. We know that’s not fair of us to feel that way but it’s like having Clark in our bed…or having you in theirs.”


He seemed to remember that Lois was Chloe’s cousin and how weird it sounded saying she was in her cousin’s bed but it was at least technically accurate.


“I felt that way about Lois when you and I first got together. I kept wondering if you were comparing us.”


Oliver knelt before Chloe and took her hand. “Never. It’s only been a few months. We’re still discovering new things about this bond, about Clark’s weird biology, so we’re gonna need time to adjust. All of us. We will, though. It’ll be fine. I’m gonna stop being so damned butthurt about it and Lois will too.”


“I love you,” Chloe said, and kissed him.


“I love you too. I’ll be home late. You know Marsden and what a windbag he is.”


“Walter Marsden is attending? Oh, you poor baby. I could always have a crisis that you have to come tend to,” she offered, earning a laugh and another kiss.



They managed to get through the first two days without much incident. By the third Clark’s cycle was peaking and at its most intense. Chloe was trying to pour a glass of iced tea when she felt something so intensely strange she dropped the glass, shattering it on the floor.


She could sense Clark in almost every way. She could smell him, feel him, see him behind her eyes like a ghostly vision, and she could even taste him. There was a moment where she thought she was him. Where she knew what it was like to fly, to bend steel like she could fold paper, and what it was like to see through walls, or blast something with heat vision. When the moment passed she was lying on the kitchen floor, staring up at the man in question.


“This is the second time you’ve made me fall down,” she groused. “What the hell was that?”


Clark was pale and he swallowed, picking her up from the floor and setting her on her feet. “I don’t know. For a moment you took over every one of my senses. I think I…I became you.”


“That’s what happened to me,” she said.


It was then she realized she was pressed against Clark, holding onto his massive biceps, and she could smell his breath. Minty, like toothpaste, and warm. God she wanted to kiss him. She wanted it so much she could hardly stand it.


“Let go,” she said, a bit more harshly than she intended, but either Clark couldn’t hear her or…he couldn’t let her go.


“Clark, I mean it, let go.”


As though it took every ounce of strength he had he released Chloe.


“Two days ago…were you and Lois…you know…”


“Morning sex,” he said. “Yeah.”


She appeared naked to him, she knew. He was staring at her body and after three months of it she was used to it. She was, after all, staring at his, too, though she couldn’t see through Clark’s clothes. She was grateful for that. She moved away from him and went to stand beside one of the massive arched windows.


“Clark…we need to talk to Jor-El. We need to find some way to…I don’t know…put up a barrier between us.”


“You think I haven’t tried? He and I have been researching that since this first started. There’s…”


“I know,” she said.


She’d completed the information Jor-El had given her. She hadn’t told Oliver or Lois but things were only going to get more intense between them.


“He says at some point we’re going to have to—”


“We’re not at that point yet,” she said, cutting him off. “Who knows? Maybe we can work something out, find a way to avoid it.”


“You’ve never been one to bury your head in the sand. Why start now?”


“Because this is affecting the lives we’ve worked so hard to build! Don’t you get that? If we can’t find a way to separate ourselves then…we can’t ask that of Oliver and Lois. It’s not fair to them and it isn’t fair to us, either. Not because of some mistake we made when we were eighteen.”


Clark’s jaw worked. “A mistake I made, you mean. You didn’t imprint, I did. Right?”


“You didn’t know you did it so it’s not your fault. Listen, we’re getting overly emotional and dramatic. Let’s just stay calm and try to work through it. Clark, you can’t come to see me anymore when we’re like this. Our cycles have lined up and proximity only makes these urges stronger and harder to resist.”


“I could go to the other side of the planet and it feels just as powerful,” he said. “I know…I’ve tried.”


It was a bad idea, Chloe knew, but she threw herself into his arms and enjoyed the feel of his embrace. His heartbeat was more audible than it should have been to her human ears. There was this strange sensation that they were melting into one another. Chloe had the strength to pull back, to move away from him, before she could do something irresponsible like pull him into a kiss. If they ever crossed that line there would be no stopping them from hitting the sheets, no matter how much she loved Oliver, and Clark loved Lois.


“It’ll ease up tomorrow,” she said.


“But you’re always there now, close, even after this cycle stops,” he said. There was a pleading look in his eyes that hurt her to see.


“I know, Clark. I’m sorry. We’re just going to have to be strong. And if it turns out what Jor-El said was true…then we’ll do what we have to do.”


“That would cost us the people we love,” he said.


He’d reached out and stroked a lock of hair from her face. Chloe indulged for a moment, closing her eyes and enjoying the touch, before she backed away.


“I know. Now go before we do something stupid.”


He sighed, looking wearier and more hurt than she’d seen him in a long time, before he sped off on a gust of wind, leaving her alone with her thoughts, and her pain, and her fears for the future.