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You Can't Escape From Me Stiles

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They all thought it was over with the nogitsune, losing Allison and Aiden was the biggest downfall, haven’t they all been through enough? So many people got hurt by that demon, especially Stiles.

The young teenager who had been the unlucky vessel to carry that evil fox was haunted by everything and everyone, they all said that it wasn’t his fault and that he wasn’t in control so they didn’t blame him but they all acted differently around him.

He felt like there was more of a distance now between him and his friends, emotionally and physically, even his father and Scott seemed a little off with him for a while and others like Isaac, Chris and even Derek seemed to disappear, maybe he scared them off? Or maybe they were all too angry to be around him now, either way he knew it was for the best.

Stiles always felt comfortable and safe with his friends, especially when they were all together and with the new members like Malia, Liam and Mason things were more interesting and they didn’t know anything about the nogitsune incident so it was easier with them but things still felt strained with the others.

Recently Scott was too occupied with Kira, Lydia was training with Parish, Liam was always with Mason or trying to sort things out with Hayden and Malia was often with Braeden which left him on his own to work out the latest mystery of those dread doctors and why their old friend Theo has resurfaced.

Stiles has always had a habit about him that if something or someone bothered him then he wont stop until he figures it out and that led him to his current predicament Theo. There was something different about the guy, he knew people could change in many ways but this guy acted like a different person entirely and no one believed him, even after he pulled up some papers with his parents signatures on that never matched any older documents but no one listened to him.

So he went about it on his own trying to figure out the links between the people going missing and where Theo fit into it all but having a run in with Donovan and the whole library fiasco which ended in the guys death, he found it hard to cope with anything after, especially when the body and all that blood went missing making it look like nothing ever happened and to top it off Scott never believed him when it came to Theo, he trusted people to easily.

When he finally got to confront Theo on his own he was surprised by his true intentions which consisted of a new pack with Theo as the alpha, and it included everyone except Scott, even himself with the Nogitsune back in control, he wanted a dark and uncontrollable pack and he wasn’t going to stop until he gets what he came for.

Stiles tried to warn Scott but Theo was always one step ahead of him because he put his father in hospital in critical condition by being poisoned by a chimera bone, luckily it was removed in time and Scott finally saw the truth with everything after Liam had attacked him at the library followed by Theo who brainwashed the youngster.

After everyone had found out the truth they all came together to rescue Lydia out of Eichen House which was a challenging task, especially when she wasn’t in her right mind and they ended up receiving help from Deaton again since they were so close to losing her.

They all ended up gathering in Scott’s house for a pack meeting to discuss their recent events and to finally make a plan but no one seemed to be settling on an idea, “Shouldn’t we be asking for help from like actual adults since this has gotten so out of control” said Kira, a worried look on her face as she made eye contact with everyone.

“We can’t get too many people involved in this, I don’t want anyone else to die and the less people involved the better” Scott replied.

“Yeah but what about us? What if we aren’t enough to stop Theo, I don’t know about you guys but id rather live” Liam whispered.

Stiles couldn’t agree more with the young wolf, he didn’t want to die, but he also didn’t want anyone else to die or get hurt either, it wasn’t right that innocent people were constantly being dragged in by the supernatural but there wasn’t much they could do about it.

He was too lost in thought when he heard a little whisper, glancing up he realised the others were still talking amongst themselves when he heard it again ‘Let us in Stiles’ the voice said but before he could even react he was poked in the arm by Lydia “Stiles are you ok?” She asked.

Realising that all the conversations in the room had stopped he looked Lydia in the eyes and answered “erm yeah, sorry I was just thinking, we any closer to agreeing on something yet?”

“Not yet but lets put that brain of yours to use and tell us what you think buddy” Scott told him and Stiles nodded, happy that his friend was finally taking his Alpha role seriously, whether he knew it or not the others followed his every word even Lydia and Mason who were human too, I guess an Alpha is an amazing creature.

A shrill of a phone ringing tore everyone’s attention from him and towards Scott who waved his phone at them “It’s Deaton, hang on a sec” he said turning his back to them he answered the phone whilst walking to the kitchen.

Stiles wished he had the hearing of a werewolf in times like these because he hated being the last to know especially since he used to be the first to know everything that had to do with Scott but recently he seemed to be the last.

“Are you serious, are you ok? … When did it happen- they heard Scott ask - was that the only thing that was taken?... What does Theo think he is doing?... No he is right here, yeah ill tell him, ok, we will see you soon, bye” sighing and rubbing his eyes Scott walked back into the living room looking straight at him worriedly.

“Stiles we need to talk, I think you should sit down first though” Scott said softly like he was talking to a scared animal.

His first thought was his dad “is it my dad?? Is he ok?? That bastard Theo better have not come near him again” he seethed.

“Your dad is fine, please will you sit down” Scott begged.

Stiles found himself being guided to the sofa by Lydia and Kira and as soon as he was seated he noticed the others had moved to sit around him too which left Scott to be the only one standing, well pacing to be accurate.

“I don’t like where this is going and before you say anything you are not to blame but erm…”

Stiles didn’t like to be kept waiting so he spoke up “look Scott I’m a big boy now I can take it, just throw it at me, what’s going on, what have I done now?”

Scott shook his head and gave him a pointed look to shut up and said “Well erm Deaton’s place has been broken into, well to be precise I mean his vault with all his artefacts was broken into and Theo took something-

“How do we know it was Theo?” Mason asked earning looks from the others, but he just shrugged it off and looked to Scott for an answer.

“Well he left a note with his signature on it, saying this needed to be released sooner rather than later and he erm he took the sealed box which held the nogitsune fly inside it”.

For a while no one spoke you could hear a pin drop with how silent it was, Stiles noticed that his friends looked between him and Scott a few times before Malia asked what was going on and Lydia took it upon herself to tell the newcomers to the pack what this all meant.

He knew now that hearing that voice earlier wasn’t just his imagination and he started to panic thinking of all the things that had happened so far might happen again or it could just get worse, he didn’t want to relive it all again, he was still recovering from the last ordeal.

“..les.. Stiles hey, you in there buddy” snapping out of his thoughts by a hand waving in his face he noticed Scott was kneeling in front of him trying to get his attention.

“Erm yeah sorry I’m here, I was just a little shocked is all, so what do we do now?”

“We are going to see Deaton, he might be able to help us out, are you up to that?” Scott asked, standing up after he received a nod he looked to the others who nodded their heads in agreement.

Stiles was led out to his jeep by Liam and Lydia with the others trailing behind, passing Scott he noticed his best friend was on his phone texting away at a time like this, so he was about to ask him who he was texting when Kira beat him to it, and as he passed the couple he thought he heard Derek’s name being mentioned.

He didn’t understand why Scott would tell Derek because that sour wolf wouldn’t care, its not like they got along, maybe it was because he was human but they just never really connected so telling Derek just seemed to be a waste of time.

Climbing into his jeep he shakily turned the engine on and he placed his hand on the gearstick when he felt another hand close on top of his, looking up he noticed Lydia sitting next to him smiling so he smiled back knowing that the one person who could make such a difference to him was there for him and he felt a little better with that reassurance.

After everyone was finally settled in their vehicles they all sped off towards Deaton’s vet clinic hoping to get some answers and help with their current situation, Stiles couldn’t help but get this dreadful feeling that something bad was going to happen the closer they were to their goal, hopefully it was nothing, he could only pray that god was on his side for once.