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When the wolves come out, they go straight to your heart.

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When Stiles started his training with Deaton to become an Emissary, he thought that one of his first official duties would have consisted in something simple, like taking notes at pack meetings and then consult with the Alpha and his second, so Derek and Scott. He thought that he would have to start preparing their stock of herbs and everything useful for an emissary and his werewolf pack in their supernaturally routines.

He thought he had to take care of the pack like his own family, and that was easy, because he kind of already did that.

But he didn’t thought that Deaton would tell him to do this as his first official duty without giving him any clue of how to even start to organize the whole thing. And he was smiling the whole time, the cryptic bastard, saying how easily all the pieces would fit in place for Stiles.

A fucking trip to enforce their alliance with the pack that was hosting Jackson and Danny in the U.K. And Stiles had no clue of how the pieces would fit in place, because all he could see now in his head was a mess of things to do and no idea how to do them without screwing up the opportunity of being the pack’s emissary, and probably screwing up the pack itself.

Just the thought of being a burden to the pack again, after working so hard on his magic and his supernatural knowledge to help them, made breathing harder.

That is why Stiles was now pacing and ranting in his room, Lydia sitting on his bed filing her nails with a bored expression, nodding at him occasionally.

“Are you even listening to me?” he asked her, stopping in front of the bed and putting his hands on his hips.

“No.” she answered rolling her eyes, “Because I’ve already listened to you on the phone, yesterday and this morning. I already know what the matter is. That’s why I’m here.”

“Lydia you don’t understand. This is huge. How could Deaton give me this as my first official duty as the pack emissary?” Stiles told her, waving his hand in the air and sitting on the bed dramatically.

“Stiles,” she sighed, “what’s the problem in doing this? You are ready; you’ve been studying with him for the last two years.” She stood in front of him, putting her hands on her hips, mocking his previous pose. “And it’s not like you can’t ask for help from your pack, you know?”

He raised his eyes to meet hers, and found her with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on her plump lips.

He took a deep breath and stood with her, going towards his desk and motioning for Lydia to take a seat.

“You’re right. I’m just…you know. This is big, if Deaton is letting me do this, it means that both Scott and Derek approved.” He took another deep breath. “It means that after this, I’ll be officially the Hale’s pack Emissary.”

Lydia took a seat turning his laptop towards her and giving to him some markers before he could sit next to her.

“Go to your board,” she told him as she started typing God knows what.

“But…” Stiles started to protest, but she raised an eyebrow at him and he did as she said.

“So much for being the pack emissary…You should have done it instead of me...bossy banshee…” he muttered going to the board and erasing a big part full of old notes that were now useless.

“I’m not fit to be the emissary Stiles, and you know it. The whole pack knows it. The only one in this pack who could be it is you, the only one the pack wants as it is you, so stop whining now and use the brain that you claim to have.” She told him a bit annoyed, but with fondness in her voice.

Stiles knew he could be a handful sometimes but some of his insecurity stayed with him even after high school, and it came up at moments like this, when the pressure was too much and Stiles had to prove he was more than a fragile human, that he was an asset to this pack and not a burden.

Lucky for him there was always Lydia to remember him that the pack already considered him an important asset, emissary or not, and that he could do it.

“I’m sorry Lyds,” he told smiling at her. “Lets get this party started!” he said, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

She rolled her eyes at him, but chuckled anyway, so he counted it as a victory.

“Okay, emissary, start organizing. Tell me the things that you think you have to do and I’ll tell you which marker to use. Green is for the first ones to do, blue for the ones you can do after and black for the ones who can be left for last. You’ll use the red to cross the ones you already did, to keep track of everything.” She efficiently told him and started typing again.

“Yeah, seems fair. But what are you doing with my laptop?” he asked her curiously, while writing on the board in black ‘To Do’s List’, and then ‘First’ in green on his left, ‘After’ in blue in the middle and ‘For Last’ in black at his right.

“Nothing that you have to worry about, I’m just talking to Allison.” She said, flashing him an innocent smile. “I’m waiting.” She told him then.

“Okay, right. So, I have to make a list of who has to come with us, because I don’t think that we all should go. That means I have to meet with Derek and Scott and talk to them about this, because I want to know who they want to come.” He started pacing again, more calmly this time, in front of the board.

“Green, I say that this is one of the first things you have to do. Write ‘Meeting with Alpha’ and under that what you have to discuss with them,” Lydia told him without moving her eyes from the screen.

“Mh, I also have to ask them where they want to stay and for how long, what’s the budget that we have for this trip and what exactly is the location,” he started listing things as he wrote them down, then turned to face Lydia again. “Right now I only know that we have to go in the U.K., but I have no clue of the other details. Do you have any?”

“Stiles, Jackson and Danny are in London, I think that the meeting will be there, don’t you think?” now she sounded exasperated at him.

“I was in panic okay? After Deaton told me what I had to do I haven’t heard another word coming out of his mouth, so sorry if I’m a little bit confused Lyds,” he said to her turning again, “After I have the list I have to book tickets and accommodation for everyone, check luggage regulation and passports for those who come.”

“Blue list,” Lydia told him.

“I have to check the forecast, so that we can take the right clothes and not freeze nor sweat like hell.”

“Black list.”

“Since we are in Europe for once, and in a beautiful city like London, if it’s possible I’d like to do some sightseeing, so I’ll have to do some sort of itinerary.”

“Black list, but add the sightseeing to the things you have to ask at the meeting. You don’t know yet if you have to stay to the pack there all the time and if they’ll take you to visit the city themselves or not.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” He said writing on the board and staying in silence for a few seconds, thinking about what other things he had to do for this trip. “I’ll have to check the dollar-pound change, hoping it’s in our favour.”

“Blue list.”

“Right now I can’t come up with anything else, I think it’s better if I ask Derek and Scott to meet me as soon as possible so that we can decide who comes and call a pack meeting and start organizing.” He said, nodding to himself and searching his phone on the desk.

“Here,” said Lydia handing it to him, “See? It’s not that difficult if you just calm down a little. You’ll be fine Stiles. You are our emissary, don’t ever doubt it, okay?” she told him, squeezing his hand lightly and smiling at him.

He smiled back at her, then rolled his eyes and chuckled.

“God, you’ve watched the notebook too many times, you sap.” He moved behind her, “So now I’m going to hug you and ruffle your hair, be prepared.” He threatened, wiggling his fingers close to her.

“Touch my hair and you’ll be dead before anyone could hear my scream,” she told him, half turning on the chair and flicking him on the nose. He scrunched it and laughed, hugging her from the side. She leaned on him a little, resting her head on his shoulder, then her phone chimed and she was up and checking it.

“I have to go,” she told him, “Ally and I are going to do some shopping in an hour and I need to get ready. Call Derek and Scott, and Stiles?”

“Yes?” he asked her, reorganizing the books, papers and various thing on his desk.

“Don’t lose it. Keep calm and carry us on, right?” she smirked at him and with a twirl of red hair she was out of his room.

“Bye, Lyds!” he told her still chuckling.


He finished cleaning and reorganizing his desk and then sighed taking his phone and sitting on his bed.

Lydia was gone from ten minutes or so, and even though Stiles knew he could find at least ten reason to postpone this calls and the consequent meeting, he knew that the more he did it, the more the panic of screwing up will get to him and Lydia will have to come back to rescue him again. Probably to kill him this time.

The fact was that after all that happened in the last year, the pack was now united and strong, and Stiles wanted to help make it stronger and even more united. Since he convinced Derek and Scott to be Alpha’s of the same pack, things started to go better for everyone, and Stiles started his training as Emissary as soon as he finished high school. Scott decided to leave to Derek the place of Alpha of the pack, and be his second in command, because, as he said, he had a lot to learn, and Derek could teach him and learn with him as well. That had helped a lot too, now Derek was easier to talk to and a little less grumpy.

Well sometimes at least, usually when Stiles was involved he was always a sourwolf, but not as mean as he was when they first met.

That meant to Stiles that he had to prove to Derek that he deserved to be in the pack and that he could be useful even being human, or in part human since after all he had magic in him. The fact that Derek hadn’t protested when he started his emissary training didn’t mean that he was going to accept him as his pack’s emissary.

But arrived to this point if Stiles didn’t fuck this one up, he probably will be recognized by the Alpha as the official emissary of the Hale’s pack.

He took one deep breath and decided to call Derek first, and then tell Scott when they will met and if he could make it. He hoped Derek wasn’t sleeping, because a sleepy Derek was a grumpy Derek, and now Stiles wasn’t ready for a grumpy Derek.

The phone ringed two times before Derek picked up, and when he did Stiles’ heart missed a beat.

“Stiles?” Derek rough voice asked.

“Ye-yeah, it’s me. Did I wake you?”

“No, I was training with Cora and Peter. What do you need?”

“Well, Deaton assigned me the first duty – or the test duty, if you prefer – to see if I’m fit to be your pack emissary, and I have to organize the trip to strengthen the alliance with the pack that’s hosting Jackson and Danny. I wanted to meet with you to talk about who should come. I’ve got other things to ask you about it as well. I think Scott should be present as well, if you don’t mind.” Stiles started to talk as he always did when he was nervous, but tried to remember that Derek was his Alpha too now, and as an emissary, he had to give advice to him and accept it from him as well.

He breathed again deeply, waiting for Derek’s answer.

“Yes, of course…” he answered with a little confusion in his voice, “Scott can be there. When do you want to meet?” he asked then, he voice back to normal.

“It’s okay today before dinner? If we make it before dinner, I could cook for the whole pack and we can have a pack meeting for dinner and tell them, so tomorrow I’ll start with the most urgent things to do.”

“Yeah, seems fair. Be here at six with Scott?” Derek flexed he end of the sentence just in time to make it a question and not an order, and Stiles appreciated the effort.

“I think we can make it, I’ll call Scott now and then I’ll text you.”

“Okay, later then…” Derek paused, and snorted “emissary.” Stiles could hear the little smirk in his voice, but he knew that that was Derek’s way to say he was okay with it. For now.

“Yeah, yeah, later sourwolf,” he retorted chuckling lightly and hung up.

He closed his eyes for a moment, still smiling and thinking that this was going better than he thought it would.

He laid down on the bed and called Scott, thinking that he probably was almost at the end of his shift.

The first time he didn’t answer so Stiles started to prepare the things for the evening, thinking about what to cook for dinner for the whole pack. He always enjoyed cooking for all of them, and the kitchen at Derek’s was amazing.

He tried again when he had everything ready and 4pm where approaching, but Scott didn’t answer this time either. He was getting ready to take a shower when his phone started to ring and Scott’s photo flashed on his screen. He put on speaker and set the phone on his desk, and started choosing his clothes.

“Ehi, Scotty my boy! Finally,” he greeted him, “what where you doing?”

“Hi Stiles, sorry, we were operating a puppy who broke his leg and I couldn’t answer. It was a last time thing, but now he is better and he little owner happy. What’s the matter?” Scott’s bubbly voice came from the phone.

“Are you free later? We have to meet at Derek’s at six, we have something to discuss about the pack.”

“Is everything all right?” Scott asked, and Stiles could almost see his frown.

“Yes Scott, just things to discuss between us before telling the rest of the pack,” he answered.

“Is this an emissary-alpha thing?” he asked curious.

“Yeah, I guess, kind of.”

“Great, I like it! I’ll see you later then, I’ll be at yours at five thirty and we can go to Derek’s together, okay?”

“All right, I’ll go get a shower then. See you later buddy,” Stiles said and hung up as soon as Scott has said his goodbyes.


Stiles took a long relaxing shower, the water loosening his muscles and his hands roaming on his skin, lingering on the few scars that painted his body in the last years.

He would have gone a little bit further than that, but hey, after staying with werewolves for a short time, he understood that he shouldn’t underestimate their nose. Many embarrassing moment had already happened due to his crazy hormones, he wasn’t going to take a chance before a meeting important like this. Even though the extra relax would have been perfect for his nerves.

He just scrubbed himself quickly, trying not to think about anything or anyone particularly arousing, and it proved to be not a small effort when brown-green eyes and furrowed eyebrows came to his mind constantly.

Yes, Stiles had accepted his bisexuality as soon as he realized that Derek wasn’t really a threat to them, and that the strange sensations that he felt when he was near weren’t caused by fear, but by his crazy hormones all over the place for the grumpy werewolf.

But it was just a hormonal crush, so Stiles tried to keep it buried deep down and not let it influence his relationship with the pack, or his emissary duties. Like right now, he pushed all deep down and focused only on what the meeting would be about.

He turned off the water and grabbed a towel getting out of the shower. He towelled himself and then rubbed a little his hair, trying to dry them a little and fixing them in front of the mirror.

It was useless. Now that they were a little bit long, they stick in every direction, so he leaved like that for the moment, and went to his room to get dressed.

He put on one of his t-shirt, the one with the target on the centre of it, a plaid shirt and a pair of light-blue jeans. He looked for his shoes under the bed, hopping around the room to put them on.

He went back to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, tried to fix his hair a little more, setting them more on the side, but they stood up a little anyway. He sprayed himself with a little unscented deodorant (damn werewolf noses) and went back to his room to prepare his backpack.

It was almost five thirty when he finished putting in his pack the things he set aside earlier and some more, and the front door opened, signalling Scott’s arrival.

“Ehy, Stiles!” Scott’s voice came from downstairs, followed by his footsteps on the stairs to Stiles’ room.

“Hi buddy!” Stiles answered, turning around to greet him with a smile.

Scott’s dimpled smile mirrored his, and grabbing his backpack Stiles went to give him a one-sided hug.

“Let’s go then!” Scott said returning his hug, and headed for the stairs.

Stiles followed him, humming an unknown melody. He grabbed his wallet and his car keys from the table next to the front door and got out in the spring sun.

He locked the front door, knowing that his father won’t be back home for a long yet, but maybe he could make it for dinner at Derek’s. He will text him something later.


They were at Derek’s in a little more than ten minutes, his flat was at the top of the four stores building while the ones beneath were Cora’s and Peter’s. The whole Hale’s family decided to live in the same building but not having lived together for so long it would have been difficult to live in the same flat, so they renovated the old building and went to live there one on each apartment.

One was left free, and they used it for pack training, both supernatural creatures and humans.

They entered the building with the keys that Derek gave to the whole pack, but arrived at the top floor, Stiles went to knock on the door but Derek beat him to it by opening it before he could even raise his hand.

“Ehi,” he waved awkwardly at him, followed by Scott and Derek gave them both a nod and turned around, knowing that they will follow him inside.

Derek’s flat was some sort of an open space, with a big kitchen linked to the living room by an arc, the big marble and wood isle in the middle of it. Derek usually used it just as a table, but Stiles loved Derek’s kitchen because it was spacious and hey, it had an island. That was amazing. When they ate here and he cooked, he could watch the rest of the pack mingling, bonding Derek would say, in the living room, while he hummed and walked around the kitchen preparing their food.

Stiles noted that he was barefoot, lazily heading for the couch and flopping himself there, where the sun from the windows warmed the black leather. He looked a little bit like a puppy in the sun. A grumpy, composed puppy, but a puppy none the less.

Scott took a seat on the armchair next to the couch, sprawling himself on it, legs dangling on the armrest, already relaxed and feeling at home.

Stiles stood still in front of them for a moment, watching the scene in front of his eyes and asking himself if those two were really his Alpha and his second in command.

At Derek’s arched eyebrow towards him, Stiles regained the function of his legs and went to sit on the soft carpet that covered the whole floor under and around the couch and the armchairs. He stretched his legs under the coffee table and rested his back on the armchair at the other side of the couch, opposite to Scott and at Derek’s right.

He set his backpack next to him and took a deep breath.

“So,” he said, smirking lightly towards Scott and Derek “where shall we begin?”