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The Art of Blackmail

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It all started with Hunter and a tape recorder.

He hit the play button and all of a sudden had control of Sebastian's life. It was a tape that Sebastian remembered well. It was the tape of an arrogant Sebastian confessing to Santana his crimes against Blaine. Kurt had given it back to Sebastian, telling Sebastian he wasn't worth it. He had no idea how Hunter got hold of it. Sebastian felt extreme regret over what he had done to Blaine, but had started to forget. He had started to let go.

"Where did you get that?" he demanded of his fellow Warbler.

"The where is unimportant, don't you think?" Hunter asked casually, stopping the tape. "It's the fact that I have it that we need to discuss."

“What are you planning on doing with the tape?” Sebastian asked. He was not going to beat around the bush with Hunter. He could smell blackmail from a mile away. Up until he turned a new leaf, Sebastian would have been the one doing the blackmailing. He took a step forward and stared the brand new Warbler down. He was not going to act like he was scared, even though the idea of the tape getting out had him pretty terrified.

“I’m planning on using it to secure my new position,” Hunter said casually, as if he wasn’t talking blackmailing the boy in front of him. “After all, I know for a fact that you’re not too pleased that I was appointed captain of the Warblers.”

“I don’t care about that,” Sebastian said. He wasn’t pleased with the idea of Hunter taking over the Warblers, but at the same time he wanted the guys to win and he knew that Hunter had a history of victory. He also was kind of glad that the responsibility had been lifted off of his back.

“Also,” Hunter said, “I really need myself a right hand man, so to speak. I need someone who supports me unconditionally, in order to show the Warblers what a fit leader I am. I will be asking you to do some simple tasks for me, Sebastian. I am asking you to do whatever I say. If you go along with my plans, then this little tape is a nonissue. It stays right where it is. If you disobey me, however, I am going to be sending it to the Dalton Board of Directors, a board my grandfather Colonel Clarington has just recently joined. “Hunter took a step towards Sebastian and looked him in the eyes. “Sebastian,” he said softly. “He and I will make sure that not only are you expelled from Dalton, but that no college in the country will take you. So, play nice, alright?”

Sebastian didn’t know how valid Hunter’s threats were but a sudden submissiveness crept into his very being. He gave the other a small, fearful nod and Hunter smiled. “Very awesome,” he said. “I’ll be in touch Sebastian, when I have a request.”

Sebastian was left feeling alone, scared and maybe just a little bit violated.

Hunter called him up for a favor the day after the Warblers decided to steal New Directions’ stupid Nationals trophy. The other Warblers had only been in favor of it because it was a ploy to draw Blaine back. They would always love him, even the ones who had never even met the guy. Sebastian walked into the practice room with a terrible sense of trepidation. Whatever Hunter wanted him to do could not be good. He swore inwardly that he would never allow himself to hurt Blaine again, no matter what dirt Hunter had on him. “Hunter,” he said as he walked in, “if you plan on having me do anything to Blaine you can forget it.”

“Aw, does Sebastian have a little crush?” the boy asked with a mocking voice that at the same time was a little bored. “You must think I’m sadistic or something. I simply want you to wait at the foot of the grand staircase for Blaine. He’ll be arriving sometime today, I’m sure.”

“What?” Sebastian asked, confused by the request. He looked at Hunter who shrugged. The stupid cat that he brought into the Warblers with him jumped up onto the desk in front of him. Hunter stroked his back and shrugged again. He hated that nonchalant expression that seemed to remain permanently on his face, except for when he was leading the Warblers in practice. That was the only time he got serious. “How do you know when he’ll show?”

“He’ll show up eventually.” Hunter said the words with a dangerous air of finality. “I want you to wait, as long as it takes Sebastian. Don’t think twice about crossing me, because it will cost you absolutely everything.”

Sebastian waited for hours for Blaine to show. He stood at the foot of the staircase until the back of his legs started to ache. People passed him and looked at him like he was going crazy, but still he waited. He tried to shrug it off because he was just doing what he had to do, but really he was scared. He was absolutely terrified. Hunter had an immense power over him and he had to do what the asshole said until he figured out how to deal with it.

When Blaine finally showed up Sebastian was overwhelmed by his relief. He tried his best to act like everything was okay, but Blaine blowing him off nearly drove him to the edge. He had honestly tried to be a better person for Blaine but Blaine just blew him off. Now Hunter had him gripped by the balls and Sebastian wanted to give up. Sebastian brought Blaine to Hunter like a good little boy and then wallowed in frustration. This had to get better, soon, didn’t it?

Unfortunately instead of getting better it actually got a lot worse. Hunter had grown comfortable with his hold on Sebastian and decided to use it for other gains. The next time that he called Sebastian in to the practice room for a private chat, the sexual overtones were quite obvious. His hand stroked up Sebastian’s arm and he wore a smile that was predatory at best. “I’ve been thinking about our little arrangement,” Hunter said, the shit-eating grin on his face enough to make Sebastian want to punch him.

“And just what have you been thinking about?” Sebastian asked, looking at Hunter with as brave of an expression as he could muster. This asshole was not going to drive him down to the ground with vague threats.

Hunter walked up next to him and his fingers trailed down Sebastian’s shoulder in a long, lingering way that sent shivers up his spine. He had to hand it to the creeper that he had sexual harassment down to an art form. Sebastian glared at him as hard as he possibly could.

“I want you to blow me, Smythe,” Hunter said, the words delicate and proper on his tongue. “I mean that both figuratively and literally, of course.”

“Please tell me you’re not asking me to get anywhere near your disease ridden dick,” Sebastian said, recoiling at the words. He looked Hunter in the eye and he could tell that the other boy was dead serious about his threats.

“I’m telling you to get down on your whore knees and do the same thing you’ve done to hundreds of guys. I’m not asking for anything.”

Inches away from Hunter, Sebastian stared him down but Hunter stared back, his gaze just as unrelenting. Sebastian was absolutely terrified of the threats but he wasn’t about to show it. “You’re not gay,” he said. “You’re not even remotely bi-curious if I can quote the line you’ve given about sixteen gay boys since you got here.”

“I do, however, like power. Meet me in my room in an hour Sebastian, or the tape goes viral. We have a deal?”

Sebastian paused for a moment and he couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“We have a deal,” he said.