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He is pushed into the tub, where he lays down on the hard and warm porcelain. It is sunny outside so the tub has become warm. He is wearing rags, clothes pulled and torn, the simple yellow pendant that hangs from a thin but sturdy chain lay on his chest and looks dulled and diseased like the eye of a dead rat. It is the only thing that he usually wears, the rags merely a costume to set the play that is to come next. Nearly a dozen men are milling around, big and hairy and with big bulges in their boxers and underwear. They are present for a party and they are going to have fun.

The guests drink. They drink water, beer, wine, coolers, shakes, anything they want, chilled or hot. They are in a garden that lays beautifully before an old two storied house surrounded by acres of thick forests and spells carved into ancient trees that protect the house and its master. There are also runes that make the house and its surrounding area like the garden private with no possibility of sounds or images captured from there. It is basically a fantastic place to have discreet fun and that is certainly what the host had planned. Some of the guests are looking eagerly towards the lone boy sitting in the tub in the middle of the garden and smile wickedly.

There are also a few stands and tables on which lay equipments of pleasure. There were vibrators, cock rings, gag rings, copious amount of lube, flavoured and unflavored and many things more. There were also sturdy chairs placed here and there in groupings of three of four for people to sit as well as a breeding bench to fuck someone. The bar that lay at one end of the arrangement was serving drinks to all the guests while the host sat in a chair, highest of the lot and looked on in pleasure. The men had been drinking for an hour or so and were requested to hold in their urine for hours prior to the party in the invitation.

The host got up and a buzz went through the small crowd. The host, an older gent with cruel lips and brutal eyes, ran a hand through his scant white hair and pushed it back a bit before coming to stand before the boy, a teen, around 16 or 17, who was lying still in the tub as if it were a bed. The old man snapped his fingers once and the boy immediately got up to his knees, his thighs splayed and his head tipped back, his hands on his thighs in loose fists and his mouth open. The old man opened his pants and pulled out his cock. The boy’s eyes followed the movement and he licked his lips once. The old man started peeing on the boy, aiming for his open mouth and face.

The boy gulped down a mouthful every now and then, but let most of the pee fall from his mouth onto his body and torn clothes. The urine smelled acrid, as if the old man had been holding it in for hours. His stream tapered off and he gave another snap of his fingers. The boy lunged forward and took the man’s cock in his mouth, licking it clean and drinking the few drops off its tip. The old man gave a grunt of satisfaction and stepped back and the boy shuffled back into the middle of the tub. The end of the tub had been closed with a stopper do that the little urine the man had peed on the boy now wet the floor of the tub.

The old man stepped back and gave a slight nod and all the other man started stepping forward till they were standing in a close circle around the tub with the boy in it, their cocks in their hands while they decided as to which part of the boy to lay claim to. One just started peeing, aiming at the boy’s face, almost trying to blind him with the strong jet of urine that smelled even worse that the old man’s had and looked really yellow. The other joined in, each dedicated to soak the boy in their waste and make him smell like a urinal for days. One with a big cock clicked his fingers at the boy and the immediately shuffled to him and took his peeing member into his mouth.

The man was still peeing, so the boy kept his mouth open for the urine to trickle out from the side while he moved the cock in and out of his mouth, sometimes letting it splash onto his face. Some of the others had stopped peeing when the boy moved fellate the peeing guy, but once they saw what he did, they pushed in to pee inside his mouth as well. By the time everyone was done, there was about a foot of yellow and very smelly pee in the tub and the boy was sitting in it, his swelling cock floating in the water. Not only the host and the guest had peed on him, but the bartenders and the few workers who moved the furniture about peed on the boy as well.

Someone pushed the boy so that he was lying in the cooling piss and then they left to have another round of drinks before the next part of the fun was to begin. After 15 minutes, the boy thoroughly soaked and shivering a bit in the yellow water that was seriously stinking up the place, the host came to him and ordered him to get out. Splashing urine all over the ground, the boy got out of the tub, dripping cold pee and then was ordered to stand some feet away near which a water hose was running. A man came over and took the hose to the boy, cleaning him with force so that he stepped this way and that due to the force of the water. The guests jeered on as he fell down once into the mud that had formed under him.

After the pee had been washed off him, he was dragged onto the middle of the chairs and breeding benches and placed there, shivering under the sun because the water had been really cold. One of the guests got up and took a hold of the torn tee that the boy was wearing and ripped it right off his body. He was pale and lean and moles doted his body as they did his face. There was hardly any hair on his chest and when they ripped his shorts, barely hanging on his slight frame, they saw that his pubes had been buzzed off. The man who had ripped his tee started fondling his cock that had gone down during the impromptu shower and it immediately started to harden. He pushed the boy to his knees right there and then and looked on with delight when his immediate reaction on being forced to his knees was open his mouth open wide.

He looked some more at the boy before him, his wide brown eyes that looked at him without any intent or will. It was a doll, perfect for using and manhandling, just a fuck doll. He fed his hard cock to the open mouth and pushed in suddenly cutting off all access to air. The boy didn’t let out even one twitch, just sucking the cock in his mouth and swallowing around the obstruction in his throat. The man, who was very happy with the length of his penis, pulled his cock out and rammed it back in, setting up a quick rhythm while he skull fucked the boy roughly. Another man came up behind the boy, adjusted his hip so that his back was straight before dribbling some lube into his ass crack and starting to finger him.

He was three fingers deep with the minute and soon put his cock into the boy’s tight little asshole. He gave deep thrusts that shoved the boy more into the cock into his mouth and everyone looked on while pulling on their cocks at the display. There was not one muscle that pushed against the rough treatment, one peep out of him to stop or to slow down. He just took it all beautifully and got everyone else that much excited to try out the new toy. Both the men fucking the boy came in him at the same time and the boy almost blacked out because the man in his mouth did not let him up easily.

He coughed and sputtered onto the grass while a hand guided him onto one of the breeding bench, strapping him in before he was put to use again. They ran a train on his ass and mouth, his face sticky with cum, his ass dripping with the others’ spend and the boy just took it and took. So many people fucked him that his stomach distended a bit, filled with the cum and urine. He himself came twice between the fucking without anyone laying a hand on his cock, and he was hard again as a big guy, with perhaps a feet long cock fucked his ass till it was gaping and squelching filthily.

The host was inside the house now, taking rest before dinner that would be held inside the house, letting his guests have their fill with his toy. There was another installment to tonight’s fun and the boy was gonna make beautiful noises then. They left the boy to dribble onto the grass, his body reeking of cum, urine and sweat and they chatted among themselves. Sometimes one would get up and go to the boy and pee on him before coming back, usually on his face, or fuck his sloppy ass or open mouth one more time. One kept spitting on the back of his neck, calling him a ‘filthy fucking whore’. Another put out his cigar on the boy’s hips with a hiss from the flesh.

The guests were getting meaner in their bid to get a reaction out of the boy when they were called in for dinner. Two men, not guests, shoved the hose into the boy’s asshole till all the cum came out. They also force fed him the water so that soon he was heaving all that cum he had eaten into the grass and leaving him empty and clean for the rest of the entertainment. The yellow of the pendant shone balefully in the evening light as they toweled him dry before tugging him towards the end of the house. Preparations had to be made to make him presentable again. There were some more guests coming soon after all, and they were not human at all.

The dinner was a success, the guests sitting in fluffy robes after having taken a light shower. Delicious food decorated the long table set before them and glasses and tumblers had to refilled quickly. Everyone ate their fill, drank till they were slurring their words a bit and sat back while the table was cleared off. The table was a strange construct. It was oval in shape and it dipped down in the middle that was covered by a retractable glass shelf that had held the dishes while they had dined. Dinner done, the shelf was pulled away and the guests were advised to push their chair back for a bit.

After everyone had seated themselves in accordance, the boy was pulled into the room, in three inch high heels, with a bustier that lay just below his nipples and blue silk panties, barrettes clipped onto his short hair on one side, clip on earrings hanging from his ears and makeup applied onto his face very badly so that he looked quite whorish. His hard cock pushed against the delicate elastic of his panties and strained the front of it with his pre-cum. Although no one could see it yet, he was also wearing a generously lubed plug that was fat and short and kept his asshole gaping from the gangbang he had just hours before.

He was pushed on teetering legs and pushed onto the table where he was ordered to get on his knees and hands in the dipped middle. His cheeks were blooming pink and his breath short. He looked like an absolute slut and eager to get fucked. The guests were wondering if they would have to climb the table this time when they heard the sharp clicks of heavy paws coming towards them. They turned as whole to the door and saw a massive dog step in the light of the dinning room. Some gasped. This was no ordinary dog. Its eyes were gleaming red and it’s fangs were supernaturally sharp and long. This was a were.

Before the guest could scoot away in fear or to get to their weapons, the old man snapped his finger once again and the wolf jumped onto the table. It was growling faintly. It went up to the boy and licked his panty covered ass. The boy whimpered at that, his cock weeping so much pre cum that his panties were thoroughly soaked in the front was dripping a drop or two onto the table. The were nudged his nose into the boys panty and pushed it aside to lick at his plug filled ass with long swipes of his rough tongue. The boy was openly crying now and he looked absolutely debauched.

The guests were feeling aroused again at seeing such reaction on his face. They pissed on him and fucked him repeatedly and he didn’t make one sound and now this were, this dirty disgusting were who was better off dead was licking his ass and he was just about to come in his pretty little girl panties. One of the guests leaned forward, to do what, even he didn’t know, but the were gave a threatening growl towards him and made a show of his fangs while his claws drew lines on the surface of the wooden table. The man sat back and the were turned back after a moment to lick some more. He bathed the boy’s backside with his drool and the boy pressed his ass back into his face.

The were then put his teeth on the rim of the plug and swiftly pulled the plug away, letting it fall from his mouth before diving into the boy’s ass which was gaping wide, wide and let his tongue lick right into him. The boy gave a faint little scream at that, his head tipped forward onto his hands where his nails glimmered scarlet, the nailpolish shimmering in the light, his back bowed and his thighs open to let the were in easily. The were licked and licked till the boy came with a shout and fell down onto the table, weeping messily so that his badly applied makeup made him look completely filthy, his lipstick smeared all over the lower half of his face and tear tracks running through the eyeliner and makeup. Snot was smeared on the top of his lips and his mouth was open as he looked like he was in physical pain.

The were pushed at the boy’s hip till he turned over and this time swathed his face with his rough licks, his fat tongue catching on the boy’s lips so that every now and then he was licking his mouth and teeth as well. The were licked till his face was clean of the makeup and tears and snot and proceeded to make out with the boy, who kissed him back in return. The were kept pushing his tongue into the boy’s mouth and the boys kept licking the tongue and the fangs he could reach, his hands encircling the were’s body while it’s massive cock drooled onto the boy’s stomach. Then the were would pull his head back and drool into the boy’s mouth and the boy would lick everything within reach.

The guests were already pulling on their cocks at this display when the host snapped his fingers again and the were stepped back from the boy with one last tongue flick. The boy was crying again. The were pushed at his legs till the boy lifted his ass a bit and then the were sunk his cock into the hole in one swift motion, punching out a loud gasp from the boy. The were was big, bigger than the men he had taken during the day and he let out sweet little moans when his ass burned at the rapid thrust of the were. The were’s face was over the boy’s again and soon they were kissing again, the boy’s face shining with drool and spit, his hands clutched onto the were’s fur and rubbing his hard cock into it.

They fucked for a few minutes till the boy started to make pained sounds. The guests could see why. The were was knotting the boy. The boy was almost screaming by the time the were was done knotting him, sobs jerking his body with equal force as the thrusts the animal gave the boy. The were tried to lick the tears away, but the boy was crying too much for the licking to do anything. It did not lessen the strength of the hold the boy had on the were’s fur. The knot has been massive, so it could talk anything from half an hour to three quarters of an hour for it to go down. Not that there was anything else to do, except to punch fist his loose boy cunt.

So the host encouraged the guests to give their one last cum shot into a glass cup and then had the boy drink it up while still knotted to the were. The were kept growling and snarling at the man who held the cup to the boy but it didn’t made any attempts to bite or harm anyone. It’s spelled pendant was red in colour and was hidden in the fur, but the shift did not lessen the hold of the spell controlling him one bit. The guests took their leave, wondering aloud where ever he found out such play things, and their host, Gerard Argent, just smiled enigmatically.

After the were’s knot swelled down, he was tazed till he shifted back into a human and then the boy and the were dragged to a cell and thrown onto the dirty mattress with the moldy blanket. After they closed the door, the were, who was named Peter Hale, came near the boy and looked him over, his mouth pressed into a thin line and his eyes filled with empathic pain and regret. Stiles, for the boy’s name was Stiles got caught in a hunt with Peter and this was all his fault. Stiles was, or at least used to be, his nephew Derek’s boyfriend. Gerard Argent, the host of the party where they had just played as playthings for him, put spells on Peter and Stiles, gaining complete control over them.

Peter was able to fight the spell a bit when he shifted from were to human, his wolf giving him scant minutes to realize how bad of a bind they were in. Stiles, Stiles never surfaced, his reactions to Peter in his wolf form quite possibly merely muscle memory from his time with Derek. Peter assumed that they played with animal form sometimes, hence his immediate reaction to Peter’s wolf body although he could not even get a raised heartbeat from Stiles in his human form. Peter pulled Stiles to him and wound his body around Stiles’s slight one. Just as once Derek had been his favourite, Stiles had been his favourite as well, his smarts and his uncanny ability to come save anyone as the last minute.

As he held the small boy to his chest, Peter wondered if someone was going to come save them too.