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You can't say no to puppy eyes

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Jake was starting to regret his decision. As he stood in the bowl made of cold plastic with Jade towering over him, he realized that agreeing to help with something when he didn’t have the daftest clue what it was about was a mistake. But Jade was his grandmother, so he had agreed without thinking much about the matter.

Jade wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, so he could clearly make out her knotted, slightly furry cock and her tail wagging about excitedly.

“are you ready jake?” she asked him.

He was about to tell her off and back out of it before he noticed her face. It was the same giddy expression that a pup would have on its face right before getting a treat. Jake just didn’t have the heart to say no.

“Im ready when youre ready.” He nodded.

Jade reached down and gently lifted him up by the cape of his lemon shaded god tier outfit. She opened her mouth and stuck het tongue out, dropping him onto the soft we surface of it. She lapped Jake into her mouth and then shut her jaws behind him, sealing all the light away aside from the occasional pulses of unnatural illumination that were probably from whatever sort of odd powers Jade had acquired.

The tongue he was on lapped over him a few times, soaking him in saliva before it tossed him to the back of Jade’s awaiting throat. The tunnel of flesh Jake plumped into moved him along easily and quickly. It was disorienting and he had quite a bit of trouble telling which way was up as the muscles tugged at him.

Finally however, the space opened into the large chamber of Jade’s stomach. Jake instantly saw green light around him as he grew an inch or two. He was about waist deep in the partially digested sludge that used to be her dinner. Jake could still make out part of a steak in the mess around him.

“Not to be a bother but why on earth did you make me larger?” He wasn’t sure if she could hear him at all, but it was worth a go.

“if I didn’t make you a little bigger than I wouldn’t be full. I need you to be my dessert.”

“Dessert?! Blimey you will let me out of here wont you?!”

He could hear her laugh. “of course I will silly! Ill let you out in a few days with the rest of my food.”

Suddenly, the walls started to squeeze in against Jake. They kneaded and pressed at him, massaging acid into his skin and clothes. It burned and blistered. He could already make out his clothes sliding off of him in yellow globs and the red marks of his skin being painfully stripped off of his body to reveal flesh. He screamed out in agony as he violently thrashed against the walls moving all around him. Jade’s voice boomed again.

“hehe! That tickles Jake!”

After a while though, Jake lost his energy. He felt his body give in to the crushing, pulsing, walls. He started to lose his shape bit by bit as Jade’s stomach worked on him. The sharp angles of his body were melted down, turning him into a blob of flesh and bones.

Jake closed his eyes, letting his consciousness slip away.