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Strong Intentions: The Bonus Version IV - Character Interviews

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I hadn’t imagined how big a project Strong Intentions was. At the same time, interviewing my favorite canon characters, along with some original characters, was a surprising turn of events. I just happened to be working on the next chapter for Strong Intentions when out of nowhere, Gandalf showed up wearing his white robes.

“Miss Breuer, I’m surprised to see you at this hour, working non-stop on your stories,” Gandalf said. Was he trying to get something out of me? What did he want?

“What do you want?” I asked. I was surprised how calm I was. I had only frozen up for a few seconds.

“I’m here because I thought it might be wise, not just to work on your stories, but to also interview your favorite – how shall I put this – characters,” he explained. When I didn’t budge, he forced me to stand up, “Come on. You need a break. Frodo is waiting, and so are those from Storybrooke and Middle-earth, and they’d like to get started.”

I thought this was over my head. “Frodo?” Okay, maybe I was interested.

“Yes. Now, you travel through this portal. We have a room set up especially for this occasion,” he replied. Eh… maybe this was over my head. I didn’t know.

Either way, the second I traversed through the invisible barrier, I was in a room with only one window. The room looked more like a stage. Wait… were there going to be singing penguins? Or maybe Frodo was going to perform? Yes, I realized I had very strange ideas, but this wasn’t a moment to perplex. Finding the lone chair, sitting in front of a small stands, I sat down and pulled out the clipboard from off the chair. Questions formed. Wait… these were all my questions, questions I’ve been meaning to ask Frodo and the other characters for a long time. And now I had the opportunity to do just that.

“Okay, bring in the first group,” I said, ready to get started. I didn’t know if the interviews would help with what I was doing, but maybe they were better for reminiscing, and not giving away too many spoilers for my series… or so I hoped they wouldn’t do just that.

A door opened, which led to a small group of characters to sit down in the stands. Wow, they looked so real. Were they real or was I dreaming? Anyway, the moment I saw Frodo, I froze. Not like freezing up when your cold, but the sort of freezing up in which you can hardly say two words to anyone, especially our favorite characters. I wasn’t prepared for this…

“Aria, it’s okay. It’s just me.” Frodo sat down in the first row. Boy, did he look handsome. “So, let’s begin.”

I was nervous, and yet the second I broke eye contact I thought I might lose him. I looked up again and he didn’t budge. He was still there. Good. Now maybe we could get the interview process done and over with. How much fun this would be remained to be seen.