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Strong Intentions: The Bonus Version III - The Blooper Reels

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Part 1 – The First Curse


Prologue – Rumplestiltskin’s Potion Chamber, Dark Castle, the Enchanted Forest – Take 1

“Ready, and smile Rumple!” Aria Breuer called from behind the camera.

“Dark Ones and Dark Lords don’t smile,” Rumplestiltskin said in a straight face. He commenced with his potion making, as the crew laughed. A smirking grin stretched on his face.

Episode 1 Teaser – Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“Rumplestiltskin, I… whoa!” Frodo Baggins/Asher Beutel saved himself from falling over a loose rock. He picked up the rock and threw it into the street, causing a car horn to sound. An exaggerated smile crossed his face. “Whoops. Sorry there, car.”

“Go again, and pick up that rock!” Aria shouted from behind the camera.

“Yes, let’s treat the rock with respect.” He said, mimicking the director/authoress, “Would you like tea with that?” As he intended, the crew, cast and Aria laughed.

Episode 1 Teaser – Emma’s Yellow Slug Bug Car – Nighttime – Take 3

“And you believe a curse will solve all your problems?” Emma Swan asked Henry Mills, right as a car horn sounded. She asked, surprised, “Wow.”

“What was that?” Henry asked, confused.

Chapter 6/4 – Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop, Storybrooke, Maine – Daytime – Take 5

“Let’s get this over with,” Frodo/Asher told Mr. Gold/Rumplestlitskin. A loud horn sounded near the set. He waited for the horn to finish blowing, before telling Emma and Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin, “Sorry.” With that note, there was much laughter on set.

Chapter 5/3 – The Bank, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

“Here’s the amount…” Gimli/Orville Lusk tried pulling the card out, but failed several times. He eventually grabbed a notepad and wrote down a fake amount, causing Frodo/Asher to laugh.

Chapter 9/7 – Frodo and Sam’s Tent, Aragorn’s Campsite, the Woods, Storybrooke, Maine – Daytime – Take 1

“Kurt, why did you…” Frodo/Asher stopped at the sound of the heavy rain. He laughed uncontrollably. Samwise Gamgee/Curtis Greenhow was just as shocked.

“I think the rain machine’s turned on too high!” Sam/Curtis shouted.

“Maybe it is,” he agreed, finding it hard to talk when laughing. His best friend and gardener smiled.

Chapter 11/9 – Village, the Enchanted Forest, Fairy Tale Land – Daytime – Take 1

Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took rode into the village. However, Pippin’s horse started backing up, causing Merry’s horse to whinny. Some of the horse wranglers ran out to help them.

Chapter 4/2 – Downtown Storybrooke, Maine – Nighttime – Take 1

“You didn’t find any friends,” Sam/Curtis said.

“I’m a loner, Sam…” Frodo/Asher stopped. The beagle Shiloh and the Dalmatian Pongo barked at one another on set. He replied, “I may not be for long.” He waited until Pongo was out of range before petting the beagle. Shiloh wagged his tail at him, allowing Frodo to continue stroking his back, head and ears.

Chapter 7/5 – Nolan House, Storybrooke, Maine – Nighttime – Take 2

“Keep your business with Mr. Beutel strictly that,” Regina Mills/Evil Queen fired at Sam/Curtis, venomously.

“Wow. What did I do?” Frodo/Asher asked aloud.

“I don’t know!” Sam/Curtis shouted dramatically.

Chapter 14/12 – Frodo’s Car, Storybrooke, Maine – Dayttime – Take 1

Whooah!” Frodo/Asher yelped. His body lunged forward as the blast hit the car. After the blast, he announced, excited, “Wow!” Some of the crew cackled.

Chapter 8/6 – The Rabbit Hole Bar, Storybrooke, Maine – Nighttime – After Take 1

“Ready.” Legolas and Gimli said at the same time. “One, two, three… drink!” They drank down the shot of whiskey in one gulp.

Chapter 8/6 – The Rabbit Hole Bar, Storybrooke, Maine – Nighttime – After Take 2

“Drink!” Legolas/Phillip and Gimli/Ori said a second time, drinking another shot of whiskey down in one gulp. This time, Gimli’s eyes widened.

“Wow. What’s in that? Raspberry?” Gimli asked. The crew chuckled in various moments. Even Legolas laughed, but Gimli didn’t notice. He was too fixated on the whiskey.

Chapter 8/6 – Schoolhouse, Storybrooke, Maine – Daytime – Take 2

Legolas/Phillip dropped a metallic stick on the floor. “Bugger. I’ll get it.”

“Just like an elf to drop things,” Gandalf/Michael De Witte said, teasing.

Chapter 14/12 – Snow and Charming’s Wedding, Fairy Tale Land – After Take 1

Frodo and the invited guests at Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding danced around joyously. There wasn’t a set dance, just people doing a freeform series of dances. Frodo even did a little dance with his index finger flying into the air and back down to his hip several times.

Chapter 13/11 – Blanchard Loft, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“Let’s cut it,” Frodo/Asher said, talking to Emma by the punch bowl.

End of Blooper Reel, Part 1

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Part 2 – Broken


Episode 2 – Downtown Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“Group huddle!” Aria shouted from behind the camera.

Sam/Curtis, Merry/Donovan, and Pippin/Edric huddle around Frodo/Asher. The result: much confusion and laugher from the four hobbits. However, they didn’t let go of each other.

“Maybe we should huddle more often,” Pippin/Edric asked.

“Keep Frodo warm,” Merry/Donovan said.

“I didn’t say anything.” Awkwardness crept up on Frodo/Asher. “Can we let go now? This is getting embarrassing.”

Chapter 3/2 – Town Line, Storybrooke, Maine – Before Take 1

“Now remember,” Frodo/Asher told his three hobbit friends, “If we cross the line, we get cursed again.” He approached Pippin/Edric, startling him, “Pippin,” he couldn’t keep a straight face, “step over the town line.”

“You are very gigglish, Frodo,” Pippin said with a straight face.

“I know,” Frodo walked away, hardly containing himself.

Chapter 2/1 – Alatar and Pallando’s Tower, Eastern Middle-earth – Take 3

Rider drops a book on the stone floor. He attempts to pick it up, but fails by dropping the book a few times.

“Bugger,” Alatar told him, “that’s powerful stuff right now.”

Rider smiles, choking back a laugh.

Chapter 7/6 – Balion’s Campsite, Bree-land, Middle-earth – Take 2

“Believe me, there’s lots of reasons to be scared of orcs and wolves,” Balion told the blonde-haired ranger, energetically. He realized his mistake, “I’m sorry, that was supposed to be the other way around.”

Chapter 4/3 – Granny’s Diner, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

“I’m sorry,” Granny/Widow Lucas told Frodo/Asher and Ruby/Red Riding Hood, “the chicken’s in the oven.” Frodo/Asher couldn’t help chuckling at this reaction.

Chapter 8/7 – Granny’s Diner, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 4

“You don’t think Regina’s gonna change, do you?” Frodo/Asher asked his friends, heartfelt. He continued teasing his friends, even as Sam/Curtis laughed, “Huh Sam? Huh?”

Chapter 5/4 – Hospital, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

Dr. Whale/Viktor Frankenstein dropped his stethoscope in front of Frodo/Asher. The hobbit man was surprised, but chuckled lightly at the random effort.

Chapter 2/1 – Alatar and Pallando’s Tower – Take 4

“Hey!” Rider announced, making a mock expression of gladness. He was received with applause from Alatar and Pallando.

Chapter 5/4 – Healing House, the Shire, Middle-earth – Take 1

Folco Boffin entered the healing house with a fistful of green herbs. As he approached Diamond Took, he jutted out, “Diamond, I have the herbs you asked for… blah! That was the right line.” He walked back to his first position.

Diamond shook her head at him. “Unbelievable.”

Chapter 5/4 – The Bench, The Shire, Middle-earth – Take 2

“How is he? The hobbit you were trying to save,” Folco asked, waiting for the next line.

Diamond broke out-of-character, for she was unable to stop laughing. She told him, sheepish and softly, “I’m sorry, Folco.” Folco burst into laughter as well.

Chapter 3/2 – The Town Line, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin did various random dances, where Frodo swayed his hips several times and the other hobbits jumped up and down in the air. However, Sam immediately took the leader role, by telling the four hobbits, announcing: “All right, knock it off! We only have twenty-four hours to do this scene! Let’s get it done.”

“Wow,” Frodo spoke into the behind-the-scenes camera, shocked at his friend’s reaction.

Chapter 6/5 – Dwarf Mines, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“Hey!” The seven dwarves plus Gimli and Legolas kicked their legs into the air several times. “Hey! Hey!” They continued this chant for a short while, before Legolas broke out-of-step and ended up giggling uncontrollably. The crew followed, for Legolas’ laugh was as contagious as Frodo’s laugh.

Chapter 10/9 – Downtown Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“You have a dog!” Merry/Donovan pointed to Shiloh, who Frodo had on a leash. Frodo broke into laughter, while Gandalf/Michael told them:

“Hobbits,” Gandalf teased, “you never can stop giggling. You’re as bad as Legolas.” This only set Frodo off into further laughter.

“Maybe we should name the dog after you: Frodo the Laughing-Stock, because you can’t stop giggling,” Merry teased as well. Frodo burst into more laughter, unable to contain himself.

Chapter 9/8 – Hook’s Room, Hospital, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“Hahahahahah!” Hook laughed, unable to kick the habit. Frodo/Asher stood over his bed, trying to remember his lines.

“Can we please just focus?” Frodo asked, doing his best to keep in-character.

Chapter 5/4 – The Stables, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

A horse sneezed in his stall. The only words that came out of Merry/Donovan’s mouth as he moved the hay into the wheelbarrow were, “Gesundheit.”

Chapter 10/9 – Regina’s House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

“You are a handsome man,” Cora told Sauron, impressed by him.

“Why thank you,” Sauron lunged in and kissed her on the cheek.

Regina had no words, other than astonishment. She looked to the camera and said, “Wow.”

Chapter 9/8 – Hospital, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“And you…” Emma pointed to each person, hobbit, etc. “…and me, we… ah!” She broke out-of-character, in frustration. Only the cast and crew laughed at her reaction, more with her than at her.

Chapter 12/11 – Storybrooke, Maine – After Take 5

Frodo spoke to the behind-the-scenes camera, “Do I look like I’m revealing any info to you? Hmm?” He moved in closer to the camera until he got his face into it. He walked away, chuckling in a teasing manner.

End of Blooper Reel, Part 2

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Part 3 – Setting Sail


Chapter 3/2 – Aragorn’s House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

Aragorn/Hadrian tightened a screw in the wooden clock with elvish designs. He stopped upon meeting the gaze of the camera. He told the camera, jokingly, “You see, folks. This is how you fix a clock.” There was stifled laughter in the background. “It’s a very complicated device.”

Chapter 6/5 – Neverland – Take 2

“Who says I don’t have that?” Peter Pan recovered slightly, “I’m sorry. That was the line. Can I get another take?”

“You had it,” Frodo/Asher told him, pleased with his efforts.

“I want to get it right. Can we start again?” Pan asked, curious.

Chapter 8/7 – Downtown Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

Frodo/Asher jabbed his sword into Sauron’s shadow’s cloak, making it seem like he killed the Shadow of Sauron. Only when he released his sword, he panted several times.

“Are you all right? Sauron?” Frodo announced, upstarting laughter from himself, the Shadow of Sauron and the cast and crew on set.

Chapter 5/4 – Cave, Neverland – Take 1

“I’m sorry. What’s the line again?” Tinker Bell asked, quite confused. Frodo/Asher chuckled, unsure what was happening.

Chapter 5/4 – Orc Tree, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 5

“Where am I?” Legolas/Phillip asked the grotesque orc. They were inside a tree with a wooden table littered with papers, while Legolas was tied by ropes to a wooden chair.

“Are you testing me, dwarf?” the grotesque orc asked in return, glowering at him.

“I’m an elf,” he stated, correcting the orc.

“Elves are enemies. They bathe in tubs of gold and jewels. I hear your uncle has a treasure load of gemstones,” the orc said, with a gruff serious voice.

Legolas broke out-of-character into laughter. The other orcs and crew couldn’t help themselves either, filling the room with laughter. The elf man only found the chuckles and giggles more contagious. So why wasn’t the grotesque orc breaking out of character?

“Elves,” the grotesque orc looked at the camera, “we can never control their laughter. It’s ridiculous.”

Chapter 10/9 – Michel Delving, the Shire, Middle-earth – Take 2

“You’re mine now. My servant,” Zelena told Frodo. As she walked, she stumbled on her black dress. She looked at the camera, admitting, “I’m sorry. I can’t. It’s hard to walk in this dress on this plateau.”

Frodo turned to the camera. He said, jokingly, “Wow. And this is why it’s unwise to walk in heels. Very distracting.” He belted out a chuckle, much to Zelena’s annoyance.

“You’re going to be my servant. It’s in the script,” Zelena fought back, stifling laughter.

“Again, wow.” Frodo said, wide-eyed with surprise.

Chapter 11/10 – Frodo’s Loft, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

Frodo/Asher parried and dodged the cloaked figure’s sword. As he did this, Aria announced from behind the camera, “Cut!”

“Pippin, you did well,” Frodo/Asher commented, smiling at the cloaked figure.

The cloaked figure, who turned to the camera once to reveal Pippin/Edric, Frodo’s cousin. Pippin grabbed a bowl and cackled deeply, “WHOO HAHAHA! WHAA HAHAHAHAH!”

Frodo/Asher chuckled loudly. But then so did some of the crew and their director, moments before Pippin set the bowl on the coffee table. Pippin said, smiling, “Well, that was fun.”

Chapter 14/13 – The Barn, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

Merry/Donovan, although he was attached to a harness, missed the landing. Because of this, he crashed into Frodo and Sam/Curtis. Pippin glided down gently, but not without tripping over his own feet. He too was attached to a harness.

Chapter 14/13 – The Barn, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

Merry/Donovan tried again, but ended up running while in the air. Frodo/Asher ducked, but nearly got whacked on the nose by Merry’s foot. Frodo pointed to the cameraman, telling him, bluntly:

“Don’t get this on camera!”

“Bloopers!” Pippin/Edric shouted, raising his fists in the air. He was still in the air, attached to a harness.

Chapter 14/13 – The Barn, Storybrooke, Maine – Before Take 1

Legolas/Phillip crossed his arms as he was raised into the air by a harness. Emma spoke to the crew in the background: “Is Legolas going to be attached to a harness?”

“Well, it would make sense,” David/Prince Charming announced. “He is a manly elf.”

Merry and Pippin chuckled, waving to the camera from the air. Legolas shook his head, stifling a laugh.

“Yes, let the elf dangle from the ceiling,” Gimli/Orville cried from behind the camera.

“I love this job,” Zelena/the Wicked Witch of the West shouted, watching the scene happening in the air.

“Bugger,” Legolas/Phillip announced. He added, shouting to the dwarf over the fan, “Gimli, you know I have the most fans here.” However, the rest of the Fellowship complained at this.

“This is an elf’s excuse to climb down from there!” Gimli mocked, angrily.

“Silly elf,” Gandalf/Michael said, close to the camera.

Chapter 15/14 – Hook’s Ship, the Enchanted Forest – Take 2

“Everyone knows who you are –” Hook was cut off by Snow White, who dropped a gold spoon on the floor. She apologized, as Frodo watched the scene:

“Sorry. I’ll fix that.”

“It could be worse,” Frodo told Snow, calmly.

Chapter 9/8 – The Shire, Middle-earth – Take 2

“You are a true wonder,” Sam told his wife, Rosie.

“Aw. You’re sweet, Sam,” Rosie said, looking into his eyes in awe. Frodo broke out of character, much to Rosie’s chagrin. She fired at him, “Get your act together!”

“I can’t help it,” Frodo chuckled.

“I didn’t start him off,” Pippin admitted, quite confused.

“Shall we bring in Jack Sparrow and more rum? That should set Frodo off more,” Merry asked, jokingly.

“Yes, I think we should.” Pippin agreed. He shouted, “Jack Sparrow, get in here!” He was welcome by laughter from the crew, Frodo, and Rosie. Sam said nothing, but he wasn’t surprised at how things became out-of-character.

“Alright. We need to work,” Sam announced, simply.

Chapter 15/14 – Granny’s Diner, Storybrooke, Maine – After Take 2

“I’ve had enough of you.” Frodo/Asher said to the camera. He pretended to punch the lens a few times. When that didn’t work, he gave a small chuckle, walking away from the camera. Was it defeat or just for amusement? We may never know…

End of Blooper Reel, Part 3

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Part 4 – The Snow Queen


Chapter 17/16 – Citadel of Minas Tirith, Gondor, Middle-earth – Before and During Take 1

Aragorn II | Elessar, now the Dark King of Gondor, waited for the cue. He stood still, even as Legolas, the Dark Elf Prince, paced about the room. Evalyn Cortier moved down to her knees, which rested on a blue gym mattress. The Dark King stared at her, still waiting for the cue, and nearly cracking a smile.

“Ready! Set! Action!” Aria shouted from behind the camera.

Aragorn stared down at Evalyn, his eyes wide with grim satisfaction. “How shall I piece you together?” He mocked, jokingly, “Do you want it in an arm or a leg?* I’ll make a chicken out of you yet.”

“Figuratively or literally?” Legolas asked, curious.

“Figuratively, but also literally,” Aragorn said, not cracking a smile.

Chapter 8/7 – The Shire, Middle-earth – Take 1

“Just one more push, darling! We almost got ‘im!” Fosco Baggins told his wife Ruby.

“I’m not pregnant!” Ruby announced, cackling hysterically.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Fosco replied, shocked and confused. “What’s the line? No seriously, what is the line?” He asked the crew. “Oh, it’s on Ruby’s line! Let’s go again.”

Chapter 10/9 – Sam’s House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“Why do I call you that all the time?” Sam/Curtis huffed at Frodo/Asher. “Mr. Frodo? Mr. Frodo? Mr. Frodo?!

“Yes Sam?” Frodo asked in exchange.

“It’s your line, Mr. Frodo,” Sam told him, shocked.

“Tell me it again, Sam,” Frodo smirked. He paused, recovering from his grave mistake. “I’m sorry, Sam. That was uncalled for.” He turned to the camera. “Let’s get another take, please?”

Chapter 10/9 – Sam’s House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

Sam/Curtis now has Frodo pinned against the counter. This was the same spot where they had filmed the first take for this scene. Out of nowhere, the phone slipped off the counter. Frodo/Asher closed his eyes, well aware it was a goof.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” Frodo admitted. “My back is killing me, Sam.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Frodo,” Sam said, backing away from him and helping him to his feet.

Frodo moved about the room for a second to stretch his back. Deciding it was enough time, he returned to the counter, ready to try again, while awaiting Aria’s next call to action. Sam, convinced that Frodo was fine, grabbed his best friend’s leather jacket for the same scene, but for the third take.

Chapter 7/6 – Blanchard Loft, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“Just listen to me, Elsa!” Frodo asked, attempting to grab Elsa’s wrist. However, the effort failed as Elsa landed right in the chair, hard. He asked her, coming up fast to her in an attempt to assist her. “Are you all right, Elsa? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Frodo. I’m good,” Elsa said, raising a hand in front of him.

“Are you sure?” Frodo asked, quite confused.

“I’m fine,” Elsa told him, softly.

“Okay. As long as you’re okay,” Frodo/Asher replied, waiting to see if she was fine. He moved away from Elsa as she was helped by the medics, but the moment didn’t last long. Eventually, they were back to filming.

Chapter 13/12 – Frodo’s Apartment, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

“Why? Why did you do this, Merry? Why?” Frodo asked the air.

“I had to do it to save your life. Who’d want to find out you’re the spawn of evilness, Frodo. You could be Sauron’s step-son,” Merry said, jokingly.

“NOO!!” Frodo belted, jokingly. He knew it was in the script, but Merry’s jokes, whether or not he could handle them, remained to be seen.

“Well, it’s not like I was asked to do it. The script said you’d be evil. It was only a matter of time, cousin,” Merry said, still joking around, this time in a thick Scottish accent.

Chapter 9/8 – Sheriff’s Station, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

Frodo/Asher and Elsa share a tender kiss, releasing moments later. However, Frodo was stunned by Emma, who slammed into him with a kiss on the lips. His eyes widened from shock, as she moved away, laughing.

“Wow.” Frodo answered, stunned. He told Emma, announcing in broad daylight, “You’re with Hook, Emma! Man. Seriously.” He was welcomed with laughter from some of the cast and the crew.

Chapter 7/6 – Alatar’s Lake House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

“You were responsible for Rider’s death!” Alatar cried, pointing an index finger at Gandalf/Michael. Just then, Frodo/Asher dropped his sword Sting on the floor. At the same time, Pallando dropped a candlestick, which had an unused and unlit candle attached. Alatar broke out of character from this double reaction, but did his best to stay in character. “I didn’t drop the thingy!”

“Heh heheh,” Gandalf said, cracking a warm smile.

Chapter 15/14 – Mr. Gold’s Cabin, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 4

“You said you’re a world jumper, right?” Evalyn told Ned, rambling quickly. “Okay, what about a place jumper? You know, something to make Frodo really nervous.”

“Casually nervous, and then we could pop in for some afternoon tea and coffee cakes,” Ned said, chipper.

“That could work, too. Maybe some java…” The camera beeped in between Evalyn’s joking behavior.

Chapter 2/1 – Frodo’s Apartment, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

Frodo/Asher opened the envelope and read the parchment letter. His eyes widened with shock, becoming very large and more nervous, but in a joking manner. “No. Why?! Oh why, did you do this?”

Chapter 15/14 – Mr. Gold’s Cabin, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 4

“And then some crab cakes, and then nosh mixed in with stew.” Evalyn said, thinking of other delicacies. She did her best not to break out of character, but it was hard. “Then we could have some dappled veliger, mixed with soy sauce.” The camera beeped again.

Chapter 2/1 Frodo’s Apartment, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“No! No!” Frodo exaggerated, motioning with his hands to represent very large agony. “WHY?! Why did you do this? How come?”

“Still rolling, Frodo!” Aria called from behind the camera and in her director’s chair.

Chapter 6/5 – The Castle, Arendelle – Take 3

“I’m sorry, sir,” Twelve-year-old Frodo addressed the King of Arendelle in a serious voice.

“And cut! Great work, Frodo!” Aria said, giving him a thumbs up.

Frodo swayed his hips a little in front of the camera, moving his arms as he did so. He liked goofing around on and off the camera. It was fun.

Chapter 6/5 – The Woods, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

Frodo/Asher huffed and puffed. He stared at his friends, wondering what had happened. “There was this woman… with flaming red hair. She was a sight to see. Her name… was Cara. Cara Diana Hunter. She was spectacular.”

Pippin/Edric cracked a grin. He couldn’t help it. Frodo smiled in an effort to keep going, but he couldn’t, bringing the merry laughter and cheer into everyone, including himself.

“Frodo, what did I say about monologuing!” Aria demanded, sharply.

Frodo was surprised, but nervous. “Uh… you didn’t say anything. Should I be concerned?”

Chapter 10/9 – Downtown Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“I’ll get you, elf!” Gimli/Orville screamed at Legolas/Phillip, from Granny’s Diner.

Chapter 11/10 – The Lakeside Mansion, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

Frodo/Asher embraced Elsa, but couldn’t resist not letting her go. The entire scene made the woman in the blue dress laugh hysterically, as Frodo pulled on a brave smile.

Chapter 10/9 – Downtown Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“You’ll never see me coming!” Gimli/Orville said in a thick dwarvish accent.

Chapter 12/11 – Frodo’s Car, the Woodland Road, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 3

“Ahhh!” Frodo/Asher screamed, startling Merry/Donovan in the process. He took several deep breaths, but couldn’t resist cracking a smile. He turned to Merry for a second, who was also laughing, before keeping the car on the straight and narrow road.

Chapter 13/12 – Green Dragon Inn, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

Merry bobbed his head, while moving to the beat that Ned was making. Each hobbit formed poses, before Merry belted out a scream:


“Ahhhh!” Ned screamed louder.

“Ahh hahahahah!” Merry cackled delightfully. He smiled, even as Ned faced the camera, telling it promptly:

“It’s all good fun,” Ned replied. Merry laughed joyously in the background, at the same time as Pippin and the rest of the crew laughed in a merry manner.

The camera beeped, causing the screen to black out.

End of Blooper Reel, Part 4

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Part 5 – Strong Intentions in Luster


Episode 14 – The Storehouse, Scar’s Stronghold, Luster – Before Take 1

“Ready. Ready! Now! Jadis, attack them now!” Aria shouted from behind the camera.

Jadis stared at the green screen, completely confused. “Attack what? There’s nothing there!” She was welcomed by laughter from Fatty Bolger, Cara Diana Hunter and the crew.

“That was well played, my darlings,” Bellatrix Lestrange said, curtly.

Episode 15 – Downtown Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“Group huddle!” Aria shouted.

On cue, Fatty/Fred Dewey was surrounded by his friends Frodo Baggins/Asher Beutel, Samwise Gamgee/Curtis Greenhow, Merry Brandybuck/Donovan Masters, Pippin Took/Edric Tuck. The group huddle lasted for a few moments, causing the crew to laugh merrily.

Episode 1 – Lightfoot’s House, Corsica, France – Take 1

“Did you bring anyone?” Handel Smith/Lightfoot asked Fatty/Fred outside his house.

However, Fatty winced in pain. “Ouch! My ankle stretched out. I’m fine.”

“Heheheheh!” Handel/Lightfoot chuckled.

Episode 9 – The Harbor, The Northern Wastes, Luster – Take 1

Kovu waited for the cue. The cue started, causing his leg to jerk by scuba divers. He belted out a few roars, but only found himself in shallow water.

“Why won’t anyone help me?” Kovu cackled, sputtering water at the same time. “I’m not a lionfish, you know. I am an elegant lion. Ouch!” He turned to the scuba divers. “Easy! My foot is tender!”

“Let’s go again,” Aria told the cast and crew. Kovu shook his head, unsure why they needed scuba divers in the first place.

Episode 4 – Dorian Gray’s Stronghold, Luster – Take 1

“Yes, and what pray tell do you plan on keeping hidden,” Scar asked, approaching the brown-haired man.

“Well…” Dorian was cut off by an object crashing on the floor. He closed his eyes, doing his best not to break character. “Hmm…”

Episode 3 – Pink Flower Bed, Luster – Take 1

“You stood me up,” Rosetta told Fatty/Fred in a southern belle accent.

“It wasn’t my intent,” Fatty/Fred replied. Rosetta sputtered a laugh, doing her best to keep a straight face.

“Oh wow. I wonder what happened to this relationship,” Handel/Lightfoot said, not breaking character. Fatty/Fred, Rosetta and Fawn laughed, unable to keep in character.

Episode 8 – Bellatrix’s Cell, Scar’s Stronghold, Luster – Take 1

“We need to talk, Bellatrix Lestrange,” Scar said, right as a sword crashed on the floor. “Ah ha.”

Episode 10 – Merlin’s House, the Enchanted Forest, Luster – Take 2

“And you wish to be a unicorn, but your cousin, doesn’t want that,” The Apprentice replied.

“That’s right. Thank you,” Cara said, perked up.

“Achoo!” Lightfoot sneezed. Cara burst into laughter, but did her best to keep a straight face. Lightfoot tried to apologize, “Sorry. Can we go again? That wasn’t supposed to happen. Sorry.”

“HAHAHAHAHAH!” Cara burst into laughter, unable to contain herself.

Episode 11 – The Pridelands – Take 2

“Taka, is it?” Rumplestiltskin said, his voice a pitch higher. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is…”

“Rumplestiltskin.” Scar repeated several times, “Your name is Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin. Did I miss your name?”

“No, but I can’t help but notice you are a very impressive lion,” Rumplestiltskin replied, smiling.

“Really, and what brought you to the Pridelands?” Scar asked, smiling curiously.

Episode 12 – Bug Bar and Grill Tavern, Scar’s Stronghold, Luster – Take 1

“Shots! Ready. Go!” Fatty/Fred and Bellatrix said at the same time. However, as they took a large gulp of the shot, Fatty/Fred sputtered:

“What’s in that?” The hobbit man said, choking. The crew laughed, including Bellatrix, as a crew member helped pour a new glass of juice, instead of wine. Fatty/Fred coughed once again, doing his best to clear his throat.

Episode 11 – The Pridelands – Take 2

“I’m on a question to retrieve the Sword of Justice,” Rumplestiltskin said, raising his hand to the skies.

“Really. Well, I’m on a quest to find civility, and a very long battle it is,” Scar replied, smiling and nearly breaking character.

Episode 7 – Darkened Room, M’Gama’s House, Luster – Take 2

“What are you doing?” M’Gama asked, alarmed.

“Cara, you’re… you’re sitting on me!” Fatty/Fred asked, coughing.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Cara moved off of him a bit. However, it didn’t stop Fatty/Fred from going into a coughing, laughing fit. “I didn’t mean that.”

Episode 11 – Lantern Waste, Narnia – Take 1

Kovu slid on the ice several times, before testing it. However, he nearly got his foot stuck in the water. He jumped, moving quickly away from the water before it could splash on him. He turned to Scar, who was laughing his full head off. The crew did the same. Kovu didn’t mind one bit. He was just testing the water.

“That wasn’t even cold, guys! It was warm!” Kovu announced, “I could take a bath in that water.”

“Please don’t!” Aria shouted.

“Why not?” Kovu asked, curious.

“Just… oh,” Aria didn’t have much to say. And that was fine, if not a bit awkward.

The camera beeped, and the screen turned black.

End of Blooper Reel, Part 5

Chapter Text

Part 6 – The Dark Ones


Chapter 9/10 – Frodo and Mab scene – Fairy Village – Before Take 10

Frodo approached the behind the scenes camera, donned in his Dark Lord garb. “Hullo. This is me, as the Dark Lord. No longer am I just Frodo Baggins the Wise. No! I am Frodo Baggins, the Dark Lord of well… wherever I want.” He smiled proudly. He spoke again, his voice even as best he could, “But I am here to admit something very important, a special occasion in which the authoress finally makes it into the series, Strong Intentions. And it has been five years since the time the story was started. But Miss Aria gladly brings herself into the scene.” He pointed to Aria, who was busy directing a scene and very serious. “Yes, she takes the lead – a minor role that is – whereas me is the lead as the New Dark Lord of Mordor.”

Sauron eyes Frodo suspiciously behind him. Frodo chuckled a bit, keeping his voice even once again:

“And as the New Dark Lord of Mordor, I proclaim that we add mushrooms and woodworking into the mix, because no dark lord is complete without their handy dandy book on how to catch bad guys.” He sighed. “With that said, I bid you adieu, as I must return to the film set. Cheers and good night!” He waved to no one in particular and wandered off, laughing his full head off over what he just said and did.

“You just monologued, Frodo Baggins!” Sauron cried, annoyed.

Frodo chuckled. “Why yes, I did. Didn’t I? This new dark lord stuff is quite enjoyable.”

“You’re not even a dark lord, hobbit! This is my town. WHAHAHAHAH!” Sauron cackled menacingly.

Frodo glanced back at the camera with a wide, friendly grin. The camera fades to black as he enters the fairy village once again.

Chapter 9/10 – Frodo and Mab fight scene – Fairy Village, Fairy Realm – Take 10

“Ready.” Aria shouted, “Action!”

Frodo/Dark Frodo shot light magic at Mab. When the light magic stopped, turning into dark magic, Frodo/Dark Frodo jumped a little back in shock. He was wearing his Dark Lord attire and completely confused.

“Cut!” Aria shouted.

Frodo sighed in relief as everyone clapped for him and Mab. For a moment, no one could guess he was a Dark Lord, at least not in that scene. Frodo peered up at the sky for a moment, before running off to another film set for the next scene.

Chapter 11/12 – Frodo, Bilbo and Mab Scene - Baggins House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

“Bilbo, why would you do this?” Frodo/Dark Frodo asked, shaken.

“So you don’t get involved in my…” Bilbo broke out of his dark lord character. “Nope. Let me try that again.”

The camera beeped.

Chapter 11/12 – Frodo, Bilbo and Mab scene – Baggins House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“Bilbo, why would you do this?” Frodo/Dark Frodo asked, a bit shocked.

“So you don’t get involved in my…” Bilbo stopped as Frodo chuckled. Bilbo asked his nephew, stunned and curious. “Is that laughter I hear? Because, as we know, dark lords don’t laugh.” He was welcome by laughter from the crew.

“I’m sorry, Bilbo.” Frodo huffed, in an effort to prepare for the scene again. He said, calmly, “I can do this. Just calm down.” He opened his eyes after a breath. “Okay, I’m ready.” He spoke to the camera crew. “No, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The camera beeped.

Chapter 6/7 – Frodo with wood carvings scene – Shed, Baggins’ House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

Frodo/Dark Frodo looked at his wood carving. However, he lost his hold on the wood carving of a bear, causing it to crash loudly against the table, where the other wood carvings are thrown around. One wood carving ended up falling in front of the camera. Frodo winced in shock.

“Sorry,” Frodo said, as the crew helped pick up the wood carvings. “That’s a big mess. Yes, it is!” He giggled a little. “I’ll clean it up.” He burst into laughter at a crewman’s comment.

Chapter 6/7 – Frodo with wood carvings scene – Shed, Baggins’ House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

Frodo/Dark Frodo drops the wood carving again, causing it to land right on the camera man. Frodo stared at the camera crew, asking the burly hobbit man, “I’m sorry. That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“You all right?” Aria asked the camera man. “You’re fine. Okay, let’s keep rolling.”

“That hurt,” the hobbit man said, placing the wood carving of the bear back into Frodo’s hands.

Chapter3/4 – Frodo and Mindy’s Dance – Fairy Village, Fairy Realm – Take 1

Just as Frodo and Mindy danced, their dancing stopped. Mindy winced in severe pain.

“Cramp! Foot cramp, foot cramp!” Mindy choked in pain.

“Are you all right?” Frodo asked her, rubbing her back.

“I just need to sit down,” Mindy said. “I’ll be fine. Just need to stretch my toes.”

Frodo moved her over to a log bench, where Mindy stretched out her foot. The camera beeped.

Chapter 8/9 – Braeda, Frodo, Emma and Merlin scene – the Enchanted Forest, Fairy Tale Land – Take 1

“You’re Braeda,” Frodo/Dark Frodo spoke in turn.

“Yes. And you’re the famous Frodo Baggins. How quaint.” Braeda stopped as a loud cannon fire sounded off. “I’m sorry.”

Frodo and Emma burst into laughter.

Chapter 8/9 – Braeda close up – the Enchanted Forest, Fairy Tale Land – After Take 3

Braeda went crossed eyed first. She switched face to her nose twitching like a rabbit. Frodo couldn’t help himself, but laugh due to her funny faces. Braeda tried for another expression, magically bringing a mallard duck into the forefront of the scene.

“I think I’ll name him Lizzard, after my best friend.” Braeda did her best to keep her voice even, in spite of the laughter. “He came to Camelot, realm jumping to Wonderland.”

The laughter refused to cease. It was too funny a moment.

Chapter 13/14 – Hades close up – Hades’ Lair, the Underworld – Before Take 1

Hades combed his hair until he realized the camera was facing him. “Oh, are we doing this scene now? I’m ready for this scene.”

Chapter 19/20 – Kovu, Scar, Zira and Nuka scene – Fiery Cave, the Underworld – Take 3

“You two,” Kovu said to Scar and Zira, “You’re my –” He was interrupted by a moving truck, beeping on and off. Kovu raised his eyebrows, telling the three, “I’m sorry. It wasn’t me. Hahahahah!”

The second Kovu burst into laughter, Scar smiled and Zira cackled. Nuka looked around the air, catching flies with his paw at random.

“I caught one! And there’s another fly!” Nuka darted around the set, chasing after flies.

Chapter 22/23 – Anakin and Luke scene – the Academy, Land of Untold Stories – After Take 6

“Luke, I am your father,” Anakin said, jokingly.

“Then who’s my mother?” Luke asked.

“She was a beautiful queen by the name of Helen,” Frodo said, joining in.

“What?” Luke asked.

“Hey, don’t you have to be somewhere? You just ruined some family time with my son,” Anakin shouted.

By the time the camera turned to Frodo, the gentlehobbit ran away from the scene. Anakin shook his head in mock humor.

“There’s a hobbit for you,” Anakin said.

The camera beeped.

End of Blooper Reel, Part 6

Chapter Text

Part 7 – The Saviors


Chapter 14/13 – Frodo and Mindy dance scene – Frodo’s House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1

Frodo and Mindy danced across the living room, if only for a few seconds.

“But we have no music,” Mindy said, uncertain of the situation.

“Then we make our own,” Frodo said, cracking a wide grin. It wasn’t enough to stop him and Mindy from laughing, along with some of the crew. He tried to say something, but it wasn’t enough to stop the giggles. “I’m sorry. Can we go again?”

“I’m sorry… Frodo,” Mindy said between gasps. She continued laughing.

The camera beeped.

Chapter 2/1 – Anakin, Frodo and Mindy scene – Granny’s Diner, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

“I am a Jedi*,” Anakin said, repeating Luke’s line. “No. Luke said it.”

“He said it,” Frodo added, nodding.

“Yes, but I improved it,” Anakin said, sipping his coffee. “I did improve it.”

Chapter 3/2 – Dark Lord Frodo and Turin scene – Academy, Land of Untold Stories – Take 3

“I’ll get it right this time. I’ll get it. Why are you laughing?” Turin asked, as Frodo/Dark Frodo burst into laughter. The man smiled. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Was that me?”

“I may have farted,” Frodo/Dark Frodo squirmed, laughing his full head off.

Chapter 9/8 – Frodo, Merry and Pippin scene – Bywater, Wish Realm – Take 1

“I don’t know anything. Do you know anything, Pippin?” Merry asked his cousin.

“You don’t,” Frodo said, surprised.

“Now where’s my red panda?” Pippin asked, searching around for the answer. “Where’s my panda?” Frodo giggled, doing his best to stay in-character, in-character. Pippin continued searching around Bywater, as the crew laughed. “Has anyone seen it? No. Darn it all.”

Chapter 20/19 – Frodo scene – Shelob’s Labyrinth – Take 1

Frodo threw his sword down on the sticky webbed ground. “NOOOO!” He looked down at the ground, picking up his sword and telling the crew, promptly, “It’s sticky. It’s all sticky. How many webs did Shelob make in this place? Wow.”

Episode 6 Teaser – Jafar and Harry scene – Hogwarts, Scotland – Take 2

“You will beg at my every word,” Jafar told Harry, threateningly. “You will sit and read my every book. You will command Hermione Granger to kiss Ronald Weasley.”

“Too easy,” Hermione cried, kissing Ron square on the mouth.

“Wow. I did not see that one coming,” Ron said, amazed. Harry giggled a little, as Ron continued to be amazed. “Wow.”

Chapter 6/5 – Harry, Hermione Anakin and Luke scene – Academy, Land of Untold Stories – Take 2

“You,” Harry spoke, pointing to Anakin.

“Me,” Anakin said, waiting for the punch line.

Harry slapped his hands in the air. “Find Ron Weasley.”

“Consider it done,” Anakin said, smirking.

Chapter 2/1 – Dark Frodo/Frodo and Bilbo scene – Bilbo’s House, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 2

Dark Frodo/Frodo attempted to drink, but stopped. He couldn’t do it. Even as Bilbo said his lines. “I’m so sorry. Can we do that again?”

“You are laughing up a storm, Frodo,” Bilbo said, keeping his voice even. “Would you like to get some water?”

Too late. Frodo was caught up in a laughing fit, one he couldn’t contain.

Chapter 6/5 – Harry, Hermione, Anakin and Luke scene – Academy, Land of Untold Stories – Take 3

Harry and Anakin slapped their hands together several times, in back and forth motions. That is until they pushed and shoved each other, collapsing on the floor without control.

“Father, are you all right?” Luke asked, watching Harry and Anakin laughing. Unfortunately, some of the books fell on top of Harry and Anakin.

“Do you two need help? Look at the books!” Hermione cried, panicking.

“Well, we ticked off Hermione again,” Harry said, managing to catch his breath.

“It seems we have,” Anakin said in agreement.

Chapter 19/18 – Frodo musical number – Green Dragon, the Shire – Take 1, 2, 3

Frodo attempted to get up on the table. He wasn’t lucky, collapsing on the floor. He tried again in another take, managed to get up on the floor, nearly slipping on a spill of water. He tried again a third take, managing to leap off the table and roll on the floor.

“Sorry! I’ll try that again,” Frodo said, nodding.

“Let’s go again,” Aria said behind the camera.

The camera beeped.

Chapter 18/17 – Frodo and Sauron scene – Town Line, Storybrooke, Maine – Take 1, 2

Frodo repels his hands forward. The light magic bursts forward. He moved back, stunned by what he did. Another take, he jets the light magic towards Sauron. He looks back when the magic stops.

“I’m sorry. Let’s do that again,” Frodo said, serious.

The camera beeped.

Epilogue – Frodo and Mindy scene – Mindy’s Bedroom – Take 1

Frodo and Mindy stare at one another in front of the doorway. The effort doesn’t last very long. The two soon enough giggle uncontrollably. Then again, so does the crew.

“Cut!” one of the crewmen said.

The camera beeped.

End of Blooper Reel, Part 7 and Story