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A Summer's heat (Subject to Change)

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“This is going to be awful.”

Stiles glares at the strawberry blonde goddess that is Lydia Martin, perched like a queen on top of her boyfriend’s lap. Neither Lydia nor her throne –Jackson- seems to notice the stink eye Stiles is delivering them, but that’s no surprise. Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore hardly ever acknowledge Stiles’ existence, regardless of them all hanging out on a daily basis ever since Scott was bitten last summer.

“It does seem slightly suspicious.” Allison, Lydia’s best friend, chimes in before shooting Stiles a guilty look from the other side of the wooden table. She is right to look guilty; Allison Argent was all systems go before Lydia and Jackson entered the library. Stiles turns his glare to her. “I mean, it was sent by post. That’s kind of sloppy, what if Scott’s mom had found it?”

The guy in question, Scott, keeps his rich brown eyes firmly on the piece of paper in his hand, biting his bottom lip as if deep in thought. Stiles turns his glare to him, because as Scott’s best friend, he knows that this is a stalling tactic. Scott’s never been one for confrontation or decision making within their circle of friends, but seriously, what is there to decide?

“Are you guys insane?” Stiles finally snaps loudly, causing the few other occupants of the school library to turn and frown at him. He tries to rein it in a bit, maybe stop the arm flailing and turn down the volume slightly. “Scott, dude, this is like a major opportunity.” He whispers harshly around the table. Allison turns to Scott, Jackson scoffs and shakes his stupid blonde head and Lydia purses her lips in judgement.

“I don’t know, Stiles.” Scott mumbles and it really grates on Stiles because he was the first person Scott had called, voice loud and pitchy with excitement. Now that the whole group are together, the main man crumbles and retreats into himself. It’s pathetic and Stiles just knows Scott is going to regret his conduct when he isn’t being pressured with four sets of eyes on him.

“This is why we gotta do it.” Stiles exhales dramatically and slumps down further into his seat. “You’re an Alpha who can’t make decisions.” It’s a bit of a low blow but Stiles reckons that by mocking Scott’s inability to lead, that the Alpha will prove Stiles wrong, even if out of spite. That’s what Stiles would do, what he does do when people doubt his awesome variety of skills.

Scott strikes Stiles with a full blown wounded look but Stiles just sits back in his chair, arms folded and stares right back at their leader in defiance. This is the opportunity they needed, to find out answers to so many questions, to be guided when they were most lost. Scott understood over the phone this morning as Stiles rattled on about the pros seriously outweighing the cons , even called this meeting in the school library throughout their lunch period. Stiles missed out on some epic curly fries for this announcement, only for Scott McCall to get cold feet last minute and subsequently make Stiles look like a complete idiot.

“Actually, Stiles might have a point.” Surprisingly it’s Lydia that snaps Stiles and Scott out of their staring competition. Stiles had been so focused on willing his best friend to see sense with only his eyes, that for the first time since 3rd grade, he had completely forgotten about Lydia’s presence, however momentarily. “It has been almost a year since you have been… different.” Lydia says in that far away voice she uses when mentally analysing every situation known to man and all and any possible consequences that might occur. Stiles can’t help but smile, not only because he loves that look on the beautiful redhead but also because he knows that Lydia matches him, possibly exceeds him, in the intelligence department yet forgoes Stiles impulsive and spontaneous approach. Her thoughts and her words are calculated, seasoned with thinking time, and her words weigh heavily on the group as a whole.  “All we know is what we have seen, what we have all helped you manage with, Scott. Even that, we have reached several dead ends when it comes to figuring everything out. We have always wondered the capacity of your abilities, why you react the way you do and why us outsiders feel so compelled to help you. That piece of paper in your hands could benefit us greatly.”

“But it could be a trap.” Jackson rudely interjects and seriously, who asked for his opinion? “What if it was sent by people who do what Allison’s family do and they are trying to lure you in to take you out?”

Jackson means hunters, werewolf hunters. Allison Argents’ family have been hunting, imprisoning and slaughtering werewolves for generations. It’s barbaric and super creepy but luckily Allison fell in love with Scott so she promised not to tell her family the true nature of Scott’s condition. That and Allison has made it known plenty that she doesn’t condone what the rest of her family do. She is sort of the perfect ally in that sense, she knows places and people to avoid, has access to medicines or drugs to sedate Scott during a full moon and she is equipped with fighting and huntsman knowledge were they ever to be put in danger.

“But nobody else knows about the supernatural apart from us, right?” Allison asks around the table in a hushed tone, obviously weary of outside ears. “We’ve been careful not to create any suspicion and nobody has given us reason to doubt their ignorance.”

“Well, this ‘D’ knows about me. About us.” Scott sighs as he once again reads over the paper in front of him. He must have read it about 50 times already and Stiles knows that if he keeps doing so, he is going to talk himself out of it eventually. Scott likes to play it safe, especially considering the one time he didn’t, his entire life changed. Stiles can understand and empathise with him and begrudgingly accepts his hesitance, but with two of the smartest students in this school telling him to go for it, what’s the hold up? “What if it’s a trap and I put all of you in danger? I can’t have that on my conscience.”

There it is.

Scott McCall’s Burden Brain. Ever since he got bitten last summer in the preserve, Scott has needed a lot of help with transitions as smoothly as possible. Stiles has had sleepless nights, planning where to chain his friend up around full moons, been verbally and emotionally tortured on the days approaching the full moon and had to deal with the fallout afterwards.  Allison, as Scott’s girlfriend, has had the responsibility of reining in a rabid McCall at his worse, lying to her parents and sneaking out in the middle of the night just to try calm Scott down. Jackson lost his place as captain of the lacrosse team because overnight, Scott went from a dweeby asthmatic teenager into a pro athlete and stole the limelight Jackson had worked years to own. And Lydia, well Lydia was out one full moon when the beast inside of Scott got her. Mulled her to the point that nobody thought she would make it. Stiles knows that he and Allison may not have asked for this life, but choose to live by it for their love for Scott, Jackson was pissed and bitter but seems , at least for now, at peace with having the pressures of a star lifted from his broad shoulders and Lydia… well Lydia is the smartest woman in the world, as soon as she was able to speak again in the hospital, she told Scott that she didn’t blame him, that it wasn’t his fault, that she had forgiven him.

The problem is, Scott has never forgiven himself, for any of it.

“Dude, maybe if we grabbed this chance, we would have more information and information is power.” Stiles pipes up when it becomes evident nobody knows how to react to Scott’s admission. “We can get some answers on how to make this easier on everyone.” He adds a hint of exhaustion in his voice just for effect. It’s cruel and he is a total douche for playing with Scott’s fragile emotions and guilt tripping him, but he really wants to do this. It’ll be good for the group as a whole, not just Scott. “Please?”

Silence descends and Stiles is thankful for that. At least nobody is interfering whilst the cogs go round in Scott’s mind.  The fact that nobody has anything else to say though, makes Stiles think he has at least won them over enough not to make a counter argument. Allison rubs at Scott’s hair quietly, as if petting a dog (HA!) Jackson watches Lydia watching Scott and Stiles tries to fight off the ever growing smile on his face as he watches Scott’s forehead wrinkle up. 12 years of friendship and being the son of the sheriff gives Stiles the advantage of knowing Scott’s behaviour instinctively. Wrinkled forehead means a decision has been made.

“Fine.” Scott succumbs with a sigh and Stiles doesn’t even care what anyone else’s reaction is as he fist punches the air in celebration and grabs the piece of paper from his friend’s tan hands and reads over it one final time.

Dear Scott McCall,

You and your Pack (‘Stiles’ Stilinski, Allison Argent, Jackson Whittemore and Lydia Martin) are formally invited to participate in the Beacon County Supernatural Summer School this year.

Our Camp allows newly presented (or newly turned) supernaturals in the surrounding area to gather for 6 weeks in a highly secure location to network with other supers, learn about their race and be guided towards their full potential.

If you are interested, simply howl at the moon and more information will be delivered to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Stiles can’t keep the shit eating grin off of his face.  

This summer is going to be freaking awesome.