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How many days...

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Day 1, Monday.


Song- Oh my love by John Lennon


How many days does it take to fall in love?


“How many days does it take to fall in love?” Blaine says it again, out loud this time, quietly and carefully. “How many days does it take to fall in love?” He repeats, this time a little louder and slightly alters the tone and pitch of his voice, rephrasing it from a question to a statement and back again.


What? None. Never. How stupid? What kind of question even is that?


After rereading it in a variety of different ways and letting it tumble around in his head another handful of times, Blaine picks up his notes and swings around on his chair, waving them in the air erratically.


“Seriously? She’s going with this as her album title? Is she trying to give people nausea?” Blaine comments dryly.


Blaine’s head sound technician, Guy, looks up at Blaine with a bemused grin from where he’s busy playing with the sound board across the room and shrugs. “Hey what do we know, right? We’re just paid to create her sound.


They both chuckle at that and share a mutual look of exasperation before swinging back around to their desks and getting back to whatever they were doing.


Miss Georgia. H. Gold, America’s newest national sweetheart has certainly not been the easiest of clients they have worked with at Anderson Records, but she’s definitely not the worst and most likely will not be the last fussy and irritating, big headed pop sensation that will cross their path.


Guy hits a button on his computer and a lovely, lilting cover of John Lennon’s Oh my love fills the sound booth. Blaine smirks to himself while Guy plays around with the sound controls. He has an uncanny ability for just knowing what to do with the click of his cursor; it’s one of the many reasons Blaine loves working with him and being able to put their skills together.


Guy had started off as Blaine’s intern with the label and within four years had swiftly and boldly worked his way up to be Blaine’s right hand man. The two of them are quite inseparable these days and have a strong, professional working relationship, one which they can put their heads together and come up with some of the most ingenious ideas ever known to the music industry. The control room is like their playground and they’ve grown very well known and sought after by artists and musicians worldwide because of it.


Guy sways along to the music as he works and Blaine can’t help but grin a little and join in. Miss Gold has a pretty good voice and an incredible vocal range, they can’t deny that. Her ability to take old classics and lift them into something new but also keep the heart of the original embedded within it, is very commendable.


But she still doesn’t have to be a diva-bitch about it.  


At least they have the backing tracks and her vocals already down, only needing some slight edits and enhancements; meaning that they hopefully won’t ever have to work with her again. (If she decides on another album release, Blaine will politely decline; he has enough recognition and a long line of artists wanting to work with him to be able to do so.)


“So today on this fine Monday morning, we have the backing vocalists coming in to tie in some harmonies. Pour souls.” Blaine teases with a smile and Guy just snorts over his shoulder.


“Yeah, cause it’s obviously beneath her to share a recording booth with anybody who doesn’t wear Louboutins.” Guy snipes, earning a hearty bark of laughter from Blaine behind him. 


A small light bulb hanging above the door to the main hallway starts flashing blue on and off; indicating that there is somebody waiting in the lobby area. “That’ll be them now, probably” Blaine says, stacking up his work and glancing up at the light. “Let’s get this over with then we’ll do a late lunch.”


“Sushi?” Guy suggests, standing to walk with Blaine over to the door.


“Oh, go on then,” Blaine sighs playfully and a little dramatically. “Only because I think I owe it to you. God knows who or should I say what her god awful team has hired to sing backup for her.”


They head out the door and down the hall towards the waiting area, mumbling and giggling with each other just as Lynn, the receptionist from the front desk rounds the corner to meet them.


Apart from a few weekend volunteers and musician friends of Blaine’s who he’s met over the years, it’s just the three of them that work at the studio, and Blaine wouldn’t have it any other way.


The studio is small but homely, with dark wood furnishings and soft beige touches of color and accessory. Blaine has a small office adjacent to the studio which he spends a lot less time in then he really should, but music is his life, his love. He’d much rather be making music or even listening to it than pushing pencils. Besides, Lynn is more than happy to play the part of doting PA among other things and make sure all of the paper work is filed correctly and the appropriate emails have been sent to the correct places.


Music is all Blaine needs and all that he wants to do in this life. Music won’t nag at him or complain or tell him he needs to change who he is or what he does.  


To Blaine, he has achieved all that he has set out to do in his life. Yes he may be a lone ranger (except for Guy and Lynn) but he’s happy like that.


His team and the building they work in may be small but put them all together and their strengths are huge, and the reputation that they have built from that has made the label a household name over the years.


Blaine can’t ask or hope for anything else.    


“Are you ready for your morning client, Mr A?” Lynn asks with a smile, a clipboard pressed to her chest and a pen balanced behind her ear. As they talk, lyrics from the song that had just been playing in the control room, flows from around the corner, soft and melodious.


“Oh my love for the first time in my life,

my mind is wide open…”


“Someone’s been doing their homework,” Guy murmurs under his breath as he catches on to the sound and glances sideways to Blaine.


Blaine looks a little preoccupied, he stops in his tracks with his amber colored eyes wide open and his ears pricked like a dog’s. He seems fascinated with the words he can hear and the voice that is singing them so clearly and sincerely.


A high pitched, breathy but strong voice gives life and soul to each word sung. This voice is even better than Georgia’s, Blaine thinks.


“Oh my lover for the first time in my life,

my mind can feel…”


It’s utterly captivating, and Blaine finds himself momentarily awestruck. He hasn’t even seen or met this person yet, but their voice is enough to enthral him and maybe, just even a little bit, make him fall slightly, hopelessly in love. Just a bit.


It’s a feeling that’s frightening and new and…absurd.


But that’s always been the problem with Blaine. Music has always been his love first and foremost, and the lyrics that accompany the tune are the story, the making of the magic.


But this time, without even knowing or seeing his heart is being pulled on invisible strings, towards another heart; alive and beating and singing a song so lovely compelling.


It’s something that Blaine had vowed to himself he would never do.