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Dress Drabbles

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Dress Link

Felicity smiled as she looked at her dress in the mirror. It was perfect for her and had been a gift from Thea. She loved the way the dress folded in the front and how open it was in the back and on the sides. The dress also popped with her eyes and her matching pink lipstick. 

As she put her hair up in an intricate updo, she heard the front door of the loft open.

"Felicity?" Oliver called. 

"In the bedroom!" she responded. 

Oliver appeared at the door and Felicity heard him gasp. She turned and raised an eyebrow at him. He raked his eyes over her front, taking it all in before coming up right behind her in the mirror. He rested his head on her shoulder and kissed her behind her ear. Felicity hummed in approval and tipped her head to give him more access. Oliver smiled and started kissing her neck and raking his hands from her shoulders to her arms to her back and then down around her hips in the front. When he felt the high slit of the dress in the front, he growled. 

Felicity smirked at him in the mirror's reflection. 

"You look absolutely stunning, Felicity." Oliver started to move his hand through the slit, slightly touching her bare inner thigh. Felicity shuddered as he reached higher and higher. 

Now it was Oliver's turn to smirk, "I love this dress and the way it opens up in the front. Makes it easy for me to touch you."

Felicity's eyes were closed, and even though they didn't have time for what she really wanted to do, she didn't want him to stop. 

"Touch me where?" she asked, knowing he'd take the hint. 

Oliver shifted even closer to Felicity, pressing her back against his front. He used one hand to lift one side of the dress and grab her hip, while his other hand continued to tease her inner thigh. 

Felicity was so turned on at this point that she almost didn't hear Oliver respond, "At dinner, under the table cloth."

"That's not...ohh...what I meant, Oliver."

Oliver moved his hand to cup her over her lace thong and Felicity moaned. 

"I know exactly what you meant, Felicity."

With skilled hands (the Felicity was always grateful for), Oliver moved her thong down just enough to touch her where she craved him the most. With strong strokes, he rubbed her clit in time with his fingers that were thrusting in and out of her. 

Felicity moaned as her pleasure increased. All it took was Oliver biting on her earlobe and pinching her clit for her to come fantastically. 

Oliver gently removed his hand, put her thong back in place, and proceeded to lick her juices off his fingers. The sight was so extremely erotic that Felicity had to mentally hold herself from jumping him right then and there. They had a gala to go to and there was no time for that. 

"No, but there will be plenty of time afterwards. And then, I'm going to peel that dress off of you..." Oliver said, making Felicity realize that her thoughts had been out loud. 

Right before Oliver stepped into the closet to get changed, he shot Felicity the most lascivious look and growled, "with my teeth".