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Passion, yet serenity

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There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force

                                             Star Wars: Dark Disciple


His fidgety apprentice finally managed to find inner harmony. He understood her having a hard time to reach serenity after what she had been through. He understood and waited. That evening, the first time in the weeks since her landing he could feel the Force as a calm energy, surrounding him and bounding him to the Universe. Her presence there… another life adding its energy to the Force.

He smiled, more proud of her that he had any right to be. Rey often skipped ahead of his teachings due to her sensitivity to the Force. In mere weeks, she had managed to reach a level of meditation that he hadn’t expected her to achieve in until after months of training.

Witnessing Rey’s progress, Luke was beginning to doubt the validity of the initiation age. Master Yoda hadn’t elaborated on the reasons why he considered Luke too old to be trained, but he had had years to study the archives of the first Jedi temple, and he got the chance to understand more.

He had managed to forget the one thing he had experienced himself which had made him agree that one should be initiated as young as possible.

Rey’s eyes were closed and she was still smiling beatifically when Luke sensed the first waves warning him of what was about to happen. Painfully aware that there was nothing he could do to stop it, he waited for the tsunami to reach her. He was torn for a moment between the urge to leave the room to preserve her modesty and the difficulty of witnessing her torment in order to be there to help her deal with the aftermath. He remembered all too well his confusion and embarrassment.  He chose to stay.

It happened in slow motion. She arched her back a little. Her robe opened a little at chest level. Her breasts were pushed up and her breathing quickened just a little. Her eyelids fluttered. Her lips parted letting out the first soft sigh.  The sound resonated deep inside him. An echo of something long forgotten. Something he thought long dead.

Luke had decades of practice in controlling his emotions and his physical reactions. He brushed aside the vague stirrings, and went on watching her dispassionately.

He tried to insulate himself from what she was feeling, but Rey was strong. She projected so powerfully, he had to withstand the sensations as if they were happening to him. He was tempted to leave again, but she was his responsibility and the least he could do was to be with her.  

Yoda had been disappointed when it happened to him. He had left him go through this experience alone and when 22 years old Luke managed to get his body under control, he had to face Yoda’s complaining about it. He would not let the girl feel ashamed of what was happening to her. He would stand by her, share her arousal, and reassure her that everything was fine.

Easier said than done, Luke realized when the first serious wave of arousal washed through Rey’s body. Her breasts were tingling, nipples hardening deliciously at first, but all too soon the yearning to be touched reached critical proportions. She slid her hands along her torso, cupped her own breasts, began to roll the sensitive tips between thumb and forefinger. The moans grew louder. She rubbed her thighs against each other, trying to deal with the throbbing between them.

Pleasure spiked with frustration were mingled into delicious, tormenting ache. She was at one with the energy of all things, at one with the life creating energy of the force, and it was causing her to burn with desire. It pained Luke to know that he could not help her through this. He remembered the sensations first hand. He remembered his right hand, his real right hand, grasping his hard, pulsating cock. He remembered the craving for completion. And he also remembered that the wild orgasm that had followed left him still unsatisfied.

The girl’s right hand had slipped away from teasing her breast, reaching between her legs. He startled when her fingers touched the wet hot velvety skin. He set aside his need to punish himself for the inability to help and started gathering resources to push her gently away from his mind. Her nimble fingers were gliding along the wetness, avoiding the epicenter. He had seconds to insulate himself from what she was projecting. He had been over confident in his ability to remain unaffected. Neither his vast experience in meditation, nor his age were helping him to remain at peace.

Luckily, he was shielded when she finally touched her clit. He didn’t need to feel the awesome thrill to know it happened. The girl whimpered, and her back arched farther, her robe now completely open. Her breasts, struggling under the thin layer of her white shirt were begging for his attention. The small motions of her right hand, still buried between her thighs were telling him that she was drawing tiny circles around her clit. She was biting her lower lip, and her whole body began to tremble. He watched her titer on the edge of orgasm, unable to reach the precipice. Unable to find solace. He remembered how it felt, the maddening pleasure, the dangerously fast heartbeat, the moment when the plateau of pleasure would turn to pain. To his embarrassment, what had helped him come was the kiss from Leia on his hospital bed. This was a secret he had never shared with anyone.

Rey kept touching herself, her body kept quivering. He listened for her heartbeat, and almost panicked at the insane rhythm. He looked at her face, and the smile of pleasure was turning into a grimace of frustration. Before she came, she cried out a single word.  


It took her a few minutes to come down from that high. She lay down, twitching with aftershocks.

The man waited for her breath to become even again. He wished he could pat her head reassuringly, but didn’t. Touching her now would make things difficult for both of them. When he decided she was back into her own body, he spoke. The young woman was on the floor, with her back to him, but he could guess her confusion and her embarrassment.

“It’s a natural reaction. When one is used to the Force from childhood, this doesn’t happen. But you are a young woman. A perfectly healthy young woman with natural desires. It’s normal that your body reacts like this at the first deep contact with the Force.”

When she didn’t answer right away, he sighed and spoke again.

“It happened to me, too. I was a little older than you, and after a few months of training with Master Yoda… I finally reached this level. He had only trained Jedis from childhood, so he had no idea how to deal with this. I felt so guilty for letting him down. But it wasn’t something wrong with me. Just like it’s nothing wrong with you. There are documented cases in the archives. When the Jedi initiate is sexually mature, this is a natural reaction at this level of meditation. But you will learn to control it, just like I did. You’re already more advanced than I was at your age.”

She seemed to be calming down, although she remained on the floor, and kept her back to him. At least she wasn’t shaking any more. Her voice was so quiet, he almost missed the question.

“Will it happen again?”

“Yes,” he told her.