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The Golden Ring

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A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away…..

Mage Stiles Stilinski sat enjoying the sunshine on the bank of a beautiful wide blue river. His sheep were grazing in a field behind him. He had cast a spell so that they wouldn’t wander away and get hurt or lost. To pass the time he was making pebbles float in the air and turn somersaults. He saw the three mermaids swimming in the river, smiled, and waved at them. They smiled and waved back at him. He noticed that they were playing with the Golden Ring. It was beautiful and shimmering in the sun, made of pure gold. The Golden Ring was enchanted. Whoever possessed it was very powerful. He knew that only the mermaids were allowed to touch it, as it had been entrusted into their care by the god of the sea. He leaned back and thought of the vision that he had seen that morning. A vision of himself and a tall, dark, handsome man. And two sweet little babies, one a boy, and one a girl. Then he had seen a world unbalanced, and danger in his vision. He looked at the sun, and said an incantation for the protection of his future family, and of the world. Then he stood and walked toward his sheep. It was time to take them home.

Werewolf King Derek Hale was returning to his castle on top of the mountain. The Castle of Valor was large and beautiful, but it held no joy for him. He was married to a woman that he didn’t love, and who didn’t love him in return. It was a political marriage, arranged between packs. Queen Kate Argent was a greedy, scheming, evil person. Derek had lost all of his family in a mysterious fire when he was fifteen. He had later been forced by other werewolf packs to marry. He had married into an influential werewolf family named Argent. It was not a happy arrangement. Queen Kate had moved her entire family into the castle, and they were constantly criticizing Derek and meddling in political matters. To make it worse, her cousins, the Daehlers, had built a huge mansion, Daehler Hall, on the mountainside right below the castle. They were also constantly interfering in state business. And another thing concerned Derek. He wanted an heir, a son or a daughter to inherit his crown some day. But Queen Kate was barren. She told him with a an evil smirk on her face that she was happy about that, as she had no desire to bear the child of a man that she hated so much. Living in this contentious atmosphere was difficult for King Derek. So he would often slip away for weeks at a time and wander his kingdom in disguise. It was a distraction for him, but also a way for him to see what the human lives of his people were like. He tried very hard to get reforms passed to help his people, but his council was made up of the family and friends of the queen, and they blocked his every move for reform. The Castle of Valor stood on the mountain top. But Derek preferred the world which lay at the bottom of the mountain, the world of the common people, the real people, the people that were close to his heart. Derek was twenty eight years old.
Derek had dreams of a tall, pale, beautiful man and two sweet little babies. He felt drawn to the family in his dreams.

Stiles Stilinski earned his living as a sheepherder. He lived in a beautiful green valley near a wide blue river. Stiles was also a very powerful mage. Even though he was only twenty five years old, his powers were greater than any other mage on earth. Stiles had no family, and he lived alone. But he knew from his visions that he would have a family of his own some day. The visions showed him the tall, dark, handsome man and the two precious little babies.
Stiles had never met King Derek Hale, but he had heard that the king was a very good, kind, loving person. He had also heard of the evil queen and her family. Stiles hoped that neither he or anyone that he knew would ever be threatened by the Argents. But sometimes he had disturbing visions. Visions of the Argents with sharp spears in their hands. Sharp spears which were aimed at those that he loved.

Living in a cave hidden deep in the mountains were twin giants, supernatural creatures, named Ethan and Aiden. They had heard legends about the Golden Ring, and they plotted to possess it. One day the twin giants went down to the river bank and watched the three mermaids frolicking in the water. They were passing the Golden Ring between them, laughing and playing merrily. The Golden Ring sparkled and shone in the morning sun.
“What pretty mermaids”, the giant Aiden said. “I wonder if they would let us swim with them?”
“I’ll bet that they would”, the giant Ethan said.
“Come into the water and swim with us”, one of the mermaids said. The twin giants slipped into the water. Ethan began to splash water on two of the mermaids while they laughed and splashed water back at him. Aiden swam around the third mermaid.
“What a pretty one you are”, he said. “And what is that beautiful ring that you are holding?”
“It’s the Golden Ring”, she replied. “We take care of it for the god Poseidon, ruler of the sea”.
“It’s so pretty”, Aiden said with a phony grin. “May I hold it, just for a second?”
“I dare not let you”, the mermaid replied. “It is my task to guard it”.
“Not even for a second, pretty one?”, Aiden asked. “I’ll give it back to you right away”. The mermaid preened at his compliment.
“Alright”, she replied. “But just for a second”. She handed him the Golden Ring, and he immediately jumped out of the water. His twin brother Ethan followed him, and they ran away from the river as fast as they could.
“The Golden Ring!”, the three mermaids cried out. “They have stolen the Golden Ring! What shall we do?” The mermaids wept at their loss.

When the Golden Ring was stolen by the twin giants, the balance on the earth was upset.
When King Derek found out about the theft of the ring, he determined to try and find it. But he would need someone to do the actual searching for the ring. A True Knight who was pure of heart. For only a True Knight who was pure of heart could recover the Golden Ring and restore the balance on the earth. Late that night Derek left the Castle of Valor to begin his search for the knight. He was in disguise, so that no human would recognize him. At dusk on the following day, King Derek came upon a beautiful clear lake. He bent down and drank from it. The water was sweet and pure. Suddenly he saw someone swimming in the lake. It was a woman with silver hair and a silver complexion. She swam up to him and stood. She was wearing a silver robe that shone in the twilight. In her right hand she was holding a gleaming sword of silver.
“King Derek”, she said. “I am Viviane, the Lady of the Lake. I am here to give you the Sword of Valor”. King Derek knelt before her.
“What shall I do with the sword, spirit of the lake?”, he asked.
“You must find the True Knight, who is pure of heart”, she replied. “He will need the Sword of Valor to recover the Golden Ring”.
“Where shall I find the True Knight?”, Derek asked.
“You must walk along the bank of the wide blue river”, she replied. “You will come to a giant oak tree, larger in height and width than any oak that you have ever seen. Take the sword and plunge it into the tree. There it will remain until the True Knight finds it. No one else will be able to remove it. Only the True Knight. He will pull the sword out of the tree and use it to recover the Golden Ring. He shall be known as the Knight of the Sword”.
“I will do as you ask”, Derek said.
“One thing more”, the Lady of the Lake said. “Once the Golden Ring is recovered, the sword will be returned to you. You must bring it back to the lake and throw it in, so that I may keep it safe until it is needed again”.
“I will do so”, Derek said. Viviane turned and walked back into the lake. As she disappeared under the water, the lake vanished. Derek placed the sword in his belt and continued on his journey.

Derek did what the Lady of the Lake instructed him to do. He went to the wide blue river and walked until he found the giant oak tree. He went up to the tree, took the sword in his hand, and plunged it into the trunk of the huge tree. All that could be seen of the sword was the silver hilt sticking out of the tree. As he turned to leave, he saw a man a short distance away standing and looking at him. The man approached Derek and spoke.
“You are King Derek Hale”, the man said. “I am Mage Stiles Stilinski.”
“Why are you here?”, Derek asked.
“I saw you in a vision”, Stiles replied. “In my vision I knew that you were the king. You have plunged the Sword of Valor into the tree. And the Knight of the Sword will pull it out and use it to find the Golden Ring”.
“All that you have said is true”, Derek said. “Are you the Knight of the Sword?”
“No”, Stiles replied. “I am not the knight. He is the one who will come after me”.

Stiles looked at Derek and smiled.
“Are you hungry?”, he asked. “You can come with me and I will fix you dinner. My cottage is not far from here”. Derek smiled in return.
“That would be good of you”, he replied. “I would like that”. Derek followed Stiles to his cottage. When they got there, he sat at a simple wooden table. He noticed that the cottage was neat and clean, with large windows that let in the sunlight. Stiles fixed a good meal and they ate and talked about their different lives. As the afternoon sun slanted in through the windows, each one looked at the other.
Stiles noticed Derek, tall, dark, and handsome, like the man in his visions. He had a muscular body. He had thick black hair, thick eyebrows and eyelashes, blue green eyes, a full red mouth, and a short beard. He was tanned and had smooth skin.
Derek noticed Stiles. He was almost as tall as Derek. He had a slender body, but his muscles were well defined. He had thick brown hair, thick eyebrows and eyelashes, large amber gold eyes, an upturned nose, and a full pink mouth. His pale smooth skin was dotted with tiny moles.
“You are beautiful”, Derek said.
“And you are handsome”, Stiles replied. He paused for a moment.
“It’s late”, Stiles said. “Would you like to spend the night?”
“Yes”, Derek replied. “I’d like to very much”.

They walked to Stiles’ bedroom. They held each other and kissed passionately. Then they removed each other’s clothing and stood looking at each other for a moment.
“Beautiful”, Derek said again.
“Handsome”, Stiles replied again. Both of them were aroused. Derek’s big thick cock stood out from his body, hard, red, and throbbing. Stiles’ long thick cock stood up against his stomach, hard, red, and throbbing. They fell into bed together, hugging, kissing, and rubbing each other’s hard cocks together. Derek lubed Stiles’ tight little pink hole, lubed his hard cock, and entered him. He fucked Stiles until they both came. Then they kissed and held each other close while they slept for a while. When they woke up, they hugged and kissed again. Then Stiles lubed Derek’s tight little red hole, lubed his hard cock, and entered him. He fucked Derek until they both came. Once again they kissed and held each other close.
“I’ve seen you in my visions”, Stiles said. ‘You are the one for me”.
“And I’ve dreamed about you”, Derek replied. “You are the one for me”.

Derek stayed with Stiles for several weeks. They made love every night. And they fell in love with each other. Then Derek told Stiles that he had to leave for a while and return to his duties at the castle, but that he would be back as soon as he could get away.
“I would take you with me if I could, sweetheart”, Derek said. “But that evil Kate would have you killed if she saw you with me.”
"She wouldn't succeed", Stiles replied. "My magic is very strong. I would destroy her instead. But I don't even want to meet her".
"I hate her", Derek said. "I hate the sight of her".
“I know that, darling”, Stiles replied. “How do you stand being around her?”
“It’s difficult”, Derek replied. “We have hated each other since we first met. I have never slept with her. Her doctors say that she is barren. She doesn’t want my children anyway. I feel that I am trapped with her. Trapped in my position as king. Just trapped”. Derek sighed and tears started to fall down his face. Stiles held him close and kissed the tears away.
“Don’t worry, my love”, Stiles said. “We’ll find a way”.
“Thank you. baby”, Derek replied. “I won’t be gone for long. I’ll be back as soon as I can. I haven’t even left yet, and I already miss you.”
“I already miss you as well”, Stiles said. They kissed each other passionately.
“I love you, sweetheart”, Derek said.
“I love you, darling”, Stiles replied.

Soon after Derek left, Stiles discovered that he was pregnant. Derek returned in two weeks. He hugged and kissed Stiles. Then he looked at Stiles with joy on his face.
“You’re pregnant”, he said happily. “I saw it in a dream”. Stiles kissed Derek and smiled, his face lit up with happiness.
“Yes, darling”, he replied. “I’m expecting our babies”.
“Twins”, Derek said. “Like in my dreams”. He held Stiles close.
“Sweetheart”, he murmured.

“How long can you stay this time?”, Stiles asked. Derek sighed.
“A few weeks”, he replied. “Then I have to go back again. I can’t leave the government of the kingdom in the hands of that evil woman and her treacherous family. It’s too dangerous for the people. But I will return to you as soon as I can”. They kissed and held each other close, hoping for the day that Derek would be free.

Derek came back to be with Stiles whenever he could get away, and he was sure to be there for the birth of their children. He held them close and kissed them, then he watched as Stiles nursed them and they drank his sweet milk.
“You look so beautiful right now, sweetheart”, Derek said. “But then, you always look beautiful”.
“And you always look handsome, darling”, Stiles replied. They kissed each other, then put their babies in their cribs. Then they held each other, kissed, and made love all night.

One of the twins was a boy and the other one was a girl. They named the boy Scott and the girl Erica.

In a few weeks Derek had to go back to the castle again. But Stiles knew that he would return soon.

Right after that, there was a knock on the door of Stiles’ cottage. When he opened the door he saw a short stout woman with white hair and blue twinkling eyes. It was Selena, High Priestess of the Mage. Stiles smiled at her.
“Selena!”, he said. “Come in. Have you come to see my babies?” Selena smiled at Stiles in return.
“Yes, Stiles”, she said. “I saw them in a vision”.
“Sit down”, Stiles said, “and I’ll make some tea”. As Selena drank her tea, Stiles brought Scott and Erica from their cribs and held them on his lap. Selena smiled sweetly at the children.
“They’re adorable”, she said.
“Thank you”, Stiles replied. Selena looked closely at the babies.
“The boy is a Spark”, she said. “And the girl is a Werewolf”.
“Yes”, Stiles replied.
“They are a prince and a princess”, Selena said. “Their father is a king”.
‘Yes’, Stiles replied.
“The boy will become a great knight”, Selena continued. “And the girl will become a brave warrior”.
“I know”, Stiles replied.
Selena looked at Stiles with a serious expression on her face.
“But they must prove themselves heroic without your help”, she said. “You cannot intervene on their behalf”.
“I know”, Stiles replied. “I have felt that. I cannot intervene, even though it may mean great danger to them”. He paused. “Perhaps even death”. He looked sadly at his babies.
Selena took Stiles’ hand in hers.
“But there is something that you can do”, she said. “If it comes to it, you can dispel their demise. You are the most powerful Mage in the world. You have the power to do that”.
“I know that as well”, Stiles replied. “I hope it doesn’t come to that”. He looked sad again. “But I have had disturbing visions”, he said. “I see danger all around my children”.
“Don’t worry”, Selena said. “You can overcome the danger and bring your children back to your side, safe and whole again”.

After Selena left, Stiles kissed his children’s foreheads and looked at them with love pouring from his eyes.
“I love you so much”, he said.
Then a cloud of worry crossed his face.
“My sweet babies”, he whispered to them. “My sweet babies”.


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