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A big thank you to Bozrh for Polish-picking this story for me. I'll try not to mutilate the language much more ;) All English mistakes are mine. 


Derek was used to being alone, and nothing his pack said could change that. Relationships with him were always a disaster. The pack joked and teased and cajoled him about finding someone, but he always just glared at them until they dropped it. That was why the prank came out of left field. Given their history together, he would have thought that his pack knew that him finding ‘the one’ wasn’t going to happen and was in fact a sore subject. So to walk in his door and find a young man sitting there with hope in his eyes, a tuxedo on his thin frame, and a boutonnière in one hand was… impossible.

“Halo,” He stated, a European accent thick on his voice as he smiled broadly at him, “"W końcu się spotykamy!”

“What?” Derek asked in shock.

On the other side of the couch Isaac and Scott both burst into peels of laughter, clinging to each other while the young man gave them a baffled look. He stepped aside when he saw Derek glaring at them. Derek skulked forward, snarling angrily at them.

“What the hell have you two done?!”

“Mail…” Isaac choked.

“Mail!” Scott agreed.

“Mail order husband?” Derek raged, “Tell me you’re joking!”

The two were in tears now, choking on their raucous laughter, but Derek could smell misery and fear pouring off of the young man they’d included in their cruel prank. He glanced aside to see him looking back and forth from Derek to the two betas and his breath was beginning to ratchet up. He was headed for a panic attack and Derek was too damned angry to deal with that when they didn’t even speak the same language.

“Did you even consider what this would do to his life?!” Derek shouted at them.

The two boys sobered, their smiles sliding off their faces, and Scott offered up, “Um… well… I mean, he can be in our pack, right?”

“Scott,” Derek ran his fingers over his face, “Is he born or turned?”

“Born,” Scott replied, “I think. We were using google translate and it’s not totally reliable so…”

“So you have no idea what this means, do you?” Derek gestured to him, “His family is expecting a merger. Offspring. He’ll be expected to show them results. He’s probably got family who want to come here and providing me with heirs means I pay to bring on here for each pup I get on him!”

Scott sputtered and burst out laughing again, but Isaac was starting to get it, “But… but you can’t get him… like that… can you?”

“Yeah, I could,” Derek snapped, “If he’s a born wolf, born male wolves can get pregnant.”

“Nuh uh!” Scott gaped at him and Isaac’s face paled.

“So that’s what he meant by future?” Isaac asked, “We thought he just wanted citizenship!”

The frightened stranger was in tears now, staring down at his feet. He hunched over, pulling at his hair and making terrified sounds as he tried to catch his breath. Derek stared at him and clenched and unclenched his hands. The poor guys life was probably flashing before his eyes. If Derek sent him home he’d be in shame. His pack would suffer. They might even be forced to shun him in order to maintain what little territory a desperate pack had. They could die. Derek’s stomach twisted, the memory of smoke and burning flesh making him shiver and feel sick to his stomach.

“You two get your computers out and start translating. Now!”

Scott scrambled for his laptop and pulled it up while Derek walked over to the terrified young man and put a hand on his shoulder, slowly helping him stand up straight. He didn’t know how to comfort him, so he just led him carefully away from the two boys giving him guilty looks. He smelled like an omega, the weakest of the pack with probably nothing to offer save his body. His bag was by the doorway so Derek picked it up as he walked by and led Stiles to the couch. He’d probably figured out that this was supposed to be a prank, but more of an explanation was needed.

Derek sat the young man down and picked up his bag, rifling through it to find something informative about him. He wasn’t shocked to find lubricant and just one spare change of clothes. He’d probably spent every penny he had on the tuxedo and plane ticket.

Stiles gave him a worried look and pointed to the lube and then his finger with a firm expression on his face, “Nie, dopóki tu nie będzie obrączki.”

“Right, no breeding yet. No problem,” Derek sighed, digging through the smaller pockets.

He found some hygienic products and a few foreign coins. Finally he found a wallet with an ID and a few other cards that were unrecognizable to him. The ID had a picture of the handsome young man on it with a name below.

“MIECZYSLAW STILINSKI,” Derek read staring at it in horror.

The omega laughed lightly and corrected his pronunciation several times before Derek gave up.

“We’ve just been calling him Stiles,” Isaac said softly.

“Stiles,” The young man nodded.

“Very well. Your American name is Stiles,” Derek stated, covering part of the ID and showing it to him, “Welcome to America. We eat culture and shit euphemisms.”

“Stiles,” He nodded, trying it out, then put his hand on Derek’s chest and tried hesitantly, “Derek?”

“Yeah,” Derek sighed, “I guess they pretended to be me, huh?”

Stiles frowned, “Nie rozumiem.”

“Right,” Derek shrugged, “Let’s get this figured out.”

“Okay, here’s the translation program,” Isaac stated, turning it towards him. Derek winced at the sight of a picture of himself on the screen. No wonder he’d recognized him.

“You guys are dead meat when this is straightened out,” Derek growled.

The machine started talking in what Derek guessed was Polish and Stiles frowned for a moment.

“You told him… er… we told him… that we’d teach him English for his citizenship exams.”

The machine dutiful translated their words and Stiles put a hand over his face and peered out between his fingers in horror as the words appeared on the screen as well. This was how they’d tricked him. They’d pretended to he spoke enough Polish to communicate with Stiles. How far had it gone, though? If they’d taken advantage of him online…

“What is your family’s situation, Stiles?” Derek asked.

The machine translated and Stiles gave him a resigned look and spoke haltingly so the machine could translate each phrase.

“It was all in the contract.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“My father hurt in the duty line. Need care. Money will run out in a few years. He was police. I was lonely. He had no connections. Mother dead. Family gone. I look for alpha and new pack with a mother.”

“So he is expecting to be bred and have his father brought over,” Derek frowned as Stiles nodded, “But what do you mean by a new pack with a mother?” Derek frowned, “You mean you want to be a mother?”

“He asked a few times about your mom,” Isaac stated, “If he could call her mom.”

“This was a game?” Stiles asked, his tone devastated.

“A prank,” Derek nodded, not sure if it was translating correctly, “They thought you just wanted citizenship. Not a family.”

“Shit,” Scott looked sick to his stomach.

“They did this?” Stiles gestured to Isaac and Scott.

“Sadly, yes,” Derek frowned.

“However I spoke to you,” Stiles voice was insistent and hurt, though the machine translated it in flat tones as he waved at Derek, “I fell in love with you.”

Derek glared at the two, “How long did you talk to him?”

“A few months,” Isaac admitted.

“Not them,” Stiles insisted, “You.”

“No,” Derek shook his head, “It was them.”

Stiles gave the two boys an absolutely devastated look, “Why? What did I do to you?”

“Nothing,” Scott replied, swallowing hard as he fought back tears, “We thought you just wanted citizenship. That it was a game. We thought you’d come here and be pack. Derek is lonely. We figured you would be room mates.”

“You said I could call his mother my mother!” Stiles shouted at them, and Derek winced when the words translated over.

Derek wasn’t even speaking to Talia. They hadn’t been close in years, not since Derek had gotten his eldest sister killed while helping her sneak out to go on dates with another young woman who had turned out to be a hunter. Derek had been a hopeless romantic then. Now he was a realist. Seeing your sister literally burned at the stake would do that.

“I’m sorry,” Scott whispered while Isaac looked like he wanted to sink into the floor.

“What is going to happen to me?” Stiles asked, voice small and frightened, “I can not go back. I have nothing.”

“He mentioned a contract,” Derek stated, glaring at them, “Which of you signed it.”

“Technically?” Isaac asked.

“Literally,” Derek growled.

“I did,” Scott stated.

“Fine. He’s your responsibility now,” Derek stated, standing up and giving him a glare, “Take him to the courthouse and marry him.”

“What?!” Scott spat out, “But I have a girlfriend!”

“Now you have a husband.”

“But!” Scott spat out, “He was involved, too!”

“And you signed the paperwork that brought him here.”

“In your name!” Scott shouted, standing up and shaking his head, “I can’t marry a dude! I don’t even like dudes!”

Derek opened his mouth to answer, but Stiles tugged on his sleeve, staring up at him with wide eyes.

“I fell in love with you,” He insisted.

Derek sighed, realizing the guy must really be a moron. He pointed to Scott and Isaac and tried again.

“You fell in love with them! They were the ones talking!”

“No,” Stiles shook his head and pointed at Derek, “They were pretending to be you. I fell in love with you. Now I will teach you to love me. One time.”

“One time?” Derek’s eyebrows furrowed and Stiles held up one finger.


“One chance?” Derek asked.

Stiles nodded.

Derek sighed, staring at his petrified betas. They were giving him tortured looks so Derek turned back to Stiles. It wasn’t like he wasn’t used to the world punishing him.

“After a year you get citizenship and go your own way,” Derek stated.

“After a year you will love me,” Stiles replied.

Stiles had come with the paperwork for the marriage and his temporary Visa, to be confirmed when he proved himself as a US citizen by marrying and passing a citizenship test. Until both were completed, within a year, he could still be sent home. That meant he had just 12 months to learn English, History, basically everything there was to know about being an American. Derek took him down to the courthouse, asked for a translator, waited for two hours until one was provided, and got himself hitched.

Once the paperwork was in Stiles hands he was clearly relieved and they walked back to the car with Stiles smiling happily. They got in the car and he hummed happily to himself, his leg jigging up and down while Derek drove them back to his flat. His unruly betas had made themselves scarce, but Derek texted them once he got home and told them that they’d be helping Stiles learn English at the very least. Then he sat the young man down in front of the television and turned it on so he could start practicing. He figured if he found some movies the young man was familiar with from childhood he’d be able to learn a bit from that.

Stiles made an enthusiastic sound as a cartoon came on so Derek left it playing and went to make dinner. When he brought him the food he’d made Stiles stared at it with wide eyes before glancing up at him shyly.

“Go on,” Derek nodded.

Stiles took a bite and let out a low moan as if the spoon were connected to his cock. Derek licked his lips, mouth suddenly dry. It had been a long time…

Derek reminded himself that while he was agreeing to get him with child and bring his father over, he wasn’t about to do anything with him until they were communicating better. Derek told his libido to calm down and stared at the sponge and starfish laughing on the screen in mindless revelry.