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Love Comes In All Forms

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Detective Inspector Jack Robinson came trotting down the stairs at Wardlow and headed toward the kitchen. On the days he had an early shift he usually made his own way through the morning. He woke up early, he was usually tangled with his sleeping partner, he kissed each limb as he untangled it from him. Then he gave the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher a tender kiss on the cheek as he moved a stubborn lock of hair from her eyes.

Then he would go to his room across the hall where he would bath, shave and dress. He started to do that early in their relationship because he always seemed to wake her some how when he was getting dressed in the pre-dawn hours as he prepared himself for his day. Though she always said she didn't mind, he just wanted her to sleep in, so he began to use a room that was not in use for early mornings like this. He also used the room, on nights that Phryne would not be home till late, so he could read privately and go to sleep if he was tired. At first, Phryne was not thrilled with this, but since she could sneak into his room and slowly seduce him from sleep, she came to accept it as did the rest of the family. It became his room.

Jack being very considerate, he also didn't like to disturb Mr. Butler, so he made his own coffee and took some biscuits from the tin before he left for work. Though on cake baking days, he would smile as he walked into the sweet aroma filled room and find that a smiling Mr. B. had already prepared him a delicious breakfast.

Today though was a quiet a day, Phryne, Jane and Mr. B were all fast asleep. He had just started his coffee. when he was startled by a quick knock on the door. He thought it might be Bert and Cec, so with a smile on his face, he answered it. But there was no one there. He looked around and then down, his eyes widening in pure shock. There in a basket was the most beautiful, perfectly formed baby, Jack had ever seen. He picked up the basket, placed it on the kitchen table and tenderly touched the little one's soft cheeks. Looking at her, he felt she could be no more then 7 or 8 months old. The beautiful child was all dressed in pink, so he assumed it was a baby girl. She woke up and grabbed his pinkie. He felt himself melt into a puddle right at that moment and he knew he was lost to the beautiful baby.

"Oh boy, aren't you the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I am in such trouble because...well...I just am in big trouble." He took a deep breath thinking what Phryne would think of a baby in her home. Then he saw a note pinned to her blanket. He carefully unpinned it, so it would not be anywhere near the baby's leg. He unfolded the note and read;

"Dear Miss Fisher,

You have always been so kind to us at the Women's Institute in Collingwood. I fell pregnant at such a young age and because of your kindness and generosity I was able to take a secretarial course. I graduated last week with honors and I found a position in Sydney, I hope you'll be proud of that. It is with a devastated heart, that I have to leave my baby behind.

Please adopt her, Miss Fisher. Love her as your own. I have a man who I love deeply, but he hates children. He treats me very well, but I know he will not treat any baby well, even his own. I know your a very good woman, please love her, Miss Fisher, she is a very good girl, very loving and beautiful, and she deserves it."

Jack sighed as he finished the letter putting it on the table. "How could anyone hate you? I just met you and I love you." He looked at the soft curly hair and the big blue eyes. He smiled and said, "And you look like us too."

"Jack, your still...what on Earth!"

Jack said nothing, he just handed her the note. Phryne read the note and looked at the baby and then Jack, confused. "But why me? I am not exactly the maternal type..."


"But she was a teenager..."

"Phryne...?" Jack looked deeply into her eyes with such a beseeching look it melted her, against her will. She saw that her beloved partner, had already fallen under the little girls spell, "So fast?"

Jack smiled and nodded, "Afraid so. Just look at her, Phryne. She is so beautiful. Her beautiful face, her cute little chubby legs, Her eyes are the same color and shape as mine and her hair is going to be just like yours....its as if its meant to be and I....well I..."

"Oh boy...."

"Girl, actually," he corrected with a lopsided grin, she could rarely ignore.

"But, we are all so busy. How on Earth can we take care of her?"

"We will all pitch in..." Jack said with enthusiasm. Everyone thought that Jack was wrapped around Phryne's little finger, but the truth is, that it was quite mutual. "I think we can do it Phryne."

One look into that hopeful face, those beseeching eyes and she had no choice. She loved him so much, so she smiled and said, "We will need a family meeting."

Jack smiled brightly, pulled his partner into his arms and kissed her passionately. Then he pulled back and kissed her nose, "Thank you, Darling."

Phryne nodded and smiled at him, then looked at the baby, "Your right she is perfectly formed, she is not red faced and screaming, that's a good start."

Jack nodded, and picked up the baby like he had been doing it for years, "She is a good girl, and she will be as smart and strong as you and Jane."

Phryne was amused, "You think so, huh?"

Jack curled an arm around Phryne's waist as he held the baby cuddled in his arms, "I know."