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It Might Be Hope

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It was a dark and stormy night.  Lightning flashed and thunder roared above a small town called Beacon Hills.  Deep in the heart of the forest that circled Beacon Hills was a small house, nearly burnt black into nonexistence. The structure of the house was unstable, the roof was slowly falling apart, and the wood that protected the inside from the elements was cracking and peeling.  On the second floor, whenever lightning flashed outside one of the broken windows, a silhouette could be seen lying down on what seemed to be a wooden pallet, covered with a very thin mattress.




Alone in his room, werewolf Derek Hale laid, staring blankly up at the cracked and peeling ceiling.  As the thunder and lightning raged on outside, Derek shut his eyes and let his mind wander.  Soon his thoughts were drifting to the back, dark corner of his brain, where all of his haunting memories were kept locked away.  He quickly tried to focus on something other than those thoughts, but every time he tried to pull away, the corner kept calling him back until he couldn’t help but dive into those horrid memories.  Suddenly images flashed behind his eyelids: pictures of Allison’s mom getting bitten by him before she committed suicide, Stiles being taken over by the Nogistune, Scott leaving his pack to start his own, and other thoughts flashed so fast that Derek quickly opened his eyes, panting, and didn’t even realize that there was someone pulling up outside of his house until his bedroom door bursted open and Stiles Stilinski appeared, soaking wet from the rain.  Stiles let out a breath of relief.

            “Sourwolf…oh thank God.  I got a call from Scott and he told me that you weren’t at the meeting earlier” Stiles said as he walked across the room towards Derek’s bed.  When Stiles was just a few inches away from the bed, Derek let out a soft sniff.  Stiles raised an eyebrow in surprise.

            “Derek…what wrong?”  Derek shook his head and sat up. 

            “I’m fine Stiles” Derek said, voice trembling ever so slightly that Stiles almost missed it.  But since he had a best friend who was a werewolf and helped out a fucking werewolf pack, he picked up a few small tricks, like being able to detect changes in tone, body language and moods, even if they were so minuscule that a normal human being would have missed it.

            “Ok, that’s bullshit”  Stiles sneered, crossing his arms.  Derek looked up at the teenager and snarled, eyes flashing red.

            “I said, I’m fine Stiles.  Now, if you only came here to bother me, kindly remove yourself from my property and go home” Derek growled.  Stiles gave Derek one of his signature bitch-faces.

            “Oh, puh-lease.  You’re not gonna get rid of me that easily, are you?” Stiles teased.  Derek growled weakly one last time before putting his head in his hands.  Stiles raised an eyebrow again, and the teasing light had slipped from his eyes and from his face.  He sat down on the edge of Derek’s bed, knowing not to get to close to the werewolf when he didn’t know how the situation would end up.

            “Yo…Sourwolf…what’s up?” Stiles asked.  When Derek didn’t reply, Stiles cautiously placed a hand on Derek’s knee.  Now Stiles wasn’t one for dishing out comfort, but he decided to sing a song that his mom used to sing to him whenever he had a panic attack or was just not feeling himself. 


You do your work the best that you can

You put one foot in front of the other


Derek looked up at Stiles and raised an eyebrow in surprise.  Stiles blushed in embarrassment and quickly removed his hand from Derek’s knee before turning his head away, his cheeks bright red.

            “Stiles…” Derek said softly, making the teenager look at the werewolf.  Derek’s green eyes were shining slightly, making Stiles’ amber eyes widen in surprise.

            “Y-yes?” Stiles whispered.  Derek’s usually hard expression softened ever so slightly.

            “You can continue singing…”  Stiles blinked before his mouth formed a small “o”.  He quickly nodded and cleared his throat.


Life comes in waves and makes it's demands

You hold on as well as your able


Stiles smiled weakly at Derek, who he noticed looked much older than a twenty-five year old man.  The stress of being an alpha and having to take care of so many omegas and betas must have been getting to the werewolf.


You've been here for a long long time


Derek sighed deeply and ran a hand through his hair.

            “That…is a fucking understatement” he grumbled.  Stiles laughed suddenly, making Derek look at him incredulously.

            “What’s so funny?” he growled.  Stiles shook his head, tears of laughter pricking at his eyes.

            “N-nothing.  It’s just funny to see an expression on your face other than irritated or grumpy.  It’s just wonderful” Stiles teased.  Derek growled before he flopped back down on the bed.

            “Should you even be out here anyways?” Derek asked, glancing at the human.  Stiles shrugged.

            “Well, I’m not fucking going home in this weather, are you insane?!” Stiles exclaimed.  Derek smirked and Stiles narrowed his eyes at the werewolf.

            “Wow….you are an asshole.”  Derek smirked again before a rather loud clap of thunder startled both Stiles and Derek.  Stiles whimpered suddenly and scooted closer to Derek for some odd reason that he couldn’t explain.

            “Stiles…” Derek said, placing a hand on Stiles’ back, steadying the boy who was trembling ever so slightly.  Just feeling Derek’s strong hand on his back calmed Stiles down enough that he stopped trembling.

            “Why don’t you continue that song?  You already started it, you might as well finish it” Derek advised.  Stiles nodded and took a deep breath.


Hope has a way of turning it's face to you

Just when you least expect it


He took another breath, Derek’s hand still resting on his back.


You walk in a room

You look out a window

And something there leaves you breathless


Stiles could feel Derek relax behind him, which made him smile.


You say to yourself

It's been a while since I felt this

But it feels like it might be hope


Stiles let out a deep sigh and leaned back, resting his back on Derek’s chest.  He felt Derek stiffened beneath him and Stiles quickly shot up, hoping off of the bed.

            “Oh God!  Derek, I’m so sorry!” Stiles yelped.  Derek looked up at Stiles, and Stiles swore he saw tears pool in the werewolf’s green eyes.

            “It’s fine Stiles…” Derek murmured.  Stiles tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes and sat back down at the foot of Derek’s “bed”.

            “Derek, you better cut this bullcrap right now before I slap you” Stiles admonished.  Derek raised an eyebrow, surprised that Stiles was talking to him in that tone.  Sure, he was used to Stiles’ snark, but this was no snark or sarcasm.  Stiles really did sound irritated, and that irritation he guessed was aimed at him.

            “There is something fucking wrong, because you 1) never let me sing to you, like ever, 2) this is the longest we’ve ever gone without shouting at each other, 3) your body language is that of a lost and drenched puppy dog, and 4) you never let me get that close to you, or anyone else for that matter.  So yeah, something is definitely not “fine” as you claim.  Spit it out” Stiles bitched.  Derek chuckled before he sighed.

            “I’ve just been thinking, that’s all” he mumbled.  Stiles raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

            “That’s why you’re so moody?  Because you’ve been thinking?!” Stiles demanded.  Derek nodded.

            “The thoughts of a broken, haunted and hurt man is a dangerous one, Stiles” Derek said slowly, letting the words sink in.  Stiles suddenly became very quiet, he had completely forgotten what Derek had gone through in his younger years…aw shit, now he felt like the asshole.  Stiles facepalmed.

            “Fuck…dude, I’m so sorry.  I completely forgot” Stiles apologized.  Derek snorted.

            “With rumors going around about a past like mine, how could you forget?”  Stiles blushed.

            “Well…I’ve just know you better now.  So I don’t really think to much about your past” Stiles explained.  Derek nodded and soon an awkward silence fell between the human and the werewolf before a large bolt of lighting struck outside the house and hit a small tree, catching the bark on fire.  Derek and Stiles’s eyes widened in horror but Derek’s eyes glowed with the warm flames before Stiles even noticed that the alpha was hyperventilating.  Stiles’ ears soon picked up on the noise and he turned around to see Derek staring out the window, eyes reflecting the light of the fire and chest rising and falling faster than normal.  Stiles let out a squeak before he leaped off the bed and rushed out the door, grabbing a small bathroom trashcan as he ran by.  He ran to a tap and filled it with water before running out the door and dousing the small tree with it.  The water almost put out the fire and Stiles guessed that one more bucket of water would do the trick.  He rushed back inside, filled the can again and then ran back out, dousing the tree again.  His guess had been right, the flames died out as soon as the water hit it.  He sighed in relief and let the can fall from his hand.  He was about to walk away when he remembered Derek up in his bedroom.  Stiles’ eyes widened and he quickly ran back into the house and up the stairs, bursting into Derek’s bedroom.  The werewolf was still staring out the window, eyes still wide with fear.  Stiles quickly walked over to Derek and grabbed his face, yanking his gaze from the window.

            “Derek.  Derek, focus man.  Come on dude, look at me” Stiles urged, shaking Derek’s face slightly.  Derek blinked once and shook his head from Stiles’ hands, running a hand through his hair.

            “What…” the alpha inquired, looking up at Stiles in confusion.  Stiles smiled weakly.

            “You had a slight panic attack, triggered by a small tree catching on fire” Stiles explained.  Derek nodded and shut his eyes, shaking his head.

            “I’m sorry Stiles…it’s just that…”

            “Don’t say it.  I understand” Stiles reassured as he sat down next to the alpha.  Stiles blinked and realized that he was growing sleepy, since he had been up almost the entire night since eight o’clock yesterday evening.  He pulled his phone out of his butt pocket and checked the time.  4:35 am.  Damn.  He had been up almost six hours, which of course, was nothing in Stiles’ book, but still, at least if he pulled all nighters he took cat naps in between just so that he could function semi-normally.  He had just gone six hours straight without sleep.  New record for him.  He sighed and put the phone back before yawning and rubbing his eyes.  His eyes were slowly burning as they grew tireder and heavier.  He shut his eyes briefly and had to quickly snap himself away because he almost teetered to the side, almost falling onto Derek. 

            “Stiles” Derek’s voice broke through his sleepiness, even if ever so slightly.  Stiles turned to look at Derek, vision hazy and slowly sub-coming to sleep.

            “What’s…up…Sourwolf?” Stiles said, yawning between each word.  Derek smiled softly and Stiles swore he was just imagining it. 

            “You’re tired…if you want, you can rest on my bed.  I can sleep on the couch” Derek offered.  Stiles shook his head, even though the offer sounded super good.

            “Nah…I’ll be fine.  Why don’t I finish up the song?  I think you could still use it” he said.  Derek nodded and shrugged slightly.

            “If you’re not too tired.”  Stiles grinned cheekily and shook his head.


It's hard to recall what blew out the flame

It's been dark since you can remember


Derek chuckled softly and Stiles grinned a sleepy smile.


You talk it all through to find it a name

As days go on by without number


Stiles yawned a large yawn and shook his head, forcing himself to stay awake.


You've been here for a long long time


Stiles knew that he wouldn’t be able to stay up much longer, because his limbs began to feel heavy and he felt like everything was just getting darker and darker.  Suddenly Derek’s strong hand appeared on Stiles’ shoulder, making the boy look at the alpha.

            “Stiles, just lie down.  Please.  You look like you’re going to pass out on me” Derek pleaded.  Stiles weakly and let Derek guide his tired body down until he was lying down on the mattress next to Derek, his back pressed up against the alpha’s chest.  Stiles blushed but was grateful that Derek cared enough about him that he would allow him to lie like this next to him.  Stiles let out a relieved sigh and shut his eyes.  He was slipping deeper into unconsciousness when he felt Derek’s arm slip around his waist, pulling him closer.  Stiles smiled before he shut his eyes and finally let himself find rest.


Hope has a way of turning it's face to you

Just when you least expect it

You walk in a room

You look out a window

And something there leaves you breathless

You say to yourself

It's been a while since I felt this

But it feels like it might be hope


While the thunderstorm raged on outside, inside the Hale house, Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski slept peacefully, wrapped in each other’s embrace.  Like Stiles’ mother’s song said, it feels like it be hope.