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25 Days of Nagron

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“This is stupid.”

“It’s fucking brilliant.”

“You have a better idea?”

Naevia gave her best bitch face to Mira, gave Gannicus a grateful one, and continued putting up the mistletoe above Agron’s favorite bean bag chair in the basement.

“Mistletoe, Naevia? Mistletoe!? Seriously could we get any more obvious about this?”

Naevia didn’t even pause. “Well nothing else has worked!”

Gannicus flopped down on the old beat up couch. “Those two seriously are the most oblivious people I have ever met. Either that or they are just stupid.”

Mira rolled her eyes. “I think it’s a mix of both.”

“Well this is what we’re doing. They’ve been crushing on each other for months, but neither one of them will do a damn thing about it.” Naevia got down from the chair she’d been standing on, and moved it behind the counter of the mini bar. She climbed on top of it and started stringing it at equal intervals along the ceiling.

“You really think that they’re going to have their first kiss in front of all of us? Nasir is shy as hell, and Agron won’t do anything that makes him uncomfortable,” Mira pointed out.

Gannicus was way ahead of her. “Already taken care of. I strung some up outside on the porch, and on a few of the trees. The point is to put the thought into both of their heads in here. Then when Nasir inevitably goes to get a breath to calm himself down, Agron will follow him to make sure he’s alright.”

“And what’s your back up plan when your brilliant plan inevitably fails?”

Gannicus shrugged, and picked up a cookie from the coffee table. “Me and Donar are gonna shove them in the closet.”

Naevia snorted, Mira put her face in her hands, and Gannicus laughed.

This was so gonna work.


They were all acting like children, their faces smushed to the window as they watched Agron and Nasir walked out into the snow. The lights were turned off, so Agron and Nasir couldn’t see them.

“This is never going to work,” Mira told them all, still not convinced.

Spartacus shushed her, and pressed his face harder against the glass.

Naevia giggled when they stopped underneath one of the trees that happened to have mistletoe hanging very obviously from it. She swore she could see Nasir’s blush from where she was standing. Gannicus and Donar were standing behind them, plotting the best way to shove the two morons in a closet if Plan A didn’t work.

Crixus rolled his eyes at all of them. “You’re a bunch of creepers, you know that?” Naevia only smirked, since he was pressing himself right up against her back, watching the two love struck idiots outside just as intently as the rest of them were.

Saxa pulled away from the window, and went over to join Gannicus and Donar. She pulled out a giant string of garland, and proposed tying Agron and Nasir together and shoving them in the closet.

Agron pointed up, and Nasir looked up to the mistletoe. Agron hesitantly took a step forward, and Naevia squealed. It was gonna work!!

Agron and Nasir were looking and each other intently. God if she was out their she’d just push their faces together. They were so close.

“Will you three shut up?” Spartacus whispered harshly at Gannicus, Donar, and Saxa.

“What’s there to hear? Them sucking face?” Saxa retorted.

“Shut it!”

“This is never going to work,” Mira repeated.

Spartacus didn’t even look down at her. “Say it one more time and I’m shoving you in the closet. Fun sucker.”

Mira glared at him, but didn’t move from the glass either.

They’d been staring at each other to long. Would they just kiss already?!

Agron took another step forward, and Naevia bit down on her knuckles. Nasir hadn’t moved, but he wasn’t meeting Agron’s eyes though. It was very likely he was blushing like a mad man.

Naevia would have jumped up and down if she could have, as Agron took Nasir’s face in his hands, lifting it so that Nasir had to meet his eyes.




Nasir surged forward, wrapping his arms around Agron’s neck, and kissed him long and hard.

“YES!!!!” Naevia squealed, managing to jump up and down despite Crixus’ bulk against her back.

Gannicus, Donar, and Saxa looked awfully disappointed as they looked at the garland.