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Title: Frozen
Author: Wereleopard58
Original Works
Summary: Jenny was in an accident, the world around her when she awoke seemed to be frozen.
Disclaimer: This is an original piece of work, all the characters and the storyline do belong to me.
N/B Not sure if this could be added to or not, please let me know.

There was unbelievable pain from head to toe. The scorching heat from the burning wreckage was licking towards her she looked across, seeing the man she loved screaming as he was trapped in the metal prison. Jenny wanted to help, to reach out, but she was frozen to the spot. The pain and fear stopped her from moving. Jenny heard a noise as the flames immersed her loved one. Suddenly, just for a moment, it seemed as if she were watching a movie. Than the heat hit her; it was becoming unbearable as the flames got higher and stronger, it felt as if she got any closed her skin would melt of her bones. The sound that she heard was actually her screaming. Tears ran down her cheeks. The smell of cooked meat, as if she were at a barbeque was making her want to throw up.

Jenny continued to scream, she tried to move, but the pain in her legs made her collapse. She was reaching towards John, wishing and praying that someone could help. She ducked her head automatically as the car exploded. Pieces of metal raining down on her, burning into her skin. None of that made a difference, her body was becoming numb, but there was a pain deep in her chest, making it difficult to breathe. The world started to deteriorate, the noise of an ambulance siren got closer and closer. She welcomed the imminent blackness hoping that she would not wake up from it. That she would be with her husband, her soul-mate and her best friend.

Jenny was fading in and out of consciousness as the pain consumed her when she awoke. She did not fight to stay awake.

Lights were shone into her eyes. People were talking all around her, the voices merging into one and once again darkness converged on her. Jenny is smiling as it pulled her away from all of the pain and loss, even if it was for a little while.

She slowly and painfully opened her eyes, her mouth and throat dry. She licked at her cracked lips. A glass was lifted to her mouth; cool water was poured into her mouth. Jenny tried to drink it quickly to soothe her dried out throat, but she was only allowed small sips at a time. She tried to follow the glass as it was pulled away from her. Looking over she saw her mother. There was no longer any brightness in those red rimmed eyes of the older woman. The memories suddenly crashed through her mind, over and over again. It was a never-ending tidal wave. It was a nightmare, it had to be.

Doctors and nurses came in and out of the room; she saw them from the corner of her eye like creatures ready to attack. If she ignored them for long enough Jenny hoped that they would go away, and everything would be fine. Her family had come and gone, and she had no idea for how long she had stared at the blank wall.

‘Jenny, honey,’ Sylvia said as she sat down on a chair next to the bed. She had now been in hospital for three days.

Her jaw tightened, her fists clenched. She was fighting back the tears, it could not be true. A hand gently rest on her arm. The tears that she had managed to keep hidden escaped from their confines and rolled down her face.

‘Go away,’ Jenny whispered.

‘Sweetheart, you need to talk to the doctors tell them where you hurt. What happened?’

‘Nothing happened! Get out! Leave me alone.’ Jenny snatched her arm away and winced with pain.

Sylvia moved away from the chair, sobbing softly feeling so helpless that she could not do anything to help. Her husband took hold of her arm and pulled her out of the room leaving Jenny alone again.

‘You’ll have to give her time. You can’t push her,’ he whispered, keeping hold of his wife.

Jenny let the tears fall as she sat there, waiting. John would come. He would always be there for her. If he was not around she had no idea how she would survive another day, hoping that she wouldn’t have to.

The End