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The Thug

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Stiles sighed. He was bored again. It didn't really take much to make Stiles bored since he was super hyper but he was and that sucked. What to do what to do? As Sties got up to get a bowl of cereal his friend crashed through the door.

Stiles barely glanced up before he was tackled with thin, pale, arms.
"O-Oh!" Stiles gasped in surprise, stopping what ever the fuck he was doing.
"STILES GUESS WHAT?" The voice said excitedly.

Stiles felt the hair brush against the back of his neck.
"ERICA!" Stiles said just as excitedly. He smiled at her and chuckled a bit.
"Why are you so happy?" Erica asked staring at Stiles with a wide smile on her face.
"Because you're finally back." Stiles giggled.
"It's only been 15 hours." Erica blushed.
"Only 15 hours she says. That means 15 hours with no one to prank or talk to or blame my stupidity on. Only 15 hours" Stiles mumbled.
"Oh I'm so- Wait! What about Scott?" Erica asked her mood going from confuzzled to mad.
"Uh..he...has a girlfriend now. Why waste his time on me. Besides i don't want to ruin a perfectly good relationship he's in since...her." Stiles said turning red and unwrapping her arms from him. He reached up for the bowl and pulled it out. He then went to get milk and a spoon.
"Aw how sweet. But if she ruins your 17 years of friendship i will slap that bitch. And even Scott." Erica hissed clenching her fists.
Stiles smiled and got out his Cookie Crisp cereal. He sat at the table and poured his milk into the bowl then the cereal.

Then something dawned on Stiles.
"Wait you seemed happy when you came through the door, why?" He asked.
"What...." Erica said staring off into the distance as if she was trying to remember something.
"STILES GUESS WHAT!? And all the other perky stuff you said....remember?" Stiles said trying to help her remember by imitating her.
"Oh....OH! Yeah i was going to tell you," Erica said and ran over to sit next to him. "Stiles I met this guy."
A smile came onto Stiles face as the words slowly fell from Erica's lips. It's been what...3 years since she's been in a relationship. Now is a great time to start a relationship up again.
"So who is he?" Stiles asked pretending to flip his hair and cross his legs.
"Stiles this is serious." Erica smiled and then tried to make her face straight.
"Okay,okay!...Who is he?" Stiles asked seriously.
Erica's face turned red."Isaac Lahey."
And there it was. The name he never wanted to here again. The name that crushed him. And the sad thing was it didn't only crush Stiles...but it crushed Erica. The boy who cheated on her 3 years ago.
"WHAT?" Stiles yelled.

Erica looked as though she was going to explode.
"What are you yelling at me for?" She snapped.
"Why him?" Stiles demanded.
"Well maybe i have a better chance." Erica said matter-of-factly.
"Uh really. I don't think so that dick is probably just playing you...again." Stiles mumbled.
"NO!" Erica yelled.
Stiles eyes widened in surprise at her sudden outburst.
"I have a better chance now that you are out of the way." Erica growled.
Stiles face went from hurt to pure rage. He shot up from his seat and shoved Erica on the ground. She let out a yelp and had a look of shock on her face.
"I dare you to say that again."

Stiles said darkly.
"What-whatever." Erica stuttered.
"Where is he?" Stiles whispered.
"Uh...S-Spencers." Erica mumbled.
Stiles glared at her then walked towards the door.
"By the way..."
Stiles turned around and frowned." I don't approve."