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Tainted Love

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A sharp pain in my stomach wakes me from sleep, my hands grip onto my clothing as I try to breathe through the pain but I find a massive lack of air. This causes me to panic because I can’t remember why or how I got here. The last thing I remember is trying to save Stiles and now I am in a confined dark place with little to no air and pain radiating everywhere.

Wherever I am it is a very small space and it smells musty, actually I think the musty smell is coming from me. I dawns on me that I am no longer dressed in the same clothes I was wearing what seems like moments ago. What in the world is going on and why can’t I move my legs or try to sit up…

With a horrifying realisation I remember getting speared in the stomach and dying in Scott’s arms. That means I’m in a coffin and I most likely have been in here for a while if the smell signifies something.

The panic only seems to get worse and the short supply of air that is in this small space is quickly running out, I know I will have to somehow get out of here but my mind is too busy trying to figure out how I am alive.

I have never heard of anything that could bring back the dead and if there were and people knew about it then I am sure that people would have used it more often. I am sure that my father would not have brought me back because if he knew how to do that then my mother would still be with us.

To my great surprise I hear a thud as something hits the lid of my coffin, the wood would be weak, considering it must have been a while since I died, and so whatever hits it breaks the wood and allows dirt to fall on top of my hands which are still clutching the gritty feeling clothes I was wearing.

Suddenly with a great force the lid is ripped completely off and thrown out of my grave and into the silence of the night. From the vague light that shines in from the moon I am able to see a man who is only outlined so I can’t make out who or what he is.

“Hello Allison… it’s great to finally meet you” The man says then he swings something down and into my neck, whatever it is causes my vision to blur then go black.

“She is the fourth person today… normally it’s only one…”

“Do you know her? Is there any reason why she is so special?”

“She doesn’t look like much…wait! She is waking up!”

I open my eyes blearily to look up at several people looming over me, all of them staring openly without shame. I look past them at my surroundings to try and find a way of escape but there is nothing but four walls with no window and only a small lamp to allow light into the room.

“Where am I?” I ask then I try to sit up but the pain in my stomach reminds me that, that probably won’t be happening anytime soon.

“Wish I could tell you but we’re as clueless as you are” A kind and slightly familiar woman says to me. She looks to be about late 30’s early 40’s as does another woman whose lap my head rests in, everyone else seems to be slightly younger apart from a couple of kids.

“You need to stay still, you are not fully healed and you will be in pain for a little while longer” The woman who I was lying on orders gently “I am taking away as much pain as I can” she adds and that’s when I realise that she has a firm grip on my hand.

“You’re a werewolf” I gasp as she takes away just a little bit more pain, it’s not much but I’m guessing she is also like me and she is not fully healed.

“My name is Talia and yes I am a werewolf, how did you know?” She asks then uses her free hand to brush back my hair out of my eyes. It feels so strange, so motherly, a feeling that I had forgotten after my mother died.

“Most of my friends are some sort of supernatural creatures” I answer her and she chuckles slightly.

“Well you won’t be afraid then when I introduce you to my pack… who are currently still surrounding and staring at you like some sort of starved animals” Talia says sharply and I know that the tone was meant for the people standing around me.

“Sorry mother it’s just we’ve been here for days and she is the only one of those outside of the pack that has woken up” A male answers

“We are just curious Talia darling” Someone else answers who is closer to my head.

“Yes well if she wants to talk then she will talk Henry, now call off your children they are getting on my nerves” Talia says in a stiff tone but I see her smile from where I sit.

“Yes Mrs Hale-“the man beside her says teasingly then goes to kiss her forehead but my gasp makes him stop.

“Hale…oh my god” I whisper mostly to myself but of course everyone hears me, I am in a room filled with werewolves.

“Do you know us?” A girl that seems to be the closest to my age asks.

I stare at them all wide eyed because for as long as I have been in Beacon Hills, they have all been dead and their deaths have caused great drama for us. That reminds me that if I tell them who I am they might not be happy with me since I am related to the woman who killed them.

“I know of you, I heard about the way your family died” I say quietly, deciding that it would be better to lie in this moment to protect myself.

“Yes well that Argent girl sure made it clear that the Hale family was wiped clean off the map” Talia mutters under her breath, her voice is laced with anger.

“She didn’t kill all of us… I already told you that, Uncle Peter is still alive and I am sure Derek is also alive… he was with me and he was the one that killed me” A girl who is probably closest to my age growls at Talia.

“Laura that is enough! I know my brother and I know he could never do something like that, and we will deal with everything like that once we get out of here… plus if Peter is not here then he must be dead” Talia says then as If she was distracting herself she grips my hand tighter and begins to take some of my pain away even though there is not much left really.

“I guess you feel the same way about Derek or Cora… or did you forget about them?” Laura snaps under her breath, her eyes glow for a moment. It’s then that I recognise her to be Derek’s sister, the one Peter killed so he could achieve Alpha status.

“Laura that is enough, their deaths have been hard or your mother and I so we don’t need you constantly reminding us about them” The man who must be Talia’s husband growls at his daughter.

Laura glares at her father but she gets up and crosses the room anyway. I feel like I should speak to someone and tell them that Peter did kill her and that Derek and Cora are still alive and fighting… from what I know anyway.

“Talia, one of the others are waking” A man who looks like Talia and by the age of him I would guess that he is her brother.

“Kellen you will have to deal with whoever it is, she is still hurt” Talia sighs and I can tell she is stressed, I guess that being an alpha in a pack who have just risen from the dead could be slightly stressful.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore… I can handle the pain” I say because the other person will probably need it more than I do.

“She smells like cancer Mother, that is going to hurt as she heals” An obvious brother of Derek pipes up from not far from me “I can take care of…” He trails off in question


“I can take care of Allison while you make sure that woman is okay” Derek’s brother suggests. Talia nods because she probably has to do it now that the woman they were talking about has now woken up and is crying in pain slightly.

“Okay, Allison, this is my son Jensen… his twin brother Adam will be somewhere, don’t let them bother you and if they do just ignore them” Talia says sweetly then with the help of two other family members, I am being moved from Talia’s lap to Jensen’s.

Talia then hurries over to the suffering woman, who from what I can hear sounds like she is murmuring sorry under her breath, I don’t know if I want to know what she is sorry about.

“So Allison how did you die?” Jensen asks as his hands take over from where Talia was when she was holding my hand, pain draining away quickly as if it was a tap. Jensen notices my amazement, “Yeah mother may be a very powerful Alpha but she is not as good at taking pain away as I am” Jensen grins proudly.

“That’s amazing, and if I told you how I died I don’t think you would believe me” I tell him, groaning a little as I try to sit up straighter so I could get comfortable.

“Try me, and no point in trying to get comfy… no beds in here so I’m as comfy as it gets, sorry” Jensen says then finishes the sentence with a wink.

I have decided that Jensen is in no way like Derek, or from what I have seen anyway… I only just met the guy. He just seems opposite of him but then again I guess you would be like Derek if you were in his shoes.

“Okay then… I was killed by an ancient evil Japanese spirit, stabbed in the stomach whilst I was fighting with several werewolves, a banshee and a fox to try and save my friend who was possessed by the Nogitsune” I tell him and to my satisfaction I see that he is very taken aback, obviously not expecting someone like me to be involved in something like that.

“That was silly… why did you try and take them on when you are only a human?” Jensen asks, his eyes wide as he tries to piece it all together.

Damn, I am going to have to tell him what I was now and I knew I couldn’t lie to him because he would know.

“I come from a family of hunters… but I don’t hunt anymore!” I am quick to reassure him because I saw the look on his face the moment I said I was a hunter “Well I do if they deserve it” I add silently

“What do you mean by that, and I thought you said your friends were werewolves?” He asks, his body feels tense under my head.

“I only hunted for the wolf that “killed” my mother… little did I know that she killed herself because he changed her” I say bitterly “And the only reason he bit her was because she was trying to save my ex-boyfriend, also a werewolf… she was not happy about him dating me so even though he was just a kid, she decided it was up to her to kill him” I finish

“Okay but that doesn’t answer my question… why did you say you only hunted those who deserved it?”

“What I meant was that I helped take down anything evil that decided to show up” I say and he relaxes slightly.

“Sorry if I was asking too many questions, my family was killed by a hunter… she used my brother Derek to get close to us then burned us all alive, Kate Argent” He half scoffs half growls the name, better now than later I think.

“I know…Kate Argent, well she is my aunt” I whisper quietly but all the wolves in the room hear me.

“She’s an argent!” Growls Laura “We just nursed an Argent back to health after her aunty killed us all without a second thought!” She yells a second later.

“I am not like her…I don’t hunt werewolves unless they have done something worth being hunted for” I try to reason with her but she looks so angry. I guess some of that anger is still towards her parents about…yes! This is a way to maybe gain her trust.

“Don’t lie we have dealt with your family before!” She snarls then takes a step towards me.

“No! dont do this… I know that Peter is alive!” I yell as a last minute defence.

She stops dead in her tracks, eyes still wide and glowing, fangs still exposed. Her eyes show the fight that she is having in her mind on whether or not she should believe me.

“That can’t be true, I watched him burn as he tried to save me” A small but beautiful woman says from the corner that Laura was sitting in before. She is small than I am, mousy brown hair and wide blue eyes. She was stunning, and she was also holding a young child who looked to be three or four years old.

“He survived, was burned pretty badly and was comatose for years” I tell her and I swear I could hear a switch because a second later the woman is crying into the hair of the child she was holding close to her and whispering softly to.

“He should have died” Laura snarls, ignoring her family member who looks to be happy about the news of Peter being alive, at least one person does.

“He did, after he stole his powers from you, he changed my ex-boyfriend who was in the wrong place at the wrong time as per usual, and bit him… wanted revenge on my aunt Kate” I say and for the first time, she smiles, bearing in mind the smile was on the verge of being very sinister.

“Who killed him” Talia asks from where she is still aiding to the crying woman from before, who has now slightly calmed down after she first woke up.