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How Dare You March Into My Heart

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There was nothing worse then being awoken from a good dream by the blare of your alarm clock. Stiles groaned deep in the blankets and slapped it off with a hard slap. His blankets were warm around him as he turned onto his back and opened bleary eyes. Sunlight streamed in from the window and he sniffed deeply glancing around his small but comfortable bedroom. It was a Thursday morning and he groaned again stretching his arms over his head. It was the day before the weekend but it also meant another day in college. Stiles sat up and rubbed his left eye whilst he yawned and shoved back his blankets to tug on his jogging bottoms. The apartment was cold when he emerged and he paused at the sight of a tall and blonde man stood in his kitchen. Stiles frowned deeply and flicked his eyes over to the half open door next to his. This was a weekly occurrence with Lydia bringing home strange men from the bar.

“Oh hey!” the guy called to him, raising a hand at him.

“Morning,” Stiles saluted and moved grabbing a mug from the cupboard and the coffee pot. There was an awkwardness as he grabbed the bread out of the cupboard and paused looking over to him.

“Lydia in the shower?”

“Yeah, for about ten minutes now.”

Stiles exhaled softly and nodded. “Fine, want some toast?”

“Okay, I'm Jake by the way,” he replied. Stiles bobbed his head in acknowledgment. Not that he really cared. They never stuck around. Lydia wasn't one for commitment. Sex and one night stands were her criteria. Stiles went about making them toast and placed it in front of the poor guy before heading back to his own bedroom. He was tired of making chit chat with her one night stands. Lydia could let them down this time. He grabbed his jeans and a clean shirt out of his wardrobe. He was dressed and hair done by the time he walked back out to see Jake gone and Lydia sipping herbal tea.

“Morning,” she murmured.

“Is he gone?”

Lydia hummed nodding her head and rolled her shoulders from where she sat eating cereal slowly.

“I told him -”

“You had just got out of a serious relationship, you're not looking for anything right now but it was fun. No doubt he gave his number and it's currently in the trash,” he interrupted her, taking a seat and smirking at her raised eyebrow.

“Screw you.”

“No thanks, not my type. Well, any more,” Stiles grinned. Lydia rolled her eyes and inhaled deeply before sipping and placing the cup down slowly.

“Your birthday tomorrow,” she murmured thoughtfully.

“Oh don't remind me.”

“You must be the only twenty year old I know who doesn't want to be twenty one.”

“It just means getting old,” he muttered. “Who wants to get old? The only good thing about tomorrow is getting so drunk. Hey, maybe I'll score.”

Lydia rolled her eyes but didn't comment further. Stiles grabbed his bag and quickly left shouting he'd back later before leaving her to her own devices. Lydia was currently working an apprenticeship at a massive corporate company whilst he studied at New York University in his second year of English Literature. When he wasn't studying he worked part time as a waiter. It brought in money for rent and bills and actually gave him something to do. Stiles popped his ear phones in and popped into his local Starbucks before getting the bus into college. He was only in for a few hours.

Stiles glanced at the newspapers and studied the front page as he waited in the line.

Derek Hale's Ex Girlfriend Speaks About The Recent Break-up!

Stiles inhaled deeply rolling his eyes and tossed it aside. When wasn't he on the front of the newspaper about his book, his aftershave, or his recent break-up. Stiles had no idea what he was famous for but he was rich, talented, and so gorgeous it actually hurt to look at him. The biggest scandal so far was him coming out as bisexual. Lydia wouldn't shut up for days.

“Mocha, lots of sugar, grande,” he said with a small smile. Stiles popped a tip in the jar and headed out taking a sip. He ended up being ten minutes later but he managed to slip into the room and take his seat without too much fuss. His notes were taken and by the time lunch time rolled about his phone vibrated with a text.


I'm STARVING!!! Meet me at Subway, I need a meatball sub.

Stiles huffed and smiled weakly before heading down there. Scott was already there with a sub in front of him.

“You look like hell!” Stiles cried, scraping back the chair and facing a tired and disheveled looking Scott slumped over his sub.

“I know, blame your roommate.”

“I told you, you can say no to her!” Stiles sighed, unwrapping his own sub and taking a big bite out of it. He hummed his delight and gave Scott a thumbs up.

“I think I got about two and a half hours sleep,” Scott murmured mournfully. Stiles leaned over patting his arm gently. It wasn't the first time Lydia had manipulated one or both of them into coming out with her to the countless bars and clubs she could get into. He was so intimidated by her these days but also in pure awe. He was terrified at what she had planned for his twenty first. Stiles finished his sandwich in record time and sipped from his drink while Scott mumbled his complaints about his art course.

“Just go home, get some rest, stay hydrated. All that bullshit, think of what your mom would say,” Stiles said, collecting his jacket and grinning at the wounded look he got in return. “You still up for tomorrow?”

“Oh yeah, yeah, because I'm going to miss my best friend's twenty first,” Scott replied sarcastically.

“Just checking, laters! Thanks for the meal, I owe you one,” Stiles grinned, waving over his shoulder and stuffed his hands into his jacket. It was April but it was still cold despite the slow slip into Spring.

He was grateful when his last class ended and he was glad to head home. It was late by the time he got back but the apartment was warm with the smells of cooking.

“Hey,” he called announcing himself. Lydia hummed looking over her shoulder from where she was wrapped in a blanket watching television.

“Lasagna?” he questioned, bending down to peer in the oven.

“I got bored.”

Stiles cocked an eyebrow but let it slide shrugging off his jacket and hanging it up. He knew what she wanted without even asking as he got the white wine and poured two glasses. Wine wasn't his favorite alcoholic beverage but it was nice enough. Lydia smiled in gratitude and he flopped next to her to watch the television. Gordon Ramsay was shouting and raving as he sipped and shut his eyes.

“Long day?”

“It was alright, just another day, just another essay to slave over. Thankfully got tomorrow off and I booked it off work.”

“Harold gave it to you?”

“Oh yeah, I begged, pleaded, said it was my most important birthday. I even pulled the sick dad card.”

Lydia slapped his arm gently so he snorted and shrugged.

“I can never use it again, I had to use it for something! He's fine, it doesn't really matter.”

Stiles was literally saved by the bell when the timer for the lasagna beeped and Lydia narrowed her eyes at him before getting up. Stiles licked his drying lips and listened to her humming as she dished up and he sat up eagerly when she returned.

“I knew living you would be the best decision of my life.”

“You were my last option,” Lydia reminded him. Stiles shrugged grabbing the fork and digging into the creamy cheesy goodness that was today's dinner. The living room was just filled with the sounds of Gordon Ramsay swearing his little head off and the two of them eating.

Stiles ended up having an early night to his disbelief and curled under the covers watching the full moon. This was his third birthday that he couldn't spend it personally with his dad who was in California married to Scott's mother. It was an odd situation but his dad was happy. Very happy. They did Skype but it wasn't quite the same and being a broke college student meant he couldn't catch a flight back home.

His mind throbbed with thoughts until he eventually passed out and fell into a deep and dreamless sleep. It was soon disturbed by what felt like minutes later but was instead hours by Lydia crashing open his bedroom door.

“Birthday boy!”

“Bitch,” he mumbled into his hands as he hid. Lydia laughed in reply to his insult and he grumbled feeling her jump on his bed and wriggle under the covers. Stiles sighed deeply and turned over to see her looking at him.

“God. I'm actually twenty one and I can legally drink and use my actual ID instead of the fake one. I guess it's a blessing,” he murmured, running a hand through his hair. “ year older.”

“Oh quit your whining, this is a good thing. I got you coffee and a cinnamon bun.”

Stiles lifted his head to see the cup and wrapped up cinnamon bun sitting on his bedside table. He cooed in response and moved pecking her cheek. Lydia smiled softly in response before twisting and getting something off the floor.

“I got this for you as well.”

“Hey, no, I thought we weren't doing this.”

“Oh fuck off, it's your twenty first, Stiles. There is a reason it's so important you know. Come on, open it.”

Stiles scowled at her the best he could at half eight in the morning and shuffled to lean against his headboard. It was prettily wrapped and he admired it for a moment before unwrapping to find it was a limited edition specially signed Star Wars box set.

“Holy shit!” he gaped and shoved Lydia. “Oh my god, Lyds, I can't believe you got me this!”

“It's nothing.”

“Nothing? Nothing?! Mark Hamill signed this, Lydia.”

“Stiles,” Lydia began and flicked his forehead so he pouted. “You're one of my best friends and of course I am going to spoil you on your twenty first. Next year you can have a bottle of cherry vodka and fucking like it. But this birthday, I got you this. Now I'm going to go get a shower and leave you to secretly cry.”

Stiles stared after her in disbelief and swallowed hard. He wasn't about to cry despite the tight feeling in his throat and chest. His phone was quiet for now when he quickly checked it and tossed it aside to drink his coffee. It was just the way he liked it. Lydia was too good for him. He waited till she was out of the shower before heading in their himself. The hot water pounded down on him and he scrubbed his skin till he was pink and smelling like strawberries. The benefits of living with a woman were too good.

“Scott rang for you,” Lydia told him once he was dressed and sat in front of the television with his laptop.

“I'll ring him back in a bit. I want to Skype my dad.”

It took his dad a good fifteen minutes before he came online. His dad looked tired but healthy when he smiled brightly and wished him a happy birthday. The usual pleasantries were exchanged as he shown off his present to his dad and tried to ignore the swell of emotion.

“Your present is being mailed to you. I'm proud of you kiddo and I love you, okay? Try and have a good birthday and I know you're the legal age now to drink. But don't do anything too stupid, okay?” his dad said so he snorted amused and nodded.

“Yes sir,” he mock saluted. “I love you too dad.”

“Talk soon,” his dad said before the call ended.

“That was nice,” Lydia commented softly. Stiles nodded tapping his fingers along the edge of the laptop.

“I miss him.”

“I know.”

He inhaled deeply, tongue stroking his teeth before he stood and grabbed his phone to text Scott. Everyone was meeting up later for a few drinks and to celebrate his birthday properly and frankly he could not wait. It had been a while since he had a proper drink and he kind of hoped he could pull as well. He also hadn't sex in a while to his great regret. The last being a guy and well it wasn't exactly toe curling.

The hours passed to his delight and he dressed in a fitted white shirt and his best fitted trousers.

“They make your ass look incredible so wear them,” Lydia advised when he debated wearing them or not. “Anyway we're going to a classy bar, I refuse to go out with you looking like a chimp. Wear them, spray your new aftershave and lets get going.”

“So bossy,” he mumbled before pulling them on. Lydia smirked nodding at him once he was done and he spun in a circle.

“Is this okay, Miss Martin?”

“You look lovely.”

“You too,” he complimented taking in her tight fitting black dress, her hair perfectly curled and off the shoulder. “Stunning!”

“Well of course,” she said with a wave of her hand. “Well let's get going. I've called the cab.”

Stiles pulled on his jacket and held out his arm for her to take as they left the apartment and headed out to the cab. There was a nervousness to him he always felt before a night out but it soon eased when they arrived.

“What is this place?” he said eying it carefully once they arrived. “It looks seriously posh, Lydia, what the hell?”

“I have a friend,” she shrugged. “Ah there they are.”

Stiles stepped out of the car to see Scott, Allison, Kira, and to his surprise Jackson waiting for them. Lydia pecked Jackson's cheek in greeting. They had a long history.

“Happy birthday!” Kira cried, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek.

“Thanks,” he laughed nervously.

“You look amazing,” Allison smiled sweetly, kissing his cheek so he hugged her gently. He knew there was a sense of awkwardness here since Scott and Allison had split up months ago. Thankfully they had made it work.

Lydia was the one to let them in when she gave a name and they were welcomed into the bar with a bored flick of the wrist.

“Wow,” Kira breathed stood next to him as they took in the light and dark blue setting of the bar. The comfortable seats, the sophisticated nature had him pulling at his collar a little bit. He was a poor broke college student clearly out of his element. Not that Lydia gave a damn as she veered him to the bar and they ordered their drinks in. Shots were on the agenda of course and he was made to swallow a vibrant orange that tasted like orange sweets mixed with puke it seemed. It burned on the way down.

“God,” Jackson said with a wince and Stiles shared that feeling slamming a fist against his chest.

“I think that was gasoline,” Scott interjected. Lydia rolled her eyes as they ordered another round of softer but expensive drinks and found a table. It was buzzing with people as he looked around and the music thumped.

“I feel if I look at a girl wrong here I'll be banned for life,” Scott cried into his ear.

Stiles snorted amused and nodded taking a large gulp of his lager. “Or a guy.”

Shots were ordered on Allison's request as they counted down each time they had drank and he laughed watching Kira splutter and nearly get it down herself. He was beginning to feel that tingle and that unsteadiness to him the more alcohol he consumed.

“So you had a good birthday so far?” Allison said, wrapping an arm around his shoulders when Lydia pulled Jackson and to his surprise Kira onto the dance floor. Scott was at the bar chatting with the barman.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Good birthday, good people, good presents! What's not to like. I'm glad you're here, I know things are weird with you and Scott and Scott liking Kira...”

“Hey,” she protested, shaking her head so her curls brushed his cheek. “We split for a reason. I love him, always will. But we weren't good for each other.”

Stiles smiled sadly leaning into her and stopped when Kira appeared running towards them, a small squeal into her hands told him something exciting had happened.


“You'll never freaking believe who walked in through that door!” she cried, jumping excitedly despite being in heels. “Derek Hale!”

“Fuck off,” he hissed, moving to kneel on the leather seats and peer over the edge.

“Yes! Oh my god, he's gorgeous,” she breathed. “In a fitting suit as well!”

“Great,” he mumbled, sitting back down and slapping his hand on the table. “I can make a complete fool of myself with Derek Hale in the bar. Reckon we'll make the headlines?”

Allison laughed shrugging her shoulders and he nodded taking that challenge. With Derek Hale being here there was a buzz in the air. Not that his drunk mind gave a shit about it as he downed beer after shot after lager until he was truly drunk. His bladder was protesting something awful and he left the booth heading into the toilets. They weren't empty but he didn't pay much attention as he passed. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the man's head shooting up and turning towards him as he went to the end urinal. He licked his lips and inhaled deeply letting himself go. Stiles turned his head slightly and paused hand's slipping a little to see Derek Hale of all people pissing two urinals away.

“Oh god!!!!!” his internal mind screamed at him as he stared at the tiles. It wasn't every day you went to take a piss and had New York's hottest guy stood next to you. Stiles bit his lip hard finishing off and zipping up quickly to wash his hands. What was funny to him and confusing was he could feel the heat of his eyes on his back. His balls seemed to have disappeared though and he didn't dare look back till he was leaving. Stiles hastily met his eyes before he exited the toilets and headed back to the bar. There was a little stumble to his step and he inhaled deeply taking a moment. All of his friends were on the dance floor and he hummed moving over to him.

Here he could move and do what he wanted. Stiles truly was not the best dancer in the world, too loose limbs, and with alcohol in his system he was a lot worse. His eyes closed as he drifted and he stumbled a little feeling like he was about to crash to the ground. That would truly be humiliating but warm arms caught him and he opened his eyes stunned. He was met with the curious dark eyes of Derek freaking Hale holding him up.

“Oh – oh, um,” he stuttered.

“You're a terrible dancer, you do know you almost hit several people around you.”

“Hey,” he protested easily enough. “I – I am an okay dancer, not a terrible.”

“I beg to differ, you almost fell flat on your face,” Derek murmured.

“That's the alcohol, not me.”

“But you're the one who is drunk and nearly knocking people to the ground.”

Stiles paused taking him in and registered the hand on his waist, it was like a hot brand against his side but it didn't hurt him. He had no idea where his friends were and he could hear murmuring around him. People were beginning to notice Derek holding him in the middle of the dance floor.

“Come on, I'll get you some water.”

“Um, okay,” he mumbled, letting him lead him to the bar. He caught himself before he smacked into it and stared at Derek's profile half in awed confusion and fear. Why was he doing this? This was the hottest guy on the planet and also famous, very famous, was standing next to him in a bar getting him water.

“Here,” Derek said, handing it over so he took it slowly and took a sip. It wasn't as satisfying as alcohol but he knew it would benefit him later on. He knew he was on the way for a killer hangover. Derek's eyes were fixed on his face as he drank and he removed the drink from his mouth with as much dignity as possible.

“So is that what you do? Find guys and force them to drink water to kill the buzz.”

“Depends,” he said nonchalantly as possible. Stiles hummed eying him closely and hated himself because he was unbelievable. Darkness and mystery on a handsome face. He wanted to know what that mouth could do, would those hands still feel like hot brands or would they meld into something else? Stiles bit his lip and distracted himself drinking more of the water.

“I need to pee,” he announced and winced walking away from Derek. He did his best not to stumble and entered to a thankfully empty toilet. What he didn't counter on was Derek following him.

“Did you want a show?”

“Just making sure you didn't hit your head.”

“Oh how thoughtful,” he snorted, facing him and crossing his arms over his chest. “Aren't you drunk? Because I feel like an idiot here.”

“You're not an idiot and I'm...tipsy. I try not to get too drunk,” Derek explained with a shrug. “You on the other hand...”

“I can handle my drink just fine, I just get a little wobbly, blame my balance,” he explained shrugging his shoulders. “Why am I explaining this to you? I can drink how ever much I want! I'm an adult and – and it's my birthday?”

“Oh, how old?”

“Twenty one, today,” he muttered, scrubbing a hand through the back of his hair. There was a thoughtful gleam to his eyes that had him intrigued and he blinked at the offer of a drink. The small rational part of him was screaming at him to say no and get the hell out of there but the non rational side agreed. So of course he went along with it and accepted the drink bought from him. They were tucked away in the corner from prying eyes and he sipped from it slowly.

“So why are you here?”

“This is my regular, the more important question is why are you?” Derek asked him carefully, eyes traveling down his face. He could feel his cheeks heat in a blush and he coughed awkwardly.

“I – it's my birthday, my friend got us in here. She has good friends.”

“So no chance of seeing you again?”

Stiles paused for thought, fingers sliding on the smooth glass. “Probably not.”

Derek hummed thoughtfully pressing in closer to him so he swallowed hard suddenly feeling very warm. It was strange to feel slightly scared but also very aroused as he faced him and met his eyes. Derek also smelled incredible and Stiles fidgeted wanting to look around to see if anyone was witnessing this but couldn't look away.

“Fancy getting out of here?” he whispered into his ear.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God” his internal mind screeched. Was he offering sex? Did this just happen? Stiles sucked in air quickly and was pretty sure he squeaked staring into his dark eyes. Of course his head was pounding and of course he felt slightly sick as he deliberated that. Derek Hale was asking him to get out of here. Rationally his sober self would probably spark up a debate on whether or not this was a good idea. Because in reality it wasn't. But then again when again would he be asked by the hottest guy he knew to get out of a bar and most likely have mind blowing sex?

“Yes,” he answered.

Derek took away his drink and he had a moment to pout before his hand was seized and he was dragged towards the back. There was a confused moment before he realized he most likely didn't want to be seen with his latest hook up. Stiles nearly choked when it hit him that was him. He was Derek Hale's latest hook up. His screaming thoughts screeched to a halt when they reached the alleyway. Derek's mouth found his and he paused gripping his jacket gingerly, lips parting as he exhaled softly into the kiss. It definitely caught him off guard and he groans softly when the kiss is deepened. Derek's tongue traced his bottom lip so carefully he was surprised he didn't come there and then.

“Oh fuck,” Stiles hissed once they parted. Derek snorted softly gripping his hand and tugging him towards a black car. There was no time for anything really when he was herded into the back of the expensive looking car. His mouth opened to voice where they were going only to be silenced by Derek kissing him again. Harder, passionately, whatever he wanted to call it. Derek's mouth was pure sin.

“God, you're a fucking brilliant kisser,” Stiles murmured against his lips dragging him down and kissing him harder. He was one hundred per cent aroused and his cock was painfully hard and digging into his trousers.

This was the scariest but exciting part of any one night stand. The unknown of it all. Stiles was already feeling dizzy and sick and drunk from the alcohol in his system but his consent was there. The car ride was short but it felt like forever before they arrived at a very flashy hotel. Derek's hand warm and tight around his as he led him to the elevator. His back collided with the mirror so Stiles let out a small sharp moan in response, his hands gripping the back of his neck to hold Derek in place.

They were all hands and groping by the time they made it to Derek's hotel room. Stiles didn't dare comment on his skills because he was probably one in a long line of conquests Derek had here. He was literally being brought back to a hotel room. Stiles didn't care though as he was bumped into furniture and shoved towards the bed. His back collided with the soft mattress once he was shoved down. Derek's body covering him as he kissed him bruisingly hard, his mouth moving to his neck as he licked, kissed, sucked, and confusingly sniffed his skin.

“I need you to fuck me like yesterday,” Stiles pleaded, hands quickly undoing his own shirt and removing it to toss on the floor. Derek agreed with a thoughtful hum as they went about removing the rest of their clothes until he was naked. Stiles was officially naked. He took a self conscious moment to feel very vulnerable but Derek's fingers stroking down his arms, chest, stomach, and thighs stopped all thought.

“Whatever you're thinking, don't,” Derek murmured, fingers tilting his chin towards him to drop a kiss against his lips.

“I was thinking hurry up, I'm getting old here.”

Derek raised his eyebrows at him and moved yanking open the drawer and pulling out lube and a condom. Stiles felt a tickle of relief for that and wriggled up the bed, thighs spread. The first press of the finger inside of him that had initial burn he hated but it was soon replaced by the pleasure of it all. Derek had two fingers inside of him as he fingered annoyingly slow.

“I'm good, fuck me, please,” he murmured, hips bearing down on his fingers until they were removed swiftly. The condom and lube rolled on and he tensed a little as the head penetrated him. His pain was distracted by Derek kissing him, Stiles' hand in his hair while Derek made his legs wrap around him.

“Oh fuck,” he muttered, squeezing his eyes closed once Derek was fully pressed inside of him. It had been too long in his opinion and he adjusted to the solid thick length of him inside of him.

“Move,” he encouraged. He was a tiny bit afraid he'd throw up. Derek did what he was told as his hand gripped his waist and he started that quick thrust inside of him. He knew he was loud and he could himself groaning at Derek's thrusting. In his mind it felt like forever but he knew it was a matter of minutes. His legs were cramping a little but they were wrapped around Derek as he pounded steadily into him.

“Amazing,” he moaned hastily, his own hand wrapping around his dick as he jerked himself off. The pleasure of his orgasm burning through him as he felt the bun of his climax and let out his release onto his stomach. He felt exhausted and ready for sleep but clung on letting Derek fuck into him and hissed air through teeth once he finally did. Derek groaned deep into his neck, his teeth nipping his skin so he jumped a little at the pain.

“Oh...shit,” Derek murmured above him once he pulled out but Stiles didn't dwell on it.

“Happy birthday,” he yawned, eyes fluttering closed and felt Derek's fingers brush the hair off his forehead before darkness swarmed over him. His dreams were disgusting and alcohol inflicted as he dreamed of cows that could produce chocolate milk. He woke up hours later to a nasty mouth, a sore head, and a sore ass. Stiles was also self aware he wasn't in his own bed and someone was in the shower.

He swallowed hard as he adjusted to the poor lighting of the hotel room and sat up slowly looking around. He was very naked and sore and thoroughly fucked by the looks of it. Cooled and dried semen stuck to his stomach and he bit his lip hard as flashbacks of the night hit him.

He had sex with Derek Hale. Derek Hale took him back to his hotel room and they had sex. Stiles swore viciously and dropped his head into hands. He literally couldn't believe his own life. He grabbed his pants off the floor fishing out his phone and swallowed hard at the messages and missed phone calls off all his friends. That means he didn't tell them. Stiles sitting on the edge of the bed when the bathroom door opened revealing a wet and clean looking Derek.

Stiles paused taking him in and repressed a serious whimper because he was high key gorgeous. His chest, his eyes, his face, all of it was enough to kick his own self esteem to the ground. It was awkward, it was seriously awkward, and he opened his mouth to say something, anything, but nothing appeared.

“It's fine,” Derek said sensing this. “We don't have to make conversation, the bathroom is free. Clean yourself up.”

Stiles nodded grabbing his clothes off the floor and stumbling into the bathroom. His stomach churned something awful and he breathed in the steam for a moment. Throwing up was not an option he wanted to take and he turned the shower back on. It felt nice to stand under and let the hot water run all over him. Last night's activities were washed away until he was smelling like soap and nothing more.

Stiles got out, dried, and dressed in last night's clothes. Derek was dressed by the time he came out of the shower. He paused mid typing on his phone and Stiles swallowed finding his shoes.

“You don't have to worry, I won't say anything.”

“I couldn't stop you if I wanted to. It doesn't work,” Derek answered him honestly.

“Well,” he sighed, sliding his feet into his shoes and eying him carefully. “I won't say anything. I don't need fifteen minutes of fame being your one night stand.”

Derek huffed and nodded his head stiffly. “Appreciated. I don't need this coming back on me.”

“I gather you do this a lot,” Stiles muttered and bit his inner lip at the hard look he received in return of that comment. Stiles didn't dwell and ducked his head grabbing his jacket and headed to the door.

“Thanks, I think, I'll, um, well I won't see you around. I'll see you in the newspapers,” Stiles said awkwardly and dropped his hand. “Oh god, yeah, see you.”

Stiles ducked out of there as soon as he could, the door closing behind him as he moved to the lift. Derek didn't follow and he leaned against the wall of the elevator feeling like a complete hungover tool. It was a miracle he managed to get out of the hotel and into an alleyway before he vomited into a trashcan. His mouth burning from the acid and his head spinning whilst he leaned against the cold brick wall.

He simply couldn't wait to get home and got a cab back. His bed was waiting for him once he arrived home and pushed the key into the lock. But he wasn't getting into any time soon once he opened the front door to find everyone there. They all looked tired and hungover as him. Jackson was asleep on his couch and he gaped at the lot of them staring at him.

“Morning,” Lydia said innocently, eyes tracking him and lingering at his neck.

“I guess, what are all of you doing here?”

“Hm, let's see,” Allison muttered, finger tapping her lip. “Well we all went out and you disappeared! It was only because Kira saw you leave with Derek Hale that we figured you might be okay!”

“You could have told us,” Scott interjected, hand wrapped around an orange juice he tentatively sipped from.

“I was drunk and compromised! How was I supposed to – okay, listen, I really don't want to talk about this right now. I have a banging headache and the stomach of a dead beaver I reckon.”

“You let him fuck you didn't you,” Lydia asked him instead. “I'm gathering you've seen what you look like.”

“That's one hell of a love bite,” Kira murmured in awe. Stiles slapped the side of his neck in horror. In all honesty he hadn't really looked at his reflection, too afraid to see what he would look like. Stiles moved to the bathroom and looked at his reflection in muted horror. His lips were swollen, he had slight stubble rash, and to top it all off he had a massive love bite on the side of his neck.

Stiles turned walking back out and saw the rest of them bar Jackson staring at him.

“Okay! Fine, yes, we had sex. I had sex with Derek Hale, happy birthday to me!” he cried, tossing up his hands and collapsing against the wall.

“Oh my god, it's like a soap opera,” Kira mused, biting her nail gently. “Was he good?”

“What do you think?” Stiles muttered, rolling his eyes. “It was a one night stand, I'll probably be his one thousand and twenty eighth guy he fucked.”

“You used a condom, right?” Scott questioned him and the others turned towards him.

It was always the question asked and the one he hated the most. Other guys could worry about STD's but he had both. He had been born a carrier. It was a fancy little name for his unusual and shamed upon condition. It wasn't that common and it wasn't something people liked to talk about. Stiles being able to carry and conceive his own children was not something people needed to know about at all.

“Of course I did,” he muttered.

“Good,” Scott murmured. “Can we go now? I want to sleep.”

The others murmured their consent to this and before he knew it they were gone and Lydia was left behind.

“Please don't shout at me. I was drunk, I was horny, and Derek asked me.”

“Why would I shout? I'm actually quite proud,” she winked at him. Stiles blinked at her and watched her wander into her own bedroom and shut the door. He took that moment to contemplate that and walked into his own bedroom shredding his clothes off. His head hit his pillow and he stared up at the ceiling contemplating what happened last night. It truly was like a soap opera, Kira was right about that. But it was something he really needed to forget. He twisted under the covers and pushed his head under the pillow with a sigh. That wasn't happening any time soon.