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My baby shot me down

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It's fine. It's totally fine.
Stiles thought it was fine when he got a letter from his relatives from Poland.
It was fine when he read it and discovered he was invited to a funeral. His grandmother's funeral, it was fine, totally fine; He didn't knew his Polish family that well anyway, of course he felt sad, not because he would miss his grandma all that much, but because he felt like it was something that would break his mother's heart, but, it was fine.
It was fine when Scott appeared on his doorstep with the plane tickets and his uncle/"Stiles, I told you a million times, Peter is not my real uncle!" showed up and talked to his dad. Totally fine! Why did they talk? No idea. But the Sheriff sure hugged Stiles tight and told him he would miss him, even though he was only going to be away for a week, but alright. Fine.
Stuff got more than fine when he was escorted with Scott to first class. Not sure why or how. Scott smiled but didn't comment on the subject... He's so weird lately, I mean seriously Scott what is your problem? Last week there was some "emergency" that Stiles couldn't be a part of, he had to leave his Call of Duty match and get rushed downstairs to the entryway, and alright, Stiles isn't a racist but he heard Peter cussing and his shirt drenched in a red liquid... Come on! How upset can an Italian man get when he drops tomato sauce all over his shirt!? But! Fine!!! He get's it. It's a cultural thing, he loves pasta and pizza he isnt complaining.
It continued being fine when a driver was waiting for him with a sign saying " Pan Stilinski", Stiles thought it was funny, but Scott, for some godly unknown reason, told him Pan meant Sir; How did Scott know? No idea. Scott doesn't even know how to speak English correctly... But you know what? It's fine! Stiles wasn't very, "in touch" with russian anyways, Scott probably bought a dictionary to prepare him for the week, what a great friend!
It got amazing when the car they were excorted to was actually a limo, alright, Stiles knew his babka wasn't poor but a limo? Really? For some reason Scott wasn't that excited about the freaking limo, because he sat quietly and looked outside the window the entire trip... Somehow looked older and wiser, but really it was just Scott, he was probably tired from the flight and wanted to poop.
Private driver? Check. Limo? Check. Huge mansion hiden on a forest? Check. What the hell!?
Stuff was getting weirder, still fine though, completely fine! Stiles was kinda sad mom and dad weren't there with him, but nonetheless this was amazing and he couldn't countain his excitment, talking loudly to Scott and the driver, and he kept talking loudly to the butler when he showed Stiles his room, buttler that, even though he nodded, was probably understanding zero percent of what Stiles was shouting. And that was it. He shut up when he was alone. Looked around the large room on a dirty red marrom and fell asleep as soon as he layed in bed. It was fine.
This was fine.
Actually incredibly, amazingly fine.
The butler woke Stiles up and handed him a note.
"Stanisław, please be free to shower and join us downstairs for dinner. Uncle Tymo."
Stiles completely forgot about his uncles. He sure hoped he wouldn't mess up their names. He knew about Tymoteusz, the older one, then there was Leopold and the younger one, Boris. Stiles knew he had other uncle, but he died when he was very young anyways so no one really went around to talk about that with him. It was kind of sad how hard it was for Stiles to even pronounce his own name. His parents talked to him in polish when he was younger but, well, let's just say Stiles knows the equivalent to a small child about polish. He never thought about it but now he really feels sorry for not knowing more about his heritage and how the name Stilinski was formed on the brinks of revolution against Russia, but hey, where's a better place to find out about your family tree than where it all started?
Stiles was quick on the shower and dressed up casually, even though it was snowing outside the house was warm and comfortable enough to walk around with a t-shirt. Of course it was a terrible idea to go to dinner with your old denim jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt.
The room was filled with smoke. You could hear the fireplace snaping the wood inside and the voices of the three men clashing with sounds Stiles hardly recognizes. Sitting on a small couch there's Scott. He's on his phone, and god damn it Scott, he looks so nice... With a suit and a nice tie. No one told Stiles he should've worn a tie for dinner (not that he has any).
Boris raises his hand as he notices Stiles slipping away to go change and gets up from his poltrone. Everyone else got up as well and, well, Stiles had to go say hi to everyone with his Obi Wan shirt.
"Stanisław! How much you have grown!", Boris smiled and wrapped Stiles on a long embrace that almost killed him, this man smelled just like an ashtray but Stiles hugged back with a deep smile on his face.
"You turned out such a man, nephew" Tymoteusz patted his head and followed the hug when Boris finally released him.
"Hi uncles! I'm happy you guys invited me over! And sorry I forgot my tuxedo on the washing machine, haha..." - everyone laughed and Scott raised his thumb on aproval, nice.
"I hope you are hungry we asked Dosia to make us something special! Let's sit." - Leopold said as he showed him where to sit: Stiles was offered the head of the table and damn did he feel like a king, as they sat two maids on very traditional outfits came and served some kind of pea soup that Stiles liked a lot and wine he probably would have to work for a year to pay.
And this was all fine. Amazing, incredibly fine. Stiles was like half prince or something, and damn did it feel spectacular! His uncles were telling him funny stories from the past, stories he never really heard about but felt like he lived them before. They talked a lot about their childhood and about how beautiful his mother was, how incredibly well she played the violin and how she used to smile when she baked them cookies... Stiles missed his mom, and her cookies and her music. It felt right, just, right, to be here now talking about her.
But the dinner rapidly was interrupted when two men and a woman came into the dinner room.
He knew him. He knew that man. It was Scott's "not uncle", Peter. Stiles stared at Scott inquisitive but all he got was a quick look.
"Damn italians always late for dinner" - Boris said smiling and waving his hand so three more plates were added.
Stiles was quiet but he kept staring at Scott, waiting for a nod, a smile, a confused look, but he got nothing.
"Yes, well. You damn polish have dinner at 6" - Peter said with a laugh.
"Stanisław. This is Peter and Derek Morello. And this pretty lady is Erica Reyes." - She smiled and the red lipstick seemed devilish, she was hiding something under her beauty, Stiles could feel it, she was too amused.
"Stanisław Stilinski. It's a great pleasure to finally be meeting you." - The man got up and bowed, finally getting Stiles attention, and damn, how did he not notice him before, he haD broad shoulders and dark hair, so dark that tiny flocks of ice were still hanging there, Stiles got up quickly quirky and clumsy. Everyone watched as those invited one another into their lives. "Hi! Hey, hello, um, Derek, right? Hi! You can call me Stiles, no need to bow I - Why is he bowing???"
Leopold and Boris laughed, Tymo just coughed to break the memento and Derek quickly sat down.
"Ah, so he doesn't know yet. Alright." - Peter smiled and started slurping the soup.
"What... What don't I know? And, no offense, but why are you here? Is this why Scott has been weird lately? You smuggled your uncle to Poland!?" Scott looked at him with a confused look on his face, "Stiles... Let your uncles talk."
Stiles sat down. Okay. Let us hear then. Stiles looked over at them. The three man looked fairly calm, Boris protected by his fatness smiled. Leopold looked at Tymo waiting for him to start, and with a sigh the words flew out of his mouth, "Stanisław, we called you for mama's funeral, but more importantly, for the reading of her will."
Stiles furrowed his brows and looked at the italians that were staring intently at him, "Okay..."
Tymo got up and directed himself to a large chest taking a fair amount of papers out and started looking in the midst of the scribbled ink, "Oh, here it is." He cleaned his throat and read aloud, "For my dear Stanisław, I leave my knowledge, I leave my house and my empire. You shall take care of our family and my affairs. I believe you have a lot to learn and my children will be your path. Do as they say until the day you feel they should do as you demand. My dear, beloved Stanisław, the lost Stilinski, be the leader I was, be the brother our clan deserves. I will always love you sweet child, may you find your spark alone as no one can help you be astonishing. Make your mother proud."
Stiles didn't quite understand the meaning of that, Empire? Knowledge? Affairs? This is starting to stop being fine.
"What does that mean? I don't get it. She- didn't even know me... And what empire I? Am so confused please someone explain this to me?"
No one answered and as the silence was getting heavier Stiles' breathing was getting louder. Tymo finally answered with a calm voice, that only years of experience would achieve, "Dear nephew. All of this is yours. Not mine or my brothers, yours."
"Why? And, I mean I apreciate some money to finish college but, you guys can keep the house and the "affairs"
"I'm sorry but we cannot. You are the Boss. Our mama decided that way and that is how it sha'll be." - Boris smiled patiently.
Leopold rested one hand on top of his and squezed it carefully, "Stanisław, Stiles. This is your fate. You see, only women comand our clans. Our first choice was Claudia, but she wanted to give you a better life, a safer life in America. Mama wasn't happy but she obliged to it. Wojciech was supposed to give mama a grandaughter, but died before it, we failed as well so, mama chose you as the only spawn of her female child. Eh. Boris says it's a punishment to Claudia for going against mama's rules, but I believe it is fate."
Stiles looked over at Derek and Erica that were amazingly engrossed on the events, her eyes wide with excitment and his lips parted listening closely to every word.
"But, no wait this is a misunderstanding. What is a clan even about?"
A loud laugh came down Peter's chords, "Oh Stiles, you are truly the sweetest little man, your family, just like mine, came from a long line of traditions. Welcome to the Mafia, kiddo."