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Darcy's Dad

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He closed the front door of his home, walking down the hall toward the back yard. "Darce?" He called out, peeking his head in the living room, then the kitchen. Darcy was his daughter, young and wild at the age of fifteen. She was a bit spoiled, and she knew it, as did Louis. He didn't see any good reason not to spoil her. With a steady pay, and no wife to support, he could only really spoil his daughter and himself.

Louis walked into the kitchen, and to the patio doors. Darcy was laying out on deck that surrounded their pool, tanning with one of her friends, a boy. Louis pushed the sliding glass door open, and walked out on the deck. "You trying to cook yourselves out here?" He asked as he reached the two teenagers.

Darcy had her headphones on, eye closed and likely fast asleep. The boy was on his stomach, but rolled over and looked up at Louis when he spoke.

He was thin, toned, and tan, looking like he had just managed a flawless victory against puberty. The boy's hair was a neat mess of curls framing his face. Louis smiled at him, and the boy lifted his hands to shield his eyes from the sun. There was no way this boy was the same age as his daughter. Louis thought he had to have been at least seventeen. "Hi," The boy said simply.

"Hi," Louis smiled. "She asleep?" He asked, nodding toward his daughter.

The boy sat up and nudged the girl beside him, who jumped and yanked her earbud headphones out of her ears. "What?" She hissed at the boy, then noticed her father. "Hi, Daddy!" She said, putting on a smile and sitting up straight. "How was work?" She asked.

Louis narrowed his eyes a bit. "Are you going to introduce us, or should I just accept the half naked boy on my deck?" He asked, smiling back at Harry, who was now laying back with his arms folded under his head, still looking up at him. Louis looked back to Darcy, trying not to stare at the poor boy. He wasn't there to be eye candy, a fact Louis had to keep reminding himself.

"Daddy, this is Harry, my boyfriend. I've told you about him remember?" She asked.

He couldn't remember her talking about anyone named Harry, and surely nothing about her having a fit, older boyfriend. He couldn't tell if she was lying about having mentioned him, or if he just hadn't been paying attention when she was talking about boys. After all, he didn't make her listen to him talk about boys. "Of course," He lied. "I was going to order some pizza in a bit, did you want to stay for dinner, Harry?" he asked, instead of his preferred 'how old are you and are you fucking my daughter?!'

Harry nodded, his eyes squinting against the sun. "I'd love to, Mr.Tomlinson," He said, moving one of his hands from under his head and letting it graze down his on stomach, Louis's eyes following.

Louis looked back to the boy's face, he was grinning, enjoying himself. "Louis," he said, smiling, "Just Louis is fine."

"Don't you have things that need being done?" Darcy asked, catching Louis's attention.

He laughed awkwardly, his hands in his pockets, knowing he had lingered too long. No teenagers wanted a parent pressing in on their chill time. "Right. This old man will go find something to do," he said, turning around and starting back toward the house. "And don't stay out here much longer, Darce. It's not good for you, you know," he said, ever the caring parent.


Louis made a point of leaving the kids alone until the pizza wass at their doorstep. He paid the delivery boy, giving a small tip, then started back through the house to the kitchen. He slid the patio door open, yelling out, "Pizza!"

As he's getting a few plates out of the cupboard, Harry comes in, still in his swimming trunks and nothing else. He's tall, taller than Louis by a few inches, and his long limbs show muscles stretching under his skin. Louis pauses as the boy steps closer to look at the pizza. "That's a fine pizza," Harry said, turning his body until he's facing Louis.

Louis is flustered for a moment, just looking up at the boy and watching his lips as he spoke. He handed the boy a plate and their fingers brushed, almost purposely. Harry's skin was hot and glistening from the sun. "Where's Darcy?" Louis asked stupidly.

"Outside, pulling some weird see-through shirt on over her bikini," Harry said, making an I-don't-know face, and shaking his head.

Louis laughed and grabbed a few slices to put on his plate, then leaning against the counter to let Harry do the same.

Darcy came in, going on about how tangled her headphones had gotten as she found herself a plate. Harry leaned on the counter next to him, his elbow knocking Louis's.

As much as Louis wanted to stay there, just an inch away from the boy, he pushed off the counter, plate in hand. He sat down at the kitchen table, setting his plate down in front of him. Harry followed, taking the seat beside Louis while Darcy got her food.

He was almost certain it would have been expected for Harry to sit down next to Darcy, his girlfriend, and not her father. Louis wasn't going to point it out, or complain. As long as he managed to not continuously check the boy out, things would be fine. It would likely help a bit if the boy put a shirt on.

Darcy sat down at the table, opposite of Louis. She picked up a slice from her plate and went to bite it, looking up at her father, who staring blankly at the table. "Daddy?" She said, gently kicking him under the table.

Louis looked up and laughed. "Good pizza, huh?" He asked suddenly, picking up a slice and biting into it.

Harry agreed, Darcy just rolled her eyes, thinking her father was strange.

"So, Harry," Louis started, food in his mouth. He caught himself and swallowed, turning to look at Harry, who was still much taller than him sitting down. That boy was all torso, it seemed. "Do you go to Darcy's school?" He asked, hoping that was a less direct way of asking him his age. He really needed to know.

Harry finished off what he had in his mouth, nodding as he chewed. Mouth cleared, Harry smiled, "Yeah, last year before uni." 

That put Harry somewhere between seventeen and nineteen, depending on what kind of student he was. However it went, he was still a bit older than Darcy, and really, Louis didn't like that. She was a young girl, she needed to be dating young boys, not well toned, and charismatic young men who were nearly off to university.

Louis nodded, think he'd have to talk to Darcy later about how old the boy was, and why she was dating him. "Darcy tells me you're in advertising," Harry said, smiling over at Louis. "That's got to be interesting work."

"Not really," Louis laughed, looking down at the table. Harry was trying to be polite, he could tell. No one ever thought his job was interesting, and certainly not anyone as young as him. "It's a huge bore, really," He added, raising his eyebrows and looked up at his daughter, who was sitting there silently, eating her pizza.

Harry push his chair out a bit, "I'm going to nip off to the toilet real quick." He looked over at Louis, "Where is that again?" he asked, putting a hand on Louis's thigh.

"Hall," Louis said. He looked down at Harry's hand, "It's, uh, down the hall."

Harry smiled, pulling his hand away slowly, letting his fingers linger against Louis's trousers. 

Louis watched as Harry left the kitchen, watching the muscles in the boy's back shift as he walked, letting his gaze drift a bit south. "Cute, isn't he?" Darcy said from the other side of the table.

He looked back and smiled, looking back at his food. "Little old for you," Louis said, thinking that Harry wasn't at all too old for him. He tried to ignore the semi he had going on in his pants after Harry's lingering contact. He scooted his chair closer to the table, hiding his lap under the tablecloth.

"Not at all!" She said, her plate now clear and not likely to be restocked. "He just looks a bit old," Darcy smiled, trying to sell the idea.

Before they could continue their conversation, Harry came back, smiling at Louis before sitting down. His chair seemed to have moved a bit closer.


It wasn't Louis's place to say who Darcy could date, or who she couldn't. He had no real dislike of the boy aside from his age. Harry was always polite, helpful, and sweet to Louis. The boy flirted often, but he didn't really mind. He guessed Harry was just the kind of boy who liked to make others grin and blush.

After their dinner together, Harry started coming around the house a lot more. He drove Darcy to and from school, always hanging around the house before and after. Much to Louis's approval, they didn't spend much time alone in Darcy's room. Harry would often suggest the three of them watch a movie in the main room, or that they should go swimming.

Louis was glad that Harry respected him enough to not take his daughter behind closed doors and do what ever it was teenagers were doing those days.

It was easy to see Darcy was absolutely mad about the boy, and Louis could understand why. He wouldn't be surprised if she had been eager to drag Harry off to her room, he just hoped Harry wouldn't let it go that far.

Louis realized what he thought of the boy was probably completely wrong. When did adults ever really know what was going on in the life of their teenagers? In reality, he knew nothing.



It was Louis's day off, and he had spent most of it in his pool. He didn't realize just how long he had been swimming around until Darcy and Harry arrived. It was already mid afternoon, and school was over.

He was about to get out, when Harry insisted he stayed in. The boy tossed off his shirt, and unbutton his trousers. Darcy sighed and looked away from her boyfriend. "Whatever. I'll go change," she said, turning away from Harry and walking back to the house.

Harry stripped down to his black boxers briefs and jumped in the shallow end. Louis was wading in deeper water, glancing at the boy as he dipped his head under to wet his hair. "No swimming shorts today then?" Louis asked, slowly heading over to Harry.

The boy smirked. "Really, I'd rather be swimming naked," he said.

Darcy came back outside, now wearing one of her many tiny swimsuits. Louis disliked them all equally. She had her iPod in hand and spread out a towel on the deck. "Aren't you coming in?" Louis asked, watching her sit down and untangle her headphones.

"No, not today," she said, putting her earbuds in as she laid out on the towel.

Louis looked over at Harry, his wet hair slicked back. The boy shrugged, and waded over to the side of the pool to grab a set of sinkers Louis had. He held them up, looking at Louis, and tossed it in the deep end.

Darcy never liked playing these games with him, even when she was a child. She didn't see the point and basically playing underwater fetch. Louis dove under the water to retrieve the weighted red tube from the bottom of the pool.

They played like this for a bit, tossing the whole set in the deep end of the pool for each other, then hunting for them. There was nothing else to do, and it was far too hot to think about getting out of the water.

Half an hour into their swimming, Harry snuck up to Louis's side, leaning in beside him. Their arms touched and Louis smiled, glancing down at their gazing skin. "She can't hear us, right?" Harry asked, his eyes flicking down to Louis chest.

Louis felt self conscience with Harry's eyes on him. He stayed in place, letting their arms stay pressed together, half under water. "She's got her headphones on," Louis said, wondering why Harry was asking. He was nervous now.

"We should splash her or something," Harry laughed. "Maybe she'll come in the pool if she's already soaked."

Louis smiled, "I've got a better idea." He swam over to the other side of the pool, reaching on the deck for his crate of pool stuff. He dragged it over to the edge of the pool and reached in to retrieve two water pistols. He held them both up, looking over at Harry, who gave him an approving double thumbs up.

He tossed the one gun to Harry and filled his own up as he slowly walked through the shallow water. He made it back to the other side of the pool, water pistol fully loaded and ready to go. He gave it a test squirt, shooting Harry in the back of the head while the boy filled his own. Harry jumped and turned to him. "Hey, no friendly fire," He said, grinning over at him.

Louis put his hands up, saying he was done. "Ready?" He asked. Harry nodded. The both went to the edge of the pool, as close to Darcy as they could get. Louis lifted his pistol and aimed at his daughter, shooting a steady stream of water over the deck and on to her. Harry followed lead, spraying his gun as she sat up and hitting in her in the face.

The boys both laughed, and Darcy started screaming like she was being murdered. Louis let go of the plastic trigger and brought his gun back to the water. Harry stopped too, looking at Louis. "It's just water, Darce," Louis said.

"I've got my iPod and cell phone you idiots!" She yelled, standing up from her soaked towel and grabbing her devices.

Louis sighed, wading from the edge of the pool as his daughter ran in the house.

Harry swam over to Louis, smirking and looking amused by the situation. "She's pissed," he said, moving over to Louis's side, bumping knees.

"I guess I'll take the fault on this one," Louis said, knowing it was only fair since it had been his plan. He could feel Harry's eyes on him, making him glance over at the boy cautiously. He was smiling, not looking Louis in the eyes, but at his lips. Louis wanted to say something but he didn't know what. With his mouth being watched, he was nervous about saying anything. "Harry..." Louis started slowly, not knowing what he was going to follow up with.

Harry's smile flickered away for a moment, and Harry's gaze met Louis's again. He smiled. "Sorry," he said, not looking very sorry at all. "I'll go be a good boyfriend or something," Harry nodded, swimming away from Louis and climbing out of the pool.

His already tight black briefs were clinging to his body as he lifted himself out of the pool, and he was glad Harry wasn't looking his way to see the way his eyes devoured the look of him.

The boy flicked his wet hair to the side, brushing it in place with his hand. "You getting out too?" he asked, standing up and squeezing random spots on his underwear, trying to get enough water out so he didn't drip.

Louis nodded, "yeah, I'll be inside in a few." He couldn't get out just that second, his staring had burdened him with a semi now, and he knew it was something he wouldn't be able to hide when he got out of the water.


Once the pool area was cleared, Louis climbed out, grabbing his towel from a chair and wrapping it around his waist. The material did little to hide the soaked bulge underneath. He hoped Harry and Darcy were shut in her room for once.

He walked hurriedly through the house, making it safely to his bedroom and shutting the door behind him. He shucked off his swimming trunks and dried himself off, waiting for his body to calm down. He pulled on a pair of boxer briefs, tight and black, much like Harry's. He threw on a pair of shorts over top.

While deciding which of his T-shirts he would put on, there was a knock at his bedroom door. "Yeah?" Louis called out, looking over at the door.

"It's Harry," he heard from the hall.

Louis groaned. "Yeah, come in," he said, pushing the drawer of shirts closed and hoping Harry was dressed now.

He turned around to see the boy come in the room, still in nothing but his clingy black boxer briefs. "We uh, we got my trousers wet when we were swimming. Could I borrow some shorts or something?" He asked, pushing the door almost completely closed.

Louis allowed himself a glance down Harry's body. "Those dry enough?" he asked, turning back to his dresser and opening a lower drawer, looking for something that would fit. Harry didn't have to same build as Louis. "I hope I have something small enough for you," he said.

Harry had walked but behind him now, and Louis could feel him there. When he stood from the drawer he could see Harry in the dresser mirror, looking over his shoulder. "Yeah, you've go a lot more muscles than I do," Harry laughed, putting his hands on Louis's bare shoulders. Louis could see Harry was looking down at his neck and chest.

Panicking, Louis grabbed a pair of shorts from his drawer and held them up, looking at Harry in the reflection, too scared to turn around. He could feel Harry breathing on his neck, hot against his skin. "These might do," Louis said, holding them up in front of his chest.

Harry looked in the mirror, eyes meeting with Louis's. Louis looked away, and Harry laughed, letting his hands brush around the curve of his shoulder. He gripped him firmly, massaging Louis's neck. "You're always so tense," Harry said, his voice low.

Louis looked down. Of course he was tense. He had an attractive young boy moving freely around his house in nothing but wet briefs, and now said boy was thoroughly massaging him and making him melt. "Harry..." Louis said, thinking about how vital it was that he told him to stop, but how he couldn't bring himself to do that.

"You've got a nice body, you should treat it better," Harry joked, continuing to move his fingers magically over Louis's muscles.

Louis sighed and relaxed into his grip, giving in for just a moment. It felt too nice to be wrong. There was still a chance it could be something innocent. "Fuck," Louis groaned. "You're good at this."

Harry took a step closer and Louis could feel his wet briefs pressing against Louis's dry shorts. He could feel Harry's hipbones against his back.

He closed his eyes and let his head rest back. Harry let out a soft laugh. "Hm?" Louis inquired.

He felt Harry lean over his shoulder, breathing close to his neck again. "I must be good, unless you get it up so easily for everyone," he said.

Louis's eye flicked open, looking in the mirror. Harry was smirking against his neck, and he could see the awkward stiffness in his pants showing through under the material. Louis shrugged away, reaching down and pushing at his dick to try and hide the obvious. "Shit, Harry," he said. "It's not, really. You know, sometimes... Fuck," Louis went on, shaking his head.

"Don't freak out," Harry said, putting a warm hand on Louis's shoulder and turning him to face him. Louis wanted to hide. Harry, being so okay with everything, was just making it so much harder, the situation, and himself. "Lou," he said, lifting a hand to Louis's chin and making him look him in the eyes.

Harry smiled and leaned in, kissing him. Louis pulled back at first, but Harry just smirked. He relaxed, pushing back against his kiss, just enough to satisfy. Harry pulled back and smiled. "We can't be doing this," Louis said, somehow finding enough courage to look him in the eyes. "We can't, Harry. Darcy's my daughter, and-"

"And she's busy drying her hair and doing her makeup," Harry finished. He lifted his hands to Louis's hips, stepping closer and pulling their bodies together, kissing him again. He pulled away. "I'm going to close the door. She'll let us know when she's finished, I'm sure," he said, leaning down and giving Louis a single kiss on the neck, then walking over to the door and gently clicking it shut.

As he was walking back, Louis let his eyes drag over Harry. He was hard under his black underwear, just as hard as Louis was. "This is bad, Harry," he said, eyes flicking up to meet Harry's.

Harry smirked, hands going back to Louis's hips. "Am I being bad?" Harry asked, moving in and capturing his lips again. Louis kissed back without a second thought. "Are you going to punish me, Daddy?" Harry mocked, moving down to Louis's neck.

Louis lifted his arms and hesitantly wrapped them around Harry's body, holding him as he felt lips kissing and teasing his throat. "Harry, please," Louis said weakly, leaning against the short dresser for support.

In response, Harry rolled his hips into Louis's, pressing his hard length against Louis's lower stomach and moaning against his neck. "Really want you," Harry whispered, moving his hands to between them, unbuttoning Louis's shorts. "Can I...?" Harry said, brushing his fingertips over Louis's covered shaft.

Louis nodded, just barely, and Harry hooked a finger in the waistband of Louis's underwear, pushing them down and letting his cock spring out. Louis groaned. Harry wrapped his long, thin fingers around Louis's length, his thumb pushing at his wet tip. "Fuck," Louis breathed, that being the only word he could think of.

"So hard for me," Harry smirked, starting to slowly pump his fist over Louis's cock. He smiled up at him, his lips dark and kiss swollen. He squeezed his hand tight, and Louis moaned loud, having Harry smother the sound with his mouth. Harry brought his free hand to Louis's backside, shoving down the material and grabbing his bare ass. Louis moaned again, into their kiss this time, his hips bucking weakly into Harry's fist. Abruptly, the rhythm stopped and Harry brought his other hand to Louis's ass. "Up you go," he  said, bending a bit at the knees and lifting Louis enough to sit him on the dresser.

Louis looked down at him, about to compliment him on his strength, but was cut off by Harry hand on his cock again, and his lips back at his neck. Louis did all he could, wrapping his arms around Harry and softly digging his nails into his back.

Harry gave his neck a hard nip, flicking his wrist as he jacked him off. "Do you want to fuck me, Louis?" Harry asked, lips against Louis's throat.

He clenched his eyes shut trying not to nod desperately or confirm how bad he really did want to fuck him. He wanted to stop being so submissive and shove the boy on the bed, fuck him properly. The sound of the bed would give away what was happening, and Louis already couldn't hear the sound of his daughter blowdrying her hair over their heavy breathing. "Can't," Louis said. "Fuck, Harry. I can't hear Darcy, we should, oh god."

"Shh," Harry said, slowing down his hand and moving his mouth down to Louis's chest. Louis looked down at him, watched him flick his tongue out at his nipple and smirk up. Harry pressed his face flat against Louis's chest, taking his hardening nipple between his teeth. He looked up at Louis as he did it, slowly nipping the sensitive skin. Louis moaned and grabbed a handful of Harry's hair, yanking his head away to stop the sharp pain. Harry moaned in response to his hair being pulled. "Yes. Oh, fuck," he said, pressing his barely covered need against Louis's leg. He was hard, so hard Louis wondered if it hurt.

When Harry went back to bite the other nipple, Louis knew why. He yanked him back by the hair again, making Harry moan and wildly speed up the pace of his fist moving over Louis's shaft. Louis leaned back to look at Harry. "You like that?"

Harry nodded, biting his lip. "I like it when you punish me," he said, leaning in and kissing him. "I was bad, Daddy. Let me make it up to you," he whispered, voice low and lustful. 

Before Louis could say anything, or ask why Harry liked calling him 'Daddy', he watched the curly head lower, and felt the hot warmth of Harry's mouth. Those perfect pink lips were wrapped around his cock, and he could feel Harry sucking at the length of him. Before long Harry's nose was hitting Louis's stomach, and he could do nothing but sit back against the mirror and watch Harry's curly head bob pleasantly over his dick.

Louis threaded his fingers through Harry's mop of hair, pulling gently on the thick locks of it, and making Harry moan around his dick. He could feel his climax approaching, and found himself struggling to decide if he wanted to warn him or not.

Harry's one hand held tightly at the base of Louis's cock, jerking what he could when it wasn't covered by his mouth. The other was placed firmly at Louis's hip, holding them both in place. Louis got an idea, hoping it was something Harry would enjoy just as much as he would.

As he came closer, he held tight on to Harry's hair, pulling him over his cock harder and making the boy moan. The second he felt his own orgasm hit, he yanked Harry's head back, making him moan and pant, still stroking Louis through his climax.

Louis looked down at Harry as his own come started streaking out, hitting the boy's chin and chest. Harry opened his mouth, and let his tongue fall out, catching what he could and making Louis wish he could come longer, just to watch Harry greedily take it all.

Harry's free hand had traveled down as Louis was coming, stuck inside Harry's boxers. As Louis's climax came to an end, he saw Harry was sitting back on the floor and jerking himself as he started coming on his own chest. He was looking at Louis as he did it, at his now drained body, and heaving chest, trying to catch his breath.

The boy let out deep panting moans as he came, breaths sounding like 'Lou' and 'Daddy'.

He looked up at Louis when he finished, letting out a sigh and standing wobbly to his feet in front of Louis. His stomach, chest, and face were streaked with both their come, and Harry looked a mess. Louis lifted a hand to wipe a bit of come off his face with his thumb. Harry grabbed his hand and sucked the white mess clean from his hand. "Thank you," he said, leaning in and kissing Louis.

 Louis kissed back. "We need to get cleaned up," he said as Harry pulled away.

"Oh? I can't just go out there like this?" he asked, putting his hands out at his sides.

Louis smiled. "Definitely not," he said, sliding off the dresser and tucking himself away in his shorts. He showed Harry to the bathroom connected to his room just as Darcy called from the hallway.

"Daddy, is Harry in there?"

Louis looked quick around the room seeing if there was any obvious mess he has to clean up, then in the mirror. "He's changing in my bathroom, love," he said, hurrying over to the dresser and looking in the mirror. His neck was all bruised from Harry's mouth, as well as a few spots on his chest. He grabbed a hoodie from a drawer and started pulling it on over him. He ran to the door and opened it, pretending it wasn't locked. "You can come in you know," he laughed, trying to act as normal.

"What's taking him so long? It's been forever," she said, walking by Louis and sitting herself on the edge of his bed.

Louis couldn't fathom the amount of awkward in this situation, or the amount of wrong, for that matter.

Harry emerged from the bathroom, acting completely normal, and suggesting that they go put on a film. Louis said he had things he had to be doing that he'd be leaving the house. He couldn't spend the length of a film with the two of them, not after what had just happened. How massively he had fucked up. What kind of person lets their daughter's boyfriend suck them off?



It wasn't easy to act normal. Louis wasn't really sure what was normal anymore. Harry came to the house in the morning, just like he had been doing for weeks. Louis hid out in his room, waiting for both teenagers to leave the house. He didn't like sneaking around, but he didn't think he could handle seeing Harry again. Not without something being said.

Louis stayed at work later than usual, knowing that Harry would be at the house with Darcy for a few hours after school. He was easy enough to offer to work overtime, but he hoped he didn't have to make a habit of it.

After a week of flawless avoiding, and perfect timing, Louis found himself unable to escape seeing him. It was Louis's day off, and his car was in the shop. He couldn't drive away from the situation. He tried his best to act like he wasn't bothered, accepting to sit down and watch Darcy's favourite show with them. He didn't like the series, and he was certain Harry didn't either.

Harry seemed to be acting the same. Acting like nothing happened. With Darcy sitting between them on the sofa, they didn't have to endure any awkward glances. Louis was thinking he could manage to  sit through the whole program, then sneak away to his room for the night, or hope Harry went home.

Commercials started rolling and Darcy excused herself, asking if they wanted drinks while she was up. Louis shook his head, and Harry asked for a coke. She left and Louis looked forward at the television, watching the commercials as a way of not looking at Harry.

Harry seemed annoyed, from what Louis could tell. He crawled over to Louis's side, and Louis turned to look at him. Harry kissed him before he could say anything, hands shooting up to Louis's chest. Louis kissed back, though pushing at his arms.

Louis managed to shove him back, and Harry just smiled, lips wet. He scooted back to his spot on the sofa, and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Darcy came back in the room, and Louis stood up. 

He walked by Harry and Darcy stopped him. "Where are you going? The ads are almost over," she said.

Louis shook his head. "Have some work to do," he said, stepping around her and leaving the room.

He went straight to his bedroom, shutting the door behind him and crashing on his bed. Teenage relationships were almost always doomed to expire, and Louis was hoping that would come soon. Harry would be out of their house, and out of their lives. Things could go back to normal and Louis could go back to being terribly lonely. Most of it sounded like a good plan.

His mobile went off in his pocket, and Louis rolled over to pull it out. A text from a number he didn't recognize. He read it over and figured it was Harry.

Harry: Ever hear of playing it cool?

Louis: Who is this?

He had to make sure. Louis didn't want to accidentally start talking to a stranger about his recent hookup with a teenage boy.

Harry: Ouch. I'm hurt. Five minutes and I'm forgotten?

Louis: Harry, we can't do this

Harry: It's a little late for that

Harry was right. They already had done something, and they couldn't take it back. Louis needed to prevent further mistakes. He was lucky Darcy didn't find out the first time. Louis ignored his phone, setting it on the bedside table. It continued to buzz as Harry sent him messages. When it finally seemed to stop, Louis allowed himself to read them over.

Harry: You can't say you didn't enjoy it

Harry: Have you been thinking about it? I have

Harry: Mostly I've just been thinking about you fucking me

Harry: This show is shit. Maybe I should sneak off and come see you, since you're not replying

Louis groaned and tapped out a quick reply. The boy even sounded filthy via text message. Being able to get someone hard with nothing but words was an admirable trait.

Louis: Don't

Harry: Finally. You're lucky Darcy's distracted and not noticing this bulge you've caused

Louis: I've caused? I didn't do anything. I think you need to go home

Harry: Uh oh. Someone's mad. Are you going to spank me, Daddy?

Louis groaned, putting his hand inside his trousers and squeezing his length for some kind of small relief. With his free hand he typed back.

Louis: You'd like that too much

Harry: You have no idea

Harry: Next time. I'm leaving. You can come out of your safe room now


A few days later Darcy came home crying. Louis asked why, trying to be the good father he used to think he was.

Harry had broken up with her, saying that he met someone else. Louis hoped it was someone they didn't know, but figured it was likely himself that Harry was talking about. He was surprised Harry hadn't been texting him to tell him, or to try and push his way further into Louis's life. Maybe there really was someone else.

Louis didn't know how to handle heartbroken teenage girls. He offered her a beer, and she just glared at him through watery eyes. "Are you trying to turn me into an alcoholic or something?" She said. "I'm not going to drink just because I'm upset!" It would have worked on a teen boy.

She left for her mother's house early that week, going straight there instead of staying at home for dinner with Louis. He understood Darcy needed her mother now, because really he wasn't any help. 

When she was gone, he thought about texting Harry. It was clearly a bad idea. A message would just bring attention back his way. Harry had stayed away for a few days now, and Louis wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed. 



It was Saturday, and just like every Saturday for the last five years, Louis decided to spend it drinking alone in his hot tub. He didn't have anyone to invite over, and really that was a bit depressing.

Thankful for the high fences around his yard, Louis walked out to the hot tub with a six pack of brew and a towel around his waist. He set them down on the flat surface of the tub sides, and chucked off his towel. Louis hopped in the hot tub.

He popped open his first beer, and hit play on the small built-in stereo system, a luxury he had to have added for an extra cost.

Louis drank back his beers, finishing the first two quickly. He was feeling like it would be an early night for him, and that wasn't a problem. He opened his third, his body feeling warm and pliant in the water. He slumped down in the steaming water, head just sticking out, and head tilted back. He could fall asleep like that if he let himself, but he wasn't sure it would be a nice wakeup, hot and pruned from hours of soaking.

He heard an odd click, and thought for a moment that his stereo was tripping out. The song continued playing without flaw, so Louis kept his eyes closed, listening to the sound and sucking back his beer.

When he opened his eyes again, Harry was standing at the edge of the hot tub, right across from him. Louis sat up, looking at Harry. "Let myself in," Harry explained, smirk on his face. "Hope that's cool."

"If you're looking for Darcy-"

"I'm not," Harry said quickly. He stood up straight and pulled his shirt off over his head. While the material covered his eyes, Louis looking over Harry's body. "Mind if I join you for a bit?" he asked, unbuttoning his skinny jeans and pushing them down. Louis groaned at the sight of his tiny black boxer briefs.

Without a reply, Harry hopped over the wall of the hot tub and sat across from Louis. "What are you doing here?" Louis asked, forgetting any kind of politeness or hospitality.

Harry looked hurt. "I wanted to see you," he said, looking down at the water. Louis shifted, hoping the water was enough coverage. He wasn't wearing anything. "I knew Darcy wouldn't be here... So I came over."

Louis nodded, taking a drink from his beer. "Now that you two are over, aren't you moving on to someone else?" Louis asked. "Darcy said you met someone else."

He laughed, shifting and moving across the hot tub, legs bumping Louis's. Louis got nervous, leaning back. Harry grabbed a beer from behind Louis, who was now frozen in place. "I did," he said, sitting back down, this time at Louis's side. Their thighs were touching, and Louis nervously sipped his beer, looking straight ahead and avoiding Harry's eyes. "Are you... naked?" Harry asked, and Louis had to look over at him.

Louis shrugged, and Harry's hand disappeared under the water, and Harry leaned away. He put his fingers on Louis's knee, running them up his leg until he reached his hip.

"You are!" Harry laughed, taking his hand from the water and opening his beer. He took one long haul from it, drinking down almost half. He then set it down behind them and stood up in the water. Louis watched him, not sure what he was doing. "It's only fair," he said, pushing down his boxers and stepping out of them. 

The water level was just above Harry's bits, but Louis could see everything. He swallowed hard, not sure if Harry was a little stiff, or just well endowed. The boy tossed his shorts out onto the deck. Louis pulled his knees up a bit, trying to hide how much that thought had turned him on.

Harry sat down at Louis's side, putting his long arm around Louis's shoulder. "Harry..." Louis said, trying to show how uncomfortable he was, without actually chasing the boy off.

"Yes, Lou?" he asked, grabbing his beer again and drinking.

Louis felt small under his arm, almost forgetting the fact that Harry young enough to be his son. "We can't... We can't do anything," he said.

Harry lifted the hand that had been resting on the hot tub edge, bending at the elbow and gentle guiding Louis's head to lean on his shoulder. Louis smiled for a second, not moving from where Harry had put him. The boy was playing with absentmindedly playing with his hair, and smiling stupidly. "I thought maybe, since I'm not with Darcy, we could try," he said, turning his head and looking down at Louis.

Louis glanced up, head still resting against Harry's shoulder. He wanted to say something, but a mix of alcohol and comfort stopped him. He sighed and tilted his head down, laying against Harry's chest.

"Would you be willing to try, at least?" Harry asked, pressing his face against the top of Louis's head. Louis closed his eyes and took a breath.

Reluctantly, Louis lifted his head from Harry, still sitting under the boy's arm. He slumped, drinking the last of his beer. "What do you want me to try?" Louis asked, looking over at Harry.

Louis could feel Harry brushing his thumb over his shoulder as he thought. "Try forgetting my age," Harry said with a shy smile. "Try forgetting whatever it is that's keeping you from kissing me."

He had to forget Darcy, his daughter. The main reason he has been trying so hard to keep away from Harry was to make sure his daughter didn't hate him. Louis knew she wasn't something he could forget. "Why do you want me?" Louis asked, trying to understand. "I'm... an old man. You should be with someone your own age. I'm just about old enough to be your father."

Harry laughed. "I don't care how old you are, and you're definitely not an old man," Harry started, pulling Louis closer to his side. Louis smiled weakly and Harry kissed him, short and sweet. "It just feels right," he said, lips still close.

Louis understood now, even though Harry's explanation didn't explain much at all. He knew though, that he felt the same. Louis nodded. He couldn't deny how right it felt for their lips to be together, or to be tucked under Harry's arm.

"Enough of this mushy, sweet talk," Harry laughed, pulling his arm from around Louis. He frowned at the loss, looking up at Harry and watching as the boy crawled onto his lap, perching himself atop his submerged thighs. "We've got the place to ourselves's tonight, yeah?" Harry asked, lifting his arms from the water and wrapping them around Louis's neck as they dripped onto his skin. 

Louis nodded, lifting his hands nervously under the water to rest of Harry's bare hips. He had almost forgotten how naked they were, the initial shock from skin on skin making Louis bite his lip.

Harry leaned in and kissed Louis, hands now moving down to his chest. "You're not pushing me away at all this time," Harry smiled against his lips, quickly returning to kissing him.

Letting go wasn't as hard as Louis had expected. His hands on Harry's hips, he pulled his body closer, and Harry moaned into their kiss as their dicks met. Louis ran his hands up the boy's back and out of the water, breaking their kiss pulling Harry to his chest. Harry's hands went between them, grabbing at both their shafts as Louis started kissing his neck.

Louis nipped at Harry's throat as the boy started stroking him. He pushed a hand between them, knocking Harry's away and wrapping his fingers around Harry's need. Harry moaned at the contact, ducking his head in the crook of Louis's neck and sucking at his skin.

"Good?" Louis asked, choking out a noise as Harry bit at his neck.

Harry nodded, pulling his lips away for a moment. Louis moved his hand quicker of the boy's dick and squeezed. "Fuck. Yes, more," he whimpered, pushing back into Louis's hand and fucking his fist.

Louis moved his free hand down Harry's back, encouraging his needy thrusts. He let his hand venture further down, grabbing Harry's ass. He knew Harry wanted more, and he was almost certain he knew what that more was. Still, he needed to hear him say it. "Tell me what you want, Harry," Louis said, rubbing his thumb over the tip of the boy's cock.

"Your fingers," Harry said, taking one of his hands from Louis's shoulders and reach back to grab his hand, guiding it to where he wanted it. Harry sat up on his lap and looked him in the eyes, smirking before releasing his hand and kissing him.

He was certainly glad Harry knew what he wanted, and the look he gave him made Louis want to do whatever he could to get this boy writhing under his touch. Louis brushed the boy's hole with the pad of his middle finger, moving in small circles, making Harry push back against his finger. "Might be a bit uncomfortable," Louis said, knowing that water was not the best lubricant.

Harry whispered something that sounded like 'fuck it' against Louis's jaw, and Louis breached his tight hole, pushing his digit in slowly, Harry making pleased noises as he pushed back onto Louis's finger, then forward into his fist. It didn't take long for Harry to start begging for more, asking to be stretched out by more of Louis's fingers, and Louis was eager to please. Harry loved the pain.

The boy was getting loud, and Louis wondered for a moment if the neighbour could hear Harry's dirty moans. Three fingers inside him, to the knuckles, and Harry started coming, making a mess of the hot tub water and falling against Louis's chest. Panting, he kissed his neck, and Louis carefully pulled his fingers out, making Harry whimper at the discomfort. "We should get out of the water," Louis laughed, putting a hand on each Harry's arms and sitting him up.

Harry looked drained, completely fucked out and perfect. He nodded, his damp curls bouncing.

He went to stand up, wobbly legs making it difficult. He stumbled and Louis caught him.

Louis handed Harry a towel, the one he had brought out for himself. He stood there naked as he let Harry cover himself. "Can we go inside?" Harry asked, eyes visibly raking over Louis's wet body. "Don't think I'm quite done with you," he added.

He couldn't help but smile. Louis led him inside, feeling a bit self conscious about being so bare. He stopped in the doorway of his bedroom, looking back at Harry, who quickly stole his lips. Louis lifted his hands to Harry's head, taking a step back and pulling away. Harry smiled. "Don't need a break?"

Harry laughed, grabbing at his towel and pulling it off, tossing it on the floor in the hallway. "I think I'm good," he said, nudging Louis into his room and toward the bed with a smile.

Louis turned in front of him, then felt a sharp smack across his ass. He yelped, grabbing the reddening skin and looking back at Harry. The boy was standing there grinning, his hands up innocently. Louis grabbed one of the boy's wrists and tugged him toward the bed. He sat down on the edge of his bed and pulled Harry to bend him over his lap. "You think that was funny, hm?" Louis asked, putting a hand flat on Harry's ass to let him know his intentions.

He could feel the boy's dick already getting hard again, brushing against Louis's leg. He knew he'd like this. "Yes," Harry said, not helping the want in his voice. "It was fucking hilarious," he said, egging him on. His head was hanging, curls dangling toward the floor, his ass out and ready for Louis's palm.

Louis smiled, knowing Harry couldn't see him. Harry was wiggling impatiently, and Louis pulled his hand away from his ass. "I figured that much," he said, bringing his hand quickly back to the boy's round cheeks with a loud smack.

Harry moaned loudly, his hips bucking in recoil from the hit. "Oh, god, again," he said, pushing his body back as Louis rubbed his hand soothingly over his cheeks.

His palm moved his soft circles, and he leaned to the side to see the red handprint on Harry's ass. He moaned in approval, suddenly pulling his hand away and slapping him again, harder than before.

Harry screamed this time, his chanting approval fading out to a low, and needy plea for more.

Louis hit him again, watching his ass become a darker red. He moved his hand lightly over his skin again. He knew he should stop. At this rate, Harry wouldn't be able to sit for a few days. He knew there would be bruising after that last hit.

"Lou," Harry said, lifting his head, his cock painfully hard and now pinned between his own stomach and Louis's leg. "Please. Fuck me, now," he said, turning his head and letting his curls fall to the side. "Not gonna last long after that..."

He couldn't deny how much Harry was getting off on the spanking, and there was no doubt he desperately needed to fuck that boy. Louis leaned toward the head of his bed, Harry still bent over his lap. He reached the nightstand and pulled the drawer open, searching for some needed items.

Finding what he needed, he slicked up his fingers and teased Harry's hole, already stretched out from Louis's digits. He moved his two fingers inside him, trying to wet him enough, though he knew Harry probably wouldn't care about any pain.

He pulled Harry up to the bed, telling him to get on his knees. Louis held a condom in his hand, about to rip the packaging. "Do you have to use one?" Harry asked, looking back at Louis as he got on all fours in the middle of the bed. "I want to feel it."

Louis smiled and dropped the unopened condom on the bed and moved closer to Harry's back side. He took the lube in his hand, kneeling behind the boy as he worked the slippery liquid over his shaft. "If that's what you want," Louis started, leaning in closed and rubbing the tip of his cock against Harry's entrance.

Harry, of course, eagerly pushed back. Louis quickly slid his way into the tight heat, and felt the boy clenching around him. Harry held himself up on his elbows now, telling Louis to move, but Louis was too scared he'd tear the boy apart. Gently, he pushed in deep, then slowly pulled out, waiting until he could feel Harry's body relaxing.

Impatient, the boy started rocking back against his thrusts, wanting more and forcing his body over Louis's cock. "Harder, please," Harry begged, looking back at Louis over his shoulder.

Louis listened, slamming hard into the boy, making him gasp and moan. He held tightly onto Harry's hips, pulling him back into each sway of his own.

He pounded harder, watching Harry turn into a cursing mess in front of him. He was close to coming himself, and Harry was already screaming his name.

"So close, Daddy," Harry breathed, fists clenching the blankets.

Louis dug his nails into the boy's side, fucking him harder, about to come. He slapped the side of Harry's ass, making the boy clench tight around him, screaming out as he started coming on himself and the bed. Louis quickly filled him, slowing his thrusts as he rode out his orgasm.

Harry slipped forward, Louis pulling out and sitting back on his own legs. Harry rolled to his side, looking back at Louis. "Okay, now it's time for a break," he laughed, rolling to his back and stretching. He looked so worn and beat. Louis had left a number of marks on him, none of which would be disappearing soon.


He hadn't planned on letting Harry stay the night, but when morning came and he found the boy in his arms, there were no complaints leaving his lips. They had spent the evening drinking and fucking, making a mess of Louis's room, as well as other parts of the house. Now that Louis had let go, it wasn't easy to stop.

They had fallen asleep in each other's arms in the early morning, and Louis fell into a dead sleep for a few hours, until his alarm woke him up. Noticing everything was fine, and knowing he didn't have anywhere to be, Louis fell back asleep until the late afternoon, arm wrapped tightly around the boy's waist. In the evening Darcy would come home. Harry would have to be gone before then. After that, Louis wasn't really sure what would happen, or how they would continue seeing each other, but he was sure they'd work it out somehow.