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Six Complicated Situations

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"Ah…" A breathless gasp of anticipation as a slick grey fingertip, sweetly teasing, ran along Julian's naked gluteal cleft and then slipped inside, to press and circle the most intimate part of him. His erect cock twitched between their bellies and hardened even more, leaking a drop of clear salty pre-ejaculate onto the tunic of his partner. "Oh, God…

Garak smiled that sleek enigmatic smile of his and kissed the left ridge of sternocleidomastoid muscle in Julian's throat, which already bore the red imprints of several amorous bites. "Impatient, are we?" he murmured to the man currently straddling his lap with ass bared and thighs wantonly parted and dusky skin agleam with sweat − when they had sex in Garak's quarters, on Garak's couch, the temperature was always turned up to tropical levels. 

Julian closed his eyes and tipped his head back, thinking rather distractedly that he had to get the rest of his uniform off, and soon. Two months ago he couldn't have imagined himself in this position in a million years — not consciously, at any rate. He wasn't attracted to men, never had been, never would be. The things Garak's presence did to his heart rate and limbic system were the result of the Cardassian's thrilling aura of mystery, which communicated more than a hint of both affection and danger where Julian was concerned. All very logical and reasonable and above-board, with nothing bisexual about it, thank you very much. 

But two months ago Garak hadn't been on the verge of dying, and Julian hadn't yet realized just how far he was willing to go to save the man he had lunch with on a weekly basis — or how much else was lurking beneath the surface of his own mind and heart. The revelations had been explosive and, when all was said and done, paradigm-shifting on a number of different levels. 

Like this one, for instance. Garak chuckled against Julian's throat and pressed more firmly with his fingertip, sending a wave of hot sensation racing up Julian's spine from well-sensitized and thoroughly conditioned nerve endings. This time he actually whimpered, rocking his hips back shamelessly: "Please…?" 

"I really must teach you the value of savouring the moment," Garak lamented — but he was crooking his finger and pushing in, searing carnal sensation bursting blood-red behind Julian's eyelids, and as he began to slowly stroke Julian spared a fly-away thought to reflect that although he hadn't seen this coming, there was no way in Hell he was going to give it up now.