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Fuck Hypnos

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Hypnos' cabin was supposed to be calming. The violin music and, fresh laundry smell were supposed to be soothing. It didn't sooth Stiles. It made him nervous, he knew he was going to fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares. He hated the cabin. He hated sleeping and, he hated Hypnos. He tried to avoid being in the cabin as much as possible, since it made everyone sleepy and he was always tired from having Hypnos as a dad and from not sleeping. He had bags under his eyes and looked as though he was permanently strung out. 

He didn't tell anyone about the nightmares, it wasn't normal for a kid of Hypnos to have bad dreams. But, there was a new kid in camp today and he was wearing a leather jacket. Stiles watched the Stoll brothers give him the tour of the camp from where he was sitting with his feet in the lake that was in the middle of camp, rolling his eyes he went back to laying down and reading his book. 

A couple minutes later three voices came closer to him, no doubt the new kid and the Stolls, "Is he okay?" 

"That's Stiles." Travis responded, "C'mon, we'll introduce you." 

Stiles prayed to the gods that they would get side tracked and go somewhere else. His head hurt and he really didn't feel like talking to anyone. 

"Stiles!" Conner said loudly from above him.

Stiles lowered the book and glared at him, "No need to yell, Conner." He stood up, ignoring the ringing in his ears and looked at the trio. The new kid was actually good looking compared to everyone else here. He had black hair and large eyebrows but his cheekbones. Stiles would bet anything that the Apollo kids could write sonnets about them. He was well built too, muscles everywhere, pale but it looked good on him. 

"Touchy, touchy," Travis said, "calm down, Stilinski." 

"Do you need something or are you just trying to be a nuisance?"

"This is Derek." Conner said, looking at Cheekbones man, "He's from New York." 

"We're in New York." 

"Are you always like this?" Derek asked, voice deep and eyebrows raised.

"Yes." Conner and Travis answered at the same time before Conner continued, "He used to know how to have a good time before the quest he went on." Stiles glared at him, "I mean, sure, he slept most of the time but when he was awake he did the best pranks, man. He could've been a Hermes child."

The quest changed everything. He was under the influence of the thing they were hunting, gods he can't even remember what it was now and he wanted to drown himself for that, and he had killed Allison. He stabbed Scott who still said he forgave Stiles about it but, he knew that was a lie since Scott couldn't even look him in the eye and he's been avoiding Stiles for six months. He knew Scott wasn't mourning Allison anymore, he was always flirting with the girl from the Hermes cabin, Kira. But, Stiles isn't over it. He sees her when he sleeps, relives it when he closes him eyes. 

"Chiron needs me." Stiles blurted all of a sudden, "So, I've gotta go." He scratched his neck and started to walk away.

"We know that's a lie but, it's okay!" Travis called after him, Stiles turned around and flipped him off while flashing a smirk before continuing on his way to find somewhere else to read. 



Hades claimed cheekbones within his first week at camp. Which was a common assurance since some Poseidon kid and his gang made gods claim their children by 13 and cheekbones was at least 19. He was fitting in around camp, Stiles guess'. He hasn't really paid much attention to him. Stiles was working his way through a cigarette pack when cheekbones sat next to him, "Need something?" Stiles asked and blew the smoke out of his nose. 

"I didn't peg you as a smoker." 

"I'm full of surprises." He replied and took another drag on the cigarette between his fingers. 

"Are you also an alcoholic?" 

"Maybe." He smirked at Derek, "Can't tell you all my secrets right away, can I? That'd be cheating." 

"Who's your... you know." 

"Hypnos." He spat, Derek stared at him, "He ruined my life, can't stand the guy." 

"But, he's your dad and he's a god." 

"I've come across a lot of gods in my day and trust me, he doesn't deserve the title." Hypnos doesn't deserve the title of man, he's a thing. An animal. No, less he was less than an animal in Stiles' mind. He doesn't help Stiles, he doesn't come to the rescue when you need him too. Hell, Stiles hasn't ever met him in person. One time he got an iris message from him and Stiles' got so mad he swiped his hand through the mist to get rid of it. 


Stiles cut him off, "I don't have to explain myself to you." He stubbed out the cigarette on the grass before lighting another one.

"Those are gonna kill you if you don't slow down." 

"Don't worry about it." The truth was they probably would kill him if he didn't have Hygieia taking care of his health. She owed him a favor and granted him eternal health. She would only deal with sickness' and diseases, she told him if he got gutted she wouldn't bother with it. He said okay, kissed her hands and then returned to camp. 

"Where are you from?" 


That's how their thing began. Sometimes Stiles would tell him his head hurt and they would go and lay down in Hades cabin for a while and take a nap, Stiles' nightmares weren't as bad when he was laying next to Derek. One time Derek asked him why he was a son of Hypnos but had nightmares and Stiles replied with a sorry excuse that he'd tell him later and Derek had dropped it. 

"I watched my mother die." Stiles said one night, Derek was asleep and he knew he was basically talking to himself but he liked to feel like he was talking to someone to make him feel not as crazy, "She was in the hospital, she had frontotemporal dementia. My dad, well I guess step-dad, had been working when it happened. I heard him tell Melissa that his worst fear was me being there when it happened." Derek snored a little in his sleep, at least one of them had good dreams, "I watched John, the step-dad I told you about, die." He paused, "I stabbed my best friend. I killed his girl friend." He ran his hands through his hair, "I use to cry over it until I realized tears won't change anything. I haven't cried since." He sighed, "Just thought you'd like to know things about me. I know I seem closed off and I smoke too many cigarettes but I promise I have good reason. Gods, I wish you'd met me before that stupid quest. I could of loved you and you could of loved me too maybe." Stiles crawled out of the bed and left Dereks cabin and went to his own. He can't have Derek, Derek was beautiful and he deserved someone who could show him how wonderful he was without feeling like he had to fix the person telling him those things. Stiles was beyond broken. He just wanted his family back and that included Scott. 

Stiles actually slept through the night, he didn't have nightmares, he didn't dream. It was nice. Relaxing that he could make it through the night without waking up half way through the night with the night sweats and having to talk himself down from a panic attack. When he woke up he was still tired so, he went back to sleep. He stayed in the cabin the whole day, dozing in and out of sleep. He slept so much he doubted that he would have eye bags after today. 

The next time he woke up was by someone shaking him, "Who 's it?" He groaned, rolling over. 

"Do you know how worried I was?" Derek said, "I wake up and you're not in bed. I thought you left camp! No one knew where you were until I asked fucking Clovis at lunch!" 

"Shhhhh." Stiles put a finger to where he thought Dereks lips would be without opening his eyes, he ended up poking his abs, "Be quiet, 's bed time."

"It's three in the afternoon." 

"Get in bed and cuddle me. 'M cold." He moved closer to the wall so Derek could climb in behind him.

"Do you know how much you stress me out." Stiles didn't reply, he was already snoring when Derek kissed his head and closed his eyes thankful that Stiles was actually sleeping for once and nodded off as well. 


Derek started holding his hand a month after they met. And, Stiles would be lying if he said he didn't like it. Dereks hands were oddly warm, Stiles would have thought they would have been cold like his cabin. Like Hades. But, they were warm and Stiles like them touching him. 


Derek told him about his family two weeks after they started holding hands. 

"The last person I dated burned my house down with my family inside." Derek said while they were sitting on the floor of his cabin playing monopoly. 


"Don't." Derek looked at Stiles, "I've had closure. Don't tell anybody but I killed her."

"Good. She got what was coming to her then." 

Derek stared at him, "What?" 

"She deserved it. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, Der. Trust me, I know." 

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Derek asked and rolled a six. 

"I stabbed my best friend." Stiles said after two turns. Derek stayed quiet, "I watched my mom die. She was dead before we had to put her in the hospital. She wouldn't even look at me. I mean, I know it was the dementia but it still kind of hurts you know." 

"Stiles, I'm--" 

He cut Derek off again, "That's not even the worst part." He laughed, running his hands through his hair, "I watched my dad die in the hospital also. He got shot while on the job, he was a sheriff. Last year I was possessed and stabbed my best friend. He said he forgives me but he also can't look me in the eye and hasn't talked to me in six months. I killed his girlfriend." Derek dropped the dice in his hand and didn't lower his gaze from where it was looking at Stiles. Stiles had tears in his eyes and he tried to fight down the feeling of crying when he spoke again, "I see her every time I close my eyes, Derek. She's there screaming at me or I watch as I kill her over and over again. Sometimes she dies in different ways but Scotts voice is always echoing in my head. Saying how he'll never forgive me and then I wake up and it's like he hates me." He was starting to cry, he could feel the tears, "I can't. I can't deal with this anymore, Derek. Why don't I just drink Lethe until I can't remember my own name?" 

Derek moved the board out of the way and crawled over to Stiles and pulled him into his arms. They laid on the floor while Derek whispered to him, telling him how it wasn't his fault, none of it. He'd been possessed. He didn't have control of what he was doing. It wasn't his fault. Derek said he was going to get Scott and Stiles couldn't process what he was saying. HIs head was throbbing, his eyes hurt and all he wanted to do was curl up with Derek and sleep for a decade or two. Derek was gone for ten minutes before he returned with Scott. Fuck, Stiles didn't want Scott to see him like this. He didn't even want Derek to see him like this. Shit, he didn't even want to see himself like this. 

"Stiles," Scott said, sitting down and pulling him into his chest, "What's going on, man?" 

Stiles blabbered on about how he had killed Allison and how Scotts been avoiding him for six months. Derek didn't understand a thing of what was coming out of his mouth but Scott did and that's what mattered. Stiles needed Scott right now and Derek was going to give them some space. He told Scott he was gonna head out and Scott nodded and mouthed a 'thank you' before he turned and left. 


Stiles slept for a week after that night with Derek behind him. Stiles was always the little spoon with Derek as the big spoon. 

"Thank you for getting Scott." Stiles said at lunch, "I know it probably didn't seem like much to you but it. It meant the world to me, really. Thank you." 

"Oh my, the great Stiles Stilinski saying thank you? Are pigs flying?" Derek gave Stiles a smile so bright it could've blinded Apollo. 

"Shut it." But Stiles was smiling too. 

"As you wish, your highness." 

"It's Genim." 

"What is?" 

"My real name." Stiles said, picking up his turkey sandwich, "What? You really thought my real name was Stiles Stilinski?" 

"Uh, no? Totally not? That would be dumb." 

Stiles laughed, "I love you." As soon as the words came out of his mouth they both paused, Stiles looked horrified. He dropped his sandwich and got up and walked away. 

Derek was quick to run after him, "Stiles!" He didn't slow down, actually he sped up like he running away from him, "Stiles, stop!" He grabbed his arm and spun him around to face him, "Stiles, it's okay."

"No, it's not. It really isn--"

Derek kissed him, full on kissed him. Hands pulling his head closer and he didn't stop until they had pull back for air. 

"It's okay." Derek said, kissing him on the forehead, "Really."