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Take Me Home

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In a small California town surrounded by woods a wolf pack and a vampire family lived in peace until a mysterious house fire wiped the wolves out. Now I know what most people would think, surely the vampires did it, right? But unlike popular belief would lead people to believe vampires and weres were not and never had been enemies. It was very much known to the vampires that the hunter family that has been hanging around must've done it, the Hales, as the wolf family was known as, were a very well known pack by anyone in the supernatural world, but the Stilinski family while old were very unknown and so they stayed put believing that they can stay hidden. They stayed and stayed long after the hunters moved on.


Now 7 years later after that fire they still stay and young 16 year old Stiles Stilinski is being dragged back home one night after being caught in the woods looking for half of a dead body. He offers up half hearted complaints as he is dragged up into his room and told to stay put, sits heavily onto desk chair and watches his dad leave, his hearing following after him as he leaves the house, presumably to go back to the scene of the crime. As soon as his father is gone he yanks out his phone and texts his best friend to make sure he’s ok, spending the time before the reply comes pacing until the phone chimes to signal the received message.


Scott: Yeah, but I think something bit me. I’m home now though.


Stiles: You THINK something bit you? Did something or didn’t something?


The next message comes with a photo attached and Stiles hisses as he pulls it up to see a nasty looking bite. It looks like.. no it can’t be there have been no werewolves in Beacon Hills since the Hale fire. He reasons to himself, but at the same time reminds himself to check Scotts scent for any changes at school the next day.


Stiles: Dude wth! Any idea what might of done it?


Scott: IDK! I think I heard a howl though, maybe a wolf?


Stiles: Impossible, there haven’t been any wolves in California in 60 years, maybe we should rest and sort this out tomorrow.


Scott: yeah night


Stiles stares at the wall for while after the last text dread sinking into his stomach, Scott couldn’t of been bitten by a were right? And even if he was it doesn’t mean the were was an alpha so there is no way to know if he is turning until he can smell to make sure. With a sigh he concludes that worrying about this was pointless until he learned more and gets ready for bed.




The next morning Stiles stands in front of a High school, the sign proclaiming it as Beacon Hills High, and looks around for his friend, hurrying over to him when he spots him. He takes a deep breath to take in his scent, groaning in his head at what he finds, his scent has most definitely changed into that sweet delicious scent that all weres have to vampires. He slows down as he gets closer and shoves his hands into his pockets returning Scotts greeting before saying,


“Ok, let’s see this thing”


Letting out a hissed drawn out oh and reaching to hover over the bloody bandage when he lifts his shirt. Scott pulls his shirt down and starts walking to the school Stiles falling in step beside him as he talks about how he is really sure he knows that was a wolf's howl and that it must of been a wolf.


“Dude no I told you” Stiles says moving so that he is standing in front of his friend facing him before stopping, forcing Scott to stop with him “there haven’t been any wolves in California in 60 years, but I think I know what it was.”


“Really??” Scott says “What??”


“Not here, it has something to do with that thing about me, this isn’t a good place for this”


Scott tilts his head a bit clearly confused before shaking his head accepting that he’ll know later and continued with,


“Well you’ll really never believe me when I tell you. I found the body”


Stiles makes a motion where he bobs his head and reaches towards Scott while moving forward a bit and saying, “dude, are you kidding me?” leaving his arm reaching towards his friend as Scott says.


“I wish, I am going to be having nightmares about it for a month”


His hand goes down as he leans back and shakes his head a bit with a huffed laugh before saying,


“That is friggin awesome, I mean this is seriously going to be the best thing that happened to this town since,” He gets distracted as a strawberry blond walks past, following her with his gaze as he continues, “since the birth of Lydia Martin, hey Lydia, you look.. Like your going to ignore me”


He turns back to the newly turned were during that last bit with a frown at his friends amused smile,


“You’re the cause of this you know”




“Dragging me down to your nerd depths,” They start walking towards the school again as he says, “I’m a nerd by association, I’m scarlet nerded by you.”


As the day goes by Stiles keeps an eye on Scott taking note of any wolfy things showing in his actions and an even bigger note on his friend’s apparent interest the new girl, but until lacrosse practice nothing of too much interest or alarm happens. While he seemed in control in practice and didn’t hurt anyone he was blatantly obvious in his new skills, anyone paying attention would get suspicious about how he went from sucky to amazing in just a summer. The young vampire sighs, noting to himself to explain everything to Scott as soon as possible and to tell him about how better to hide it. After practice Stiles takes his friend into the woods, helped by the fact that Scott thought he needed his inhaler anyway and starts thinking about how to start telling him about what is going on, but as they are walking Scott gives him the perfect way to work it in.


“I don’t know what it was! It was like I had all the time in the world to catch the ball and that’s not the only weird thing, I hear stuff I shouldn’t be able to hear, smell things”


“Yeah, actually like I was saying before I am pretty sure, like 100% really, that I know what this is”


“What?” Scott asks turning to the other and stopping.


“You’ve been bitten by a werewolf, an alpha, and I guess the bite took because you aren’t dead and you’ve turned sooo..”


Scott scoffs and glares at his friend, pushing him back playfully before starting to walk again, Stiles following behind flailing a bit.


“Dude I’m not joking! You know how I’m a vampire, I can smell the change on you! You’re a werewolf now! And Friday is a full moon”


“Seriously?” he replies “Fuck, well I hope you know a way to reverse this because I am not going to stay like this!”


Stiles shakes his head and apologizes, causing his friend to sigh with a frown before he stops and looks around,


“I could of sworn this was it I saw the body the deer came running, I dropped my inhaler”


“Maybe the killer, aka probably the alpha, moved the body?”


“If he did I hope he left my inhaler those things are like 80 bucks”


Stiles opens his mouth to remark that he won’t need it anymore when a smell catches his attention, the sweet smell of a were and not just any were, one of the sweetest most delicious smells he has ever come across, a smell that causes warmth to flow to regions where it shouldn’t be right now. He snaps his mouth shut and looks to where it is coming from to find a dark broad shouldered wolf scowling at them who he almost immediately identifies as Derek Hale. He lets out an oh and reaches out to pat his friend on the shoulder causing him to look behind him and turn around, standing up as he does so. Derek approaches once he has the two friends attention stopping a few feet before them and says,


“What are you doing here? Huh? This is private property”


Stiles looks away and rubs the back of his head, trying to get a fresh scent besides the wolf in and to hide how that scent was affecting him, he turns back at the end of the question to answer though since Scott doesn’t seem like he is going to.


“Uhh, sorry man we didn’t know”


“Yeah” Scott continues for him “We were just looking for something, but.” He paused before continuing at Derek's pointed look “um, forget it”


Derek tosses the inhaler over to Scott causing the latter to look down at it in confusion before turning and walking away back into the woods. The new were turns and says something about being late for work only for Stiles to stop him and to exclaim.


“Dude! That was Derek Hale” and continuing at the others ‘so what’ look “You remember right? He’s only like a few years older than us .”


He looked to check that Derek was out of hearing range, using his hearing to check as well before expanding at Scotts “Remember what?”


“His family, they all burned to death in a fire like 7 years ago, they were werewolves”


“Well what is he doing back? Do you think he’s the one who bit me?”


“No, he didn’t smell like an alpha, come on”




The next day at school Stiles and Scott sit at a secluded table in the cafeteria as Scott tells his friend about his night, about waking up in the middle of the woods half dressed and running into the alpha.


“Did you see what he looked like? What about smell?”


“I don’t know man, I was too busy running for my life to smell him!!! But I think the biggest thing we should be questioning is what I was doing in the middle of the woods in the first place!”


“I can’t say I know that much about werewolves or how they work, maybe the alpha called you there in your sleep?? I can tell you anything about vampires but learning about how werewolves work has never been that important, especially after the Hales left. But maybe we can ask Derek? I mean we know he is here and he should know more being a born wolf and all”


“I don’t know man, can we trust him? I mean for all we know he can be part of the alphas pack”


The two sit in silence for a bit and work on getting through their food while Stiles thinks it over.


“If we want to know more Derek's our best bet, I mean I can research but I don’t know how much of that research would be accurate, the Hales were an old and respected pack I can’t imagine one of them looking very kindly at an alpha biting someone without permission”


“Ok but we still have the problem of how we are going to find him. I mean it’s not like he gave us his number or something”


“Let me handle that. Right now we should work on what we are going to be doing tonight”




“Yeah full moon remember?”


Scott looks down suddenly not able to look Stiles in the eye.


“Yeaaah, about that, I sort of have a date.. with Allison... at Lydia’s party tonight”


“Cancel it”


Scotts head snaps up and he growls lowly without realizing it.


“What? No!!! When will I ever have a chance like this again!!”


“Oh yeah,” Stiles replies sarcastically “When will you ever have the chance to rip Allison’s throat out because you aren’t in control yet again obviously you can’t miss out on that! The full moon isn’t just going to call you to change it’s also when your bloodlust will be at it’s peak, you know your urge to kill, the change can be caused by anger or anything that raises your pulse. I haven’t seen anyone raise your pulse like Allison does! You got to cancel this date!”


“Alright fine! Message received, I’ll cancel maybe ask her if we can reschedule”


Scott slumps down in disappointment, picking at his food as Stiles looks on sadly.


“Hey, it’ll be fine she is totally into you man, she won’t let one cancelled date stop that”


“Yeah” Scott says but without any belief.


The bell for the end of lunch rings and the two friends follow the rest of the school out of the cafeteria and to their classes.




After school Stiles stands waiting in front of the police station, a sniff and his hearing confirming that Derek was inside getting questioned like his dad said he would be. He leans against a wall outside the door listening in as the wolf is asked the normal questions in this kind of situation, after a while of listening he is distracted by his phone chiming.


Dad: Is there a reason I can sense you hanging outside the station.


Stiles: I need to speak to Derek. Do you know which of these cars is his?


Dad: The black Camaro. You will explain what this is all about later.


Stiles: Yeah, thanks.


He shoves the phone back into his pocket and looks around the parking lot, walking over to the Camaro when he spots it whistling under his breath at it’s beauty, figures someone as good looking as Derek would have such a sexy car. He leans on the hood of the car gently and settles in to wait, this way Derek would know he’s here for him. He doesn’t have to wait long before Derek walks out of the police station, growling too softly for human ears as he spots the teen on his car.


“Get off!” He snaps glaring at Stiles and continues after he obeys “What do you want”


Stiles breathes in deeply trying his hardest to ignore the sweet smell and taste that comes off of the wolf, god he is so going to be asking his dad about this when he explains the situation.


“You’re a werewolf right? and Scott is too?” at Derek's surprised suspicious look we expands “Well Scott got bitten, heard a howl and right afterwards his senses went like super sensitive, he got better at lacrosse, like impossibly better, and then you show up being all mysterious and broody it wasn’t hard to put two and two together”


Derek looks genuinely impressed at how Stiles put things together so fast under his scowl and the younger man thanks the fact that living with a sheriff and a vampire as a dad has made him good at getting away with not saying the whole truth to people who can hear his heartbeat.


“Yes we are, I’m not the one who bit him though if that’s what you are wondering”


“No no that’s not it at all, it’s just with tonight being the full moon and all we need something to do about it so he doesn’t you know shift and hurt people...also something a bit strange happened last night”


Derek’s eyebrow  went up as Stiles explains what happened to Scott in the woods, staying silent and thinking over what was said for a while after he’s done.


“He can come over to the Hale house tonight and I’ll keep an eye on him, as for the alpha thing, I honestly don’t know, I was never taught about being an alpha since I wasn’t the one who was meant to become the next alpha, while it is possible for the alpha to of influenced him I don’t know for sure”


Stiles bobs his head in acknowledgement and is about to go so he can tell Scott about this when something about what the other said catches his attention and he turns back.


“Wait, the Hale house? You mean the burned down house on the preserve? Are you saying you are living in a burned down unstable house where your family died??”


Derek glares at him and growls out an affirmative before turning away and getting into his car, the door shutting before Stiles can reply and the car driving away. He stares after the car with a muttered “rude” until it disappears from sight.



Later that night Stiles is sitting in the dining room waiting for his father to get home, he talked with Scott and they decided it would be best if he went to Dereks on his own and so he stayed home to explain things to the sheriff. So he sits in the dining room doing random research into topics that catch his attention while waiting for him to get home. He looks up when he hears his dad’s cruiser and puts his laptop to the side before getting up to greet him at the door. Father and son go and sit facing each other at the dining table and Stiles explains everything to the bite, the alpha and what he needed to talk to Derek about, at the end of his explanation the Sheriff leans back with a frown on his face.


“Didn’t you tell me that you were alone and Scott was at home?”


“ah well, about that” He rubs the back of his head and looks through his lashes at his father with a guilty expression.


“You lied to me”


“That depends on how you define lying”


“I define it as not telling the truth, how you you define it?”


“Laying down.. in a horizontal position”


“Stiles” He says sharply causing his son to flail a bit.


“Ok yes I lied but that’s not all, there’s been something really weird going on with me!”




“Well around Derek, like his scent is just over the top good I mean I know weres smell good to us anyway but his is much much sweeter than Scott's or really anyone's I’ve ever smelled! It affects me in really, uh, weird ways”


“Weird ways?”


Stiles blushes and ducks his head awkwardly rubbing his neck again. His father crinkles his nose and shakes his head.


“I really don’t want to know do I?”


“No probably not”


The sheriff gets a slightly disgusted and uncomfortable look on his face for a second before it becomes contemplative and he says.


“I didn’t notice anything different about his scent from any other weres while he was at the station today, there is something though. For vampires meeting someone who is has a very high potential as a mate their scents do tend to appear to be sweeter than others


“woah woah, hold on” Stiles replied with a look of shock “Are you saying Derek is a potential mate for me? Not like Lydia or someone else?”


“It sounds like that yeah”


Stiles leans back in his chair and looks at his father with a look of shock, his brain trying to process this information. The Sheriff smiles reassuringly at him and gets up patting his shoulder as he leaves him to think this over on his own.




The morning after the full moon Stiles’s jeep drives up the winding roads through the preserves up to the burned up mansion. As he gets out and starts approaching the door it opens and out comes Scott and Derek, the latter looking just as surly as he had the last few times they’ve met, didn’t anyone ever tell him if he frowns too much his face would stick like that? Maybe his face has already become stuck and he is supposed to be a potential mate? He snaps out of his thoughts when Scott grabs his arm and drags him towards the jeep.


“Woah! Ok no need for that” Stiles exclaims while jerking his arm out of Scott’s hold looking back at the scowling Derek before climbing into the jeep and driving away with Scott in the passenger seat. They sit silently in the car until they are far enough away that Derek couldn’t hear them anymore.


“Soo..” Stiles starts with a quick glance over to the other “Are you going to tell me what happened that made you leave so quick?”


“We ran into hunters” Stiles pulls over and turns to his friend checking him over worriedly “Neither of us are hurt, well I got an arrow in my arm but it healed”


Stiles makes Scott tell him the whole story before he starts driving again, his mind though stays on the hunters for the rest of the drive to drop his friend off and to go to his own home. He never thought he’d wish for it to be a weekday instead of Saturday atleast school would keep his mind occupied on something besides worrying about hunters being back in Beacon Hills.




Earlier, to be more precise the day after the night Scott got bit, a young 22 year old wolf was just getting done burying his sister when he hears muffled voices in the woods too far to make out the words but close enough to hear vaguely. He figures it must be whoever left their inhaler near his sister's body and he heads towards the voices, as he draws closer the voices start becoming clearer and he can make out that they sound masculine but is not yet able to hear the words when a breeze brings one of their scents to him. Derek freezes as his wolf reacts to the sweet honeysuckle scent and he finds himself following the scent and ignoring the voices as he continues to get closer. Soon enough he gets close enough to see the two teenage boys and he stops to watch them as one of them crouches down to look through the leaves on the forest floor. This close he can probably listen in to whatever they are saying but instead he continues to study the sweet scent that led him here, quickly being able to determine that the scent belonged to the one still standing with the buzz cut and this close and studying it so thoroughly he is able to pick up on a subtle scent mixed with the honeysuckle that he is unable to place.


The boy suddenly looks in his direction and when his whiskey eyes meet his own he feels his wolf rear up and the word ‘mate’ rang into his head. He pushes the implications of that to examine later as the boy gets the others attention and approaches them, even so the interaction barely registers in his brain and he barely acknowledges when the floppy haired boy's scent identifies him as a newly turned were. After he walks away from the two he can barely remember what was said and he walks in a daze back to the Hale house as he thinks over what happened.


While a weres wolf is the thing that choses their mate, it usually is a more gradual thing, it is very rare for a wolf to chose someone as their mate right away. One true mates or ‘soul’ mates like some fictional werewolf sites seem to want to believe in aren’t real, but sometimes a wolf can see something right away that makes them want to be with that person forever, and it really means forever, wolves mate for life. Derek never thought his wolf would chose a mate and for it to chose this random teenager is overwhelming. He has no idea what his wolf saw in him and either way it doesn’t matter, he is a teenager and a human, there is no way he is putting him at risk, it would be better to just keep his distance, despite how pissed off his wolf is at him for even thinking that.

The next few days really tested his decision as the boy seemed adamant on sticking with his friend, first by confronting Derek about being a werewolf and second by picking his friend up at the Hale house, though fortunately or unfortunately according to his wolf, he didn’t stay long before Scott dragged him away. But through Scott during the full moon Derek learned that his mate's name is Stiles.