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YuiAzu - Things You Said After It Was Over

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The rain quietly drizzled outside the girl's apartment window. A pair of dark brown eyes peered out into the dark night, contemplating the events that transpired recently. Letting out a small sigh, she turned around and peered behind her. The room behind her was bare, except for a few boxes and bags, a set of black cat ears on the ground, and an electric guitar that sat on a stand in the corner. Even in the darkness, one could make out a brightly colored sticker stuck to the front, with the name "Muttan" written on it in curly handwriting. She sighed once more at the sight of the sticker, and turned again to face the window. She thought about what had happened, and had resolved not to cry over it, but she couldn't stop herself from letting a single tear roll down her face. She buried her face in her arms, and let out a small whimper that was drowned out by the rain.

" . . . Senpai . . ."




The week before, she was a happy girl. She and her girlfriend, Yui, were living together after graduating from college. While the rest of the band had moved to different apartments – Ritsu and Mio sharing a condo and Mugi wanting to live alone for the first time – Yui and Azusa had decided that they wanted to share an apartment together. They had plenty of decorating ideas in mind – most of them Azusa's, as Yui's color choices were a bit too much for her. The furniture had yet to be ordered because they couldn't decide on a new bed. While most of their kitchen utensils were generously provided by Ui, it was tough getting Yui to polish her cooking skills, so Azusa started to look up cooking videos online in order to learn.

It started with small arguments here and there, mostly over small things. They didn't last long, and they quickly faded from memory. The bigger fights eventually started over small things too, but quickly escalated into frustrated shouting. The others were worried that the girls' relationship had taken a beating, but tried their best to act as if nothing had changed. Yui never was physical with Azusa, but one bad fight led to Azusa lashing out and then letting loose a slap across Yui's face. Shocked, Azusa's hands dropped to her side as Yui lowered her head. The silence was almost deafening to the point of the slap's echo still ringing in Azusa's ears. The next morning, Yui had packed what she had brought and moved out of the apartment.

The now-empty rooms echoed with ghosts of Yui and Azusa's laughter, the screams as Yui accidentally dropped food in the kitchen. Azusa couldn't even bear to be in the master bedroom for too long without thinking about the nights she spent together with Yui, and has since moved onto the couch. She didn't even know where Yui had moved to, as she stopped contact with the rest of the band. Jun and Ui come by every now and then to visit, but things just weren't the same.

Another sigh escaped Azusa's lips as she leaned back on the windowsill where she was sitting. She pressed her forehead to the cold glass and watched as the steam from her breath collected, shrouding her reflection. She closed her eyes, and through tears, said out loud:

"Sorry. . . ."