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LoneWolf: I need a hug.

The post came on his dashboard just as he was about to log off and go to sleep for an early shift at work. He looked at the time and saw that he could spare a few more minutes on the internet… Stiles clicked on the name to open up the blog of the person. Without hesitation, or snooping around like he did with others, he clicked on the mail icon and wrote.

abominableBatman: I can’t give you a real hug, so you have to receive a virtual one *hugs tight tight*

Stiles sent it with a small smile on his face. He had seen this user around tumblr couple of times, but he never really paid them any attention. They’d usually post pictures of wolves, or reblog them. No wonder since their name was connected with wolves’, and their profile picture was a picture of a wolf. It looked like it was taken by a phone, rather than a professional photo.

Stiles shrugged as he started to go through the blog slowly. As he thought so, there was only pictures of wolves, so he clicked on the “Dashboard” sign and saw that he had a message in his inbox. Lips twitching with an almost smile, he clicked on it and saw there was a reply from LoneWolf.

LoneWolf: Thank you for that. I needed it. I’m just having a bad day…

Stiles was quick to click on “Reply”.

abominableBatman: Do n’t mention it, really. I understand. I'm having a bad day as well...that's been lasting for a few days now.

LoneWolf was online, it seemed, because the reply came in less than a minute.

LoneWolf: It’s no fun, is it? I hate the fact that I have to get up early in the morning, and to go to my office and meet up with dumb clients who don’t know what’s good for them anymore.

abominableBatman: I have to get up for work in less than 4.5 hours, as of now. And I need to serve them coffee and actually smile because, hey wow yes I love being awake at 6:30 in the morning and serve coffee with a forced smile pushed on my face while I’d rather sleep and never wake up.

LoneWolf: haha! Don’t I know the feeling… *sigh* I really should probably go to bed and sleep. Thank you for talking to me.

abominableBatman: Oh no, it was fine. Although, it wasn’t much of a talk, more like hey what’s up kind of thing, ya know? Anyways, I gotta sleep as well. Well, I’ll probably see you around, Wolfy. Don’t be a stranger, ok? Write me whenever you want an ear to listen , or well in this case, eyes to read your messages and to reply to them.

LoneWolf: I may even take you up for the offer. But really, thank you for writing. I didn’t think anyone was going to react to it. Good night, if it is night for you from wherever you are.

abominableBatman: Yes, it is night. Good night. Take a good care of you, okay?

Stiles smiled at his last message, and without waiting for an answer, logged out of tumblr. He shut down his laptop, placed it on the floor by his bed, and got comfortable in his bed, and he was out in a second.


The place was packed with as many people as this place could hold. Stiles was at the register, taking orders as fast as he could, smiling pleasantly at his customers and asking them to wait patiently for their orders. Stiles was at the register, taking orders as fast as he could; listened carefully and repeated the order back to the customer to confirm he got it right. Stiles smiled pleasantly, his professional smile, as he asked customers to wait for their orders. His co-workers were working as fast as they could. Getting orders out within minutes, and Stiles has never felt more respect for them as he did right now. It was a Monday morning, and it looked like it was going to be a nice day with clear blue skies. Although, it didn’t look like these group of people felt the same way as Stiles did. Yes, Stiles hated the morning shift, but he was also fond of the people he would usually work with.

“2 Cappuccinos, coming right up,” said Stiles as cheerfully as he could. “Please step to the side and give to one of our baristas’ your name so we can call you when it is ready.”

The woman in front of him smiled back at him in a polite way that most people did and stepped aside. As she did so, a man that looked like he just walked out of a Playgirl magazine stood in front of him. He looked way too good. So good that Stiles was pretty positive he was staring at the man, with his mouth hanging open in a stupid way. The man had ridiculously thick, and perfect, eyebrows. He had a neatly trimmed beard that looked like something fresh out of GQ. And the eyes were lighter than the sky outside. And the jawline would probably cut steel if the need arose. His eyes were light sky blue (more oomph with color descriptions), and his jawline looked as if it could cut through steel. For a moment, Stiles was so absorbed/in awe/enamored with the man's appearance that he forgot he was at work and the man was giving his order.

The suit in itself looked like something that Stiles would never be able to afford, even if he’d sell his lungs.

“-with caramel syrup on top.”

Stiles caught the last part of what seemed to be a long list of things that this man wanted to get. He blinked twice and gave the man one of his “I’m-adorable-please-don’t-kill-me” smile. “Sorry sir, but could you repeat that but more slowly?”


Stiles’ smile faltered and he stared at the man. Suddenly, this whole interaction felt more awkward. “So I can write your order in the computer.”

The man stared at Stiles long enough for him to start squirming uncomfortably from it. By the time the man stopped staring, Stiles’ hands were shaking. The stress from the morning shifts were probably getting their toll on him.

The man looked down at the counter for a moment; his face was expressionless. He sighed once, and said in a bit of a rush. “Triple espresso with cinnamon in it. I need 3 bagels to go. 2 chocolate dohnuts. One hot cocoa. 4 chocolate éclairs. And latte macchiato with caramel syrup on top. Did you get it this time, or do I need to repeat myself again?”

“Nope,” said Stiles, smiling at the man, even though he wanted nothing more than hurl a sugar shaker at his face. “I got them all here. Your order will be ready in the next 10 minutes, Mr…?” He left the question hanging.

“10 minutes?” the man repeated incredulously, without saying his name. Rude.

“Yes, it will take some t-“

“I need to go now. I want my order to be ready in the next 5 minutes.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t think it’ll be possible.”

“Do you really think I really care what you think?” the man’s voice had gone lower and much, much colder than it was before. “I’m in a hurry to get back to my office and work. Clients won’t be saving their asses by themselves.”

There was an almost silence in the shop, and Stiles knew that they were all waiting for his reaction to this. He took a deep steadying breath through his nose and released it slowly; trying to control his emotions on the matter at hand, and the fact that he was a customer and Stiles didn’t really want to lose his job just because of this asshole. “As you can see, sir, there are many other patrons in this establishment that are in a hurry as well. I’m pretty sure your clients won’t burn themselves from impatience, while they’d be waiting in on you to make an appearance. So I suggest that you wait for us to do our jobs as fast as we can, or you can leave and go and get your tall order from another diner. I’m pretty sure the manager won’t mind that.”

His little speech was met by a defeating silence. The man in front of his was looking at him as if he had been slapped across the face. Hell, Stiles was sure that the man was going to beat the shit out of him the next time he had a chance. Which was probably now, knowing Stiles’ luck.

But no slap came, or a fist colliding to his face. No one threatened to kill him on the spot because of how he talked back to a potentially rich snobby kid who’ll start coming here way too often than the other customers. “Fine. I’ll wait.”

“Thank you,” Stiles said in a surprise tone of voice and stared at him. The man took out his wallet and got his card out to pay. Unsurprised, Stiles took the black card that only held the digits and who it belonged to. When Stiles read the name, he had to stop himself from actually staring at the man, with his jaw hanging open as if he was a doll in a museum.

He quickly did what he had to do, and gave the man his card back. The man took it silently and placed it back in his pocket. He nodded at Stiles and walked towards an empty table at the back. Stiles stared at his hands for a bit and sighed.

This was going to be a very long day indeed. Especially with Derek Hale was waiting for his order like a patient, normal human being.


By the time Stiles’ shift ended he wanted for the floor to open and suck him into hell and never let him leave. He felt exhausted. Mondays were usually the hardest to work. Despite that/the exhaustion, Stiles loved it, because the tips were great on days like these.

He was lying in his bed now, fresh out of the shower, browsing through tumblr on his phone. He rolled back up the page to refresh it. The first thing that came on the dash was a reblogged picture of a wolf. Stiles smirked at his phone and clicked on the username. After that he clicked on the envelope icon and… Paused.

Maybe he shouldn’t write? Or maybe he should?

Stiles sat up in his bed and sighed. He was going to get dressed, make himself some warm cocoa and then if he felt inspired with something to say, he’d write to the user. Once he got dressed, he heated the water on the stove and drummed his fingers on the counter. His dad was on the patrol for the night so he was home alone. He could call Scott and ask him to come over to chill or something.

Mug in hand, he walked up the stairs to his bedroom. He grabbed his laptop from his desk and got back into his bed. Sipping on his cocoa he got his laptop running and started to check his emails and let tumblr running on one of the tabs. When he was done reading them, he settled back in his bed and opened tumblr’s tab.

There was one inbox message.

He clicked on it and a smile tugged at his lips; LoneWolf wrote him again.

LoneWolf: My day sucked ass. First the barista from the local shop was rude to me, then I got to work 5 minutes late. After that, my clients are all idiots and the people who work for me are incredibly dumb. I’m still astounded on how they managed to graduate, even high school. And then my family’s being annoying, again. Ugh!

Stiles read the message couple of times and snorted. “Sounds like a snob.”

abominableBatman: Hello to you too. I had a tiring day. Mondays are always hard at work. It’s funny how you mention baristas. I work as a barista in our local coffee shop. And I do have customers from time to time who try to get first in line, but you know what customers don’t get? It’s the fact that they aren’t the only person who is ordering and they definitely aren’t the only ones who are hurrying to get to work in time. It’s morning. Everyone’s hurrying some place. So my suggestion to you is to take a chill pill when visiting the coffee shop next time you go to, because buddy, the world doesn’t really revolve around you.

He hit send before he could change what he wrote. He may come out a bit mean, or rude, or blunt… But it didn’t really matter, did it? Because they were strangers on the internet, he could speak his mind the way he wanted to. Nodding to himself, he didn’t let it worry him much as he scrolled through tumblr. He was reblogging every fandom related things he could find when his inbox lit up with a message. He continued scrolling and reblogging for 10 more minutes and then he clicked on it.

LoneWolf: You’re a barista?? I didn’t know that haha if I knew I wouldn’t say those things in such way. Accept my apologies. Though, I don’t take what I’ve said about baristas in general. I have no idea how you serve your customers, but the barista from this morning was extremely rude to me.

abominableBatman: yeah, well, we do get a bit rude with some customers if the need arises. Because like I said in my previous message, everyone is rushing somewhere. And I’d rather have one person being rude to me for not waiting in the line, or have 5 customers be angry with me because of one person.

LoneWolf: I know what you mean, but at the same time, being rude to a customer isn’t the right thing to do. Because you don’t know who’s really standing in front of you.

abominableBatman: A customer is a customer for me. Whether be it my boss, or the president.

LoneWolf: You do know that the customer is always right, right?

abominableBatman: That’s a lie, and if you’re dealing with clients you’d know that is a lie as well. Now, I don’t know what your profession is, but if the person in front of you is demanding something from you that you can’t provide them and they’re still demanding, while yelling their asses off because they still believe that “the customer is always right” policy, you still can’t give them the thing that they want from you. So, that’s why, “customer is always right” isn’t right.

LoneWolf: Oh wow… true. I can see what you’re saying, and I understand it, but… I don’t know. The way I was raised, I was truly believed that every time I was demanding something from someone was because of that “policy”. My whole life has been written on the stone for me, basically. I had to continue my father’s job because it was a family business. I’m now slowly starting to realize that I was brought up wrong. I need to reevaluate my whole life and understandings and literally everything about it. I’m not really young anymore, and changes don’t come as easily to me as they used to before. So it’ll take me sometime to believe in what you’re saying.

abominableBatman: What, are you telling me that in your whole life you’ve never been said “no” to?

LoneWolf: Haha! Exactly, yes. In my whole life, I’ve never been told “no” before. Today was actually a first… that’s why I’m so angry. It feels…foreign to me.

abominableBatman: Are you rich?

LoneWolf: nobody’s ever asked me that so bluntly before, but… yes. I am. I used to be rich because my parents are rich, but now I’m making my own money, so yes. I am rich.

abominableBatman: Must be fun being able to rule the world like that lol

LoneWolf: Yeah, it sometimes is…

There was a lull in their conversation as Stiles wracked his brain on how to answer to the person’s last message. With a jolt, he realized that he had no idea who this person really was, but at the same time he liked not knowing who it was… He bit on his lower lip and started to write, slowly.

abominableBatman: I just realized something… I don’t even know if you’re a dude or a girl. Or how old you are. Would you mind answering these things? I don’t want to know any more details, because this way, if we ever stop talking (because, duh, this is tumblr people do tend to fall out of conversation and comfort zones here) I won’t be emotionally connected with you. And it does add a bit of a thrill to this whole experience.

LoneWolf: I agree. I wouldn’t want to come out to who I am so soon. we are strangers after all haha… but, I’m a male, I live in my own house. Although, I do go and visit my parent more than I’m comfortable with admitting. I’m 30 years old. Surprisingly, still single.

abominableBatman: Why surprisingly? Does it have to do with your personal life? Are you like ugly? Oh that’d be unfortunate. Being rich and ugly. Ugh. Sucks to be you man, I’m sorry. Well, I’m male as well (surprise! Ok. Not really, because of… I don’t know what), I’m 24. I’m currently working as a barista because I need to save up as much as I can to be able to afford living and saving as much as I can for the future. I live with my dad, so I see him every day lol What else…? Uhm, yeah I’m single too. There aren’t many people who would want to date me, so yeah.

LoneWolf: why not? I mean, if I’m talking to you this much, I don’t think you’re an unpleasant person. (believe me, I wouldn’t have written to you tonight if I found you uninteresting. Although… we barely spoke two words yesterday, but I felt the need to write you tonight. Weird, huh? Also, I’ve had a gut feeling that I should write to you, and trust me when I say, my gut feelings never really failed me.

abominableBatman: trust me when I say that I’m an annoying person in real life. I’ve way too much sarcastic retorts up in my sleeve. And that’s a turn off for a lot of people, actually. And I’ve never been attractive, you know? Too skinny, wild hair, a geek and somewhat a nerd as well. Qualities that boys don’t find attractive at all.

He pressed send before he even had a chance to change the words of his last sentence. He literally came out as gay to this stranger. In his life, he was never at the end of homophobia before, but… he didn’t know who this person was. He could be a homophobe and Stiles would probably start receiving death threats from him or something. He groaned and covered his face with his hands. “Stupid,” he mumbled to himself. “Go ahead and ruin something on tumblr as if you’re receiving messages left and right.”

Stiles sighed again and clicked on youtube to open up some vine compilations to look at, before he’d receive a message back. Or not receive. Really, Stiles wouldn’t be surprised by it at all. He clicked on his tumblr tab and refreshed the newsfeed. Nothing. He scratched the back of his neck and refreshed it again; still nothing.

He had the urge to go and pee, so he got out of bed and walked to the hallway’s bathroom. He relieved himself, washed his hands and walked back to his bed. Refreshing the newsfeed again, and seeing as he didn’t get anything yet, he grabbed his now empty mug and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. He placed his mug in the sink and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He locked the front door and shut off the lights of the house and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. Shutting the door behind him, he drunk from the bottle and walked to his bed. He got in, adjusted his pillows comfortably and got his laptop on his lap and refreshed the page once again. He sighed in relief as he saw that he got a reply. He clicked on the inbox button, and read the message.

LoneWolf: Sorry, I had an important call to answer to. Yes, in the middle of the night. It was from another country. It happens in my job. But, returning to your message. I’m having a hard time believing that you are an annoying person in real life. So far, I haven’t been annoyed by you. Yes, I know, we are still strangers, but if you really, really, were annoying, it would’ve showed by now, don’t you think? And I don’t think you’d be unattractive? Maybe you have some charm to yourself that someone would find endearing?

abominableBatman: hah, thanks for the optimism, wolfy. The only charming thing that I have about me are my moles and my eyes, probably lol or so my best friend tells me. Although, he tells me that because he is my best friend so he is obliged to do so. But other than him, nope. No one told me that I look attractive, and I can’t take your word for it, because you’re a stranger to me and don’t know what I look like so shut up :P

LoneWolf: You’re welcome. Wolfy? Really?

abominableBatman: yes. Wolfy. I don’t know your name, and I don’t know what else to call you, so you have to bear with me.

LoneWolf: Does that mean I should be calling you Batty?

abominableBatman: hahahaha, if you want to, sure!

LoneWolf: Batty, it is… Well, as much as I’m enjoying chatting with you, it’s way past my bedtime, so I have to go now. Early morning meeting with a client and all… It was lovely speaking with you, Batty. I’m hoping we’ll get to chat some more in the near future. Take care. Good night.

abominableBatman: G’night, Wolfy. And remember, don’t kill any baristas. We are merely human beings, working in a place where we have no choice but to annoy the customer.

LoneWolf: pfft. Watch me behave myself tomorrow morning where I have no coffee in my system to give me back a bit of my humanity.

Stiles smiled at the last message and closed the window without replying. He had a feeling that if he replied, they’d talk for another hour, and Wolfy did say that he had to sleep.

Stiles shut down his laptop and pushed it away from his body. He slid down in his bed and cuddled his pillow close to his face. As sleep lulled him into a deep slumber, he realized that Wolfy didn’t react to his coming out as gay. It seemed like, Wolfy wasn’t a homophobic asshole. A small smile graced his lips, and soon, he was unconscious to the world.