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The Facility

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The five Combaticons struggled against their bonds, having metal rings wrapped around their shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles, with foot clamps keeping them standing in place. They were stuck on a conveyor belt that hadn't been activated. They had been ordered to search a clearing near the Decepticon base and the group found a hole that led underground. The five of them decided to investigate without informing base and entered to find an abandon facility of some sort. They thought there wasn't anything there until they entered the room with the conveyor belt and it suddenly activated, restraining them and placing them on the conveyor belt and the lights shining on brightly. They tried to switch to their alt. mode, but were unable to, and they couldn't contact HQ, meaning most likely that a specialized jammer was in the place.

"Boss, I really hope you got a plan for this," the dark-green Brawl growled out in annoyance at the back of the group as he pushed as hard as he could against the metal rings. He was a tank and was the bulkiest and was in the middle for height with a tank barrel affixed to his back going well above his head.

"Not yet, but give me some… time," the blue-and-forest-green Onslaught muttered in front of the group, tired out from trying to break free. He was the second tallest of the bunch and an assault vehicle, a pair a barrels on his back as well. He was a bit bulky, but not as much as Swindle and Brawl.

"I told you we should've reported to Megatron about this," the brown-and-magenta Blast Off muttered in the middle of the line. He was the tallest and leanest of the bunch with a pair of fins on his back befitting a shuttle like him.

"Yeah, why you didn't do that?" the yellow-and-red Vortex asked. He was the second shortest, being a head taller than Swindle and a head shorter than Brawl and was a helicopter, his blades on his back, and was almost as lean as Blast Off was.

"Because you and Swindle really wanted to get in first."

"Hey, there might've been valuable things to sell here," the yellow-and-purple Swindle defended himself. He was the shortest of them but was pretty bulky despite that, due to being a jeep, with his most distinguishing figures being his square head and his large, purple optics.

"And look where we are now," he bemoaned.

"Hey, quiet. All of you. We need to- Guah!" Onslaught yelled as the lights came on brightly into his optics and they could see things moving around them. They had no idea what was going on as a scanner attached to a metal arm came over to them and did a quick scan of each of them with a red light. Once it was done, it went away, leaving the five alone.

"Why was it scanning us?" Swindle asked.

"I don't know, but I don't want to find out. Anybody found any weakness with their bonds?" His question was meant with negatives. "Great…."

"What is this place for?" Vortex asked, looking around. "I can't find anything to tell us. It all looks so rusted."

"Looks like a factory from the looks of things, although I don't know what they were manufacturing," Swindle answered for him.

"Think it could be weapon or explosives?" Brawl asked hopefully.

"If it is, it's cheap ones, but I highly doubt it anyway."

"Can the small talk and look for a way out!" Onslaught yelled at them as he pushed against his bonds once more to no avail.

"Hey, I was just answering a question."

"You're still talking…."

"You're still being irrational…."

"Swindle, you need to- Woah!" Onslaught shouted as the conveyor belt started moving him and the rest forward. In front of him, the doors slid open to let him inside a small area as the door closed behind him. Once that was done, he heard a voice speak up.

"Beginning cleansing process," the automated voice said and he felt water being sprayed all around him, surprising him. It was a deluge, overwhelming him with it, as he felt scrubbers come down on him and started erasing any dirt and grime on him. Before long, the devices were finished and stopped, retracting all the arms and opening the second door for him to the open room. He was moved a short distance, allowing him to see how bright and glistening he was, to the next set of doors that opened for him and let him in. He felt an odd pressure all over him and wondered what exactly it was as he felt the ground leaving him. "Tractor beam operational. Removing restraints," the device said and the metal rings and clamps were removed. Onslaught immediately tried to move again, but couldn't much at all, which must be the tractor beam. The only thing he could actually move was his head, which he did to look around at what appeared to be a metal room with reflexive walls that allowed him to look at himself pretty easily and a vat of black, reflexive liquid in front of him.

"Beginning pre-op process." Onslaught felt himself moving to the pit and instantly felt scared and tried to move away, only to fail. It wasn't long before he was brought to right over the vat. "Placing lips." Onslaught saw arms brought metal objects to him and jammed it into his lips, forming pronounced metal lips in a puckering position that he couldn't change, making sure no liquid could get in. "Placing optic screens." The arms brought items down to his optics, looking like extremely small screens made of transparent glass. The arms placed them on his optics, covering them completely and still letting him lookout. "Installing Receivers." The arms brought a couple of and installed it at his audial receiver. "Uncovering ports." The arms went to his aft and pelvic plates and removed them to show off his spike and aft, shocking Onslaught, feeling exposed. "Trimming body." He saw flimsy looking corsets wrapped around his body and neck and immediately tighten up due to being cinched up in the front to avoid his back guns, surprising him. His neck was thinned slightly and his waist was thinned considerably down a fourth, putting him in pain. The chest corset had an opening to allow the guns to go through the corset.

"Coating engage." Onslaught felt himself descending and immersing into the black liquid. He continued to struggle against the tractor beam as he felt himself slowly becoming one with the liquid. The fluids were sticky and cold, making Onslaught struggle even more as his legs were completely covered. He continued his useless struggle as he was brought down and everything from the neck down was covered, making him shiver from all of it. He continued to twist his head out and use his covered mouth to make hard to hear noises that were silenced as they went over his lips, followed by completely submerging the rest of his head in the liquid and they kept going until his guns were under too. Onslaught couldn't see not hear anything as he felt the liquid sticking to every exposed part of him and his limbs feeling slightly morph. After a solid minute, he emerged from the vat of liquid, completely covered in black, dripping liquid latex, and the vat closed. It left him a black, latex doll that couldn't see nor hear.

"Beginning spike change." As Onslaught was left floating in the air, he felt a sharp pain where his spike was, making him shudder. He couldn't see it, but his spike had been replaced by a ball of latex, making him unable to cum anymore, no matter how much he wanted to. It wasn't long before he felt heat enveloping him, drying the latex off and making sure none of it was left a liquid. "Spraying secondary latex." With that done, the arms came back sporting nozzles and started spraying thin streams of blue latex on him, which he barely felt caressing his latex. They started by drawing knee-high stockings on him followed by drawing a heart on his bulge before drawing a line one end around to the other side, forming a pair of panties. The arms quickly sprayed a bra on him followed by drawing hearts on both side of his hands. Blue irises were painted where his optics were, followed by eyeshadow, exaggerated eyelashes, and his lips, making them more pronounced. Hearts were placed on both side of his cheeks before they started adding lines. Two lines, one big, one small, were drawn on his upper thighs, four on his midsection, three on his upper arm and lower arm, a big one on his shoulder, one on his pinky and middle finger, and one at his neck. This was capped off by three more lines going from one side of his head around the back to the other and five lines on his gun barrel and hearts painted on where his fingernails would be.

After all that, the arms brought something microscopic to his painted-on iris and attached it. After a couple of seconds, the screens the arms placed on him before the coating came on, allowing Onslaught to see around the reflective walls at his new form and immediately cringed. He looked like a black and blue latex doll. It was humiliating. Upon closer look, it looked like his limbs were made slightly thinner as well. With all this, there was nothing the arms could do to further embarrass him. It was impossible. He could see two more arms coming for the side of his head and added something microscopic to each side of his head. Suddenly, he could hear the sound of machinery running, meaning that those must've been mics sent to his receivers so that he can still hear things. The latex coating must be really good at blocking sound.

"Beginning dressing process."

At that moment, arms came from all around him to continue the work. The arms began by bringing out a pair of latex, forest green panties for him to wear. The arms gently slid them up his legs and let them rest gently on his pelvis, a hole where his valve was so nothing could stop anything from entering it. Onslaught felt very weird with it on, not knowing what to make of it, why he was wearing it, or what it was for, especially with all the rubber already on him. That is, until he saw all the other clothes coming for him and realized what it was. He looked like a giant latex doll and you have to dress a doll up.

The next thing he saw was a green corset matching his panties coming for him. He could only watch as it was wrapped around his chest and was cinched up his chest significantly less tightly. He groaned as they finished lacing him up, thinning his waist by another tenth. He let out a groan of relief as they finished, but still felt in pain from having to have his organs crush for aesthetic purposes. That thought continued when another corset appeared, this one much smaller and blue, and brought it over to his neck. He couldn't struggle as it wrapped around the commander's neck and lacing it up in the back, covering the neck up and continuing to thin it slightly.

He saw green and was barely able to look down to see it head for his legs. They grabbed his legs and slid the latex stockings up his left leg, hugging him very tightly as it made it all the way up to the center of his thighs and rested it on there before straightening it out, rubbing it to erase all the wrinkles and making Onslaught shiver in pleasure. The feeling of latex on him was honestly quite pleasant to him and more covering it was enhancing it. The arms quickly went to work on the other leg, matching the two legs. Black garters with white frills and green bows were brought to the top of the stocking and tighten to make sure the stocking will stay up, which continued to please Onslaught.

However, the arms rectified that by bending his feet completely downward, making him growl in pain. That was unexpected. He heard the arms moving again looked up to see blue, rubber ballet boots descending down towards his legs. The tractor beam held him still as the boots were slid up his painfully positioned feet, going all the way up to above his knees and tighten it up in green lace, keeping his foot affixed in the pointe position. The arms quickly did the same to his other leg, bending the foot, encasing the leg, and tightening it up, all amidst grunts of pain from Onslaught. He gave small groans as the arms put a green bow at the base of the boot where the center of his foot would be on each one. With that done, the tractor beam lowered him down to the ground so that he could stand painfully on his newly acquired heels, much to his disenchantment, right where the vat used to be.

As he was dealing with the pain on the tip of his feet, the arms brought out a latex blue gloves for him to wear. He was held still as the arms put the gloves on him, moving his arms to allow for the arms to put the gloves on him easier as well as for upcoming clothing. They started with his left arm, sliding it down his arms, all the way to his shoulders, and began rubbing it to remove all the wrinkles on it. Onslaught moaned as they did so, enjoying the feel of the latex on his arms. This continued with his other arm as they covered it with the glove and rubbed it down, removing the wrinkles.

A green latex blouse came into his field of vision and was brought onto him. He continued to struggled, but the beam wasn't letting him do anything as it was put on him, putting his arms through the sleeves and buttoning it up in blue buttons to the bottom of his neck. The blouse clung tightly to him to the wrist and to his hips with shoulder pads to make him look more authoritative, befitting his leader status. The blouse had a hole at the back, allowing his long barrels to be free. The arms rubbed him down making sure to erase any wrinkles on him and to heighten Onslaught's lust. Once they were done, a rather large, blue ribbon was brought to slightly below his neck and pinned there, the width reaching the center of his shoulders and the tails going down to the center of his chest.

As Onslaught was fidgeting against his blouse, the arms brought out the blue, latex dress for him to wear. He could only watch as the dress was put on him, putting the bottom hole through him and sliding his arms past the sleeves to let his arms out at the wrist and his head poking out, the collar being a short circular one that went a fifth of the way down his body at the center and curving upward to the center of his shoulders, with the arms making sure the ribbon's tails were under the dress while the rest was exposed. The bottom of his dress closed around the middle of his thighs to keep his upper legs together. Green frills were lining the collar, wrist, and bottom of the dress and had shoulder pads like the blouse. The dress had a green stripe running from the back of the wrist on to the small of his back where they joined and went down to a hole for his valve was, circling that in a green heart. Just like the blouse, there was a hole in the back for his gun which the green stripe followed.

Onslaught was left fuming as the arms went to get more clothing and brought out a green, latex apron for him to wear. He watched as it went over to him and the straps wrapped around his hips and connected at the back. The apron was shaped in a rectangle, going from his hips to the center of his thighs. Blue frills ran around the apron and its straps, with a line going beside each vertical side and a heart in the middle right on his bulge. Onslaught attempted to shift in his position, but was still unable to, only being able to look down at his shimmering body, the latex and rubber reflecting against all the lights. His own body had never sparkled so much in the lights as his clothing did.

With the clothing done, they started bringing out the accessories. A green, rubber waist cincher was brought over to him and wrapped around his waist and cinched up in green. A big, blue ribbon was brought to his back and connected to the back of his waist cincher, the ribbing being as wide as him and the tails going down to the knees. Small blue bows were brought out and placed at the corners of the apron and a medium size one placed at the front of his waist cincher and on the front of the neck corset. Small green bows were brought out and wrapped around his wrist, forearm, and upper arm and at the side and top of his shoulder with two green bows were brought to his back and placed at the bottom of his dress followed by a medium one at the back of his head and one last one on his bulge. A green headband was brought to his head and placed there with blue frills going up and small green bows were placed on the center and side of his headband on each side. Finally, green garters with frills were brought to his gun barrels, one placed between each of the blue lines.

With that done, the arms retracted and Onslaught was forced to wait, staring at the stranger in the reflexive wall. The latex clothing hugging every inch of him made him feel highly uncomfortable and turned on. The corsets thinned his body out to make him look more attractive and crushing his organs. The black latex covering his whole body that was only visible at his head with the blue latex addition making his strange eyes and poufy lips that were just odd to look at. The only thing that even indicated who he was the color scheme of the clothing and make-up. He really hated it, especially his bulge poking out against his clothing.

He heard the sound of machinery moving and the doors opened. He was moved and a clean Vortex took his place, ready to become the next maid. He was still struggling as they prepared to doll him up. The vat opened back up and the arms began the pre-op process. Vortex was placed over it, making him more nervous than he expected, and kind of excited him. The arms quickly got to work doing to him what they did to Onslaught. Placing lips on him, putting optic screens on him, receivers at his audial receptors, uncovering his ports, and placing corsets on him, thinning his chest by a fifth and his neck by a tenth. All of this confused him greatly and pained him in the latter case, but he still kind of enjoyed it.

With the pre-op done, he was lowered down to the vat. Even though he enjoyed everything so far, he didn't quite enjoy the prospect of being covered in the unknown black liquid and he actually attempted to fight back, but he really couldn't do anything from his position aside from awkwardly flinching in place. At contact with the liquid, he shivered as he was dipped into the vat. It felt weird for a liquid with how clingy it was, like it actually was melding with him. As he went deeper and deeper, he struggled more and more as it covered his knees followed by his spike, which earned a gasp from Vortex, before his struggles deaden as it reached the neck. As it covered his head, he just went with it as he was completely submerged in the vat and a bit more to make sure his rotor blades were in as well, leaving him completely covered and unable to see.

After a good minute, Vortex was brought back up, completely covered in black thick latex that left no distinguishing features aside from his equally black rotor blades and his spike being slightly erect. That was fixed when the arms brought a ball of latex over to his spike and imposed it on him, changing it to a bulge and earning a squeal of surprise from Vortex, leaving him unable to let out his sexual frustration. With that done, the vat door closed and the arms waited for a couple of minutes for the latex to harden with a brief increase in temperature to the room before they started bringing out nozzles and began spraying red latex on him. It started with knee-high stockings followed by a heart on his bulge and a pair of panties. A bra was quickly sprayed on followed by his fingers up to his elbows except for the palms and back of them, leaving a bit of black latex visible in the shape of a heart. They moved to his face and painted in his iris, eyeshadow, exaggerated eyelashes, and poofy lips. With that done, they began to add lines. Two lines were added to above the knee and three below his hips, the top one being the largest. Two lines were drawn at his waist followed by three on his upper arm each followed by one on his shoulders and two on his neck. Three more lines were drawn on his four rotor blades, done a quarter, half, and third-quarter way up the rotors. This was finished by drawing hearts at the end of his rotors, one at the connector for the rotors, and one at each cheek.

With all that done, the arms place the microscopic cameras where his irises were and microscopic microphones where his audial receivers were, allowing him to look around the room and at himself, as well as hear all the machinery moving around the room. When he saw his new form, he gasped at himself. All the latex covering his body, the red one forming his lingerie, and those big poofy lips. Just what the hell were they doing to him?

"Beginning dressing procedure."

The arms came back to complete their work, ready to finish the sissy doll up. The first item brought up was a pair of red, latex panties. They brought it to the suspended figure and slid it up their latex legs and rested it on the hips, covering the heart-shape bulge, and having a hole at his valve for easy entry. The panty had a small yellow bow at the top of the front side of the panty along with yellow trimmings around them. When it was placed on him, he squealed slightly at it. He don't know why, but all the latex on him must've heighten the feeling of anything touching his new body. If this was the first of many, he imagine he was going to be feeling a lot of pleasure coming up.

With that said, more clothing came up to him, this being a pair of rubber corsets. The first one was a red overbust corset that wrapped around his entire chest and cinched up to thin him up by a ninth. The next thing was a yellow neck corset brought to him and cinched up lightly, barely thinning it even more. Vortex felt even more joy at the additional pressure on him. This latex body made it a lot more enjoyable.

As he dealt with the additional pressure, more clothing came for him, this being a pair of red, latex stockings coming for his legs. He stiffen his squeals as best he could as they made contact with his legs and were slid up them all the way to the middle of his thighs. He loved the feel of it completely encasing his legs, much as he didn't want to, especially when the arms came down and rubbed it down to remove the creases. The arms brought out a yellow garter over to him and placed it at the top of his stockings to hold it there and to keep it in place.

With that put in place, the arms bent his feet to a ninety degree angle, making him gasp in both pain and pleasure at the pain to his ankle rotators. He was one of those rare individuals that could derive pleasure in pain, although he would still prefer to get the former without the latter. Sometimes, one could go too far with that. The arms showed off a pair of yellow, rubber ballet boots to him and Vortex realized why they wanted to bend his feet at such a steep angle. The arms quickly placed the boots on his leg, going all the way up to his knees before cinching it up in red. When that was done, he was lowered to the ground where the vat used to be, forcing him to stand on the heels, making him groan a bit. If this was permanent, it was going to take a while to get over.

While dealing with his new footwear, the arms brought latex, yellow gloves over to him to wear. The slid all the way up his arms to rest on his shoulders. After that, the arms rubbed it to remove the creases and to elicit more moans from Vortex, who loved all the feelings this was giving him, but this was already feeling a bit much. He wondered how long this process was going to be… and how long he was going to have to wear this clothing and latex body.

With that, the latex blouse came out in a yellow color and was foisted on him, getting it through his sleeves and buttoning it up. The sleeves went to his wrist, the bottom went to his hips, and a hole at the back for his rotors to go through. The arms rubbed his blouse to remove any wrinkles, making him moan even more as they did so. At this point, he was going to engage in sensory overload at some point. With that done, the arms brought out a black tie and attached it to his neck, letting it descend down to the center of his chest.

The arms brought a red, latex dress out for him to wear and maneuver him to put it on him, putting the bottom through the top of his figure and let it descend down to his ankles in a hobble style, forcing his legs together so that he can only walk in ankle distances. The sleeves went all the way to his wrist and the collar was a V-neck from the center of his shoulders down to a quarter of his chest. A hole was at the back of the dress that widen when they put it on him, but it shrunk down to the size of the rotor connector. Just like Onslaught, he had a stripe running from the back of his wrists that converged on the back down to the bottom which opened up for the rotor connector before joining again and forming a heart right where the hole for his valve was. The arms came on out and rub him out, making sure to remove wrinkles and making Vortex shudder in pleasure as they did so.

When that was done, a black apron came out and was wrapped around his and descended down in a rectangular fashion down to his knees. The apron had yellow frills running through the edges, straps of the apron, and a yellow heart where his bulge was. The arms did a quick rubdown, making sure to give special attention to his bulge to tease, making Vortex shudder in joy from it and make him want to cum, but the ball of rubber prevented him from ever doing that again. When that was done, a yellow waist cincher was brought to him and cinched up the front slightly, making him gasp. The arm top it off with a yellow ribbon pinned to the front of his dress, the width being as far as he used to be with the tails bottoming out between the waist cincher and the top of the apron.

Accessories were brought out for Vortex, starting with red bows brought to his apron and pinned at the corners and bulge of it, the latter making Vortex squeal in delight when it was pressed against him. Yellow bows came up and were quickly wrapped around his wrists. A ring of eight interconnecting yellow and black bows were wrapped around the middle of his lower legs. A black bow was brought to the base of his ballet hells. Three strings of yellow bows at different lengths were brought to his rotors and were tied to the black area between each red line, connecting them, barring the bottommost one to allow easy entrance to Vortex's valve. A red hood with yellow frills was brought to him and attached at the dress and brought over his head, covering the back and side of the head completely. A yellow headband with frills was brought to his head and placed on there with black bows on the end of it.

With the dressing done, the arms once again retracted to get ready for the next doll to be made, leaving Vortex to stand in place. He looked at himself in the walls and was shocked at what he was turned into. All the tight clothing on him, the frills, the bows, the dress keeping his legs together was making him sexually frustrated, which absolutely confused him. He figured it was all the stuff coating his bodies that his outfit was covering, except for his face. As he noticed, whenever he tried to shift his expression from anything aside from a look of subservience, the only thing that he could was open his mouth, although his normal expression was his lips puckered up. It was almost like he was just a doll.

The door in front of him opened up and he was sent through it with it closing behind him. The vat and back door opened up to let a clean Blast Off enter the room, still trying to break free from his imprisonment, as it closed behind him. As he looked around, he was confused at everything around him with the reflexive walls and the vat full of black liquid. As he looked around, the arms began their pre-op process like they did with his two teammates, placing him above the vat, which greatly weirded him out. The arms came out and quickly got to work on him. Placing the poofy, metal lip; optic screens; audial receivers; uncovering his ports ('I was a senator, you uncultured swine!'); and placing corsets around his chest and neck, both thinning their respected body parts by a tenth, eliciting a slight grunt from him.

With the pre-op done, the tractor beam began lowering him down to the vat. Blast Off felt fear crept up his spinal strut and tried even harder to get out, trying his hardest to thrash against it, but could barely move anything aside from his head. He felt the liquid caressed the bottom of his floor and shuddered as it sink him lower and lower into the vat. As he was lowered to the vat, he gradually gave up his struggle. He knew that he was done for, so he might as well just go with it, whatever the purpose of all this was. At least it wasn't going to kill him, as far as he knew. It didn't take long before his head sunk below the latex leaving him in complete darkness. As he waited, the latex surrounding him was suffocating, yet sensual.

After a full minute, Blast Off ascended back up, covered head to feet in the black latex, leaving him deaf, blind, and completely featureless, barring his fins and spike. The latter was taken care of when a ball of latex was brought to it and placed on him, making him yelp. He had no idea what they did, but he felt immense pressure against it. As he was held up, the vat closed and he felt heat envelope him and the latex harden as they did so. When that was done, nozzles came out and started spraying latex on him in a magenta color. It started with painting stockings to the middle of his thighs, a heart on his bulge, and a pair of panties on him. They quickly added the bra on him and painted all his fingers entirely, followed by painting hearts on the front and back of his hands. They quickly went to his head and painted on irises, eyeshadow, eyelashes, and lips. After that, they painted lines on him, starting with three on his upper thigh, five on his midsection, two at the lower arm, three on the elbow, two on the upper arm, his entire shoulder, and three on his neck, the center being the biggest. They finished him off by painting a giant heart on each side of his air fins and small ones on his cheeks.

With all the latex painted on him, the arms got to work adding some accessories before the dressing process. The arms brought microscopic cameras and microphone to the irises and audial receptors respectively. They both came on and Blast Off was surprised by the ability to see and hear again. He looked at the reflexive surface of the wall and gave an angry gasp at what they had done to him. All the latex coating him, the painted-on lingerie, those weird lips that no one has. It was all just a weird thing to do to him.

"Beginning dressing process."

The arms began with the end of the process by getting clothing for him to wear. The first thing was a pair of magenta panties slid up his legs, the feeling of it caressing his legs making him huff in pleasure from it, before they settle it right on his bulge, a hole at his valve. Blast Off realized that all the latex coating him was making him more sensitive, but he didn't know how. He just wanted it all off at that instant. He wasn't one for physical pleasure.

As he tried to make any movement away from his current position, the arms brought out rubber corsets for him. They brought a magenta overbust corset to his chest and tighten it up slightly, making him yelp in pleasure. The chest corset had a hole to let his fins through and was cinched up the front. That would continue as another magenta corset for his neck was brought to him and cinched up the front, eliciting more grunts from Blast Off.

The next thing brought to him was a pair of magenta stockings. Blast Off had to stiffen his groans as they made contact and were brought all the way up to the top of his thighs and straps at the top of it were pulled to the bottom of his corset and pinned on it. The arms got to work rubbing it all out to remove any of the wrinkles. It was immense the amount of pressure that could be placed on him from just a couple of fabrics of clothing. There was no way this was all normal.

Blast Off held back a scream as his feet were bent in a right angle. The damn substance also enhanced pain, as his rotators were not meant to go that far. A pair of rubber brown, ballet boots come for his legs and were brought up his legs up to just above the knees and cinched up tightly in magenta. The arms lowered him onto the floor and made it so that he could stand on his newly angled feet, making him moan in pain. The boot focused the weight on a more narrow point, magnifying the pressure on his feet. He really hoped that they could find a way out of this quickly. He greatly prefer it if this wasn't a permanent thing.

As he was dealing with the pain of the new footwear, they brought brown gloves over to him and slid it up to his shoulders. The arms rubbed the gloves out to remove any of the creases on it, continuing to make him shudder. He still wasn't liking all these feelings he was getting from touch. He would like it to just stop.

That wish would not be granted as a brown, latex blouse was brought to him. It was quickly placed on him and buttoned up. The blouse's sleeves went all the way to his wrist, its bottom hugging his hips, the collar hugging him tightly, and having holes for his fins to go through. A rubdown ensued, causing him to moan as they rubbed all across his arms and body in their quest to remove wrinkles. After it was all done, a magenta tie was wrapped around his neck and tied it off, letting it rest in the center of his chest.

The arms brought out a latex, magenta dress for him and proceeded to foist it on him, placing it on him and quickly rubbing it in, making Blast Off gave lusty groans as they did so. The dress had a hole to let the fin out, sleeves going down to his wrist, and a bottom right at the knees in a hobble style to limit movement, but not as much as what happened to Vortex. The collar was a rectangular one, going from his neck down to the center of his chest, barely covering the tip of the tie to keep it in place. His shoulders had well-sized poofs to reference his formally high-level social class. Frills were at the wrist, bottom of dress, and collar. Like the ones before him, a brown line went from the back of his wrists and converged at the small of his back before forming a heart right where his valve was.

A brown apron was brought over to him and give one last rubdown, especially to his bulge, which made Blast Off yell from the amount of pressure on him. That was definitely the most sensitive spot on a body of sensitivity. The apron was a square shape starting at the hips leading down to the center of the upper thighs, frills running about it, and a magenta heart on the bulge. A brown waist cincher was brought to him and placed on him, increasing the pressure. A large brown ribbon was brought to the back of the waist cincher and pinned there, being as wide as Blast Off originally was and the tails reaching down to his knees.

After all that, accessories came for Blast Off. Brown bows were brought to the wrist, exposing it at the back, and bows were pinned at the side, front, and back of the poofs. One more was brought to his bulge and pinned there, making him yelp. A ring of eight brown bows was brought to the bottom of the dress. Magenta bows were brought to the base of the heels. Five straps, three magenta and two brown, were brought to the fins and placed to connect the two. Small ribbons were brought to the straps and placed in the center of their opposing color. A magenta hood was brought to him and connected with the dress, covering the side and back of the neck and head, as well as the top of his head. A brown headband with large frills and purple bows at the ends and center was brought and placed on his head, finishing it off.

With that done, the arms receded so that they could prepare for the next one, leaving Blast Off to look around the reflexive walls at him, leaving him angry. He was a senator! Converting him into whatever they did to him was an insult. He tried to move, but was still met with resistance, which meant that they were going to have to take him somewhere else first. So he just waited, trying not to look at himself in the reflection. The way all the clothing was hugging him tightly, the strange things done to his face, whatever the hell was done to his body. It was all something he couldn't stand to look at.

After a little while, the doors opened and he was moved before with it closing behind him. The vat opened back up and the entrance opened to let a clean Swindle entered the room, annoyed. He looked around at the reflexive walls and the vat of black liquid and was left confused. It didn't take long before the arms got to work, lifting him to hover above the vat of liquid, scaring the scrap out of him. The arms quickly placed poofy lips on him, optic screens, audial receivers, and uncovering his ports, surprising him. Corsets came for him and wrapped around his wide frame, greatly thinning him by a third and eliciting an anguished scream from Swindle as they did so. Another corset came for his neck and cinched up by a eighth and making him gasp in more pain.

After that, the tractor beam lowered towards the vat of black goo. Swindle instinctively tried to worm out of his restraints like a bad deal, but the beam held up against his desperate struggles. It was all in vain as his feet made contact with the goo, making him gasp from the sudden touch. He continued his fight, failing at each attempt as brought him down further into the sticky stuff. When it touched his spike, he gasped in pleasure as it touch and briefly gave up his struggle before paying attention to his body being halfway under. At that point, Swindle gave up. He knew he lost and he could only accept whatever fate was in store for him as his head was lost in the black abyss. Swindle was completely surrounded, unable to do anything as it coated every exposed part of his body and he could feel his limbs morphing slightly.

After a full minute, Swindle was brought back up, completely black and featureless, minus his exposed spike, which was quickly replaced by a black ball of latex, making him flinch at the action. Heat covered him, ensuring that the coating was permanent, and when it fully dried, the vat was closed back up, safe that no latex would spill by accident and stain the room. The arms reemerge with nozzles and proceeded to spray Swindle's lingerie with purple latex. Thigh-high stockings were painted on followed by a heart to his bulge and a pair of panties. Bras were done quickly, filling it in except for the center of each cups where a heart was formed from the unpainted part. Hearts were painted on both side of his hands, followed by the irises (which were huge to match his previous ones), eyeshadow, eyebrows, and lips. Lines were quickly painted on him with two on his midsection, three on his wrist, one on lower arm, two on elbow, one on upper arm, two on ring finger, one on middle finger, four on forefinger, and one at neck. Finally, hearts were painted on his cheeks, tips of his finger, and forehead.

With that done, the arms quickly added the cameras and microphones were added to him before they receded. The equipment came on and Swindle was now able to see around the room and hear and the machinery running. As he first saw himself, he couldn't hold back the gasp that came from him. He wasn't a person anymore, he was just a latex doll. He looked like something he would sell to some of his more deviant customers. Even his limbs looked smaller.

"Beginning dressing procedure."

As he was left hanging, the arms brought latex clothing over to him, the first being, as usual, a pair of latex panties in a purple color. They were slid up his legs, causing him to shudder from the contact, as it kept going all the way up to his bulge and rested gently on it, with a hole where his valve was. Swindle stiffen a squeal it rested on his bulge and continued to affect him as they went to get more of his clothing. It was obvious to him that whatever was coating him was making him a lot more sensitive to touch. Since he doubt that was the last thing to be put on him, he was probably going to have to deal with a lot of things touching him.

Purple, rubber corsets proved him right as they came for him. The overbust one came and wrapped around his chest before cinching it up quite tightly, thinning his chest by another eighth. The other smaller one went for his neck and was cinched up lightly, it's only purpose being to keep the pressure up on him. It was effective as Swindle was moaning very loudly from the increased pressure.

Yellow, latex stockings were brought up to his legs and were slid up them to the middle of his thighs, earning more groans from him as they clinged to his legs. The arms proceed to rub it down and make sure no wrinkles existed, making Swindle practically yell from the sensation. Once they were done, the arms brought a purple garter with frills over to the top of the stockings and were placed there, helping to keep them in place and add slightly more pressure.

As he was enjoying himself, he suddenly yelled in pain as they bent his feet to a right angle. Purple ballet boots came for him and were slowly slid up his legs, making him whimpered as it climb all the way to his knees and were cinched up in yellow. The beam brought Swindle down to the ground, making it so that Swindle had to stand on his newly slanted feet that he couldn't change. He tried to move again, but while the beam allowed him to be in pain from standing on his feet, he still wasn't allowed to move.

As he was busy with the pain, the arms brought a pair of purple gloves over to his arms and slid them over to his shoulders before rubbing them in to remove all the creases, making him moan from it. Swindle definitely had a hate/love relationship. On one hand, he was basically being transformed into a doll for people to use and these heels were killer. On the other hand, this was very pleasurable with all the latex hanging close to him.

A purple blouse came for him and was placed around his frame and buttoned up. The sleeves went to his wrists, the bottom hugged his hips, and the collar hugged his neck tightly. The arms got to work rubbing out all the folds in his blouse, making him squirm weakly against the arms and the tractor beam. The arms were unaffected as they finished their job and got the next piece of clothing, a yellow neckband was brought to his neck and tied it off, letting two thin stripes go down a fourth of the way, emulating a bolo tie. This left Swindle a brief moment of relief as he contended with simply the blouse hugging every inch of his body and arm tightly, amplifying the compression.

The arms came back, showing off the yellow, latex dress that he was to wear. After he got a brief look of it, the arms foisted it upon him, putting him in it and letting it hug him down to just below the knees with frills coming out. The sleeves went down to his wrist with frills billowing out, the collar being a circular one from the center of the shoulders on down to a fifth of his dress with small frills, keeping the neckband in place. Like the others, a purple line went from the back of the wrist onto the back and descended down to form a heart where a hole for his valve was. The arms rubbed the dress down, sending Swindle into ecstasy, unable to contain himself.

After all that, a purple apron came on down for him to wear. It was quickly brought to his hips and tied around it. The apron was a square shape one going down to the center of his thighs with a yellow heart on his bulge. The arms proceeded to make hum yell in absolute pleasure as they rubbed it down, particularly on his bulge. When that was done, a purple waist cincher was brought and cinched up to maintain the pressure, making him give one more gasp.

After all that, the accessories came for him. A giant yellow ribbon was brought to the back of the waist cincher and placed there, as wide as he used to be and the tails reaching down to the knees, Yellow bows was brought to his boots and pinned on the base before pinning four more up to the middle of the lower leg and one more was brought to the front of his waist cincher. Purple bows were brought and were wrapped around his wrist and elbow followed by pinning one right on his bulge, gaining a squeal. A ring of eight purple bows was brought to the bottom of his dress and wrapped around it. A purple hood was brought to him and attached to his dress, covering the side and back of his head and neck as well of the top of his square head. A yellow headband was brought to his head and placed there, having purple frills going out with five yellow bows placed across each side of the headband.

With that finished, the arm rescinded leaving Swindle to look at himself in the walls. He was converted into nothing more than a latex doll dressed up as a maid. He often seen them with some of his more wealthy customers, serving their every whim, and now he was forced to do the same thing. Granted, they weren't converted into latex dolls, but it was closed enough. He didn't enjoy the prospect of not having his own free will.

The front wall opened up and Swindle sent ahead, the door closing behind him. The vat and back door opened back up, letting the last victim in: Brawl. He was struggling hard and unlike the others, he was actually able to move a bit, although definitely not enough to break free from the tractor beam. Afraid of Brawl's physical abilities, the arms got to work quickly. He was brought up to above the vat and the pre-op process started once again, adding the poofy lips, optic screens, audial receivers, and uncovering his ports, all of these unnerving Brawl, who had no idea what the purpose of all this was, but he knew it was wrong. The corsets came for him and the overbust one was wrapped around his chest, a hole at the back to allow the tank barrel, and was cinched extraordinarily tight up the front, damn near thinning him by half and the corset to his neck was cinched up to thin it by a quarter.

With his neck and body appropriately thinned out, the tractor beam started taking him down to the black vat. Brawl, not one to give up, struggled against the tractor beam even harder than he ever did. It responded by dropping Brawl until he almost hit the vat when they stopped him again, surprising him. The arms descended again, making his foot touch the vat and he wanted to immediately jump out of the damn thing. The beam refused, sending him deeper and deeper into the vat amidst his continued struggles. The beam did it's best to keep him from struggling so he didn't send the latex around the room. By the time his waist was covered, he lost, but he never knew when to quit, so continued to try to move around. By the time only his head was left uncovered, Brawl still hadn't give up as he was going under. Before long, his efforts were proven all for naught and he was under the latex. Strangely enough, he still didn't give up despite being completely encased in the latex, still fighting for a little bit before he felt his fight going away and he was completely still as he felt the latex changing his limbs.

After a full minute, Brawl was brought back up from the latex pits, completely undefinable. The vat closed and the arms came out to first install a ball of latex on his spike, making him gasp from it, but he didn't tried to fight it, which he acknowledged was odd for him. Unlike the others, two more balls of latex were brought out and placed on his hand, making his arms end in balls of latex that had a hole at the very end. The nozzles came out and got to work painting dark green, latex lingerie on him. They quickly painted on stockings to the center of his lower leg followed by painting a heart on his bulge and a pair of panties. An outline of a bra was painted on him before a heart was painted onto the center of each cone. The nozzles went to his head and painted on irises, eyeshadow, exaggerated eyelashes, and lips on him. A line was painted below the knees followed by two above the knees, the lower one being a large one. Two lines were painted at his thighs followed by five on his midsection. Two lines were painted on his wrist, one at just below and above the elbows, three on his upper arm, and one large one on the neck. Hearts were painted on his cheek followed by eight lines on his tank barrel and his shoulders completely covered.

After all that, the nozzles went away as arms added microscopic cameras and microphones to his irises and transceivers. The items came on, allowing him to see and hear again. He took a look at himself in the reflexive mirrors and gasped in anger from what he saw. He was a latex doll! His impressive frame had been greatly reduced to this weak look. How was he going to be able to fight again in his current state?

"Beginning dressing procedure."

At that, clothing started coming for him, starting with a pair of dark-green panties over to him. They brought it to his legs and slid them up, making Brawl shudder in pleasure from it. They went up and rested right on his bulge, making him gasp. He didn't know what, but something made him a lot more sensitive, which was a feeling he certainly wasn't used to. The only touch he like was of a person's faceplate being crushed under his fist.

Dark-green corsets were brought to him, ready to add pressure. The overbust corset was brought to his chest and cinched up pretty tightly up the front compared to the other's, further narrowing his waist by of fifth of what it currently was, earning a scream from Brawl because of the massive compression. The neck corset was a lot less tight but still managed to compress his neck by another tenth.

With that done, light-green stockings were brought to his legs. The brought it to him and slid up his legs, earning a yelp from the sissy. It went all the way up to the top of his thighs and placed there, before commencing a rubdown, making Brawl giggle at that. A dark-green garter with frills was brought to both stockings and placed on the top of his stockings. He gasped from the sensation of it, unable to handle so much of it.

That gasped turned into a yell as they bent his feet into a painful right angle. Dark-green ballet boots were brought into vision for him to see. They were brought to his legs and slid up them all the way to the middle of his thighs, before being cinched up tightly to ensure it will stay in place. With his feet locked in its new position permanently, the beam settle him down on the ground, making him stand on his highly angled feet. Brawl yelled in pain from it, not used to placing so much pressure on the tip of his feet.

Dark-green gloves were brought out and were slid up his arms all the way to the ends of his shoulders. A hole was at the end of the glove right where the hole for his ball of latex was. The arms started rubbing the pieces of clothing on his arm, making Brawl moan from all of it. Whoever was doing this must be taking a cruel sense of pleasure from seeing this.

After that, a dark-green blouse was brought to him. They put it on him before buttoning it up to his neck with a hole at the back for his barrel. The sleeves went down to his wrist, the bottom at his hips, and the buttons were composed of ten light-green bows, the last one on the neck being a large one resembling a ribbon, spreading out to the center of his shoulders and the tails descending down to a fifth of the way down. The arms came back out and started rubbing him down, making him whimper from all of it.

A light-green dress came on out for him to wear and was placed him, the bottom descending down to his ankles in a hobble style. The sleeves went down to his wrist and the dress had an open front from his neck on down to the hips, with straps connecting it in an X-shape on from the bottom to the top. The ribbon at his neck was still exposed, allowing it to be free, as well as a hole for his gun barrel. Frills were at the end of the wrist, bottom, and straps. The arms proceeded to rub him down, making Brawl groan from even more pressure.

A dark-green apron came into view and was tied around his waist tightly, making him gasp again. The apron was a rectangular one going down to the middle of his lower leg with frills all around it and the apron's straps. Right at his bulge was a light-green heart. The arms proceeded to rub all of it down, paying particular attention to his bulge, sending Brawl into a heaving frenzy. After that came a dark-green waist cincher brought to his waist and was cinched up to increase compression.

After all that came accessories for him to wear. A dark-green ribbon was brought to the back of his waist cincher and placed there, as wide as he used to be and the tails descending down to the ankles. Dark-green bows were brought to his arms and placed at the wrist, elbows, and upper arm before a ring of eight of them was brought to the bottom of his dress and wrapped around it as well as a small one right on his bulge. Light-green bows were brought to the base of his heels before seven garters with frills of that color were brought to his barrel and placed between each ring. A light-green hood with dark-green frills was brought to him and connected at the top of the dress before placing it on him, allowing it to cover the side and back of his neck and head, as well as the top of the latter. A dark-green headband was brought to the top of his head and placed there, with light-green frills head up with dark-green bows at the end of each.

After all that, the arms all retreated, allowing him to rest in peace as he looked at himself. He cringed from embarrassment at his new form. This wasn't a form meant for fighting, this was a form meant for absolute servitude. It wasn't what he was created for. He had to break free from this somehow.

The door to the front open up and he was forced through the open passage. He was brought to the middle with a circular pad under him. The voice spoke out again. "It is almost time for your training. Before we do that, we will make sure you are ready to service the customers in a pleasurable matter." At that, he heard something moving and felt something phallic penetrate his valve, making him gasp loudly, before being silenced by another phallic gag in his mouth, going all the way to the back of his throat. "Scans determine that your mouth is appropriate for housing spikes of all sizes. Your valve, however, requires further spreading to house spikes." At that, he felt his valve expand and the phallic gag going deeper, making him squeal into his gag. "Valve at appropriate levels." The gags retreat and another device came for his mouth. It was sent down his throat before reaching his voice box and activating a few functions.

After a little while, the device retracted and he was brought forward again through another door. The beam brought him down to halfway down the hallway before turning left to another door. Inside, he found a white room with consoles at the ready and a wide door in front of him. Right in front of the doors was his fellow Combaticons dressed up in their now uniforms. He was brought to them and placed at the far right, the five of them being in the order they were processed. He shared a look with his transformed gestalt as the door opened up and they were brought inside. After that, the door closed up and the beam went away, letting them free, surprising them. Before they could speak up, the voice spoke up again.

"Welcome to your training session. Inside will be a holographic representation of a senatorial party. You will provide your service as maids. If you don't act like maids or if you fail their requests, you will be punished. Initiating example punishment." At that, all five of them felt a shocking sensation and was writhing on the floor in a mixture of pleasure and pain. After five seconds, the punishment stopped and the arms came back to help them back up, setting them back on their feet. "Now, remember, follow all orders, you cute little cybersissies." At that, the door opened up for them into a kitchen with a door leading out.

"What the-" Brawl said before placing a balled hand at his mouth in shocked. His voice was at a noticeably higher pitch. "What happened to my voice!?"

"Something they did to all of us," Onslaught told him, his voice also pitched up. He spoke up again. "Listen up, I don't know what's happening, but we have to follow this thing's order until we find a way out."

"What? But look at us! We need to get out now!" Blast Off angrily told him.

"Do you have any other ideas, or do you just want to suffer through its punishments forever," he told him.

"Tch," he scoffed, unamused.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm liking this," Vortex told him, looking himself over. "All of this feels so good, I rather not face those punishments."

"Yeah, it does feel good," Swindle agreed as he touched his bulge and gasped in pleasure. "Very good."

"Don't enjoy it too much. We're only going to be like this until we find out how to remove this gunk from us," Onslaught told them before straightening his posture into a more subservient demeanor. "Now, let us get to work."