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Bad Idea

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This was a bad idea.

He knows that.

It says something though, that inviting one quarter of the Scourge of Europe into his bed isn’t the worst decision he’s ever made.

He’s not sure it would even make the top five, actually.

At least Spike won’t lose his soul and go on a bloody rampage because they slept together. Although bloody rampages are definitely still an option with Spike, even with his soul, if he feels the situation calls for it.

Which makes it all the more peculiar that Wesley feels safer now than he has in a very long time.



This was a bad idea.

He knows that.

It’s not the worst idea he’s ever had, mind, but he has to admit, if only to himself, that the bar for that one is set a tad on the low side. He knows all too well his penchant for falling hard for the most unsuitable people. And what does that get him?

Dead, that’s what.


So, no falling for the warm, shaggable, vulnerable Watcher, right? That would be the worst idea of all.

He does his best to ignore the voice in his head asking when that’s ever stopped him.



Wesley looks down at the sorceror at his feet and the knife fallen from the dead hand, and shudders.

If Spike hadn’t been with him today, if he’d had to do this alone…. It doesn’t bear thinking about, but he can’t help thinking about it anyway.

“You OK, pet?”

Wesley’s shaky nod clearly isn’t enough reassurance, because the Spike-scented folds of his lover’s duster are suddenly around his shoulders, and the vampire’s arm is carefully pulling him in close. Wesley lets himself be cosseted, just for a moment.

Maybe, he thinks, this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.