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Fanxing Prompt Oneshots

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“Seriously, you’re going to either break that glass or burst into flames if you get any more tense,” Chanyeol mumbled into Yifan’s ear while he extracted the drink from his best friend’s hand to save it from shattering. “I don’t know why you just sit here and stare at him intensely all the time, you can go talk to him, you know?”

“Ha. Ha. You’re so fucking funny Chanyeol… Why don’t you just go let Kyungsoo stick his dick up your ass again instead of bothering me?”   Yifan laughed out bitterly, which earned him a stern look and a hand over his mouth quickly.

“Hey, that was one time and I told  you that shit in confidence, not for you to announce it to the whole fucking room,” the shorter of the two hissed and then sucked on his teeth to create a sound of disdain. “I can’t believe you just fucking said that, you’re a real dick.”

“It’s not my fault that you like taking instead of giving,” Yifan hummed with a smirk as he grabbed his drink back from Chanyeol.

“We’ve gone severely off topic here, let’s get back to the important stuff.” Chanyeol shook his head and looked to his friend. “You’ve been crushing on Yixing for how long and you’re still doing that thing where you look at him longingly while you wish he’d notice you for once? It’s getting a bit old and repetitive now.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Yifan rasped as his eyes returned to watch where Yixing was pressed teasingly against Jongin’s body across the room. “And I have spoken to him before, I will have you know.”

“Oh yeah, there was that one time he asked to borrow your pen and you choked on air,” Chanyeol laughed loudly, making everybody in a two metre radius of them stare with wide eyes. “What a great day that was.”

Yifan huffed, lifting his glass up to his face to take a sip, “Fucking asshole.”

“That’s why we’re so well matched, honey-bun,” the younger exclaimed loudly, causing even Yixing and Jongin to stop talking to look at them. “I mean, we should just run off to Canada and get married already. You’re the dick to my asshole.”

“Maybe you should think before you speak if you don’t want to people to know you’re a bottom, Chan,” Yifan whispered as he saw realisation ripple through his friend’s features, looking slightly past them to see Jongin smirking but Yixing was frowning a little but as soon as the expression registered with Yifan, it was gone. It must have been purely wishful thinking.

“Oh fuck, why did I just say that?! And out loud too!” Chanyeol whimpered and flopped his head down onto Yifan’s shoulder in despair. “My lack of volume perception makes me want to die sometimes.”

“Yeah, it makes me want to die too but you’ve just got to push through the pain,” Yifan tapped his friend’s back in some strange form of comfort, hoping that was what he needed at that time.

His gaze wandered back to where the object of his affections was pressed up against Jongin but found the spot empty, his eyebrows drew together as he searched around and he found his anger flaring once again as he watch Yixing dancing almost obscenely with Jongin amongst the bodies of their peers.

He could see the way Yixing’s head was falling back onto Jongin’s right shoulder, their hips moving fluidly together as Yixing pressed his ass against Jongin’s pelvis but what really got him was the fact that the young Korean dancer’s hands were groping Yixing all over. The black haired Chinese boy seemed to be loving the action as his mouth fell open to allow his chest to puff air in and out of his body. It made Yifan see red as he downed the rest of his drink, never once looking away from the near on erotic scene unfolding in front of him.

It was only when Chanyeol righted his posture that Yifan finally managed to tear his concentration from Yixing.

“You look like you’re set to kill,” Chanyeol’s smart mouth produced which made Yifan’s eyes slant in hate.

“Oh fuck off,” he huffed without any malice. “Go annoy Kyungsoo before Baekhyun lures him into his bed.”


Yifan looked back to Yixing and he could swear that the other was looking right at him but he ignored that thought, yet more hopeful ideas.

“You’re still my asshole though, babykins,” Yifan laughed, feeling the heated jealousy in his chest ease off as he saw Yixing moved from Jongin in the corner of his eyes.

“The pet names aren’t cute when you do them, leave that shit to me,” Chanyeol smiled taking a gulp of his full bottle of beer. “I’m gonna go find something to drink, see you in the morning.”

It wasn’t a secret that Chanyeol seeking out another drink when he had a perfectly full beer was a flimsy cover for him trying to find Kyungsoo, so Yifan let him walk off with a dismissive wave of his hand.

The tall Chinese man didn’t have much to do with the people around him, talking briefly to a couple of his team-mates and their girlfriends but he was nowhere near close enough to them to leech off their conversation for the rest of the night. It probably didn’t help that Yixing and Jongin had disappeared off together once Chanyeol left. It made Yifan’s anxiety level sky rocket, he knew he couldn’t compare to the perfect Kim Jongin; the boy was a great dancer, smart and strangely mature for his age. He’d heard numerous straight men waver in their sexuality when it came to Jongin and he couldn’t blame Yixing for taking his shot with the campus king.

Before he got too deep in his envy, a few girls - who Yifan was sure were cheerleaders - came over with a tray of tequila in hopes of him doing one or two with them. He would have declined on any other day but he needed a distraction and pretty girls were a good way to do that, it was a perk of being bisexual. However, it seemed as though the false nailed hands laid across his toned upper arms, and one brave one on the back of his upper thigh, weren’t doing anything for him. He could only think of how good Yixing looked with his head thrown back to reveal him slim neck earlier that evening. As soon as the clock struck one in the morning, Yifan excused himself from the huddle of four girls who had plastered themselves to him and they all let out noises of disappointment. He gave them a short wave and left the house the party was being held in and welcomed the fresh air that filled his lungs in replacement of the alcohol, sweat and perfume that had clung to the inside of the house.

He stood with his side leaning against a tree a few metres down the street when somebody piped up.

“I didn’t expect to find you out here,” the sweet voice had a slightly bitter edge to it but Yifan didn’t turn to face its owner.

“I could say the same for you.”

There were a few steps behind him before he felt arms go around his tapered waist, lips ghosting against the back of his neck and breath tickling the hairs at his hairline. In a matter of seconds the mouth against his skin was suckling and nipping enough to leave a mark but he didn’t move an inch. It stayed silent when the action ended until the person behind him sighed.

“Do you really sleep with him? I know what we have isn’t exclusive but I still have a right to know, right? You know, in case one of us has somethi–”

“Yixing, the fuck are you talking about? Sleeping with who?” Yifan interrupted.

“Chanyeol. I mean it’s obvious, you’re always together and he’s always wrapping himself around you,” Yixing tightened his arms around Yifan’s body and the taller boy frowned.

“Me and Chan– what are you talking about? Fuck. He and I have never even, ew…”

“Oh,” Yixing said shortly. “But what was he talking about earlier about your dick and his, um, ass?”

“It’s a joke. He always calls me a dick and I call him asshole,” Yifan laughed and the clenching around him loosened considerably. “I would never put my dick near that and I think Kyungsoo would eat me alive if I did.”

“I’m not even going to ask about the Kyungsoo thing,” Yixing finally laughed and they went quiet again. “So, you turned down those girls then?”

“What girls?” Yifan mumbled as he twisted around to look at the smaller, “Yixing, you need to give me more context to this stuff.”

“The ones you were doing shots with. I overheard them, as I was going to get some water, talking about wanting to sleep with you tonight. You know, lure the school’s star basketball player into bed for some great sex, that kinda thing. I only caught a glance but they seemed pretty hands-y with you.”

“Well, I’m here and not having my dick sucked by some girl in a cropped top,” he rolled his eyes but then he suddenly remembered Yixing and Jongin’s antics barely even an hour and a half before. “And, wasn’t it you that was grinding your ass on that guy earlier?”

He wasn’t sure but he could have sworn that Yixing blushed, “It was just dancing and Jongin was helping me out with something.”

“And what was that?” Yifan tilted his head down to hear the response but Yixing buried his face in and mumbled inaudibly. “Huh, I couldn’t hear you?”

“To make you jealous, I asked him to help me make you jealous but it clearly didn’t work,” Yixing tore himself away from Yifan with a dejected look on his face. “I hate it when others are all over you and I get jealous all the time, I just wanted to see if you did too.” Yifan laughed loudly and Yixing looked up with the most confused expression ever on his face. “What?”

“Your plan worked, don’t worry. I’ve never been so jealous in my life,” Yifan said once his laugh had sobered up a little. “I wanted to kill that fucking Korean kid for being so close to you.”

Yixing looked up with both his eyes and mouth hanging agape, “Seriously?”

“Uh-huh. I actually came out here to cool off a little.”

Yixing’s bottom lip disappeared under his teeth and Yifan had an urge to pull it out with his thumb. “So, you like me back?”

“You think I’d have slept with you so many times if I didn’t?” Yifan gasped with a tense face. “Jesus, Yixing. I like you so fucking much and I think you’re fucking amazing. I only agreed to the ‘no-strings-attached’ sex thing because I thought it was what you wanted.”

“I thought that was what you wanted!” Yixing whined, his face flushing to his ears. “I thought sex was the only way you’d want me close.”

“Are you fucking serious?! What do you take me for?” Yifan threw his hands up in despair before they flopped back down to his sides limply. “I’ve liked you since I saw you walk into that glass door during your orientation day.”

“You saw that?” The blush drained from Yixing’s cheeks and he looked a ghostly white colour under the orange street light. “How embarrassing.”

“It was cute, don’t worry,” Yifan patted Yixing’s hair almost patronisingly.

“So, does this mean we’re exclusive, or? Because I’d like to be,” Yixing fumbled and Yifan’s heart suddenly exploded in a flurry of emotion.

“Fuck yes, I’d really fucking like that,” Yifan beamed and it was returned with a proud dimpled grin.

Yixing suddenly kissed Yifan deeply, tongue trying to coax Yifan’s larger one into his mouth. Their bodies pressed impossibly close as Yifan’s large hands came to cup the dimpled cheeks to keep their lips clasped together for longer, it was possibly the best kiss they’d shared. Yixing’s soft lips contrasting his rougher ones but the younger’s teeth nipped at the plump flesh enough to smooth it over, little whimpers and moans passing into each other’s mouths. It was when they pulled apart that it hit Yifan that he was now Zhang Yixing’s boyfriend.

“Fuck me, you’re amazing.”

“You’re pretty swish too,” Yixing responded with a smile before it faltered a little, “but we do need to work on how often you say fuck though.”