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The Best Misunderstanding

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Sitting in his Jeep in front of a liquor store, freaking out because the guy who wants to buy beer for Lydia, wants to have sex with Stiles in exchange for it, was not how he planned to spend his Friday night.

Friday morning:

Stiles woke up to his alarm knocking him out of his very, very good dream starring him, Lydia, and his bed. He groaned as he sat up to turn off the alarm. It must have been going off for a while because it was ten minutes past where he thought he set it. He got out of bed, and shivered as his feet touched the cold floor. He ran to the bathroom so he could get a warm shower. Like always he had to wait for the water to warm up, so he bounced from foot to foot as he waited. He heard his father rustling around getting ready for work. Also like always, Stiles took his time when he was finally warm. He spent half the time in the shower not even washing. Just relaxing in the heat of the shower, not looking forward to getting out and into the cold air. But it wasn’t long before his father came knocking telling Stiles to get out and stop wasting water.

After getting out of the shower Stiles made quick work of drying off and getting dressed. Next he crammed all of his homework into his bag and headed out to his car, but not before saying bye to his dad. After getting to the school, he quickly made his way to his locker sorting his stuff out preparing for his first hour. It wasn’t more then three seconds before Scott was there.

“So are you coming tonight?” Scott asked. Stiles looked at him confused.

“Coming where?” Stiles asked.

“To Lydia’s, you didn’t get my text?” Stiles pulled his phone out of his pocket. There was a text from Scott. He opened it and read it.

Scott:‘Hey Stiles, Lydia has a guy who is going to score her some booze tonight. Me and Allison are going over to her place tonight, you wanna come?’ 

The message was sent before he woke up and he hadn’t think to check his phone after he got up. Stiles thought about going, he didn’t really drink much. He couldn’t. Not with his Adderall, also not to mention his father was the Sheriff and would be able to tell if Stiles drunk anything. Last thing he needed was his father interrogating him on where he got his hands on some alcohol. But he also didn’t want to miss a chance to hang out with Lydia. Ever since Scott started dating Allison, it was like they both scored. Lydia suddenly noticed that he was a living breathing human being. They actually sat at the same lunch table, and because of that he was able to find out her and Jackson weren’t that serious and honestly she would leave him in a heartbeat for someone better. That realization in hand, Stiles was able to knock a year of off his five year plan to get her to fall in love with him, and once she finally considered him a friend he would knock off another year.

“I don’t know Scott. If I came home drunk my dad would know.”

“You could like take some breath mints after or something.”

“I also took my Adderall this morning, you are not supposed to mix the two.”

“It should be fine. Like Adderall is like a Stimulant right? And Alcohol is like a Depressant. Shouldn’t they just cancel each other out” Stiles rolled his eyes. He has had this lecture from his doctor and his father too many times to entertain this kind of stupidity.    

“No Scott, that’s not how it works. The only thing that would happen is that it would probably make me too wired to fall asleep, or I won’t be able to tell how drunk I am and then end up killing myself with alcohol poisoning. Only stupid people risk their lives thinking they can take medication and drink and think nothing bad can happen.” Scott gave him a surprised and disappointed look. He wanted Stiles to come, they did everything together and it wouldn’t be much fun without him. The bell rang before Scott could reply and they both went their separate ways to their classes.

First hour was math, which was easy. Stiles started to feel down knowing that he would miss a chance to have fun with Scott and get closer to Lydia. He really wished he had read the text message before he took his Adderall this morning. His next two classes went by fast. He wasn’t really paying attention to them. He was too busy moving himself into a full moap that he wouldn’t be able to go. Or if he did it would be weird because he would be the only one not drinking. It would just make the whole situation not cool. Lydia would probably wish he didn’t come and then she would go back to pretending he didn’t exist.

At lunch Scott bolted over to him happily. “Stiles, I talked to Lydia and we have a plan for you so you can come and you can drink. We’ll tell you about it after we grab our food and sit down.” Scott said face bursting with pride. It must be some plan if he was so excited and happy about it. Everyone grabbed their food and sat down at the table. Lydia was the first to speak.

“Okay Stiles, Scott has told me about your problems and I have solved them. For you Adderall situation, we will decided right now how much you will be allowed to drink tonight. What is your usual tolerance? I’m guessing around two beers and one or two shots?” Stiles blushed, Lydia was talking to him. He counted the words, that was the most she talked to him in one setting so far and right now her undivided attention was on him waiting for his answer.  

“Uh, yeah that’s about right.” He said, putting all his willpower into not stuttering. He had a plan to look as cool as possible in front of Lydia at all times. He needed to be better than Jackson. Of course he was already because of the simple fact that he wasn’t a pompous asshole, but that apparently want enough for Lydia so he was just going to have to step up his game. He already had plans to get better at lacrosse. Scott promised to help him practice. Sufficed to say, things were looking good from this point. All he had to do was not look like a loser. Which was easier said than done.

“Great so three beers and two shots, then you’re done for the night. As for you father problem… Scott?” Scott perked up and quickly swallowed the piece of pizza.

“You are going to stay at my house. My mom is working the night shift so she won’t even be home by the time we get there.” Scott said quickly with a grin. Stiles nodded and thought about their plan making sure they didn’t forget anything.

“How are we getting back to your house? We will both be drunk, we can’t drive.” Scott thought for a moment.

“We can walk.” Scott replied.

“Then how are we going to explain that to your mom in the morning? It’s not like i can ask your mom for a lift back to my house, she’s going to want to know why we both didn’t have a ride.” Scott huffed and looked down at the rest of his pizza. Stiles had a point. It would look suspicious, and his mother could totally double as a detective when she thought something was suspicious.

Lydia pursed her lips thinking. The only people coming over were Allison and Scott. Jackson couldn’t make it because they were having a little tiff. She didn’t even remember what it was about. Maybe something about a comment he made on her shoes… or maybe her hair. It didn’t really even matter at the point, the only thing that mattered now was that she wasn’t a third wheel at her own home, and Scott insisted Stiles came, and honestly she didn’t have anyone else she felt like choosing to come. She didn’t really socialize with anyone else in the school. It’s not that she didn’t know anyone, it’s that she didn’t like anyone enough to actually have them over to her house unless it was a large party. This was to be just her and a couple of people. Henry, her dealer didn’t have much to give her tonight. It wasn’t enough to have a party with, and if there was one thing her mother taught her, it was to never drink alone.

“Okay you can all stay at my place tonight.” She said. Everyone looked up at her surprised. Stiles’ heart stopped. His blood chilled. There was an actual chance he was going to sleep over at The Lydia Martian’s home. Her Actual Home. He would die, this was too much. Spending the night at her house wasn’t on his plan until year three. 

“Really? Are you sure you’re okay with that? What is your mom going to say?” Allison asked, speaking for the first time at lunch. Lydia chuckled.

“She won’t say anything as long as we don’t mess up the carpet. That reminds me, spill anything on the carpet and you are dead.” She said eyeing everyone to threaten them silently, and focused on Stiles knowing his clumsy nature. He shied away from the look.

“Okay so it’s settled. Stiles to fix your Adderall problem you are only allowed three beers and two shots. To fix your dad problem and transport problem, we will all spend the night at Lydia’s house. Is there anything else we need to sort out?” Scott said. Stiles racked his brain, making a mental check list. Father Check, Transport check, drinking management check. There was nothing else he could think of that they needed to fix. He would need to make sure to bring a change of clothes to her house so he wouldn’t look too bad then next day considering that he was going to be hung over. He didn’t want his dad to be able to smell anything on him when he got back home. He also had to make sure to bring his Adderall pills with him so he could stay on track. Falling out of pattern was not a good thing to do. He was willing to get off track when it meant parties or something, but if he could avoid it he would at all costs. Everyone already thinks he’s hyper enough, and they have never seen him off his meds. Off his meds was bad enough, but off his meds and going through withdraw is just horrible. Besides his dad would chastise him for it.

“Yeah I think that’s it.” Stiles replied after double checking his mental checklist. Lydia smiled and if Stiles wasn’t already sitting down his knees would go weak and he would probably fall.

“Okay great, be at my house by 7. Bring blankets.” Lydia said as she stood up and then left the cafeteria. Probably to touch up her makeup like she always does after she eats lunch. Stiles was almost vibrating with happiness, he was going to sleep over at her house. Oh goodness. He was going to hang out with her, not at a party but a friendly get together. They would probably actually get a chance to talk. She could finally see him as an actually certified friend. He was going to be able to knock off two years of his plan in one month. This was great. Good things really do happen in this town!

Soon the bell rang and the rest of the day went by so fast. He was too busy thinking about possible scenarios of how tonight could go. He daydreamed that maybe tonight Lydia would get to know him and realize how awesome he was and then they would fall into an epic love, and yes, the answer to your question is yes. Of course Taylor swift you belong with me was played in the background. Most of her songs really give him inspiration. It’s like she is the messiah for unrequited love struck teenagers.

Before Stiles knew it he was home, taking another shower, now standing with a towel wrapped around his waist looking at his hair in the mirror. He thinks that if he concentrates hard enough that he can will it to grow faster. Last week Lydia off handedly mentioned to Stiles the he would probably look good with longer hair. Ever since he has been completely obsessed with finding ways making his hair grow longer. He hasn’t found any miracle yet, so he will just have to wait. Next was obsessing over what to wear. If there was any person to get obsessed over what to wear for, it was Lydia Martin.

He would try on something, think it’s okay for a few seconds. Then take it off because he thought it was horrible. That process repeated over and over again for two hours. His father came home and saw Stiles stressing and tried to help but his father actually knew less about fashion than he did, so it didn’t end well. He ended up just wearing a normal t-shirt jeans and a sweater. Which was basically all he owned. For the first time in his life he cursed his only casual wardrobe. He had to make a point to go shopping for better clothes. Don’t get him wrong, he always knew to win Lydia’s heart that he would need to step up his clothing choices. It’s just that he didn’t expect to be at this stage this soon.

Stiles looked over at his clock, it was six thirty, and he quickly whipped out his phone and texted Scott if he was there yet. He didn’t want to be the first one there. Him alone with Lydia, equaled making a complete fool of himself and ruining all of his chances.

Stiles: ‘Hey Scott, are you over at Lydia’s yet?’

Scott: ‘Not yet, just sitting outside Allison’s place waiting for her to come out. Shouldn’t be more than five minutes. Are you one your way yet?’

Stiles: ‘I am just about to leave. Hurry there so I’m not alone with her!’

Scott: ‘Dude, if you want her to like you, you eventually will have to be alone with her.’

Stiles: ‘Yeah I know that. But now isn’t the right time. I will just make a fool of myself and then she will never like me.’

Scott: ‘Sometimes you just have to take a chance.’

Stiles: ‘I know, just not yet.’

Stiles put his phone in his back pocket and then grabbed his pillow and one of the spare blankets from the closet and then headed out to his jeep. He would drive slowly, it was about 20 minutes from his house to his. Allison’s house was only 5 minutes apart from Lydia, so no doubt Scott would get there before him. At least that’s what should have happened, if Scott didn’t think himself a love expert ever since he started Dating Allison, even though she’s his first girlfriend.

Stiles got to Lydia’s house and she was on the porch waiting for him. Before he could even take the key out of the ignition she hopped into the car.

“Scott and Allison are going to be a little while, wardrobe troubles, so you are coming with me really quick to get the booze. For some reason Henry didn’t deliver it here so we are going to go find him.” Stiles nodded his head rapidly and started his jeep back up.

“Uhm, where to?” He asked realizing he had no idea where to find Henry. He had never even met the guy, and has no idea what he does, or what he looks like.  

“The liquor store down the street, on the first right.” She answered. It was a really quick ride over. Once parked in front of the store Lydia unbuckled her seat belt and put her hand on the door handle before she stopped and turned to Stiles. “Just stay in the car, I will be right back.” Then she got out and headed inside the liquor store. She was in there for about 30 seconds before she came back out. But she didn’t come over to the car. She stayed on the sidewalk in front of the store and pulled out her phone and made a call to someone.

Stiles was crap at reading lips so he could only guess what was going on through her body language. Something was wrong, and she wasn’t happy about it. She was angry, one arm was crossed under the elbow of the one holding her phone to her ear. She wasn’t yelling but she looked like she wanted to. He didn’t know who she was on the phone with but he guessed it was Henry. She then violently hit the end button on her phone, before she was even able to take a step towards the jeep she stopped and turned to her left. Stiles looked over to see what she was looking at, and there was a guy walking up to her.

The guy was tall and sketchy. He had a very short beard that was just a little fuller than regular stubble, and was wearing a black leather jacket, and sun glasses. Who wears sun glasses at night? Sketchy people, that’s who! Lydia and the guy talked for about five minutes. Twice this guy has pointed at Stiles’ jeep. He wondered what they were talking about. This presumably was Henry, right? I mean would she really have a conversation with a stranger in front of a liquors store in the middle of the night? “Nah….” Stiles said to himself trying to maybe pick up the slightest inkling of the situation. Lydia turns to the jeep and walks over and gets in.

Once she’s in the car she takes a deep breath, and looks at Stiles with a look he can’t put his finger on. He has never seen that look, and he made sure to catalog in his brain all the classical Lydia Martin facial expressions. He decided to speak not liking the silence.

“So uh, is that Henry?” He asked looking out at the windshield at the guy who was still standing there looking at the jeep.

“No, actually. That’s a random guy who heard me on the phone yelling at Henry and offered to by us some drinks…” Stiles was surprised at that. No one just offers to buy minors alcohol for no reason. Stiles would say he’s probably an undercover cop, but he knows all the cops in beacon hills and he isn’t one of them, and it isn’t like they would get some guy from another town to do a sting operation on underage drinking. As far as the town is concerned no one does it. No one has really been caught, the one or two that have just went home without even a slap on the wrist. Which meant the sketchy status on this guy just went up even higher.

“So he just offered to buy you alcohol? What does he want?” There was no way this guy was about to risk jail time juts to help a teenage girl look cool in front of her friends because she got booze for her party.

“Well like I said he heard me talking and he offered to help. He said he would buy us some on two conditions…” Conditions, Stiles knew it. Now what were the conditions was the problem. Whatever they were they were making her hesitate. Nothing makes her hesitate.

“What are the conditions?” Stiles said getting worried. This guy was a creeper so it probably involved sex that must be what it was! This guy was a pedophile that like teenage girls.

“Well the first is that I give him the money for it, which is a normal thing in these situations.” Lydia stopped like she wasn’t going to say anymore, but then she did. “You know what, we don’t even need to drink tonight. We can just do this next week. Henry will be back by then. That was the problem by the way. He went out of town and forgot to tell me.” Lydia said subtly changing the subject subtly. Lydia was good at conversation, she could manipulated words the right way to get what she wanted. But Stiles knew Lydia wanted to drink tonight. She had anger in her words when she talked about Henry. Stiles still wanted to know the second condition. Even if they weren’t going to do anything about it, he was curious.

“What’s the second condition?”

“He wants to… ‘Talk’ to you.” Lydia said. Stiles’ brain stopped. All thinking, all movement ceased. He blinked and then tried to replay what she said in his head, but he wasn’t sure he heard her right.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“He said he wants to ‘talk’ to you.” Lydia said rolling her eyes. The annoyance wants at Stiles, it was at the statement. ‘Talking’ to Stiles was just code for, sex. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for Lydia. After all she was a master of manipulation, a little flirting here, couple of sensual touches there and the guy would do anything for her. But he didn’t want her. He wanted Stiles. Virgin Stiles, Awkward Stiles, Barley drinking tonight Stiles. Lydia wouldn’t normally care about pimping out someone for something she wanted she would do it herself normally and so she doesn’t have any sympathy for others in that type of situation, but Stiles? Stiles was like a different breed, he was smart, but underestimated because of his ADHD and awkwardness. He doesn’t excel at sports but he doesn’t really need to. Most guy who are good at sports are doing it because, they aren’t book smart, they need something to work out anger issues, or are trying to over compensate for something. Stiles and Scott are two of the rare few that do it just for fun. 

Lydia appreciated Stiles, she had never spoken to him before because they didn’t travel in the same circles of social stature, but Scotts jump from loser status by dating Allison had somehow also pulled Stiles up as well. She always knew him, like she knows everyone, it was basically her job, but now she knew him, knew him. She knew he eats enough for three. She knows he is clumsy and yet surprisingly durable. She knows he has sharp wit, and instantaneous sarcasm. But he was still just a babe. Not yet ready for the real world. High school is like purgatory, its mean, it’s rough. But the real world is hell. Where everyone just wants to use you for one thing or another. The main two are money and sex, and this guy wanted sex, from Stiles. She looked over at him and was surprised by the look on his face. She expected fear, disgust, even anger. But his face was of pure confusion. His eyes were moving around and his mouth opened a little and moved as if he was talking to himself. But no words were coming out of his mouth.

“What?” Lydia asked, Stiles’ head snapped over looking at her as if she just pulled him out of a trance. But then he gave a half smile and huffed.

“I thought he wanted like sex or something, the way you were making it seem hesitating at stuff. But if all he wants to do is talk then its okay I’ll go talk to him.” Stiles said unbuckling his seat belt. Lydia grabbed his arm as he reached for the door.  “What?” he asked.

“Stiles! ‘Talk’ is a code for sex, or sexual favors!” She said after realizing that he didn’t understand. Of course he didn’t, like she thought he was still just a babe and he was too pure for these situations. Stiles’ face scrunched up in disgust.

“WHAT!? That guy wants to have sex with me?” Looking over at the guy. He had his head in his hands and was almost facepalming. Stiles didn’t know why the guy was. Maybe he just realized he was a pedophile for wanting sex with a 16 year old boy.

“Yes Stiles, how could you not get that?” Lydia asked hoping he could explain his lack of common sense. Innocent or not, you should know all strangers should be considered pedophiles until proven otherwise.

“Well I thought that until you said he wanted to ‘talk’” Stiles said making air quotes with his fingers.

“Well that is the nice way of putting it!” She exclaimed.

“No it’s not, that is the confusing way of putting it. How about just start with ‘Stiles, that guy wants sexual favors from you in exchange for buying booze for us underage kids’. Gosh! I thought maybe he wanted to talk to me and make sure I wasn’t a cop or something. That is a normal thing to assume isn’t it!? That they want to make sure no one is a witness to a crime. It would be the smart thing to do. Cops are lurking all the time, I would give him lots and lots of credit, if he was paranoid. But no, he’s not paranoid, he doesn’t even looked the slightest bit worried. Like this is just a normal Friday. He probably does this often. Oh my god! What if he is like a serial rapist killer! Oh my god! He’s seen my face! My car! My license plate! It’s too late for me. Lydia run, save yourself, tell my dad I love him. Tell Scott to delete my internet history. Actually scratch that, just tell him to destroy the hard drive and throw the pieces in separate trash cans. Oh My Gosh, oh My Gosh, this is how it ends. No one will remember me, the four people that will, will always know me as the victim of the sun glasses rapist.” Stiles was hyperventilating by the end of the rant, only stopping because he didn’t have enough air to continue. Lydia took this opportunity to calm him and keep him from ranting again.

“Stiles, it’s okay clam down. You don’t even need to worry, you are the son of the Sheriff he would be a fool to come after you, okay? Just stop freaking out. Like I said before let’s just do this next week. We can just go back, okay? Let’s just go meet up with Allison and Scott.” Lydia was talking to Stiles like he was a baby. He voice seemed full of pity. Like he was crazy and needed to be talked off a ledge. Stiles was suddenly filled with the feeling that he had just messed up his chances big time. She probably thought he was a crazy wimp. That she should feel sorry for him, because he’s so weird and challenged. Stiles didn’t want pity, he wanted to look cool, and like a hero, he wanted to be considered a friend of hers, and maybe eventually someone she liked, and then possibly loved.

Not some pathetic boy who freaked out about something like sex with a stranger. Stiles knew Lydia, he basically has stalked her since the second grade. He knows that if the position was switched she would have sex with that guy. He knew that she probably wouldn’t judge anybody for doing it, and if she did, it would be the good kind of judging like she would accept them into her circle because they were the same. Stiles needed to earn back the manhood he dropped when he started rambling. So before he could talk himself out of it he jumped out of the car and walked over to the mysterious sunglasses guy.

He heard Lydia call his name but he moved quickly and didn’t look back. Stiles couldn’t see the guy’s eyes but he could see that his eyebrows had raised high and could be mistaken as a false hairline. Stiles hands were shaking and he was scared, and full of regret, he shouldn’t have come over here. This guy really could be a killer. He could also have AIDs or any other STD. Stiles was sure the guy didn’t have a condom, and biased on his creeper status he would be anything but gentle. Also he would probably enjoy knowing Stiles was a virgin. Stiles opened his mouth to speak but words failed him. What should he say? What does anyone say in this situation? Thankfully the guy decided to speak.

“First I just want to clarify really quickly that I in no way intended to have sex with you tonight.” Stiles was confused at the comment at first and then assumed that this guy must only want and blowjob or something. He wasn’t going to be happy to find out that Stiles has exactly 0 experience with them. Giving or getting. Stiles got even more worried than he was before. How would this guy act to not getting a good blowjob? Would he force Stiles? Would he beat him up? The guy sighed at his own words. “Gosh that sounded bad, I mean that, I don’t want to do anything sexual to you… right now.” Now it was Stiles’ turn to sigh. That barley gave him any relief. This guy wanted to cash in his sexual favor on a later date. At least he wouldn’t have to do this with Lydia sitting in the car waiting for him. The guy rolled his eyes and growled. Like honestly growled. Stiles almost turned around thinking there was a wild animal around him somewhere before he noticed that it came from the guy. Stiles took a step back and the guy took off his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes.

Stiles got a look at his face and instantly the creeper status melted away. This guy was HOT! But you know…. Stiles only noticed it in a completely non-gay way. Like dudes can appreciate other dudes faces. Anyway fear slowly started to leave him. The guy seemed stressed about the situation and now that Stiles had seen his face if anything went wrong he would have something for a sketch artist. It’s like the guy taking off his sunglasses was offering Stiles he didn’t have before.

“Okay can I just like completely explain myself really quickly here?” The guy asked. Stiles didn’t say anything he just nodded. “Okay, so I’m walking down the sidewalk on my way home and I happen to turn the corner here and see you in your car. I think you’re really cute, but I don’t exactly know how to start a conversation with you while you’re in your car. I see your red head friend-” Stiles wants to interrupt, and correct with Strawberry blond but doesn’t. “-come out of your car and I hear her problem. So I see my chance to start talking to you. So I offer to buy you two beer if you just get out of the car and we talk. I do not want sex, or sexual favors in exchange for beer. I simply wanted to ask you if you were single and if I can have your number. I’m sorry my words were badly worded and it made me seem like a sex offender. And I know it’s weird to wear sunglasses at night, but these are actually prescription and I lost my normal glasses. I only normally wear these on sunny days. Most of the time I actually wear contacts, and this is not a normal Friday for me. I have never bought alcohol for minors before, and I honestly don’t plan on doing it again. But I kind of want to make a good first impression with you, although that’s already shot to shit.” The guy said, sighing after saying it all, and the stress seemed to pour off of him.

Stiles’ face was a burning red with his blush. It felt like his entire body was blushing. This guy just said that he thought he was cute and wanted his phone number. The only person that had called him cute before was Ms. McCall, and his mother. His father always insisted he was handsome. But this, a stranger, a hot stranger. Stiles then suddenly burst out laughing. This was ridicules, he had just almost had a panic attack in his jeep for nothing. He had actually considered the fact that he might die tonight and this was all just an awkward way to get his phone number. The guy stood there not knowing how to react. He didn’t know if Stiles was laughing with him or at him. He did just make a complete fool of himself. Sties looked up at him and wiped tears from his eyes.

“Oh goodness. Can you believe I was actually scared for my life? Oh this is just perfect” Stiles chuckles. The guy relaxes a little, Stiles is laughing at himself. That’s better he guessed. He smiled looking at Stiles’ smile. He could tell just from his laugh that Stiles must be a pretty fun guy. That laugh has some experience to it, some history, a freedom almost like he does it often. Stiles takes deep breaths forcing himself to calm down and then walks over to his jeep. The guy gets worried for a moment. Stiles is walking away, and he doesn’t even know his name, or have any way to contact him. But he relaxes when he walks over to the passenger door to get Lydia, and she gets out of the car, and asks Stiles what’s going on and he tells her the whole story and then she’s laughing. Then they both walk back over to the guy and Lydia hands him about 40 dollars cash, and gives him a list of what drinks she wants and then tells him to use the rest to get some candy and stuff. The guy goes in and gets everything she specified and some gummy bears, skittles, and m&m’s. He comes out and Lydia immediately grabs the drinks and quickly makes her way to Stiles’ jeep. Stiles stays behind and the guy looks at him confused. This is sort of the part where you make a break for it. Last thing they needed was to be seen by someone.

Stiles gave a shy smile. “You uhh, wanted my number?” Stiles said, and the guy smiled, of course, he almost forgot. That was the only reason he just did something completely illegal. He pulled his phone out of his back pocket and unlocked it then handed it to Stiles to put his contact in, and Stiles copied the action giving the guy his phone. After they gave the phones back Stiles quickly made his way to his jeep giving the guy a little wave goodbye then driving off. Still in front of the liquor store, Derek thumbed through his contacts looking at the new addition. “Stiles.” He said to himself with a smile so big it almost hurt. That kid was totally worth making a fool of himself over.

Stiles opened his phone and looked at the new contact. “Derek.” Stiles said to himself looking at the name. He smiled. He didn’t know why, he was straight, and if he continued this in anyway it could have serious repercussions on his ever number changing year plan to get Lydia to fall in love with him. Lydia then snatched the phone from his hands giving him a look like he was stupid.

“We are minors in possession of alcohol that we shouldn’t be in possession of! Please try not to do anything to get of pulled over. You can stare at the name once we get back to my house. Stiles still smiled thought, this was singlehandedly the best misunderstanding he had ever been in.