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He didn’t expect to go beyond local theater, really, so the recognition and academy awards were a bit of a surprise. Przemysław “Stiles” Dylan Stilinski became known as just Dylan Stilinski, the name change for obvious reasons, and he left his small California town of Beacon Hills for Hollywood before he turned eighteen.

It started when he was nearing the end of his sixteenth year, with a small role as the best friend of the protagonist in a low-budget, independent film, Teen Wolf. It blowed completely out of proportion. At a cost of $10,000 to make for a few film festivals and instant DVD’s, the requests for it to hit the big screens was overwhelming to the cast and crew. When they finally got it in the majority of major theatres, it grossed over forty million dollars in the United States.

Dylan got paid quite a large bonus than what was previously discussed, more than he knew what to do with, so he hired an agent to see if anyone wanted to see him in anything else. Apparently the dorky sidekick was a huge hit among young girls and boys alike, earning him a substantial amount of offers.


Teen Wolf Claws its Way to the Top

By: Jane Doe

If you haven’t heard about this teen romantic dramedy, get ready to be howling at the moon. Imagine: the kind and smoking hot boy you’re dreaming about gets turned into a werewolf with his wickedly smart (and totally adorable) best friend keeping his human side in check, helping to stop him from exposing his secret. Oh, and he’s in love with the adorable girl-next-door, who’s a werewolf hunter’s daughter! Is anybody else feeling the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet right now? This indie film hit way bigger than expected, according to the director and actors. Humbleness is hot, ladies and gentlemen. We recommend keeping an eye out for what these guys do in the future, because we can only see big things coming!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars + swooning all around the office! 


Then he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and things went off faster than a rocket. He convinced himself that the nomination was a fluke, that it was a kind nod to small businesses and more of a pity thing. Then he was there, giving a speech, rambling on about how Oh my god this is happening! and I didn’t think this would be so heavy. Why did nobody warn me that it’s heavy? and I’d like to thank my dad, because he let me come out to film this thing with nothing but a passion that I was bullied for believing in, and he convinced me that it isn’t stupid to dream. This all still feels like a dream. Thank you.

He didn’t take anybody up on their proposals for a while, preferring to scope the scene out before being forced to settle with a mediocre script and realizing he’s a one hit wonder.

There was quite a bit of arguing with his agent, Erica, over stuff like that, she’s more of a friend to him than anything. She wanted him to just get out and do what he loves to do, but he wouldn’t settle for something he didn’t really want.

Then the call from Marvel came. They were remaking the Spiderman movies, aiming for a more comedic and dorky approach, and they were willing to do anything to get him on it. He was just under the radar enough that there wouldn’t be issues with people already being too attached to the idea of his actor playing a certain kind of character (and he wasn’t already tied with any major producers), and just known enough that the media would still buzz about seeing him in something new. He enthusiastically accepted the job, ending up with a three movie contract in his lap from his favourite company of all time.


The Amazing Spiderman 2 Swings into the Academy’s Hearts

By: John Doe

Dylan Stilinski delivered yet another spectacular performance in the middle of the highly anticipated Marvel trilogy. We’re almost getting tired of talking about the kid, to be honest, and I do mean kid. Stilinski turned nineteen last weekend and won the Oscar for Best Actor, surprising nobody but himself and earning the title of youngest person to have won two Academy Awards. His performances are funny and heartfelt and angsty all rolled into one experience meant only for the big leagues. Filming has already begun for the third installment in New York City, so keep an eye out for any super villains!


He didn’t even know what to do with himself. The majority of his friends from home weren’t kind to him, choosing only reconnect once he left as soon as he made something of himself. The only people he still talked to were Lydia Martin and Scott McCall.

Scott never really left, even though he was busy with veterinary school and his girlfriend. They always found time to squeeze in a phone or Skype call that quickly became some of Dylan’s favourite times of the month.

Lydia sent him a simple text the night after his first time at the Academy Awards: Anybody who says they didn’t expect you to make it big is a lying shithead. Congratulations on the Oscar. I’m still going to get a Field Medal, though, so I win.

He sent back a quick I know. Thanks, Lyds. with giant grin.

Throughout high school, he was in love with her. Mainly because she was smart and pretty, which baffled his tiny hormonal brain, but also because she had the wit to keep up with him. They actually talked in the months leading up to his departure as friends, and he realized that’s the way he liked it. They weren’t really compatible as anything else. He had a different type, anyway, and it wasn’t strawberry blonde with pink lips, it was tall, dark, and broodingly handsome.

He didn’t mention that to anyone for a long time.

He felt weird hiding part of himself. It was like not being allowed to wear his favourite sweater - it just felt wrong.


Dylan Stilinski is Bisexual and Doesn’t Care What You Think:

Story by Lisa Smith for Out Magazine

“Yeah, I’m bisexual. It’s not a secret, really, it just hasn’t come up. It’s a part of me. I just happen to have a platform where every girl I’m seen with is speculated as my significant other, and now you know that significant other can be another gender.”

        Don’t go looking for your glasses, you read that quote correctly. Dylan Stilinski, 20 year old actor extraordinaire, has come out of the closet. Not with a bang, not with a whisper, but with a klutzy fall and a ‘sup nod.

        In an average interview with MTV, a company that’s always supported him, he offhandedly mentioned the pronoun he when discussing exes. After realizing his slip up, Dylan surprised everyone when he started laughing.

        “Wow, my agent is going to kill me. I didn’t mean for that to come out - oh shit that’s a pun - this is a disaster.” Laughter around the studio erupted, as it seems to follow Dylan like a shadow, and he continued. “I meant to make this whole thing super official. I think it’s important that there’s representation in Hollywood, you know? There’s not a lot of people who like both genders, I wish I had someone to look up to like that when I was growing up.”

        The interview quickly turned into one surrounding his sexuality, which he didn’t seem to mind at all. “Everyone I’ve worked with knows, my friends know, my dad knows. Hell, I even told my mom when I was eleven before she passed away and she didn’t care. It’s always been something I’ve been comfortable with, even when it makes other people upset, and I’m kind of glad it’s out there now.”

Everyone else is glad too, Dylan! The thespian had always supported the LGBT+ community, and we’re glad to hear he’s happy with himself… and future boyfriends!


Erica didn’t kill Dylan, but she did make him go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and sit through the uncomfortable hounding about his love and sex life, or lack thereof. She made him watch a slideshow of guys he had been seen with and asked personal questions about them, which was kind of terrifying, mostly because he knew he’d be getting texts later that day from the men about how Ellen thought they’d make a cute couple, but also because he wasn’t used to having his entire sexuality speculated upon. Guys were always an easy way to avoid paparazzi, nobody really cared about his day out with a guy-friend, but now they did. They cared a lot.

Dylan started dating seriously for the first time ever. He’d run into the business as a teenager who couldn't get anyone to go out with them for the life of him and ended with a bunch of trust issues on people who only want to date him for his money. He didn’t like spending it, it was all tucked away for his future kid’s education or a rainy day.

None of his relationships ended well. It always came down to his career: the paparazzi, the fans, the news outlets, and the time he has to be away.

He got in a really bad one, a guy named Aaron. He seemed perfect at first, but it ended with a lot of Dylan’s friendships being broken (alongside his ribs) and a lot of bruises and therapy. He did make a short video online to explain his absence that cause public outcry. He was America’s sweetheart, really.


He adjusted the web cam for the fifth time.

“This is Dylan Stilinski, obviously. I’ve filmed this so many times and I haven’t been able to stop my hands from shaking, so bear with me here. I do read your tweets and news articles and messages and I know you’re worried. I’ve been absent a lot.”

He paused to take a shaky breath and even the low quality picked up the tears lining his vision, accentuating the dark bruise surrounding his right eye.

“I was in an abusive relationship, and it feels really good to say was, because I was fucking petrified by the thought of leaving. He made me feel like he was the only person who could ever love me, that I was weird and broken and he still loved me anyway, so I should have been thankful. I dealt with everything from emotional to verbal to psychological to physical abuse, and it isn’t something I’m ashamed of anymore. This bastard controlled every aspect of my life - my career, my friendships, my dad.” He choked on the word. “It started with little things of him convincing me they didn’t really care about me, and it turned into me being too scared to call them after being isolated for so long.”

His shoulders are shaking and his hands cover his face as he tried to calm his breathing.

“Abuse doesn’t have a gender or sexuality, but it does have a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not saying I’m getting back into acting right now, because my therapist is still holding my hand through this separation, but I can see it happening. A month ago, I didn’t even see myself waking up in the morning. There’s always hope there. This guy is behind bars now. I wanted to wait until it was official before I said anything, but please know that I didn’t want to keep this from anyone. I’m recovering. I’m doing alright now, rebuilding some broken bridges. If you or someone you love are being abused, please do something. I don’t want anybody to feel as lost as I did.”


Erica was more than alright with him posting it. She was the only friend who didn’t leave him in Los Angeles. He still kept contact with Lydia, who lived in Massachusetts to go to MIT and generally be a super genius. She had no idea about any of his abuse until he was pressing charges and called her. A quick call turned into her flying out for his witness testimony, rubbing circles over his back with such love that he hadn’t felt in years.

“You remind me of my mom.” He had mumbled to her that night as the credits for some comedy movie ran. “Is that weird?”

“No, Stiles.” She used his old name and he felt a sob wrack out of his chest. “But I think I’m more of an older sister character. You’re like my brother, anyway.”

He had mumbled a noise in agreement and she held him as he cried and woke up from nightmares.

Scott and he stopped talking when he was dating Aaron. Aaron didn’t like him being friends with anybody, but especially guys. Their calls became less and less frequent as he convinced Dylan that Scott wasn’t actually there for him - only he could do that. He didn’t have the same number when Dylan called, which hurt more than the thought of him rejecting his attempt to reconcile. He sent a sappy email to his work instead, which got a quick response. The ground was unstable, but there was at least a foundation laid down.

His dad was an even harder story. He gripped him into a hug that felt like he was afraid he might fall apart if he let go, leaning into his son and whispering words of comfort that broke Dylan’s heart. The hometown Sheriff cried for the first time he had seen since his mother died, called him by his birth name, and made his favourite meal. He slept in his childhood bedroom that night and let himself cry a little bit, because he missed feeling safe.

He went to his therapist daily for a while, but that soon turned into twice a week, and then twice a month, and he was able to truthfully say he was doing alright.

The first role he got after that whole ordeal was for a young adult novel that got turned into a film, in which he was supposed to play a librarian’s assistant who finds a mythical world behind one of the shelves.

He went to see Erica at her house to run through the script, letting himself in with a key she gave him, and he looked up from the papers and saw a tall, dark, handsome man standing in her living room.

“You’re not Erica.” He said.

“That I am not.” The beautiful man agreed, narrowing his eyes at him. “Who are you?”

“Wow, do you live under a rock? That’s refreshing - not the rock thing, the not recognizing me thing. I’m Dylan. Erica makes me less of a shitty actor.” He took an instinctive step away from the man, inciting a frown out of him. He almost felt bad, but he was still uncomfortable around muscular guys.

“If Erica works with you, you can’t be that bad.” The guy offered a smile that he coyly reciprocated.

Erica walked into the room from the kitchen, staring at Dylan with a silent question of his comfort. He shrugged and she smiled deviously.

“If the most awarded actor under twenty two is not that bad, then he’s your man.” She chuckled.

Shucks.” He had pretended to swoon, flushing when he noticed Derek looking at him intently.

“You did the werewolf movie.” He mused.

Dorky sidekick at your service.”

Erica and Derek shared a fond look he didn’t understand one bit, but it felt familiar. It was mischief and kinship in one solid gaze, like him looking at Scott. 


Dylan’s New Man?

After making his horrifying abuse story public a few months prior, we understandably haven’t seen much romantic out of our beloved actor. Well, it looks like Prince Charming has come along after all. Dylan shared a photo with a half-hidden (but totally dreamy!) man draped around him on a boat to Instagram with the caption S.S.Sourwolf, all aboard this DICK. He later edited the caption to read he only likes me because i can afford a yacht Known for his outlandish humour, we wouldn’t expect anything less for how he announced his first relationship since his explanation video went viral. We think it’s a safe bet to say the two are together, or at least we hope, because look at them, adorable!


They had been seeing each other for a few months when he posted the photo, somehow managing to shock literally every major news outlet.

Derek was still mad he posted the dick pun, but it made it into their wedding vows, because it was comedic genius, according to Stiles.

Yeah, he goes by Stiles now. He also officially lives in Beacon Hills, which is the weirdest thing ever. It took a while to get used to the idea of being with someone again. There was a lot of flinching when Derek grabbed his arm when he wasn’t expecting it, which was hard on both of them, but now he doesn’t trust anyone as much as he does him.

Scott is his friend again, and also was his best man, which brought a lot more tears than he expected. Lydia technically played the role of best man as well, but she took the title supreme planning goddess, which was more accurate. She did all the duties of the best man and stood next to him at the front of the aisles of people watching him kiss his husband, but Scott still got to fulfill the promise they made each other when they were in elementary school to be each other's best men. He was respectively best man for Scott and Allison’s wedding a few months later, holding back the wetness from his eyes as he gripped Derek’s hand after it ended, because things hadn’t been so good in so long.

He was still acting, but it wasn’t so quick paced. He did maybe a film or two a year, but no lead roles. He was retired from those and Hollywood knew it, preferring him to play the roles of side-character favourites, where he started. He never expected he would be a homebody, but he quickly fell into it.

The paparazzi and media found a new golden boy soon after he moved to Beacon Hills, a kid named Liam that Stiles had actually worked with before. He had a good head on his shoulders. He didn’t start as the best friend character, but rather the lead, which seemed to come with a whole lot more drama. Stiles became a mentor to the new kids in show business without even realizing it. He was having kids five years younger than him over for coffee to discuss everything from their rocky friendships to their diction when they read their lines. It became normal.

It felt normal, despite being anything but. He liked it. 

He liked his life, which was hard for a lot of people to say, but he said it every day.

He said it to his husband in breathy kisses.

He said it to his family in tight hugs.

He said it to his friends in full-bellied laughter

Most importantly, he said it to himself in moving forward, because it might be a little while before all the bad is outweighed by the good, but at least he's willing to see it through now with people he loves by his side.