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Pride and werewolves

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"Oh John! John! You won't believe what i heard from Melissa McCall today!" Claudia announced joyfully as she hurried to John's study. Allison and Stiles already inside reading their books while their father is reviewing some recent reports. As the door swung open the brothers looked at their mother with the usual amused smile and waited for their father's response.

"What did she say my love" John smiled up at his gleaming wife.

"Oh John, it's the Hales, they have returned" she sighed happily and sat down on a chair before her husband "and my, oh my, they grew to be so handsome" Claudia smiled at her children and then back to John "i have heard that the elder is an alpha while the second boy is a true alpha, could you believe it John. A true alpha in our little town" another sigh was heard but this time from Stiles's and Allison's side, one of frustration.

"Well dear, that is intriguing. Is that all?" John asked with a playful smile on his lips.

"Is that all? It is obviously more than that and you know it" Claudia announced with a shallow frown "it is obvious what must be done" she slammed down John's folder on the desk "you have to invite them over, maybe one of the boys will fancy our children and finally have some respect in this town. You know i want the foolish betas stop looking at my babies and whistle as they pass, as if they are just a piece of meat!" Claudia exclaimed furiously.

"Mom, i believe that marriage to an alpha werewolf isn't the way, perhaps a less domestic solution?" Stiles teased his mother to which Allison chuckled.

"Indeed mom, who even knows that they are looking for a partner?" Allison offered but Claudia raised her eyebrows and looked between the brothers.

"Well they are definitely not back for the hunting season now are they!?" She pouted and looked back to John with a firm look "i hope you will invite them for brunch, right dear?".

"I havd called the younger this morning to invite them" John said and Claudia bounced out of her chair and into her husband's arms.

"Oh how good you are to me, isn't it so children, isn't your father good to us?" She smiled gracefully as John tried to balance his wife from falling off his lap.

"Yes mom, of course he is" Allison said before closing her book and hurrying her brother outside the study to leave their parents alone.

"Will you really marry a Hale just for their status Al?" Stiles asked his sister as they walked towards the front porch.

"You know me my dear brother, i will if it makes mother happy. But if i could, i would've rather marry for love" Allison said as they sat on the wooden bench.

"Well i would've rather marry a sensible person then a high ranked one" Stiles sighed as his sister offered him her shoulder to lean against "but then again they'd be crazy if they're willing to marry me" the brothers bursted into laughter.

"Oh Stiles, how i want to see the day you shall find that one person to spin your carefree mind around until you too will fall madly in love with them" she hugged her brother closer, smiling widely.

"what a miracle would that be" he said in return.


"The house is still so beautiful, mom and dad sure did a great job at maintaining it" Scott glowed up at the Hale mansion while his brother frowned at it's garden's state.

"I believe that there is still work to be done around it" he said and carried his boxed belongings up the porch stairs. The old wooden door creaked as he opened it "and inside it. Have you called up the cleaners yet?" Derek asked his brother.

"Oh yes, they should be here by noon" Scott said gleefully as he hurried after Derek with his own box "i have also received a call from sheriff Stilinski this morning" he added as they walked up the old oak stairs leading to the second floor.

"The sheriff? Is he well?" Derek asked and pulled open his bedroom door.

"Oh yes he is, he even invited us for brunch tomorrow, to meet his wife and children" Scott said from his room, no need for yelling because they both can hear perfectly well with the wolf by their side.

Derek halted when the mention of the sheriff's family came up. He remembered the Stilinskis, a bright warm couple with two young children, back then they must have been no older than 12. A happy smiling girl and a brilliant menace who was her brother. Scott was their age at the time, before the Hales have moved away to the north.

"Must we attend?" He asked to which Scott shuffled into his room to show his frowning face. Bless his brother, but he did not poses the famous Hale frown that Derek and their late sisters did, therefore his 'intimidation' was looking no less then a childlike pout. So Derek rolled his eyes and nodded quietly.

Scott glowed with happiness "Derek, my dear brother. I'm sure you will find the company most intriguing, especially if it is John's and Claudia's children who will join us".

Derek sighed and murmured something under his breath that even Scott couldn't catch but then said clearly "why did you pack your Nintendo into my box?" Scott released a high pitched chuckle before grabbing his game console and running out of Derek's room.


Claudia stood by the mirror and stroked her hair into a more refined state when the door bell rang and she jumped in her place, looking between the family members who sprawled around the living room, she snapped her finger so they will straighten their posture and ran to the door to open it with a graceful smile and a warm welcome to the Hale brothers. And oh boy, they indeed were handsome but while the younger was looking warm and welcoming, the older looked dark and broody. Complete opposites, as Stiles turned to his sister he saw her looking dreamily at the younger brother who smiled at her warmly.

"Sheriff Stilinski, good to see you again after all these years" the younger said and shook their father's hand firmly.

"You too Scott, how well have you grown. And you too Derek, you've become such a fine young man" John offered his hand to Derek who shook it firmly as well.
"Allow me to introduce my children, you probably remember them better Derek" John said with a warm smile as he presented Stiles and Allison.

"Yes indeed, if i remember you are Allison" he shook the hand she offered "and you are Stiles. If I'm not mistaken" he nodded towards him but didn't offer his hand, Stiles will not submit to an alpha even in the slightest of gestures. He was raised to be a dignified omega. As if reading his thoughts Scott moved forward and offered his hand, naturally and warmly. Stiles smiled widely at the gesture and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you two, im Scott and that is my brother Derek" Scott said with a smile that was fully intended to Allison who blushed in return.

Claudia clapped her hands together and they all turned around towards her "well then, let us move to the yard. I have prepared some desserts and sandwiches, you boys alright with tea?" She asked as the brothers nodded and followed her to the back yard.

Allison grabbed her brother when they were out of hearing range and whispered enthusiastically "Stiles, don't you find Scott intriguing. He seems to be a nice young man" Stiles smiled at his love struck sister.

"I believe he fancies you as well my dear sister" he winked at her before following outside for brunch, leaving her red as a tomato.